Top 10 Best 8K TVs – Ranking 2021


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Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20210

Surely, many TVs that follow the development remember how many critics of 4K resolution insisted that this standard was not relevant, that there was no content for this format 1-2 years ago. Relatively little time has passed and the trend is already clearly visible that the FullHD format is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and a more detailed picture is replacing it. The specialists of our resource «PriceQuality» follow the trends, and we decided to prepare a rating of the best 8K TVs in 2021, realizing that the future lies with this format. It is immediately worth noting that today only a few flagship smartphones allow you to shoot video in this resolution, and not all sources show a good range of programs and movies in 8K, but do not forget about how the marketing of leading electronics manufacturers worked effectively. Today, Samsung and LG are actively promoting a new format for large panels.

Best 8K TVs from 55″ to 65″

At the same time, we try to be objective and share a transparent opinion with our readers, so we recommend that you think before you decide to buy a small 8K TV. The fact is that the merits of a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels can only be appreciated from a distance of 120. A resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels can only be appreciated with a distance of 100 sassterimiriniminterimnirimimmimum. Otherwise, you will not get any benefit from a more detailed image. However, we have collected 8K models in the selection of TVs from 55 to 65 inches, as many buyers keep up with the times and want to get the most. The choice is yours! We only honestly share our opinions and the conclusions of other experts.

NanoCell LG 55NANO956NA

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20211

We managed to destroy a great test of this TV at, whose staff subtly emphasized the contentious issue regarding this resolution against the backdrop of a 55-inch size. However, our Top 8K TVs are opened by the LG 55NANO956NA, which has great multimedia capabilities and good value for money. The last aspect of using NanoCell technology is clearly more affordable than OLED matrices. The device pleases support for a wide range of video files, including HDR10 and DolbyVision. According to resource usage tests, it can be understood that visually this panel produces many gradations of votened voteny. Volume with a margin, quite enough for any apartment. But, in fairness, we note that the sound is quite harsh. We do not recommend using this TV as a computer monitor, but we recommend it for a short time, but for a long time


  • loyal price;
  • many gradations of shades;
  • loud audio system;
  • good color gamut.


  • not ideal HDR support;
  • sound quality at maximum volume.

QLED Samsung QE65Q700TAU

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20212

A more cost-effective solution for 8K resolution, in our opinion, is a 65-inch diagonal. The Samsung QE65Q700TAU model implements not only this rule, but also a good hardware part. In particular, the model works on the basis of the most advanced matrix of this South Korean manufacturer. Another advantage is the powerful Quantum 8K chip. The chip successfully scales lower quality content to 8K format with a little banding of cero-horogogo. When viewing a good video in the stated format, no problems were identified. Due to the fact that we are not considering a TV of the latest generation, there is a possibility of materiality. At the same time, the device will be relevant for a long time thanks to the chic color gamut and AI. A multi-zone matrix with adjustable brightness and stunning backlight fully justifies the expectation. Of the interesting options, we note the Multi View mode, when turned on, the screen will be divided into two parts: you can watch TV and surf the net through a smartphone, for example.


  • effective scaling;
  • sound quality;
  • chic lighting;
  • interesting options;
  • The price tag has dropped since the sale.


  • banding by 15% gray;
  • legs for mounting.

QLED Samsung QE65QN800AU

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20213

This time we’re talking about a new generation of 65-inch 8K TVs, which is rocking the Neo Quantum 8K processor is even more powerful and efficient at scaling and enhancing content. This chip, according to the manufacturer’s description, is built on the basis of 16 neural networks, which guarantees a week of dela decaman. But the overall background is really amazing, which is also caused by the Quantum Mini LED technology. There are 1.5 times more zones for backlight control, and this is noticeable in practice, even if we compare this line with its predecessor. — I would like to complete the mini-review of this TV with the fact that it supports Quantum HDR (32x) technology, and the color palette has become richer, and this applies to any content.


  • full HDR10+ implementation;
  • the company’s improved processor;
  • excellent scaling;
  • amazing lighting;
  • build quality.


  • high cost at the start.

NanoCell LG 65NANO996

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20214

This model, in our opinion, represents the best budget 8K TV that we can get. This is due to the fact that the LG 65NANO996 is based on NanoCell technology. Obviously, IPS-matrices, to which the proprietary NanoCell-matrix belongs, display black, and than OLED QLED, but this perfectly compensates for the much more affordable price tag. At the same time, the manufacturer paid due attention to the FALD backlight, which smooths out the imperfections. The number of active probes is also pleasing, thanks to which the black color was able to make the bolebub. Users themselves can adjust the degree of dimming in three levels. The brightness level is approximately 1000 nits, but this figure is only in certain s. There is no full support for HDR 10+, but the Dynamic Tone Map function has been implemented, thanks to which the effect of this HDR 10 Plus is simulated during games.


  • adequate cost;
  • actual color rendering;
  • powerful processor;
  • balance of smoothness and reality;
  • Dynamic Tone Map function.


  • black color is still worse than OLED and QLED.

QLED Samsung QE65Q950TSU

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20215

According to many experts, the best 65-inch 8K TV in 2021 is the Sogon model. The new generation is distinguished not only by its exquisite design, but also by its amazing contrast ratio, tsnogebekebekeke It is hardly worth trusting the very talented and active marketers of the company for their unsurpassed quantum dot technologies, since it is still unfinished, and many panels are starting to be purchased from LG, but nothing can be said about the backlight and HDR elaboration. In addition, we managed to achieve good smoothness, AMD FreeSync technology is implemented. For games, it is extremely difficult to find a more cost-effective solution in the specified size. The company’s software deserves special attention, especially the multimedia player, which is a doltimedia player, which is a housepolteran. Comparing this panel with analogues, we can note the lack of a headphone port as one of the shortcomings, but this is hardly worth focusing on.


  • excellent contrast;
  • the brightness level is phenomenal;
  • shows itself well in sharp scenes;
  • refresh rate suitable for gaming;
  • integration into the smart home ecosystem.


Best 8K TVs from 75″ to 100″

NanoCell LG 75NANO996NA

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20216

The LG 75NANO996 vapor meter series replenishes the rating of 8K TVs, probably the most successful model in terms of price and quality of the LG 75NANO996 series. The brand occupies more than half of the market, and the «lion’s share» As you understand, this line too. The chip guarantees the maximum effect of the user’s presence in the scene. The resolution is determined taking into account the contrast modulation, and if it is below 50%, then the card is adjusted. We are pleased with the quality of the implementation of the extended dynamic range, support for the new HDR formats HDRG 10.


  • realistic picture;
  • proprietary processor;
  • contrast modulation accuracy;
  • extended dynamic range;
  • improved NanoCell matrix.


  • not in this category.


Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20217

Considering LG’s best OLED TVs, it’s hard to ignore the 8K OLED77Z19LA-class model. The maximum color volume is complemented by a refresh rate of 120 Hz. According to many experts, it is difficult to find a more cost-effective gaming model. No wonder, because the manufacturer interacts with the leading developers of the gaming industry. The model is G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync™ Premium certified.


  • perfect model for Xbox Series X;
  • chic black depth;
  • color gamut;
  • processor power;
  • update frequency.


  • OLED matrix price.

QLED Samsung QE85QN800AU

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 20218

If you are still aiming for a huge panel, then there is an objective reason to pay due attention to Samsung’s 85-inch 8K TV on QLED technology of the QE85QN800AU series. New QLED This device works with 1300 dimming zones, so black color is perfectly transmitted. A special proprietary processor has been implemented, which provides image scaling and sound quality improvement, taking into account the type of content that launches in real time. The chip works stably, as does the operating system. Of the additional bonuses of this particular model, I would like to note support for HDMI 2.1 and VRR. This series is also available in 65″ and 75″, but in the listed form factors in 65″ and 75″, but in the listed form factors


  • there is HDMI 2.1 and VRR;
  • new generation;
  • Implemented Mini LED backlight;
  • several standard sizes;
  • 1300 dimming zones.


  • high price.


Top 10 Best 8K TVs - 2021 Ranking9

One of the most modern and high-quality 8K TVs from LG is the SIGNATURE OLED88ZX88ZX line. Huge 88-inch panel This is very important. There is also a multi-format tuner and a chic processor that supports scaling. For lovers of television programs and quality content, various support is provided. I would not want to get hung up on key parameters, including smoothness, backlight or contrast, because in this form factor both LG and Samsung have the maximum performance.


  • chic brightness;
  • good functionality;
  • premium matrix;
  • AI processor;
  • huge panel.


QLED Samsung QE98Q900RBU

Top 10 Best 8K TVs - Ranking 202110

The best 8K QLED TV of 2021 is the Samsung QE98Q900RBU with a really great screen. This is the maximum level of detail, brightness and contrast to date, and any tests confirm this argument (we are talking about sizes up to 98 inches). Thus, you can appreciate all the delights in a large room. For gamers, Steam Link technology is implemented, and for connoisseurs of high-quality content, an advanced Dolby Digital Plus cell speaker system. In conjunction with a proprietary processor, you can fully immerse yourself in what is happening on the panel.


  • Ultimate 8K Dimming support;
  • Quantum HDR 40x;
  • huge panel;
  • backlight Direct Full Array Elite;
  • gaming solutions;
  • Ease of controls;
  • artificial intelligence.


Whose 8K TVs are better: LG or Samsung?

Let’s say right away that comparing LG and Samsung TVs this year does not make sense from the point of view of innovation. The problem is that the latter brand is clearly inferior in terms of development and pricing. And this applies to all three lines of the brand:

  1. Crystal UHD — budget class;
  2. QLED — medium level;
  3. Neo QLED is a premium class.

Even the 7th and 8th TVs differed, in fact, in the remotes and the location of the legs. With the release of 9th generation TVs in 2021, even more questions have appeared …

Meanwhile, Samsung marketers tirelessly talked about the progress in the implementation of quantum dot technology, and amazing brightness. Yes, indeed, the 9th generation of the Crystal line was slightly improved in terms of the last parameter, but the backlight, as before, is on the side, and the price tag has become much higher.

In fact, there are very few changes, the pricing policy in the budget class of Samsung is not objective. If it were not for a smooth picture and good sound, then it would not make sense at all to focus on the products of this manufacturer against the background of more affordable Chinese solutions.

Why choose LG TV

In turn, LG has improved the simply chic line of NanoCell TVs, which are profitable for a year. Now there are already 8K TVs based on certain colors and in terms of color display they have become more successful thanks to the implementation of a whole range of proprietary technologies: from FALD backlighting to Dynamic Tone Map.

Actually, QSD technology a year earlier was distinguished by a more accurate gradation of different shades, except for black, and in this regard, Samsung is still ahead of LG’s premium OLED TVs, another South Korean brand clearly wins in pricing and other characteristics.

Thus, in our subjective opinion, LG’s 8K TVs, starting from 65 inches, are better than Samsung in terms of price / quality ratio, aggregate performance and successful upgrading of old old ones. As for models with a small size, Samsung wins, most likely, for the reason that the main competitor is more focused on the development of large-format TVs.

What is the best 8K TV in 2021

Definitely, by buying goods from these brands, you minimize the risks of giving money away and feeling sorry for the bank. For this reason, we do not present in our rating the proposals of Chinese manufacturers and even Sony, since recently the company has clearly not kept pace with the development of South Korean competitors. If you still have not decided for yourself which 8K TV to buy, we offer another one

  1. Best Inexpensive 8K TV — NanoCell LG 65NANO996
  2. Brightest 65-inch 8K TV — Samsung QE65Q950TSU;
  3. Best Premium Model from 8K to 85″ — OLED LG OLED88ZX9;
  4. The largest TV up to 98″ on a QLED matrix is ​​the Samsung QE98Q900RBU.

Do not forget that manufacturers have different lines that include different types of pores.


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