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The birth of a child is not only a great joy in the family, but also pleasant chores. For the baby, you need to purchase everything you need, including his first transport. At the same time, it is important that the stroller meets both the needs of the baby and the requirements of the parents. And on the one hand, and on the other hand put forward a lot of conditions. The Lithuanian manufacturer Tutis Zippy has been a leader in the stroller market for over 20 years. He creates and constantly updates a variety of models for newborns and older toddlers.

We have prepared a rating of the best Zippy strollers. The selection includes maneuverable, easy-to-handle and safe models with high-quality shock absorption, comfortable boxes and walking blocks. Such transport will easily overcome difficult sections of the road, while not causing discomfort to the passenger. When making a choice, we focused not only on the manufacturer’s data, but also on the reviews of real users.

Top 5 best strollers «Zippy»

5 Tutis Zippy To-To (2 in 1)

The Tutis Zippy To-To (2 in 1) universal model starts the ranking of the best Zippy strollers. This is the ideal transport for a child aged 0 to 3 years. The set consists of a chassis, a cradle and a walking block. The latter easily replace each other. The stroller will last a full cycle until the moment when the child grows up and the need for it disappears. Parents in the reviews note that the first transport is strong, reliable and maneuverable.

The carriage develops for storage (the mechanism «book»). As for the design, here the variety of proposals can only be envied. A wide range of colors, plus the opportunity to purchase a stroller with eco-leather trim. Light weight and maneuverability allow you to step up stairs and make your way through the most unfavorable sections of the road. Parents like excellent cushioning and ease of operation, with one hand you can easily turn the stroller around. Tutis Zippy To-To (2 in 1) is an excellent solution for walking with a child from birth.

4 Tutis Zippy Orbit (3 in 1)

The Tutis Zippy Orbit (3 in 1) model continues the rating of the best Zippy strollers. It is worth noting that it also has a more modest variation of 2 in 1, where there is no infant carrier in the kit, but in terms of other characteristics it completely coincides with the one presented. The product pleases with moderate weight, only 13.2 kg, high maneuverability and excellent shock absorption (two modes of suspension stiffness). Parents may not worry about the peace of the baby, it will not be disturbed even when driving on rocky paths.

Unlike other, no less beautiful strollers of the manufacturer, Orbit has a more powerful frame and a bumper with eco-leather lining. A convenient central foot brake is also added here. By the way, this model will appeal to lovers of contrasting colors. It successfully combines bright appearance and delicate design inside the box. Compared to other models, the stroller has a relatively low price. Users do not skimp on positive reviews about Tutis Zippy Orbit (3 in 1) and recommend it for purchase.

3 Tutis Zippy Classic 2015 (3 in 1)

This model has won the love of users since its inception. The classic shell-shaped cradle has a molded design, it is comfortable for the baby and convenient for the mother. If necessary, it can be removed from the chassis and used as a portable cradle. The inner lining is made exclusively of hypoallergenic materials. It’s mostly cotton here. The outer coating is treated with antimicrobial impregnation. The chassis has a decent height, which adds convenience to parents, they do not have to bend low to get the baby.

The leading characteristic of this model is wide inflatable wheels. They provide high cross-country ability on any roads. Along with good cushioning, the wheels guarantee a smooth ride even on difficult trails (sand, snow, rocks). However, they are also a disadvantage, inflatable tires often have to be pumped up. Another nuance is the impressive weight, the stroller has a mass of 15.3 kg. Despite this, the model has long and fairly firmly taken its place among the best Zippy strollers.

2 Inglesina Zippy Light

This is a representative of a more “adult” category in our ranking of the best Zippy strollers. Inglesina Zippy Light is designed for summer walks from 6 months. The model has a classic «cane» mechanism for this category. It folds quickly with one hand and is fairly light (6.9 kg). By tradition, the workmanship and materials of the highest quality, which is confirmed in their reviews by the parents. If necessary, the hood can completely cover the child.

In case the baby gets tired and wants to sleep, the backrest unfolds into a completely horizontal position. High level of safety — five-point belts. Cushioning is also on top, which is not typical for a walking stick. Of the minuses, parents note the low location of the shopping basket, it makes it difficult to overcome curbs. In addition, rapid wear of rubber on wheels was noticed, which is especially important for areas with poor sidewalks. Otherwise, this is the best option for walking in the warm season with an already grown child.

1 Tutis Zippy Mimi (3 in 1)

The Tutis Zippy Mimi (3 in 1) model occupies a leading position in our ranking of the best manufacturer’s strollers. Everything is perfect in it — extended equipment (a stroller, a coconut mattress, a cradle and a car seat), increased safety, a wide choice of colors in a pleasant combination. Parents in their reviews uncompromisingly consider this model an ideal solution, despite the considerable cost. The stroller is very light, its weight is only 13.2 kg. Differs in the increased maneuverability and passability, due to a special arrangement of wheels. Due to the small distance between them, the model “walks” up the stairs.

The flexible suspension guarantees a smooth ride in all conditions. Safety is ensured thanks to the five-point harness, bumper and jumper between the legs. Parents will also be pleased with a deep hood with a large ventilation window, an adjustable headrest, a reversible walking block, and many additional accessories. In this model, every detail is thought out and there is everything that a baby and mother need for comfortable walks.

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