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Whether it’s a presentation, a conference, an exhibition or a briefing — at any level of an event, an interactive whiteboard helps organize the visualization and exchange of visual material, thereby ensuring high efficiency and emphasizing the status of the meeting. Its use not only eliminates the need to set up equipment and adapt to the type of lighting for a long time, as is the case with a conventional projector, but also allows you to share files online, make and save comments, conduct polls and receive feedback, involving a maximum of participants in the process. At the same time, the device is absolutely mobile, does not require installation work and lengthy settings, and works with high performance. When choosing it, you should start from the tasks set and their compliance with the technical specifications, it also does not hurt to get acquainted with the rating of the best interactive whiteboards according to reviews and user reviews.

TOP 5 best interactive whiteboards

5 IQBoard DVT TN100

The 100″ interactive whiteboard is perfect for delivering effective lectures and business meetings with a whole new level of audience engagement. The increased diagonal of the working area (97″) and high resolution allow you to combine several groups and significantly save time. Four infrared cameras installed at the corners, with an accuracy of 0.05 mm and a response speed of 480 dots / s, read the coordinates of a marker or a finger. The touch surface recognizes simultaneously up to 10 touches that simulate drawing, moving, scaling and erasing objects.

To work with the panel, you need to connect to a computer, which also serves as a power source, with the IQBoard Software supplied in the kit. The program is multifunctional, but at the same time easy to learn. For a detailed study of its functionality, several Russian-language videos are presented on the site. The included USB cable allows you to mount your interactive whiteboard up to 8m away from your computer equipment, while a floor stand (available as an option) increases your freedom of movement.

4 ActivBoard Touch DryErase with projector and software

Another handy tool for working with a variety of materials is the interactive whiteboard from the world-famous manufacturer Promethean, which comes with an ultra-short throw projector and the versatile ActivInspire software. Its latest version allows you to organize joint online work, catalog your personal library of files, get professional advice, exchange experiences, and communicate in the Edcommunity educational community.

Other features of the software part are compatibility with common operating systems Win, Mac, Linux and the presence of two interface presets for adults and children. As for the hardware, the model is an interactive direct projection whiteboard that processes up to 10 simultaneous touches. The DryErase surface allows the use of dry erase markers when needed. Additionally, a wide range of additional equipment is offered to create a multimedia environment: an electronic pointer, a voting system, a document camera, an interactive table, etc.

3 SMART Board SB480

Powerful, reliable and affordable at the same time, the SB480 interactive whiteboard is designed for use in classrooms, where it should replace the traditional whiteboard or flip chart and media system. It is a 77″ wall mounted front projection screen that connects to a PC via standard USB. The Smart Notebook software is included, providing access to 60,000 ready-to-use lessons and 7,000 images and templates. There is also a digital ink pen for handwriting that can be edited and moved around.

A feature of the device is the use of proprietary DViT touch tracking technology, thanks to which absolutely any object can serve as a means of switching, for example, a pointer or the operator’s own finger. The interactive whiteboard supports dual writing and understands multi-touch gestures. Among the advantages, one should also mention the solid steel base of the core, which is resistant to damage and scratches. But there is no built-in projector in it, as well as an audio system, so for full operation they must be purchased separately.

2 Prestigio MultiBoard L-series

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboards, the Prestigio L-series multiboard is a completely independent device. The all-in-one PC combines a full-fledged computer with a projector and media system, and the touch screen is created using the best-of-its-kind IR technology for 20 simultaneous touches. Imagine a huge tablet with a diagonal of 43 to 98″, equipped with a high-performance Intel Core i5 / i7 processor, UHD screen and many ports for connecting additional equipment — this is the Prestigio MultiBoard L-series.

The presence of an aluminum body and glass tempered to 7 units of hardness on the Mohs scale indicates that the device can be safely used in public places, for example, as a terminal for automatic orders. Windows 10 Pro is used as the operating system, which, together with a set of pre-installed applications, makes the device the most versatile tool for school and business.

1 Triumph Board IFP UHD

The European manufacturer Triumph Board specializes in turnkey presentation solutions for educational, commercial and corporate environments. One of the company’s latest product lines is the UHD IFP series of professional interactive whiteboards with excellent picture and sound quality. At the beginning of 2019, they were presented at ISE, the world’s largest exhibition of audiovisual equipment. Visitors of the exhibition — both professionals and amateurs — noted very worthy characteristics at the best price of the device.

The system consists of a UHD flat panel screen with 32 touch IR LED optical technology. Accordingly, up to 32 people can use the device at the same time, which is undoubtedly the best indicator of its performance. Built-in Android allows you to control the device even without connecting it to a PC, it is also possible to optionally integrate an OPS PC computer with an Intel i3 processor.

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