15 Best Concrete Mixers


Probably, there is not a single owner of a house or cottage who has not had to use concrete mix in the process of landscaping his estate. Moreover, this popular material cannot be dispensed with in construction and other types of work.

Our review presents several types of concrete mixers, both professional and amateur levels. All of them have the best parameters in their categories, and were selected based on the technical characteristics declared by the manufacturer, as well as the opinions expressed by professional builders. When compiling the rating, reviews of owners who purchased certain models for home or summer cottages and have invaluable experience in their operation in real conditions were also taken into account.

The best 180 liter gravity type concrete mixers


The main driving element of this concrete mixer is a reliable asynchronous motor equipped with protection against dust and moisture, which plays an important role in the durability of the equipment in construction site conditions. A cast-iron crown is located along the perimeter of the drum, which gives additional rigidity to the pear body and reliability of torque transmission. The average cost allows you to purchase this unit for the home. The output of the finished solution is about 115 liters, and the time spent on its preparation takes no more than 5 minutes.

The owners positively evaluate such objective advantages of ELITECH 180 H as a disk lever for tilting the drum with fixation in different positions, two wheels for moving the concrete mixer and an interchangeable design of the blades. The reviews also positively evaluate the serviced design of the hub support bearing, which significantly increases the operational life of the unit.


VORTEX BM-180 is a compact and lightweight model, which is often purchased for local construction work. A powerful (800 W) electric motor provides a rotation speed of up to 29.5 rpm, which allows you to get high-quality cement mortar in the shortest possible time. The crown is made of durable cast iron, due to which the service life of the concrete mixer, without replacing components, is noticeably increased.

The voltage required to power the machine is 220 V, which makes it possible to use the Whirlwind concrete mixer under normal household conditions. The weight of the model is only 62 kg, and thanks to two convenient wheels, it can be transported by one person. Loading and unloading of the mixture is carried out manually by rotating the wheel. The diameter of the drum opening is 375 mm, which is convenient when you need to quickly pour out the solution.


This device can be used not only for the preparation of concrete solutions, but also for mixing feed mixtures and fertilizers. The drive is securely enclosed in a protective cover to prevent any damage. Due to the total drum volume of 180 liters, it is allowed to prepare up to 130 liters of the mixture, which is the best indicator among all TOP-3 models.

Loading opening with a diameter of 375 mm, due to which the operation of pouring concrete takes a few minutes. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to deflect the drum in both directions at almost any angle, and if necessary, it can be locked in a certain position. Operation of the concrete mixer Foreman is possible at temperatures from +5 to +35 °С.

1 Workmaster BS-180R

The Chinese concrete mixer may cause conflicting feelings among users, but its affordable price plays an important role in the popularity of this model in the domestic market. Workmaster BS-180R is purchased both for home and for professional activities in construction. Its use, as a rule, is associated with a small amount of concrete work, when ordering a ready-mix machine is impractical.

The concrete mixer has a cast-iron wreath and is quite reliable in operation. The reviews left by many owners speak of its reliability and practicality. Users also point to the quite sufficient power of the electric motor (900 W) — it is quite enough to turn the drum with a full load as intensively as an empty one. In addition, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for 12 months, which is quite acceptable for this equipment. Convenient tilting with the help of a wheel with fixation in various positions allows you to dose the output of the finished solution. The unit weighs only 54 kg and thanks to a pair of wheels at the base, even one person can easily handle it.

The best gravity-type concrete mixers for 200 liters

4 Sibrtech BSL-200

The domestic manufacturer produces an excellent concrete mixer capable of preparing high-quality mortars and concrete for construction. The company took into account the opinions and feedback of the owners using products in this category, in order to present on the market a unit that has not only excellent operating parameters, but also ease of use. Sibtech BSL-200 is distinguished by an ergonomic mobile frame (traditionally wheels on one side of the support) and an asynchronous motor capable of long and unpretentious service.

Owners like this concrete mixer for its good quality and reliability. The thick metal of the cast-iron wreath will serve for a long time, despite intensive use. The loading drum also attracts attention — its bottom is also made of thicker steel compared to the upper conical part with a loading neck. The finished volume of the mixture is 110 liters at the outlet, which allows the unit to be effectively used in the professional activities of builders. Considering not the most expensive cost, some owners purchase Sibrtech BSL-200 for personal use at home or in the country. Excellent performance, mobility and reliability of the equipment make this model one of the most popular on the market.

3 Storm! CM20200

Due to the increased upper part of the drum, the working volume of the finished mixture can reach 140 liters. At the same time, the overall design is made soundly and fully corresponds to the loaded mass (up to 200 kg). In many ways, the additional rigidity of the drum is determined by the increased thickness of the lower part of the pear. The cast iron crown also makes the structure more rigid, but at the same time it also determines the durability of the concrete mixer, since the wear of cast iron teeth can last more than 10 years even with intensive use of the unit. The German company prudently made the design of the thrust bearing assembly collapsible — it is easy to maintain, and in case of complete wear it will not be difficult to replace.

The owners were quite happy with this foresight — especially those who use a concrete mixer for construction on a professional basis. In their reviews, they pay attention to the high-quality protection of the motor from dust and moisture, as well as from overheating and power surges. The reinforced frame, which makes the concrete mixer practical and stable, also deserves high marks. Wheel supports on one side make the concrete mixer mobile — despite almost 70 kg of weight, 1 person can easily handle it.

2 Parma b 201e

Parma b 201e is a domestic model designed for mixing concrete mortars and any paint mixtures. The high-strength cast iron crown is highly wear-resistant and provides a long service life without replacement. Convenient push-button control will allow you to set the optimal mixing speed, and thanks to the operating voltage of 220 V and connection with a plug, the operation of the unit is possible without the use of a transformer.

With a total drum volume of 200 liters, 115 liters of ready-made solution are obtained, which is a worthy indicator for a model of this class. The «empty» concrete mixer weighs only 70 kg, and with two small wheels it is easy to transport around the construction site. If necessary, the drum can be fixed at a certain angle with one movement of the foot.

1 Denzel b 200

The powerful and productive concrete mixer Denzel b 200 occupies a leading position in the ranking of the best gravity models with a drum capacity of 200 liters. A distinctive feature of the device is the presence of a special copper winding, thanks to which, even with a low voltage in the network, the installation will operate in nominal mode. A convenient pedal for fixing the position of the drum will allow you to set the tank with the mixture in the desired position.

Built-in overload protection will prevent the mixer from failing due to jamming or overheating. The increased width of the drive pulleys will prevent the belt from slipping off during rotation. The device is connected to a network with a voltage of 220 V, thanks to which it can be operated at home. The Denzel concrete mixer weighs 77 kg, which greatly facilitates its transportation.

The best forced-type concrete mixers (mortar mixers)

3 Zitrek Mix 60

An excellent unit for professional builders, it allows you to quickly prepare the required volume of plaster mixture or concrete mortar for screeding on small objects. The concrete mixer tank has a volume of only 56 liters, however, due to the presence of a tight lid, exactly the same amount of mixture can be prepared in it. The tank is located on a convenient frame with small wheels, which makes it easy to move the device around the facility.

In the reviews of users using this equipment for construction, there are only positive ratings. The unit is compact, easily fits into the doorways of an ordinary apartment (the width of the concrete mixer is only 60 cm) and has the best performance. The solution is prepared quickly enough due to a decent rotation speed — 55 rpm. The price of Zitrek Mix 60 is optimal for small construction companies, but for individual developers it is not advisable to purchase this equipment.


CAIMAN SPIN15A continuous mortar mixer. This means that with a tank of 60 liters. able to prepare a solution at a rate of 15-18 liters. per minute. Leveling floors, laying bricks, mixing clean mortars for the subsequent laying of thermal insulation sheets or tiles, becomes possible with the help of this single unit. At times increases the productivity of plastering when using the function of simultaneous mixing of the solution and plaster sprayer.

The electric motor is powered by a 230V network and consumes 1.4 kW / h.

The undoubted advantages of the design are the IMER direct gearbox for optimizing the operation of the engine and the stepper height adjuster (950, 1095, and 1165 mm).

A grate is installed in the hopper for convenient unpacking of bags with building mixtures. The standard equipment includes a water pump and a 10 m hose.

1 Lebedyan RN-200

Productive concrete mixer Lebedyan RN-200 is the best forced-type model. The device with an electric motor with a power of 1.5 kW is able to mix solutions and mixtures with a fraction size of up to 5 cm — even small pebbles will not be a problem. The rotation speed of the screw is 102 rpm, which allows you to get the finished solution in less than 2 minutes. The blades are made of high-strength rubber, which significantly extends their service life.

Due to the special design, the repetition of a new working cycle is possible immediately after the completion of the previous one, which is especially important when using the device for professional purposes. The installation is powered from an industrial network with a voltage of 400 V, while Lebedyan is quite economical. The concrete mixer is controlled using buttons located on the engine cover.

The best concrete mixers for summer cottages

4 Zitrek Z120

The Zitrek Z120 electric concrete mixer, which is based on the gravitational principle of operation, is perfect for the construction of small objects, and its quite affordable price makes it the best choice for the home. Thanks to the powerful 500W motor, this model has a high performance. A mixing drum with a volume of 120 liters allows you to get 60 liters of ready-mixed concrete at the outlet.

Drainage of the ready solution prepared in this concrete mixer is carried out manually by means of a rotary wheel. This, in turn, implies better stability of the unit, which is provided by a reinforced frame with stiffening ribs provided. The mobility of the Zitrek Z120 concrete mixer is provided by convenient transport wheels located on the side supports. The drive made of high-strength cast iron provides this tool with a long service life.

3 Wester BTM70A

When it is necessary to mix various mortars and mixtures in small volumes, the Wester BTM70A compact electric concrete mixer will be the best and most reliable assistant. Despite the maximum tank capacity of 70 liters, the presented model will be quite enough for the home. Consuming only 250 W, the asynchronous motor of this concrete mixer ensures efficient operation at a speed of 28 rpm.

The robust tank, made of 1.5 mm thick metal, provides the unit with better resistance to damage. Despite the decent weight of the Wester BTM70A concrete mixer, it is very mobile, thanks to a convenient handle and wheels, it can be easily transported to the construction site. Moreover, the weight of the unit is the smallest in our rating — only 26 kg. The process of tilting the concrete mixer is controlled mechanically, using a comfortable rubberized handle. The service life, despite the crown made of corrugated metal, is very long.

2 Kraton «BeeTone» 70

The gravitational concrete mixer Kraton «BeeTone» 70 is intended for preparation of concrete solution which is used for construction and repair work. The compact size and light weight of the model allow it to be used not only outdoors, but also indoors. Despite the lowest power consumption of 220W, this concrete mixer shows good performance. Making 26 rpm, Kraton BeeTone 70 guarantees the output of 46 liters of the finished mixture in 3-6 minutes after loading the building materials into the drum.

The engine of the concrete mixer Kraton «BeeTone» 70 is protected from ingress of foreign objects by a plastic case, which provides forced ventilation. Also in this equipment, the protection of electrical connectors from moisture ingress is thought out. For convenient overturning of the concrete mixer Kraton «BeeTone» 70, it has a comfortable handle with a rubberized grip. Made of durable cast iron, the crown has an increased service life, and the most affordable price makes this model an ideal choice for the home.

1 RedVerg RD-CM120L

The manufacturer RedVerg presents the RD-CM120L concrete mixer model on the construction equipment market, the main purpose of which is the production of mortar and plaster mixture. Due to the high power of the motor (550 W) and a capacious drum of 120 liters, the presented concrete mixer is able to show the highest performance, and its use will be appropriate not only for home or summer cottages, but also for small production.

A distinctive feature of the RedVerg RD-CM120L is mobility and ease of management. For unloading of concrete in it the rotary wheel is provided. The design of the mixer provides fast and high-quality mixing, which results in a homogeneous solution. The electric motor of the RedVerg RD-CM120L concrete mixer has the best technical characteristics and is equipped with reliable protection against overheating.

5 Tips When Buying a Concrete Mixer

For the first time faced with the need to purchase this construction equipment, an ignorant buyer is lost from the abundance of the range of domestic and foreign manufacturers. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems.

  • Concrete mixers are electrical and mechanical. The first ones save your efforts and time, and the second ones save you money.
  • When buying, you need to consider the power and size of the tank. The higher they are, the faster and more mixture will be cooked. This is important, because if the entire solution is not used immediately, it will harden right in the concrete mixer, which will stop the entire construction site.
  • No need to literally take the information from the passport of the device about its performance. The tank is always loaded no more than 2/3. Therefore, with its declared volume of 150 liters, it will cook about 100 liters. finished product.
  • If the concrete mixer is not purchased for one-time use, then preference should be given to samples with a steel wall thickness above 1 mm.
  • If possible, check the purchase in the store: it needs to be assembled and connected to the network. This will avoid problems with marriage.
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