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In the era of the creation of mass communications, telephone communications became widespread. Literally over the course of a century, people have moved from ordinary wired phones to mobile devices that fit in your pocket. Nevertheless, fixed telephone lines are still actively used for communication, only the usual wired stations have been replaced by radio telephones. The convenience of such devices lies in the fact that in a certain area of ​​​​radio communication between the base and the handset, you can freely talk without having to constantly be in one place. Cordless telephones are often used in offices, various institutions and in ordinary apartments. In fact, this is the same mobile phone, only working from a telephone line and in a limited coverage area.

How to choose a radiotelephone for home — experts share:

  • Communication standards. DECT standard is suitable for home and office use, guarantees high quality communication without radio interference. The GAP standard says that the handset can be combined with the bases of other models. It has a good signal reception range. With such a radiotelephone, you will be able to move around different floors and offices of the office, while the device will automatically connect to the nearest bases, providing access to making and receiving calls.
  • Equipment. Currently, both kits (base + tube / tubes) and individual elements are presented on the market. You can purchase a handset in addition to the existing base, or another base if you see fit. Very convenient, according to users. The principle is simple — the smaller the room, the fewer bases and tubes you will need.
  • Range of action. The signal reception range of radiotelephones is universal — up to 100 m indoors, and up to 300 m in open areas. Manufacturers indicate the maximum value, while in fact most models offer from 15 to 50 m at best. Study reviews where buyers rate this criterion, this will save you from frustration.
  • Battery. Experts recommend purchasing cordless phones with replaceable batteries, as batteries tend to run out, but the device itself is ready to serve you for decades. Varieties of AA and AAA are the optimal solution. Models with branded batteries may be removed from sale, and it will be problematic to replace the element.
  • Manufacturer. The most popular brands that are considered leaders in this market segment are Panasonic (Panasonic) and Gigaset (Gigaset).
  • Options. Among the most requested by users are a capacious contact book, caller ID, a speaker for hands-free calling and the ability to talk in a conference call format. In the opinion of buyers, an answering machine, “night mode”, and transferring calls between handsets are also relevant. Parents love the Baby Call and Baby Monitor options.

We present you the rating of the best radiotelephones. When distributing nominations in the TOP, the following were taken into account:

  • characteristics of goods (complete set, set of options, etc.);
  • the ratio of functionality, build quality and cost;
  • user reviews;
  • recommendations of experts.

The best radiotelephones: handset package

3 Gigaset A220H

The Gigaset A220H closes the top three radio telephones for the home. This is the most budget representative in the ranking, but functionally it is not inferior to its competitors. Support for GAP and DECT standards ensures trouble-free connection to most stations. A distinctive feature of the model is the ECO-mode, which automatically determines the distance between the handset and the base and, depending on this, adjusts the power of the radio signal. This has a positive effect on the autonomy of work (in standby mode up to 200 hours).

As a nice addition, the device has an alarm clock function, and 10 different options are offered to the user as a ringtone. The built-in phonebook holds up to 80 entries, and the dialed number memory holds 10. The conference call function allows you to combine multiple handsets to talk on an internal and external line. All information about the call is displayed as a running line on a small display.

2 Panasonic KX-TGA855

The second place in the ranking of the best cordless phones for the home is occupied by the model of the popular Japanese manufacturer of equipment Panasonic KX-TGA855. This is the best device in terms of price and quality. The handset supports the generally accepted GAP and DECT standards, which allows it to work normally with almost all bases. A convenient hands-free function allows you to talk on the phone without picking up the handset, and the caller ID quickly determines the number from which the incoming call is made.

This model supports communication between several handsets, which allows you to conduct internal conversations on devices with a common base. The presence of a blacklist will help block unwanted calls automatically. The built-in phone book contains 350 numbers, and the last 5 are stored in memory. As the advantages of the handset, buyers highlight ease of use and a loud speaker. The main claims are made only to the build quality.

1 Panasonic KX-TGA681

The home handset from Panasonic is a category favourite. The radiotelephone supports both communication standards (DECT / GAP), providing interfacing with most stations and a good signal reception range. Users are attracted by the functionality of the device:

  • Illumination of buttons for comfortable operation in the dark;
  • Ability to add contacts to white and black lists;
  • «Radio baby» — an option that notifies parents of the awakening of the baby.

And also — 40 polyphonic melodies, among which there is definitely the most attractive one, a contact book for 120 numbers, an alarm clock, automatic switching to night mode. And even on this, the advantages of the model do not end there. The reviews write that the manufacturer has provided a keypad lock from accidental pressing. To receive a call, it is enough to remove the device from the base, and if the handset is separate, then press any of the buttons. Buyers appreciate this model for internal communication, as well as conference calls. By right, one of the best cordless phones for home!

The best cordless phones with a babysitter. Package contents: tube

3 Panasonic KX-PRSA10

One of Panasonic’s best home cordless phones for the bedroom. This is because there is a baby monitor function and a night mode. The first will allow you to remotely monitor whether the baby has woken up, the second will not worry that the phone will ring loudly at night or during the daytime sleep of the child.

There is a button illumination, a large selection of polyphonic melodies and caller ID. There is support for GAP, so this handset can be connected to any radiotelephone with the same standard. The phone book contains 300 numbers, the battery (2 AAA) can withstand 12 hours of conversation. The keyboard can be blocked from accidental pressing. This is the best option for those with small children. Bonus: this Panasonic is compatible with the KX-TGA20RU key fob finder, which makes it much easier to find a lost handset.

2 Gigaset C620H

A rather expensive handset from Gigaset, which is worth every ruble spent on it. All users who decided to purchase did not regret their decision. And here’s why: there is a color screen, a convenient handset shape, speed dialing of eight numbers, a call log for 20 numbers, there is a black and white list, a phone book with 250 entries, an alarm clock and a baby monitor.

In terms of conversation, the battery with a capacity of 1300 mAh will last 26 hours, and in standby mode — more than three weeks. The range is amazing — indoors it reaches 50 meters, and in the absence of obstacles like walls, it expands to 300 meters. There is an ECO mode, support for DECT / GAP. This is one of the most advanced radiotelephones, reliable and of high quality.

1 Gigaset C530H

An excellent option for an additional handset from the Gigaset for home use, which is suitable for the role of a babysitter. There is a speakerphone, color display, caller ID and support for polyphonic melodies. Good range — indoors it finishes within a radius of up to 50 meters, in open areas — up to 300 m.

There is an ECO-mode, which consists in changing the signal strength level depending on the distance between the handset and the base. If they are nearby, the radiation level is minimal. Support for DECT and GAP protects against eavesdropping, provides a high level of communication and allows this radiotelephone to work in conjunction with any other phone that also has the GAP standard. This is one of the best cordless phones with a babysitter function, night mode and good autonomy — the batteries can withstand 14 hours of talk time.

The best radiotelephones in the configuration base + one handset


The best cordless phone kit that runs on Android. Functionality at an affordable price is the motto of this model. Despite the lack of a touch screen, this device looks stylish and performs all its tasks 100%. Working with radio bands GAP and DECT allows you to use the device with other fixed bases.

A distinctive feature of the model is a high-quality answering machine. In addition to recording a conversation for 40 minutes, it has the ability to remote control. The Baby Monitor mode will allow you to control the situation in the room, even if you are not in it. The built-in phone book has a volume of 500 entries — an absolute record in the class. The advantages of the device in the reviews of buyers include a successful design and excellent functionality. The main disadvantages are the lack of Bluetooth and auto redial.

4 Panasonic KX-TG6821

A home radiotelephone with a base and a handset from Panasonic is a rating nominee that is in great demand. A distinctive characteristic from most competitors in this price category is the built-in digital answering machine for recording messages, as well as the ability to remotely control the answering machine from another phone.

  • AON/Caller ID call log for 50 numbers. Upon returning from vacation, you will be able to find out who called you during the absence.
  • Built-in contact book for 120 numbers.
  • 15 hours of talk time and 170 hours of standby time.

The model also offers handset intercom, blacklisting and whitelisting, speakerphone and conference calls. For parents, the Baby Monitor function will be relevant, which, if there are two tubes, will let you know when the baby woke up. The device is not deprived of such common options as an alarm clock, night mode, blocking the radiotelephone from accidental pressing, etc. This model offers a good signal reception range so that you are always in touch and do not miss a single call. Formally, these are standard up to 100 m inside and up to 300 m outside. Although the same parameters are indicated in other models, in reality it is this radiotelephone for the home, which is confirmed by the reviews, it catches at a given distance without interference and failures.

3 Panasonic KX-TG2511

In third place in the ranking of the best sets of radio telephones (handset + base) is the popular model Panasonic KX-TG2511. This is the best option in terms of price, quality and functionality, as evidenced by the high demand for this device. The device operates in the standard 1880-1900 MHz band and connects to the base using the GAP and DECT radio standards, making the handset suitable for most fixed bases.

A small monochrome display displays information in 2 lines, and Caller ID / Caller ID will independently determine the number of the incoming call. 2 AAA Ni-MH batteries with a capacity of 550 mAh provide the handset with an autonomy of about 170 hours. Charging is done from a stationary base. Users attribute good ergonomics and low cost to the strengths of the model in reviews. As disadvantages, a low volume level and a meager set of options are distinguished.

2 Gigaset SL450

The base and handset set for home from Gigaset, according to reviews, is one of the best for home use. This radiotelephone model is especially appreciated by families with children:

  • «Radio baby monitor» for room monitoring. One of the tubes remains in the nursery, the other — with the parents. When the baby wakes up and cries, the phone of the parents will receive a call. After answering the call, you will hear what is happening in the child’s room.
  • «Baby Call» is a feature that allows children to call their parents by pressing any button. The most simple and accessible.

The model also offers an eco-mode to save electricity consumption, backlit keys, the ability to organize a conference call, intercom support and a speakerphone. A big plus is the built-in contact book for 500 numbers. The last 20 calls are also stored in the memory of the home device. Like a smartphone, the radiotelephone can be set to vibrate. There is a headset jack, Bluetooth, an alarm clock. Attention deserves a good signal reception range and handset operating time — up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time.

1 Panasonic KX-TG1611

Excellent inexpensive, but high-quality radiotelephone complete with base. Panasonic offers a variety of colors. The display is monochrome, but with backlight. The indoor range is one of the largest — 50 meters. The battery is two units of AAA format and can withstand 15 hours of talk time without recharging.

There are 12 ringtones to choose from, a call log for 50 numbers and a memory of dialed numbers — up to 10 pieces. If you want to supplement it with another handset some time after purchasing this cordless telephone, look for KX-TGA161 — these are compatible models. This is one of the best budget cordless phones for the home with good range and quality communication. Numerous positive reviews confirm this — the owners are satisfied.

The best cordless phones in the configuration base + two handsets

4 Panasonic KX-TG2512

One of the best radiotelephone kits, consisting of a base and two handsets. The model boasts a good range (up to 300 meters in open areas and up to 50 meters at home) and convenient control. This is ideal as a home phone — you can leave one receiver in the bedroom, and another in the hallway. The display is monochrome, but with backlight.

The handset battery without base will last 17 hours of talk time or 170 hours of standby time. There is a conference call between the handsets and the base. In the reviews, users say that they use this model even in offices, and they are satisfied with everything. The sound is clear, the interlocutors do not complain about audibility either. Disadvantages: no backlighting of the buttons and a meager selection of ringtones. But all this is offset by the best price in this category, the presence of an ECO-mode and a caller ID.

3 Gigaset C530A Duo

The Gigaset C530A Duo model closes the top three cordless phones for the home with a handset + base package. Branded German quality is the main thing that buyers note in their reviews. The device operates in the range from 1880-1900 MHz, which ensures maximum communication quality. The wall mount option will help you save space and install the base in any convenient place.

The station can simultaneously work with 6 handsets — in addition to 2, 4 more can be connected in the kit. At the same time, internal communication will be maintained between them, which is especially convenient for large offices. A distinctive feature of the radiotelephone is a notebook for 450 numbers, which is the best indicator in the class. The keypad lock will prevent involuntary keystrokes.

2 Panasonic KX-TG8562

The second place in the ranking of the best cordless phones (handset + base) is Panasonic KX-TG8562. Despite the highest cost, you can pay a little more for this kit because of the unique features. Blocking calls in automatic mode will save you from unwanted calls, and auto redial will help you get through to a «busy» subscriber.

As a nice bonus, the device has a built-in alarm clock, and to answer a call, just pick up the handset from the base. In the event of a power failure, an emergency power supply unit is provided on the base, which will not allow the phone to turn off. Built-in 800 mAh Ni-MH batteries provide up to 250 hours of battery life in standby mode.

1 Panasonic KX-TG6822

The leader in the rating of radiotelephone sets is the base + two handset model of the well-known Japanese manufacturer Panasonic KX-TG6822. At the lowest cost in the TOP-3, this set has all the necessary functions for normal operation. Communication between the components is carried out by means of a radio signal of the GAP and DECT standards, which allows you to connect additional handsets to the network (the stationary base serves up to 6 communication devices).

Internal communication between handsets is convenient when there is a need to negotiate within the same network. The voice caller ID function will automatically dictate the incoming number when calling. The phone book allows you to store up to 120 entries. In numerous reviews, buyers talk about ease of use and a good battery as the advantages of the model. Weaknesses — easily soiled surfaces and poor-quality display.

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