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10 best home printers - Ranking 20210

In recent years, many new names and technologies have appeared in the field of MFPs and printers. As a result, we have received more reasonable prices due to high competition and a number of problems that complicate the purchase process for the average buyer. In our ranking of the best home printers of 2021, we have collected models with the best price / quality ratio. We have chosen the most popular and balanced models, taking into account the variety of printing technologies offered:

  1. Laser;
  2. Thermal printing;
  3. solid ink;
  4. Sublimation;
  5. Piezoelectric;
  6. Thermal inkjet printer

In practice, two types of printers are used for domestic needs: laser and inkjet. The latest technology can be implemented in several ways. So, for example, Epson uses a special piezoelectric crystal that ejects ink, which is the reason for the emergence of a supposedly new technology — piezoelectrics, but the essence is, in general, the same.

The best laser printers

These printers use a printing technology that uses a laser to form an image on a photosensitive drum. A special toner powder is used to display the projected image. The result is superior black-and-white print quality that rivals professional grade letterpress. However, in terms of color printing, these models are significantly inferior to their inkjet counterparts.

Pantum P2207

10 best home printers - Ranked 20211

The list of good home printer models opens with the Pantum P2207 model, which has a 150-sheet input tray. At the same time, the device has a compact size and low weight. The advantages of the entry-level model include 64 megabytes of RAM and support for reading USB drives. The maximum print resolution corresponds to the listed price: only 600 x 1200 dpi. Among the features, it should be noted support for PC-230R cartridges, the resource of which is enough for 1600 pages at 5% coverage. The print speed of black and white pages reaches 20 units per minute.


  • at high speed;
  • comfortable model;
  • good quality for personal use;
  • low price.


  • not ideal cost.

Xerox Phaser 3020BI

10 best home printers - Ranked 20212

For everyday tasks, the Xerox Phaser 3020BI model looks good. This laser printer features Apple AirPrint technology and proprietary PrintBack software. This greatly simplifies the synchronization of the product with different mobile solutions. Of course, it is possible to connect to portable devices via the Wi-Fi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard). The resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is more than enough to create highly detailed images and documents. Even for business documents, this is enough. True, the throughput of this solution is far from ideal — up to 15,000 pages per month, which is not an ideal result, but sufficient for home use.


  • good resolution;
  • own technologies;
  • fast synchronization;
  • ease of use.


  • low yield.

Brother HL-1202R

10 best home printers - Ranked 20213

The Brother HL-1202R model delivers top 10 printers, which ensures good work speed. The resolution is 2400 x 600 dpi, which is excellent for black and white printing. It is no longer needed for home use. In addition to high detail, the product is satisfied with the support for duplex printing. The image drum holds 12,000 pages. If you believe the brand, the toner cartridge lasts an average of 2,600 pages, which is also considered a fairly inexpensive indicator. The maximum print speed can be up to 26 pages per minute. Integrated software is provided for easy operation with the interface.


  • cartridge resource;
  • working speed;
  • good resolution;
  • very good drum.


Canon i-SENSYS LBP223dw

10 best home printers - Ranked 20214

Among the whole variety of good monochrome laser printers, the i-SENSYS LBP223dw model from one of the leading manufacturers of this type of equipment looks worthy. Canon has a clean and unobtrusive five-line LCD. Judging by the comments of users, the printer of a well-known brand is perfectly synchronized with devices based on Android and iOS operating systems. Print speed — 33 pages, this is enough even in a small office. At the same time, the manufacturer offers high-quality toner cartridges of its own production, which have a long resource.


  • resolution 1200 by 1200;
  • synchronization with Android and iOS;
  • working speed;
  • quick exit of the first page;
  • document quality.


  • Not everyone likes the screen.

HP LaserJet Pro M15w

10 best home printers - Ranked 20215

The best laser printer in 2021 in terms of price / quality ratio is the HP LaserJet Pro M15w, which has good performance and stable performance. Not surprisingly, this product is used by many companies when creating small volumes of business documents. This printer prints at 19 pages per minute at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. By today’s standards, this is clearly a low figure, but there is no doubt about the quality of the documentation. The maximum load in this case reaches 8000 sheets per month. According to the manufacturer, one cartridge is enough for 1000 pages.


  • Wi-Fi Direct support;
  • USB connection;
  • stable work;
  • ease of use;
  • high accuracy.


  • low resolution.

The best inkjet printers

While laser printers use heated cartridges, inkjet models use liquid ink. They provide excellent color printing, but if you don’t need to use the printer, the ink you purchase may dry out. In addition, many models involve the purchase of expensive consumables. However, in the case of inkjet models, you can refill the cartridges yourself — this is a fairly simple task and many solutions are equipped with CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System).

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Canon PIXMA TS704

10 best home printers - Ranked 20216

Provides evaluation of Canon PIXMA TS704 home printers. This model attracts with its compact size and large capacity of paper trays: it can hold up to 350 sheets. Ease of use is justified by the ability to connect a PC or laptop via Ethernet. Also this printer works well with Android mobile devices. Document resolution 4800 x 1200 pixels. Print speed 15 pages per minute. Of course, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported. For obvious reasons, this device is popular with a large audience of buyers.


  • Ethernet support;
  • low price;
  • compact size;
  • decent resolution.


  • there are more powerful lines.

Epson L120

10 best home printers - Ranked 20217

Another cheap but good 4 color A4 printer. The maximum resolution is 720 x 720 dpi. With a sleek design, it can print up to 9 ISO pages in black and white in 60 seconds. Not very high performance, but no longer required for home use. In addition, the device has a compact size and fits perfectly into a room with limited space. The manufacturer has taken care of the long service life of the equipment and reliable printing for the next few years. Keep in mind that this brand uses its own technology, which is designed to reduce printing costs, and in this regard, Epson equipment compares favorably with many manufacturers.


  • printing cost;
  • inkjet printer quality;
  • low price initially;
  • compact size.


  • performance.

HP Ink Tank 115

10 best home printers - Ranked 20218

If you don’t know which color printer to choose for your home, take a look at the HP Ink Tank 115 inkjet model. The technology used is better suited for color printing, even better than its more expensive laser counterparts. A sufficiently powerful printer with CISS belongs to the middle category, as it was released before the appearance of new lines. However, despite this, it prints up to 19 black and 15 color pages in the specified time period (1 minute). It is not surprising that the device has found application in the open spaces of many office supply stores, which, among other things, are engaged in photo printing. Implemented the ability to use paper of different density: from 64 to 300 g/m2. The maximum image resolution is 4200 x 1200 dpi. The last option is designed to work with photo paper.


  • ease of maintenance;
  • good power;
  • color print quality;
  • there is CISS.


  • not low price.

Canon PIXMA G1411

10 best home printers - Ranked 20219

Another good home color inkjet printer that can also be used commercially. The entry-level model supports document resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 pixels. The productivity of well-known company products can reach 8.8 pages per minute (black and white mode). In color printing, the rate is 5 pages in 60 seconds. It is worth noting that the kit includes CPNCH (continuous ink supply) which helps improve performance and ease of use. According to customer reviews, the cartridge resource is enough for 12,000 monochrome documents.


  • cartridge resource;
  • reliable assembly;
  • there is CISS;
  • small size;
  • lifespan.


Epson L132

10 best home printers - 2021 ranking

The best printer in 2021 in terms of price and quality is the Epson L132 series model for everyday tasks. Also, this device is found in small offices, and this is due to a fairly good output — up to 27 ppm (black and white). The maximum resolution of documents in this case can be 5760 by 1440 pixels, which is a very serious indicator even against the background of more expensive solutions. With the performance of color printing, the work becomes less productive — up to 15 pages per minute. However, this is enough for home use. The compact device connects via USB. The presence of CISS is provided in the kit.


  • print speed;
  • color print quality;
  • good b/w resolution;
  • small size;
  • continuous ink supply.


How to choose a good home printer?

Thus, if we talk about the use in everyday life, then the range of such equipment can be reduced to two types. If you don’t know how to choose a printer for your home, focus on laser or inkjet models (they may have CISS) depending on your goals. By the way, we recommend paying attention to the main parameters:

  1. Colors. Black and white or monochrome printers are cheaper and guarantee sharp images even at low resolutions. For photo printing, you need to focus on an inkjet printer;
  2. Print format. For ordinary customers, A4 standard support is sufficient. For large sheets, A3 may be required, but this technique immediately costs much more;
  3. Two-sided printing. This is a great technology that allows you to save a lot on paper and ink, but initially you will have to pay extra for its existence. For objective reasons, such printers are needed by people who work a lot with documentation;
  4. interfaces. Almost all modern products support Wi-Fi. At the same time, some gadgets are also equipped with proprietary technologies for better synchronization with portable devices.
  5. CISS. Continuous ink support saves ink, producing better quality pages. We recommend that you take this option correctly, even if you have to overpay.

Photo Printer Tips from the Experts

When choosing a printing device that supports color photo printing, it is best to aim for a higher resolution. In this case, do not chase the high speed of the equipment. More important is the quality of implementation, technology and quantity of PPE. For a number of reasons already mentioned, we have noticed that inkjet printers work with the best color print quality.

As practice shows, professional solutions that can work with glossy and matte paper are not bought for the home. Such solutions are more intended for commercial use. With their help, you will have to print images on both envelopes and discs, but the cost of such equipment will be much higher.

What is the best printer to buy for home in 2021?

Therefore, we draw a simple conclusion. If you don’t know which printer to buy for home use, you need to start with steps and budget:

  1. Good but cheap printer — Canon PIXMA TS704;
  2. Best color printer for the home: HP Ink Tank 115
  3. Inkjet printer for the price and quality — Canon PIXMA G1411;
  4. Best home laser printer: HP LaserJet Pro M15w;
  5. An affordable but high-quality laser printer is the Brother HL-1202R.


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