The 10 Best Combo Amplifiers for Guitars


A combo amplifier is an amplifier and speaker system in one device. Some modern combo amps are so compact that they can be worn on a belt. But it’s not uncommon for professional guitarists to buy several large, powerful devices at once to tweak certain songs because they sound different.

There are three types of guitar combo amplifiers — transistor, tube and combined. Transistor ones are cheaper, tube ones are more expensive. But you should not buy the cheapest combo amplifiers, it is better to consider models from the middle price range — their sound quality will be much higher. An important selection criterion is the purpose for which the device is purchased. For home use, a small device is enough, for concert venues, more powerful models are needed.

Top 10 Guitar Combo Amplifiers



Two-channel combo amplifier designed for electric guitar. Sound channels are switched — Clean / Distortion. The model is recommended for musicians who need high-quality sound on a small stage or at home. The cost of the amplifier is low, the power is modest, but quite sufficient for the listed purposes.

The sound quality is good, blues tones are especially good. Speakers — 6.5 inches, there is a line and guitar input, a headphone jack, a loop for adding effects. Despite the low price category, the brand is quite well-known, it is popular even among professional musicians.

9 IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp

IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp

Portable combo amplifier suitable for connecting bass or electric guitar to loudspeakers. Users appreciate the ability to record tracks on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. The device went on sale relatively recently, two or three years ago. The manufacturer presented it as a portable device, with the functions of a combo amplifier for a guitar and an interface for iOS devices. Three-inch speaker, there is a headphone output, a 3W class A / B amplifier.

The size is very small — the amplifier weighs only 250 grams, easily fits in your pocket, which makes it an indispensable device for guitarists who often have to move from place to place. Of the pluses, buyers are attracted precisely by the compact size and the ability to record their tracks on an iOS device using the AmpliTube application.

8 Cort GE15B

Cort GE15B

Good model for bass guitar. The power is small, but the rest of the characteristics are good. It has a tilt-back design, a three-band equalizer, an eight-inch speaker. The device is oversized, practical, convenient.

According to user reviews, in addition to the bass guitar, the combo amplifier can be used for electric guitar and acoustic instrument. The microphone through the remote sounds good. The only drawback is that at maximum volume, the device creaks slightly, but in its price category it can compete for the title of the best amplifier. It is better to use it at home, in small rooms and not crowded, quiet streets.

7 Laney LC15R-110

Laney LC15R-110

The English brand Laney is considered a true legend of tube sound. Despite many developments and innovations, tube combo amplifiers, according to musicians, are still the best. This particular model has a small power, but it gives excellent sound.

The guitar combo amplifier is easy to use, convenient, never fails — a great option not only for rehearsals, but also for the stage. If necessary, more powerful models can be considered in the LC series, but they will cost more. Of the features of the series, one can single out a three-band independent equalizer, two inputs, Celesction speakers, an effects loop.



Designed for acoustic guitar. It is the world’s first battery powered combo amplifier. The model is small, but powerful, due to the two speakers in the design it produces a decent stereo. There is a guitar and microphone input channel, a feedback suppressor, a built-in looper. Backing tracks are additionally connected from an external source.

ROLAND brand guitar amplifier is popular among street or just non-professional musicians. Like any other model, there are advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages, users distinguish independence from a stationary power source, good power with a small size. Of the minuses — the speakers and the case are small, so the basses are poorly worked out.

5 Yamaha THR5

Yamaha THR5

Good combo amp for electric guitar. It has good stereo sound and good playback effects. At the same time, it has a small size, can be used in small rooms. When developing this guitar amplifier, the manufacturer focused on following the style of the musician’s performance, and not the stadium volume. If necessary, it can be very quiet.

Yamaha THR5 is the optimal model for the home. The room sounds quite loud, harmonious. Additionally, it is appreciated by users for its stylish design, good sound, the ability to play hi-fi stereo and sound recording.



A solid-state 4-channel guitar combo amp delivers 15W of portable tone with reverb. There are additional sound effects. For a compact size, the sound is powerful. Easily switches between different sounds, overdrive channel. There is a choice between five digital effects.

The amplifier is universal, suitable for playing all styles of music. Pop music and metal sound equally clean. For rehearsals at night or in an apartment with good audibility, a headphone jack is provided. This is the best choice for developing guitarists who need a portable yet loud amplifier. The brand has been proven over the years, reliable and popular.



Compact amplifier for acoustic guitar. As a part of the device the new Nutube vacuum lamp is used. The sound is very smooth, rich, covers all tones. There is a microphone jack, which makes it easy to hold live concerts.

Bass reproduction is rich and deep. High-quality effects and an independent equalizer help to shape the sound in detail. Musicians appreciate this combo amplifier for its characteristic warm sound and relatively low weight. Of the shortcomings, they note only a small hissing background of the amplifier itself, but it is so weak that it does not interfere with the game.

2 Fender Champion 100

Fender Champion 100

Versatile for all playing styles, this super easy-to-use electric guitar combo amp is perfect for beginners, amateurs and professional players alike. This is a two-channel device with two 12″ speakers. It has great sound at any volume.

With additional effects, you can achieve the right sound for every style of music, from classic jazz to hard rock. There is an additional input to work with a media player. Thanks to the headphone output, you can play completely silently, without disturbing others.

1 Acus One for Street Wood

Acus One for Street Wood

High-quality combo amplifier with battery for acoustic guitar. Equipped with a battery that provides seven hours of operation without connecting to the network. Like the rest of the brand’s devices, this model has an amazing sound — the detail and balance of frequencies are always on top. Responsive to equalizer adjustments and dynamic nuances.

When working in the low range, there are no muddy areas, as is the case with cheap devices. The upper range also sounds very clean. Thanks to the AUX input, you can play accompaniment in hi-fi quality and play low-frequency content at the same time. Finding flaws in this combo amplifier is difficult — the equipment is of high quality, reliable, assembled by hand in Italy.

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