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10 best radar detectors - Rating 20210

Modern automotive technology has made it possible to protect the wallets of many motorists. And this rule applies not only to fans of aggressive driving. In fact, no one is immune from mistakes even on the road. Fortunately, there are useful devices that can quickly report the presence of radar on the route or fixed cameras if GPS is available. However, let’s talk about everything in order in our ranking of the best radar detectors of 2021, where, as you understand, radar detectors that meet modern standards are presented.

I must say right away that we do not consider radar detectors, since this technique is prohibited due to the destructive effect on police radars. In turn, radar detectors do not interfere with the operation of third-party devices, but only notify of approaching them. The fact is that many users and even marketers have changed the concept, it has historically developed, but one term, as practice shows, means another.

The best budget radar detectors

Even for economical solutions, requests are constantly growing. If a few years ago, in the range from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, there were simple devices capable of working with basic signals, then modern solutions cope with laser detection at a good wavelength. In addition, such gadgets can support the GPS, GLONASS system and be activated by short pulses. But you should not expect ultra-precise work and quick response from them. It should also be clear that manufacturers have to sacrifice something to keep their technology competitive, and often this rule applies to build quality.

Sho Me G-700 Signature

10 best radar detectors - Rating 20211

Our list of radar detectors opens with a cheap but good device from Sho-Me called the G-700 Signature. The device weighs only 130 grams and measures 7 x 10 x 2.9 centimeters. The model works with popular bands, including K, Ka and X, as well as with laser technology (length from 800 to 1000 nm). At the same time, the budget device responds well to short pulse signals, including Ultra-X, POP and K-Pulse. As you understand, radars such as Strelka, Krechet, LISD, Arena and others are not a problem for this invention. The advantages of the device include protection against VG-2, a good filter of false positives, a high-quality screen with brightness control.

  • digital processing;
  • signature recognition;
  • good noise filter;
  • VG-2 protection;
  • display quality.


  • laser wavelength.

INTEGO Gran Prix Platinum

10 best radar detectors - Rating 20212

The compact model INTEGO Gran Prix Platinum, equipped with VG-2 protection and a false alarm filter, completes the top ten radar detectors. As you understand, the device operates in the K, X, Ka bands and supports laser detection up to 1100 nm. It is difficult to find fault with the quality of digital signal processing, although subconsciously I want to find a catch, given the affordable price. Actually, in fairness, it must be said that this is not the latest device, but it cannot be excluded from this list, given the price and relevance, even against the background of more modern analogues. In addition, the device received several modes of operation in the city and on the highway.


  • there is a GPS;
  • 3 modes «City»;
  • digital processing;
  • laser wavelength.


  • not a new model.

iBox GT 55 Signature

Top 10 Radar Detectors - Ranked 20213

Relatively new device that attracts with its value and support for POP pulsed signals. At the same time, the compact radar detector has a good false alarm filter and high-quality signature recognition. There is an «Antizone» function, a voice alert with the ability to turn off the sound, setting a speed limit in certain areas. The model supports GLONASS, as well as the GPS system. You can adjust the brightness of the screen for ease of use. The laser wavelength in this case varies in the range from 800 to 1100 nm. Judging by customer reviews, the device works great when radars such as LISD, ROBOT, Strelka and others appear. Despite the affordable cost, this device performs its target tasks at the level of high-end combo devices, which explains the many positive reviews about the device.


  • GLONASS system;
  • GPS support;
  • compact size;
  • laser wavelength.


SilverStone F1 Monaco GS

Top 10 Radar Detectors - Ranked 20214

SilverStone F1 Monaco GS belongs to the class of economical anti-radar detectors with high accuracy both on the highway and in the city. However, this device is clearly not suitable for the designated segment due to its excellent performance. This is evidenced by protection against VG-2, beautiful voice acting and a GPS module. At the same time, the device confidently copes with signals of all ranges, and the laser wavelength is 1100 nm. The advantages of the detector include support for short pulse signals, including Ultra-K and POP. The receiver weighs 120 grams. There is a GPS. Useful options: «City» (option 3), «Motorway», «Auto». There is a good filter for false positives.


  • number of modes;
  • good protection;
  • false positive filters;
  • wavelength.


Sho Me Quattro Signature

Top 10 Radar Detectors - Ranked 20215

The best budget radar detector of 2021 is the Sho-Me Quattro Signature, which supports a wide range of interesting and useful options. The device supports false alarm filter, Auto, City, Highway, SWS mode. Provides brightness control, setting speed limits, turning off certain intervals. For ease of use, voice support and sound control are implemented. Benefits include laser wavelengths up to 1100nm and support for a wide range of short pulses including Instant-On and K-Pulse. There is GLONASS and GPS. At the same time, the device weighs only 80 grams. Considering the totality of the advantages of this series, we did not even try to find disadvantages.


  • many modes of operation;
  • light;
  • SWS mode support;
  • light;
  • hull quality.


The best radar detectors with GPS

This category includes premium models from 5000 rubles, which have a good GPS module. Such devices draw on a regularly updated database. When collecting models for this category, we took into account the feedback from CIS users about police radars and camera databases. At the same time, the gadgets described below are distinguished by high build quality, support for laser detection, good filters against false positives, and a number of additional options. However, devices can vary greatly in price, so compare offers from different brands to choose the most suitable device.

SilverStone F1 Sochi Z

10 best radar detectors - Rating 20216

The SilverStone F1 Sochi Z model fills the anti-radar rating with support for all frequencies: from K to X and laser lengths up to 1100 nm. The device weighs only 121 grams and attracts with its compact size. Works well with impulse signals including POP and Ultra-K. The gadget attracts with the presence of extended protection against VG-2, has a filter of false positives. There are several modes including Auto, City and Highway. Screen brightness can be adjusted, it is possible to turn off sound alerts. It is difficult to find fault with the quality of the implementation of the false positive filter. The quality of GPS implementation deserves special attention. The database is regularly updated and includes fixed cameras throughout the Russian Federation.


  • response filter;
  • good GPS;
  • compact size;
  • many modes.


  • mediocre screen.

Mystery MRD-930HDVSG

10 best radar detectors - Rating 20217

Another high-quality radar detector Mystery MRD-930HDVSG is one of the flagship models of the current year due to its high build quality, ease of use and wide frequency range. It works at all frequencies, while the laser wavelength is 1100 nm. Of course, there is support for pulse signals, including K-Pulse and POP. Judging by the comments, the device copes well with the Krechet-type radar. Implemented extended protection against VG-2, as well as a filter of false positives. There are three modes: city, highway and advanced digital signal processing. You can turn off the sound, frequency ranges. The quality of the display with simple settings deserves special attention.


  • good display;
  • frequency range;
  • excellent protection;
  • reliable filtration.


  • not all pulses are short.

Neoline X-COP S300

10 best radar detectors - Rating 20218

A powerful premium radar detector is offered by another well-known manufacturer of automotive equipment — Neoline. The X-COP S300 series is not among the most advanced devices, but has the highest accuracy in response to third-party radars. And, unfortunately, the price of this premium solution does not decrease over time. The device perfectly recognizes LEAF, Arena, Viziers, Strelka, Robot, Autodoria and other popular solutions. Equipped with an excellent filter against false positives. You can quickly set any speed limit. If necessary, with one click, you can turn off the sound or change the mode from highway to city. The device is extremely easy to use.


  • ease of use;
  • good structure;
  • many modes of operation;
  • protection quality.



10 best radar detectors - Rating 20219

When considering the best GPS radar detectors, it’s hard not to pay attention to the PlayMe SILENT 2 model with a long range for detecting law enforcement ambush. The device is characterized by good sensitivity, quickly updated base of various stationary cameras. At the same time, the device guarantees a minimum of false positives due to the presence of a high-quality filter. Thanks to the high-quality LED display, it is extremely easy and pleasant to follow the processes. There is a voice notification and a basic set of options for other premium devices. In terms of assembly, the device is in no way inferior to analogues.


  • build quality;
  • elegant design;
  • simple control;
  • good filtration.


Neoline X-COP 8700S

Top 10 Radar Detectors - Ranked 202110

The best radar detector in 2021 in terms of price / quality ratio is the Neoline X-COP 8700S model with support for a wide range of radio frequencies, as well as options. The premium laser has a wavelength up to 1100nm and supports all four types of pulsed signals: Ultra-K, Instant-On, Ultra-X and Instant-On. The benefits of this powerful device include a high quality false alarm filter, limit setting and a pleasant voice notification. The brightness of the screen is adjusted for ease of use. There is a city, a highway and an automatic mode with setting the detection parameters according to the situation.


  • gesture control;
  • GPS quality;
  • there are limits;
  • excellent design;
  • simple control.


How to choose the right radar detector for a car?

For those users who buy such equipment for cars for the first time and do not know how to choose a good radar detector for cars, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main parameters:

  1. Operating frequencies: if a few years ago the models mainly supported radio waves in the K, Ka, Ku and X bands, modern devices also support the principle of laser operation, and it is worth paying attention to the laser wavelength, which largely determines the quality of detection. Optimally from 1000 to 1200 Nm.
  2. Pulse signals — modern radars work not only with a constant irradiation mode, but also with short pulses. It’s okay if there is support for POP, K-Pulse, Instant-On and Ultra-Ka.
  3. Functions: Law enforcement equipment has many advanced direction finders that can identify radar detectors, and it’s not bad if your device has VG-2, Specter protection. Another trump card can be a false alarm filter, which will prevent the device from responding to third-party signals detected at gas stations from sliding doors and other things;
  4. Signal processing: low-end models can use analog units, advanced solutions have digital or hybrid solutions. They are more accurate.
  5. GPS: satellite navigation is an undeniable advantage, as it can contain a database of not only stationary radars, but also cameras.

What is the best radar detector to buy in 2021?

Therefore, budget models must necessarily work with the main frequencies presented above. Well, if they still support the principle of laser detection. Premium models can also be equipped with GPS and GLONASS, originally conceived as an alternative to the US system. It is convenient if there is a digital compass, a remote screen. In general, to summarize, if you have not yet decided which radar detector to buy in 2020:

  1. A good level of radar detector — Sho-Me Quattro Signature;
  2. The best radar detector in terms of price-quality ratio — PlayMe SILENT 2;
  3. Premium model with GPS and GLONASS — Neoline X-COP 8700S;
  4. Affordable yet reliable radar detector — INTEGO Gran Prix Platinum.

It should be added that the list is not final. There are really a lot of worthy gadgets on sale. Now you know what features you should pay attention to so as not to make a mistake in choosing.


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