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10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20210

Today, more and more users are choosing inkjet MFPs with CISS, which is justified not only by real savings, but also by the quality of photo printing. These solutions are much more efficient than their laser counterparts in terms of productivity and color document creation. However, not all devices with this technology live up to expectations in practice. Therefore, we have compiled a ranking of the best MFPs with CISS in 2021 for use in different conditions.

CISS is a system installed on inkjet printers and MFPs that supplies ink from external reservoirs. Thus, the capacity of the ink tank is increased by several times compared to using a cartridge. Refueling CISS does not require special skills, the process is carried out as quickly as possible, independently. In addition, a higher level of stability is achieved and productivity is increased. According to statistics, the presence of this system implies savings of 10-20 times, which is very important if you need to print documents or photos in color.

The best MFPs for home with CISS

Savings must be reasonable. As practice shows, stinginess when buying multifunctional devices entails additional costs. For this reason, we have chosen models of more or less well-known and leading manufacturers of office equipment, whose products have proven their reliability over time. We took into account the optimal price / quality ratio, understanding the possibilities and requirements for building modern scanners, printers and copiers.

Brother DCP-T520W InkBenefit Plus

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20211

The list of the best continuous printing MFPs opens with the Brother DCP-T520W InkBenefit Plus series, designed for copying, printing and scanning documents at home. The ink kit is enough for 15,000 pages, which is a good indicator for budget and mid-budget solutions. The print speed is 10 pages in color and up to 17 pages in black and white. The operation process can be controlled using a single-line liquid crystal display. The paper tray can hold up to 150 sheets at a time. The Japanese MFP is only suitable for Brother ink, but customer reviews indicate the low cost of printing images.

  • convenient control panel;
  • print quality;
  • the cost of branded ink;
  • good performance;
  • decent photos.


  • simple one-line view.

Canon PIXMA G2411

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20212

Canon has not lost its position as a leader in the office equipment industry for many years. It is not surprising that several models of this brand are presented in our ranking of home MFPs. First of all, I would like to note the advantages of the affordable PIXMA G2411 model with a print resolution of 1200 by 4800 dpi and support for Windows. CISS in this model is and pleases with good performance. According to customer comments, we can conclude that the device has the exact color reproduction of the cartridges: black, magenta, yellow, cyan. The speed of work in monochrome mode is 8-9 pages per minute and 5 in color, which corresponds to the price category of the device. In this case, the paper weight can be from 64 to 275 g/m2. The built-in scanner works great, supports the copier function.


  • works with different paper;
  • good resolution;
  • Windows support;
  • leading manufacturer;
  • compact size.


  • low yield.

Epson L3150 A4

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20213

Another relatively inexpensive, but good inkjet MFP with CISS support, which can be found in the open spaces of residential premises and small offices. Among the advantages of this device, I note the Key Lock technology, which embodies the upgraded filling system. Thanks to a special valve that closes when the container is removed, there should be no problems with refilling ink. According to the manufacturer, this technology provides 25 times more savings than conventional cartridges. At the same time, the container for ink is 2-3 times cheaper. A modern device supports wireless printing via Wi-Fi Direct. Out of the box, ink is enough for 1-2 years of operation without topping up. Another advantage is the control panel, the use of which requires a minimum of skills.


  • branded print head;
  • ease of refueling;
  • cheap ink tanks;
  • useful life of the device;
  • print quality.


  • not a perfect scanner.

HP Smart Tank 515

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20214

In fact, in every collection of our colleagues there is already a cult model of the HP Smart Tank 515 MFP series. The device is really interesting for its excellent price / quality ratio. The equipment guarantees high-quality printing, fast copying and scanning of images. At the same time, the device is characterized by intuitive operation and compact dimensions. In addition to the simple interface, there are a number of noteworthy proprietary options, including customizable smart tasks that can be used through the proprietary HP Smart app. If you are not sure which CISS MFP to choose for your home, it will also be useful to know that this model allows you to create borderless documents, you can make flyers and brochures. The list of available activities is far from exhaustive.


  • borderless printing;
  • volume;
  • scanner quality;
  • many options;
  • proprietary application.


  • not a new model.

Canon PIXMA G3411

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20215

The best CISS MFP 2021 for the home is the Canon PIXMA G3411 with PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY app, Google Cloud Print and Mopria support for Android. Functional device supports wireless operation — you can perform tasks using a tablet or smartphone. The resolution of the flatbed scanner is 1200 x 600 pixels. The print speed in normal and color modes is comparable to the simpler version of the PIXMA G2411. The document resolution is also 4800 x 1200 pixels. The model performs the duties of a printer, copier and scanner, as you already understood. At the same time, the fulfillment of the tasks should not be blamed.


  • many functions;
  • own technologies;
  • scanner resolution;
  • printer resolution;
  • compact size.


The best MFPs with CISS for the office

This category includes professional and semi-professional templates that provide a higher level of productivity. In this selection you will find durable and economical solutions with excellent color reproduction and photographic resolution. At the same time, not only standards and costs were taken into account, but also open data in a network of experienced repairmen and well-known bloggers. Comparisons, researches and responses of ordinary buyers were taken into account.

Epson L850

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20216

The classification of MFPs with CISS has been restored by the Epson L850 series model, which is designed for color printing (support for 6 colors is implemented). This device is closer to professional solutions, which can be understood by the quality of color printing. In fact, even in reviews on the Internet, you can see the result in documents and high-resolution photographs. This rule also applies to the operation of the scanner and copier. No wonder this MFP is the choice of many photographers and companies. I am satisfied with the ease of connecting SD cards and other storage devices to the device using PictBridge technology. There are no questions about the functionality of this invention, except for Wi-Fi.


  • PictBridge technology;
  • photo printing quality;
  • good resolution;
  • great scanner.


HP Smart Tank 615

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20217

Complementing our best all-in-ones is the HP Smart Tank 615 series with mobile printing. This smart MFP supports a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 4800 pixels. The device supports dual-band Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to use the equipment. This is an important aspect in the operation of office equipment, where convenience and speed of tasks are important. Control on CISS simplifies automatic sensor and spill protection: even an inexperienced buyer can manage the filling of containers. It should be noted that this series has been significantly upgraded due to the higher print speed. The successor to the previous collection of HP Smart Tank began to print almost 40% faster, and this is not just advertising, but a real achievement.


  • ease of refueling;
  • higher speed;
  • proprietary software;
  • remote control;
  • good resolution.


  • paper output tray.

Brother DCP-T710W InkBenefit Plus

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20218

Another functional model from the Japanese company Brother DCP-T710W from the InkBenefit Plus series completes our list of high-quality 3-in-1 MFPs with a continuous ink supply system. The advantages of this series include wireless communication, a large paper tray and extremely easy maintenance. According to the brand’s statement, with one refill of ink, this device can print up to 6500 pages. The print speed is not the highest, it can be seen from the price: up to 12 black-and-white sheets and up to 10 color photos in 60 seconds. I am pleased with the ease of scanning multi-page documents through the ADF. The efficiency of the MFP deserves special attention on almost all series of equipment from this company.


  • the level of savings;
  • stable work;
  • simple control;
  • ink resource;
  • scan quality.


  • low speed.

Canon PIXMA GM4040

10 best MFPs with CISS - rating 20219

If you are looking for a fast monochrome office MFP with CISS support and high cost efficiency, the Canon PIXMA GM4040 is your choice. This machine supports ADF and Ethernet as well as advanced features. The printed resource, according to reviews, is in the region of 18 thousand pages on 3 bottles of the company’s ink. And this is not all the advantages of the device, users positively evaluate the resource efficiency of paper — it can hold up to 350 sheets. The equipment is connected and controlled through proprietary Canon PRINT software. The program is compatible with smartphones, cloud printing is provided. The device includes a simple but informative LCD display.


  • professional printing;
  • two-line screen;
  • ink resource;
  • proprietary software;
  • reliable model.


  • no color printing.

Epson L7180

Top 10 MFPs with CISS - Ranking 202110

The best office MFP in 2021 is the Epson L7180, which supports CISS and various paper sizes, up to A3 sheets, which can weigh up to 300gsm. This indicates a fairly wide range of equipment. The maximum resolution for color printing is 5760 by 1440 pixels, which indicates the level of professional technology. The print speed is 28 pages of color documents per minute. The scanner and printer also fully justify the cost of the invention. It would not be out of place to note the resource of the Japanese manufacturer’s cartridges — 8000 monochrome pages and 5000 sheets with color printing. The scanner allows you to get images with a resolution of 2400 by 1200 pixels at a speed of 10-12 pages per minute, which is also a very good indicator.


  • there is Wi-Fi;
  • resolution and print speed;
  • excellent flatbed scanner;
  • for different types of paper;
  • cloud printing support.


How to choose a good MFP with CISS support?

Indeed, such office equipment does not have many parameters that you should focus on, but also do not underestimate the importance of the following characteristics. If you do not know how to choose an MFP with continuous ink, pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Scanner resolution: 1200 × 2400 dpi is considered optimal for both home and small office needs. For scanning photos, of course, a higher resolution is better.
  2. Print speed: This setting is not very important for the home, so we paid more attention to the economy and usability of home MFPs, but more productive models are more important for the office. It would not be out of place to note that laser printers and MFPs are superior to their inkjet counterparts in this parameter, but CISS is not connected to them.
  3. Print resolution: Photos require 1200 dpi or more, documents require 600 dpi. Whether it is worth overpaying for parts depends on the tasks you set.
  4. Paper size: The vast majority of home MFPs support A4, while more expensive office solutions can also work with A3 of various densities. You should base on how interested you are in the scope of the technique.
  5. Connectivity: Don’t underestimate the convenience of Wi-Fi-enabled printers or MFPs. The AirPrint option is very useful for iPhone and iPad owners. The ease of use of such equipment also depends on the quality of proprietary software of a particular brand.

Rating of MFP manufacturers

As mentioned above, many manufacturers today have a large number of decent lines of office equipment. We want to pay a little attention to the best MFP manufacturers, the purchase of whose products already reduces the risks associated with buying low-quality products:

  1. Brother is already a fairly large company, whose history begins with the creation of a small workshop in Japan. Today the company produces many lines of printers and MFPs with large capacity paper trays. Many solutions can hold up to 250 sheets. Many models support duplex printing and attract with good details. The disadvantage of the MFP of this manufacturer is that inexpensive models without CISS have cartridges with a small resource (up to 1000 sheets are enough);
  2. Kyocera is another Japanese office equipment manufacturer that is attracting MFPs and printers with long life and good performance. In our rating, there was not enough space for the products of this brand due to the fact that we were looking for models with the best price / quality ratio, but if you want to get a quality product for the office with a resource of up to 12,000 pages from standard toners, then you should definitely pay attention to attention to the ECOSYS line. Also noteworthy is the TASKalfa line with large sheet trays.
  3. HP — this company probably offers the widest range of both affordable and professional MFPs to different categories of customers. The American manufacturer has many decent color printers and MFPs. Special attention deserves proprietary software that allows you to save on the use of special applications. In addition, the MFP of this company with CISS attracts with high performance and thoughtful duplex printing.
  4. Canon is another good manufacturer of home and office multifunctional devices, offering many quality and reliable solutions with excellent value for money. In addition to the excellent assortment, I would like to note the functionality of the products. Most of the company’s MFPs are attracted by low noise, double-sided printing and economy.
  5. Epson is, in our opinion, the best manufacturer of office equipment due to constantly updated innovations. Year after year, the company offers more and more luxury solutions, including multifunctional inkjet and color printers. The problem is that many products of this brand are more expensive than their counterparts.

Which MFP is better to buy with CISS in 2021?

For these reasons, before purchasing such equipment, it is necessary to determine the tasks set, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of reactive devices. If you do not know which MFP to choose for your home or office with CISS, also pay attention to the reputation of the brand you are interested in. Excellent value for money today like Japanese and American companies. Our assessment concludes as follows:

  1. A good budget MFP with color printing is the HP Smart Tank 515;
  2. Optimal in price and quality model for the home — Canon PIXMA G3411;
  3. Inexpensive multifunctional office device — Epson L850;
  4. The best premium MFP with CISS for the office is the Epson L7180.


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