The 10 Best Built-In Refrigerators — Refrigerator Rankings 2022


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We present the top 10 rating of the best built-in refrigerators. We have selected the best built-in refrigerators for quality and price. The rating presents the best models of built-in refrigerators according to customer reviews and expert ratings. We hope that this rating will help you choose and buy a reliable and high-quality built-in refrigerator.

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20210

Often, consultants in household appliance stores are faced with the indignation of customers, because their previous refrigerator has worked for more than ten years, and modern models have a warranty of only 2-3 years. Unfortunately, modern solutions include electronics that did not exist before. New features and technologies are constantly being released, which is why many brands cannot afford such a free service period (and in this case). But this does not mean that you need to focus on the first model that comes across. We assure you that even today’s current devices are capable of working much more than indicated in the warranty card. Our Best Built-in Refrigerators of 2021 lists reliable products that are positively reviewed and appreciated by independent buyers. The price list is compiled taking into account the price / quality ratio.

Best Inexpensive Built-In Refrigerators

This section presents refrigerators that mainly support drip defrost, but there are also models with No Frost technology. This last function prevents frost formation in said chamber. Its principle of operation is to remove excess moisture contained in the air and get inside the chamber. Fragile components are condensed and unloaded into a special container. As a result, such models are much cheaper and more expensive than analogues that do not support this technology. As a rule, the temperature in the container into which the condensate flows is high due to the operation of the compressor, which leads to the evaporation of moisture. The user, in turn, does not have to constantly spend time defrosting the freezer.

Indesit B 18 A1 D/I

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20211

The top 10 built-in refrigerators open from the Indesit B 18 A1 D / I budget line, with a total capacity of 273 liters (freezer volume — 79 liters). The freezing capacity of the products of this series is 4 kg of products per day. In total, there are 3 drawers in the freezer, which is a good indicator of the compact size of the appliance. Of course, a drip defrosting system has been implemented, which is typical for this price category. The master bedroom has 4 shelves and quality lighting. I am glad that the noise level does not exceed 35 dB. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the presence of rotary switches and efficiency — energy class «A +». According to the brand, the cold lasts 19 hours.


  • cold storage time;
  • good performance;
  • rotary switches;
  • economic model;
  • low noise level.


  • drip system.

Midea MRI7217

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20212

Midea also offers to integrate a good refrigerator into the kitchen set. In particular, the manufacturer has an interesting MRI7217 line, the height of which is 1.7 meters. The two-chamber unit holds approximately 270 liters, including 77 liters in the freezer. This is optimal performance considering the ergonomic design of the invention. It should be noted that the productivity of this model is 4 kg per day, and the period of cold storage exceeds 12 hours. The downside is that the model provides for manual defrosting, but this is justified by the affordable cost. I am glad that the shelves are made of high quality tempered glass. At the same time, three of them can be adjusted in height at the same time. Below you can find a quality moisture control holder box. The noise level of this model reaches almost 40 dB, and the power consumption level is “A +”.


  • economic model;
  • hermetic door;
  • wear-resistant shelves;
  • keeping cold.


  • manual defrost.

Beko BCHA 2752S

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20213

Given the cheap but reliable built-in refrigerators, I would like to draw your attention to the Beko BCHA 2752 S. This is a classic two-chamber model with a bottom freezer, with a total volume of 275 liters. It is worth noting that the affordable price did not prevent the manufacturer from equipping his product with many useful modes, including automatic defrosting (No Frost technology). It should also be emphasized that the doors are overcome to open in any direction. At the same time, they have an antibacterial sealant that prevents the appearance and development of bacteria with microbes.


  • economic model;
  • 2 year warranty;
  • antibacterial sealant;
  • learn about Frost technology.


  • little information about reliability

Weissgauff WRKI 2801 MD

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20214

If you cannot decide on the choice of a high-quality and inexpensive built-in refrigerator, we suggest that you pay attention to the Weissgauff WRKI 2801 MD model. The products of this manufacturer attract with durable electronics and optimal characteristics in their price range. It should be noted right away that the line has a low productivity (about 3 kg per day), but this compensates for a significant amount of usable area (248 liters) and protection against overheating. If an emergency is suspected, the refrigerator will automatically turn off. Tempered glass shelves and 3 large pockets in the door. The door opens 90-95 degrees, but the noise level exceeds 40 dB.


  • good electronics;
  • durable shelves;
  • economic model;
  • reliable manufacturer.


  • noise level;
  • drip system.

ATLANT XM 4307-000

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20215

The best budget built-in refrigerator in 2021, in our opinion, is the two-chamber model ATLANT XM 4307-000, with a total volume of 234 liters. The device has a high-quality compressor and refrigeration circuit. It is worth noting that the device was equipped with a large freezer with a volume of 67 liters, which included 3 removable containers. Inside you can find an excellent mold for ice. The capacity is enough to freeze 4 kilograms of food per day. The cold stays for 16 hours. In the refrigerator compartment you will find 4 sturdy shelves, each of which can hold up to 15 kg of food. In addition, a removable drawer is used in which fruits and vegetables can be stored. The door includes 4 baskets at the same time, including an insert for storing 10 eggs.


  • low noise level;
  • economic model;
  • many compartments;
  • door seal;
  • reliable compressor


The best built-in premium refrigerators

This category contains premium models, in the description of which the brand «Full No Frost» is most often found. This sign indicates that each refrigerator compartment is equipped with a No Frost system. That is, the air condenses not only in the freezer, but also in the main chamber or in several auxiliary chambers. You probably already know the principle of operation of this technology: excess moisture is removed from the air, which enters a special container and, under the influence of heat from one or more compressors, simply evaporates. Thus, the maintenance of the cameras is reduced to zero. The user only needs to adjust the height, set the settings and from time to time clean it from fingerprints and dirt from the surface of the equipment.

Jacky’s JR BW1770

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20216

The model of the JR BW1770 series from Jackie replenishes the rating of built-in refrigerators with a volume of 256 liters. It is worth noting the elegant design of the technique, made in the English style. In addition, the European quality of the interior elements is achieved due to the chrome-plated edges of all shelves. The design also includes an intuitive electronic screen. The freezer has an intensive cooling system, with which you can quickly cool all products. There is a cool zone where fruits and vegetables can be stored at 0ºC. The high quality of work is also justified by the support of Humidity Control technology with an anti-damp filter to keep food fresh. There is a V Lift door shelf that allows you to adjust the height of the element. Bonus — bottle holder.


  • wine shelf;
  • freshness zone;
  • good performance;
  • the door is adjustable in height.


  • it’s not the best known brand.

Samsung BRB266000WW

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20217

We are talking about a reliable built-in refrigerator with rigid frontal fixation and a capacity of 9 kg / day. Samsung BRB266000WW has a volume of 256 liters, including 72 liters for the freezer. This camera got 3 boxes and the maximum cold temperature can be -23 degrees. It should be noted the support for the vacation mode, the indication of doors and the possibility of overcoming them. Of the pluses, we note dynamic cooling and elegant lighting. The exposure time in the freezer is 14 hours, touch control, there is a freezing mode. In general, the product fully meets expectations, but there is also a more modern line in our rating.


  • appearance;
  • good leadership;
  • Maximum temperature;
  • number of sections and shelves;
  • useful ways.


  • at the top there is a more functional model.

Bosch KIR81AF20R

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20218

This is the sixth series of reliable Bosch built-in refrigerators with large chambers, the total volume of which reaches 321 liters. The KIR81AF20R series is designed for use in a large family. Noteworthy is the presence of advanced technologies, including the VitaFresh Plus freshness system, designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Inside you can find excellent LED lighting. In turn, FreshSense technology is responsible for the full climate control of all cameras and the free space of the equipment. Another useful option is SuperCooling, the essence of which is to quickly freeze new products and store already frozen ones (additional protection). For this, a thermal air damper is used. Particularly noteworthy is the EasyAccess system — special retractable shelves made of tempered glass, designed to provide the user with convenient loading of products.


  • Easy Access system;
  • useful volume;
  • compressor quality;
  • freshness zone;
  • good performance.


Samsung BRB267134WW/WT

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 20219

As already mentioned, our best built-in refrigerators are equipped with another flagship line from the South Korean brand — this is Samsung BRB267134WW / WT with Twin Cooling. This series has a relatively small capacity of 261 liters, but there are many useful functions and modes. In particular, the Fresh Zone technology has been implemented, which provides for a special drawer in which two temperature zones are simultaneously created. In this way, both fish and meat can be preserved without violating the commodity neighborhood. Another useful feature is CoolSelect Plus, which allows you to set the temperature for various ingredients with one touch of your hand. Also noteworthy is the Metal Cooling panel, which adds extra coolness to the rear panel.


  • build quality;
  • cold retention;
  • good door;
  • freshness zone;
  • own technologies.


  • small capacity.

Whirlpool SP40 801 EU

10 best built-in refrigerators - Rating 202110

The best built-in refrigerator in 2021 in terms of price / quality is the Whirlpool SP40 801 EU model, which attracts with a durable compressor and electronics. A truly reliable model has all the options you need for comfortable operation. It is also worth noting the useful volume of the freezer in 101 liters, which is enough for operation even in a large family. At the same time, the cold in this chamber remains for 26 hours, which is a very good indicator. There is overvoltage protection, excellent electronic control is provided. Among the useful modes, we note hypothermia, as well as maintaining the level of humidity depending on the products.


  • useful methods;
  • energy efficiency of the model;
  • build quality;
  • protection system;
  • durable refrigerator.


How to choose a good built-in refrigerator?

First of all, it is necessary to measure the niche in which the purchase will be placed, and, based on this, already choose the model by size, since the volume of the chambers also depends on the size. If you do not know how to choose a built-in refrigerator with a No Frost stand, you should pay attention to the location of the cameras. It is optimal that the freezer with support for this technology is at the bottom. Also, consider the following:

  1. Number of chambers — the most popular two-chamber refrigerators of this type, due to the optimal functionality and dimensions. If it is not possible to insert such a device, then you can pay attention to single-chamber analogues. For owners of large apartments and houses, three- and four-room side-by-side flagships are presented, the doors of which open in different directions;
  2. Climate class — today, almost all models sold by well-known online stores have a class that suits our conditions, so you don’t have to worry about it;
  3. Power consumption: see models with class A, A+, A++ and above. B and C consume a lot of power;
  4. The volume of rooms — in general, for 2-3 family members, the norm is from 200 to 250 liters (total volume), but sometimes it is necessary to purchase blocks of 250-300 liters. For 4-5 people, respectively, optimally from 300 to 350 liters;
  5. The number of tablets is the main structural element, the effectiveness of which depends on the functioning of the entire system. Usually 1 compressor is installed on two chambers, sometimes 2. For models with 3-4 chambers, 3 compressors are allowed. If you are looking for a model with the best value for money, you should limit yourself to the inverter type “motor;
  6. Temperature: Budget models rarely go above -12°C, while premium models are considered normal, down to -24°C and above from the «reference point».

What is the best built-in refrigerator to buy in 2022?

If you have not yet decided which one is better to buy a built-in refrigerator this year, we recommend that you pay attention to the video, which reveals in more detail the important parameters for buying a modern kitchen assistant. We, in turn, summarize our list. We remind you that it was compiled taking into account customer reviews and value for money. Maybe you have found some premium solutions on this list? If yes, look at the overall rating for a wider range of models. Like:

  1. The best built-in budget refrigerator — ATLANT XM 4307-000;
  2. A good budget model with Know Frost is Beko BCHA 2752 S;
  3. Excellent model for the price and quality — Samsung BRB267134WW / WT;
  4. The best built-in refrigerator with No Frost function is Whirlpool SP40 801 EU.


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