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Introducing the top 10 best PVC boats for fishing. The rating of the best PVC boats includes reliable models in terms of price — quality. The rating is based on the opinion of experts and user reviews. Our selection will help you choose and buy the best PVC boat.

10 best PVC boats - Rating 20210

There is no reason to doubt that inflatable boats are considered the most common water transport, as evidenced by their relative availability and simplicity. Such solutions are used for fishing, recreation, sports. At the same time, such inventions have come a long way of development and have been transformed in various aspects: from design to functionality. From time to time, new varieties of such cars appear. In our ranking of the best PVC boats of 2022, we will try to consider the most relevant and popular products of the following types:

  1. Rowing boats are suitable for oar control, they are distinguished by a flat bottom with a closed hull structure without slopes behind the sides;
  2. Kayaks are the simplest type of inflatable boats among analogues. Kayaks are a good alternative to rowing boats, but are more commonly used in competition and have a rather narrow range;
  3. Inflatable motor boats — move on the basis of motor traction, are often used in tandem with powerful power plants that provide high speed of movement;
  4. Rowing boats made of PVC — involve the use of a power plant and control of oars. They differ from analogues in the presence of oarlocks and a built-in transom.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the popular types of inflatable boats in the table of contents below.

The best rowing PVC boats

Due to the fact that such vehicles are suitable for rowing, they have a simple flat bottom. No protrusions on the sides. Indeed, many craftsmen manage to use power plants on this type of transport, but powerful units are clearly not suitable, this is important to consider. Therefore, this type of boat is clearly not suitable for fast travel. The main advantage of rowing models is affordable cost. We tried to assemble inexpensive models of sufficiently high quality, which attract with a high level of reliability and safety.


10 best PVC boats - Rating 20211

Our Top-10 PVC boats are opened by the INTEX Seahawk-III model, which consists of 3 independent air chambers. This indicates a high level of comfort and stability of the rowboat. The construction is based on high-strength heavy-duty vinyl. This material is not afraid of gasoline, salt water and small mechanical damage. The thickness of this material is 0.58 mm. Sufficient quality Boston valves are supplied for quick filling of independent modules. The kit includes 2 fishing rod holders at the same time. A strong rope is stretched on the sides. The dimensions of the structure are 137 by 295 by 43 centimeters. The total weight of the boat is 15.2 kilograms.


  • light;
  • good equipment;
  • material quality;
  • affordable price.


  • simple design.


10 best PVC boats - Rating 20212

Among the whole variety of cheap but good PVC boats, a fairly high-quality and comfortable rowing inflatable model from LOTSMAN of the S-260 M series deserves attention. The advantages of this vehicle include hard lattice slate and comfortable seats with quality water resistance. It is worth saying that the manufacturer uses a five-layer fabric, which indicates a high resistance to aggressive environments — the boat is not afraid of oils, salt water, ultraviolet rays. The bottom has a density of 850 grams per square meter, so minor mechanical damage and punctures are not terrible. As part of the design, you can find fairly durable and lightweight aluminum oars, the position of which can be adjusted relative to the oarlock thanks to movable clamps. Features of the model include a pointed nose, which reduces the level of water resistance, as well as convenient packaging in the form of a backpack, which makes it easy to carry equipment.


  • equipment;
  • five layers of PVC;
  • lower density;
  • comfortable paddles;
  • good running smoothness.


  • they break quickly.

LEADER Compact 255

10 best PVC boats - Rating 20213

If you do not know which inflatable boat to choose for fishing, we advise you to pay attention to the compact invention LEADER of the Compact 255 series. This is by far one of the lightest single-player models that can be used in the most inaccessible places. The description states that this vehicle can be used on thin ice as part of rescue operations. The design is really complex: the cylinder is divided into 2 isothermal compartments, which means that it is possible to stay afloat even if the boat is seriously damaged. At the same time, the carrying capacity of the floating installation is 220 kilograms, which can be explained by the rather high material density of 750 grams per square meter (five-layer PVC base).


  • dense base;
  • five-layer bottom;
  • good load capacity;
  • compact size.


  • only one sovereign seat.

JILONG Fishman 300set JL007208-1N

10 best PVC boats - Rating 20214

Another durable PVC rowing boat, the physical dimensions of which are only 252 by 125 by 40 centimeters. The compact invention from a fairly responsible manufacturer has a two-chamber design that provides a higher level of security. Despite the fact that the model is positioned as a good solution for 3 passengers, the carrying capacity is 265 kilograms, so it is not recommended to overdo it with equipment and accessories. Due to the possibility of installing an electric motor for traveling long distances, it is optimal to load the car with 2 passengers. As for the inflatable floor, it is really stable. The type of rowing motor boat has a multi-layered bottom, the quality and reliability of which is beyond doubt.


  • volume;
  • you can install the engine;
  • coating quality;
  • ergonomic design.


  • hardly suitable for 3 people.


10 best PVC boats - Rating 20215

The best PVC inflatable boat for rowing in 2021 is the LOTSMAN C-280 model with a reinforced bottom, the fabric density of which reaches 850 g / m². Like the vast majority of similar models, the design of this product has a five-layer base, which has long confirmed its relevance in small shipbuilding. In this case, special attention should be paid to moisture-resistant plywood with an anti-slip coating and hard slate. Users have appreciated the strength and comfort of the tubular anodized (aluminum) blades, which require little effort to move. In addition, the movable structural elements were equipped with convenient latches for easy length adjustment. The removable canvas is made of polypropylene, which has a positive effect on the weight of the product. It should be added that the design includes movable seats, and the kit includes a backpack-bag for carrying equipment.


  • comfortable seats;
  • good base;
  • non-slip coating;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high bottom density.


The best PVC motor boats

Motor boats are always subject to more stringent requirements, and the choice of such vehicles must be treated more scrupulously and responsibly. Be sure to pay attention to the recommendations given at the end of the publication. At the same time, we tried to present in this section of the rating boats for different power plants: from modest to advanced engines for 2-3 users. Some of the solutions below use a vertical or two-bladed paddle, others are purely motorized. It is obvious that the collected inventions provide a greater speed of movement than analogues.

TONAR Skipper А260NT

10 best PVC boats - Rating 20216

The economic rowing motor model of the TONAR Skipper A260NT series, developed on the basis of the 260NT version with a hinged transom, fully complies with our PVC rating. The new version, as expected, was no less successful. The body is made of 5-layer reinforced PVC with a density of 750 grams per square meter and a length of 2.6 meters. At the same time, the manufacturer is satisfied with the affordable price and low weight of the equipment — only 19 kilograms. The carrying capacity of the boat is 210 kilograms, which is enough for two people and a power plant. Almost any drive up to 2.5 horsepower can be used as an electric motor. The kit includes 2 hard seats, 2 paddles and a foot pump. In addition, the manufacturer pleased users with a convenient bag, a well-installed transom and a repair kit.


  • good thermal insulation;
  • fine sediment;
  • excellent equipment;
  • elegant design.


  • average wear.

Yukona 300TLK

10 best PVC boats - Rating 20217

Judging by customer reviews, one of the most comfortable PVC motor boats for fishing and hunting this year is the Yukon 300TLK model, which has a carrying capacity of up to 450 kilograms. In total, the boat can accommodate up to 4 people. Engine power, of course, is large, taking into account the maximum permissible mass and is 10 horsepower. This series includes up to 3 sealed compartments, a durable inflatable keel and plywood decking. The integrated transom and rigid sliding seats speak very positively about users. It is also worth noting the good equipment, which includes oars, an efficient pump, a special repair kit and a bag for the boat itself.


  • dense base;
  • good ability;
  • well-known manufacturer
  • elegant design;
  • payol quality.


  • not low price.

Altair 320

10 best PVC boats - Rating 20218

If you are looking for a premium motorboat for outings, we suggest you pay attention to the Altair 320 model. The load capacity of this solution can vary from 300 to 400 kg, which determines the final price and number of seats. The kit includes durable blades and motor support. There is no rod holder in this line. Implemented 3 aviation corps. The bottom is not inflatable, but strong and durable. It is also worth noting the high quality of hand embroidery. You can find many tests of this model on the net, and the result will not disappoint anyone. Engine power can vary from 6 to 10 horsepower (recommended specifications depend on the configuration of the selected boat).


  • seam quality;
  • solid bottom;
  • multiple configurations.



10 best PVC boats - Rating 20219

Among the abundance of motorized PVC inflatable boats, the HUNTERBOAT Hunter 365 LCA model deserves special attention. This is already a powerful entertainment vehicle, accommodating up to 5 passengers. In this case, the load capacity is 500 kilograms. For a comfortable ride, the manufacturer recommends using an engine with up to 15 horsepower. It should be noted that in the configuration of this series there is a built-in crossbar. Long service life and high technical characteristics are justified by the use of dense PVC (up to 850 grams per square meter). The five-seater transport has a loop for fastening and very hard seats. Given the parameters, as well as positive customer reviews, no faults were found.


  • excellent equipment;
  • PVC density;
  • life expectancy;
  • test results.


Sun Marine Air Max-380

10 best PVC boats - Rating 202110

The best powered inflatable boat of 2021 is the Sun Marine Air Max-380, which guarantees excellent directional stability and excellent maneuverability even on long trips on water. This is the flagship series, capable of carrying up to 6 people and a maximum weight of 730 kg. Obviously, such a unit needs a powerful engine. The efficiency of the power plant is measured in 30 horsepower. Of course, such a boat needs a narrow bottom made by NDND. In addition, the manufacturer paid due attention to the strength of sliding hard seats. The kit also includes blades, a bag, a pump and a set of consumables with spare parts. It is worth noting the high quality of the handles, oarlocks, the valve for the water bitch and the rope.


  • trendy colors;
  • durable plywood;
  • comfortable chairs;
  • excellent seams;
  • good density.


How to choose a good inflatable boat?

Obviously, the purchase of such equipment involves understanding several components: how often you plan to use the vehicle, where you will store it, how many people will use the boat at the same time, how far you will walk on a lake, river or other body of water. The quality of the seams, materials, load capacity and a number of other parameters depend on this. If you do not know how to choose a good PVC boat, we suggest you settle all the nuances in the order. Let’s start with materials:

  • hypalon is a rather expensive analog of rubber, which attracts with a high level of strength. This coating is often used in industry and construction. Inflatable boat manufacturers, in turn, use this material to seal air tanks from the outside. For obvious reasons, hipalon is not afraid of a gasoline spill.
  • Polyvinyl chloride is a relatively inexpensive material, which is an artificial thermoplastic. The advantages of PVC include low weight, affordable cost and the ability to cure, which indicates the possibility of reinforcing the seams.

In fact, the demand for PVC is supported by a completely objective reason — a cheaper price compared to Hypalon.

In addition to materials, when choosing an inflatable boat, consider the following:

  1. The density of PVC — the more layers will be used, the correspondingly greater strength will be the boat. It depends on how many people will drive the transport. The density of PVC in good two-man boats can range from 1 to 1.4 kilograms per cubic meter (7 to 8 layers).
  2. Inflatable boat dimensions: recommendations for carrying capacity are always indicated in the technical data sheet of the boat. The norm is up to 3.3 meters per person; up to 4.2 meters for 2 users; more than 4.5 meters for 3 people with equipment, taking into account the power plant and components (ammunition).
  3. Transom — we are talking about the rear of the car, where the engine is located, if provided for by the design. It is important to note that there are hinged and fixed crossbars, and it is obvious that the second option is more convenient and reliable, since there is no need to constantly install and disassemble it.
  4. The bottom of the boat — there are models with a hard floor, an inflatable base and a slatted floor. For outboard motors, the second option is recommended. For long boats, payol (hard floor) is preferable.

Tips for choosing PVC boats from experts

Now we propose to deepen the recommendations of experts on the choice of a PVC inflatable boat, taking into account the immediate purpose of acquiring such a transport.

When discussing the choice of a PVC boat for an engine, the thought immediately comes to mind: “this is really a more complex issue that requires additional and special recommendations.” I don’t want to talk too much about varieties. In general, a sufficiently high-quality PVC model for a power plant should have at least the following parameters:

  • reinforced material;
  • density from 1 kilogram per cubic meter;
  • length per user 2.7 meters;
  • transverse necessarily stationary;
  • at least 5-7 layers of PVC in the base.

These are the minimum specifications for one boat. The greater the number of users and the length, the greater the corresponding number of layers, the higher the density.
What motor can be installed on a PVC boat? As you can imagine, the answer depends on the length of the boat. For a single user, the engine must weigh no more than 26 kilograms. For boats over 3 meters long, units with a capacity of up to 10 «horsepower» are suitable. Powerful power plants with a capacity of 15 to 20 horsepower put more than 4 meters on PVC. What accessories are recommended for the boat? Experienced users choose PVC boats with maximum parameters for fishing and do not neglect useful accessories. In particular, the automatic pressure relief valve ensures the safety of the user during the hot season, when there is a high probability of overpressure in the cylinder. Also, do not overlook the presence of a water drain valve, which can easily remove water that has entered the boat. In addition, advanced models may have attachment loops for the unit, an anchor bag, additional supports for the fuel tank and cylinder protection.

What is the best inflatable boat to buy in 2022?

It turns out that for the correct purchase of such products, it is necessary to proceed from several questions. It is important to think in advance what the maximum number of passengers this or that model will use, how far you will sail, how much equipment (by weight) you are going to take with you. If you do not know which PVC boat to buy, in any case, we advise you to focus on reinforced solutions with at least 5 layers. Density and load capacity already depend on these factors. In the end, let’s summarize, based on the reviews and taking into account the opinion of the editors:

  1. The best economical rowing motor boat — TONAR Skipper A260NT;
  2. A good PVC rowing boat is LOTSMAN S-280;
  3. Best PVC inflatable boat — HUNTERBOAT Hunter 365 LCA;
  4. Reliable engine model: Sun Marine Air Max-380.

We ask you to join the discussion of the list, share your personal experience.


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