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Polls show that home appliances from the Slovenian brand Gorenje enjoy the constant attention of consumers. Built-in hobs in the assortment of the manufacturer’s products appeared in the 80s of the last century. In the 90s, when the exported share of all products approached 90%, work was actively carried out to create new materials and technologies, and improve design. As a result, it was during this period that the production of glass-ceramic hobs began.

Today, the markets, including the Russian one, are supplied with modern multifunctional models of electric, including induction, gas, combined types. All cooking equipment is designed for different areas of the kitchen space, it is easy to install, manage, and long-term operation. Its signature look is developed in-house in collaboration with the world’s leading designers. Our rating includes the best, according to the reviews of Russian buyers, mainly budget representatives of the popular series of panels without an oven for cooking your favorite dishes.

The best Gorenje electric/induction hobs

2 Gorenje IS 655 USC

Gorenje IS 655 USC

This free standing hob is made of heat-resistant glass ceramic and is equipped with 4 induction hobs, one of which has an oval heating zone. Combining torches in XpandZone mode greatly increases the working area. This approach makes more rational use of electricity and contributes to accelerated cooking, regardless of the volume, shape of the container. The device has an increased power of 7.2 kW.

The control block is in the middle of the leading edge of the surface. It belongs to the touch slider type, does not require special knowledge and skills to use, so even a novice owner of equipment can handle it. Of the functionality, the PowerBoost, PowerBoost Supreme, heating, control panel blocking, residual heat indication options are of interest. You do not need to constantly be in the kitchen, checking the readiness of dishes. The sound signal of the timer will promptly notify you of the end of the pre-installed program.

With high performance and other useful characteristics of induction cooking models, you should know that their work is based on the principle of creating an electromagnetic field. Therefore, if you use a hearing aid, a pacemaker, etc., then it is not recommended to approach the included panel at a distance closer than 1.5 meters. For other owners, the minimum distance is 35-40 cm.

1 Gorenje ECT 644 BCSC

Gorenje ECT 644 BCSC

A reliable assistant in cooking and preserving its taste properties for a long time does not take up much space in the kitchen. With its dimensions of 60x52x9.2 cm, the installation area is only 56x49x6.2 cm. The non-staining classic black hob has a polished front, there is also a touch button control unit. The electric model is rated at 6.3kW with a standby power consumption of 0.5W.

The functionality of the 4-burner unit, despite its budget option, surpasses many analogues. There are innovative Hi Light type burners, two of which are more powerful double-circuit type. Thanks to the options of a short pause and an automatic timer with a preset time of up to 99 minutes, it is easy to control the cooking process. And activating the StayWarm mode will not allow them to cool down prematurely. The ability to block the control panel from accidentally turning on or resetting the settings is another important plus, especially if there are children in the house. The wear-resistant glass-ceramic surface of the product is also named among its advantages.

The best Gorenje gas hobs

2 Gorenje GKTG 6 SY2B

Gorenje GKTG 6 SY2B

Many owners of the model consider one of the main advantages of its non-marking colors in combination with a tempered glass case. Such a working surface can be easily washed with ordinary detergents, perfectly withstands high temperatures for a long time, and cracks do not appear on it. Plastic swivel handles located in front on the right side do not interfere with the movement of dishes on the burners and do not heat up. The kitchen device can be connected to natural gas and bottled gas, for which the corresponding nozzles are provided in the set.

Of the 4 available cooking zones, two are equipped with a touch timer that automatically switches off with a sound after a maximum of 99 minutes. However, this useful element periodically fails and causes criticism from some users. The owners attribute the presence of a gas wok burner, which is a three-circuit, to the asset. And this means that even dishes with a thick bottom on it warm up quickly enough. Of the advantages of the model, the functions of automatic electric ignition of the hob and gas control stand out, thanks to which there are no fears that a leak may occur if boiling liquid floods the burner.

1 Gorenje GW 65 CLB

Gorenje GW 65 CLB

The Slovenian manufacturer proposes to take a fresh look at the workspace of the hob and use it more practically. To do this, engineers arranged 4 burners in a diamond-shaped order. Now even large-sized dishes do not interfere with the neighboring ones while placing them at the same time. The cast iron grate also has a big plus and a slightly smaller minus. In the first case, its shape is convenient, since any containers can be easily moved without fear that they will slip and tip over. The downside is that the accessory is not a double-sided type, it is installed in only one position.

Of the usefulness in the reviews, the owners note the different diameters of the burners. One of them is for wok dishes, and a three-circuit variety. This allows you to speed up the cooking process and more evenly heat the contents of the dishes. Another positive point is that the hob can work with both pipe, centralized and bottled gas. To do this, the kit has special nozzles. The undoubted advantages include the functions of automatic electric ignition, gas control, that is, a protective shutdown when moisture enters the heated zone. Relative disadvantages are the enamelled surface of the panel, from which the paint will peel off, the difficulty of maintaining the matte hob and the brushed aluminum base of the gas burners, plastic switches.

The best combination hobs Gorenje

1 Gorenje KC621USC

Gorenje KC621USC

The combined type hob, presented by the Gorenie company, effectively combines the advantages of electric and gas models. Of the 4 burners of different diameters, 2 belong to the first variety, 2 to the second. Here, the proprietary approach to the use of any type of energy source is preserved, that is, in addition to electricity, you can connect both main gas and bottled gas. For this, the necessary nozzles are included in the package. Light weight (9 kg) is another advantage of the model, which is especially important when built into elegant kitchen furniture.

The material for the hob is durable glass-ceramic, which is distinguished by its elegant appearance, practicality, and good service life. Such a product of the Gorenie brand will ideally complement any interior in style. Among the functional, the options of automatic electric ignition, gas control, and residual heat indication are of particular interest. Moreover, in the latter case, the state of each burner is monitored. Among the shortcomings in the reviews is the lack of a restrictive metal frame around the perimeter of the panel, which prevents the liquid from spreading.

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