10 best ointments for hemorrhoids


When solving delicate health problems, you want the drug chosen to eliminate them to act immediately. When it comes to hemorrhoids, it is worth adding that you want to speed up the effect by two or even three times. Unfortunately, this disease affects men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Of course, sedentary work can be one of the key reasons for the formation of hemorrhoids. Then various ointments come to the rescue in the fight against an unpleasant disease. It is this drug that should be chosen from a variety of remedies for the disease. It has the highest concentration of nutrients that will soften cracks and promote healing.

Choosing the best ointment for hemorrhoids without the help of a specialist is quite difficult. Nevertheless, we have developed a rating of the 10 most popular products for the treatment of the disease. The top was compiled based on the feedback of people who have undergone a delicate problem. Be sure to consult with a specialist before buying this or that remedy.

TOP 10 best ointments for hemorrhoids

10 Ichthyol ointment

Ichthyol ointment

An effective medicine obtained from resins has a wide spectrum of action. The use of such a remedy for a specific disease will help to immediately get rid of three symptoms — pain, inflammation and burning. However, it is noted that this drug is ideally used only for first aid and the initial stage of hemorrhoids. In severe cases, the product will simply be a waste of money. The formula perfectly relieves pain and helps with the first manifestations of the disease, but then the doctor must prescribe a more serious drug.

Proctologists recommend applying a non-specialized pain reliever to areas where special bumps and nodes are felt. It can be applied with bandages and tampons, while the product is advised to be diluted with glycerin for a milder effect on the mucous membrane. Application is possible for both women and men.

9 Heparin ointment

Heparin ointment

One of the positions of the rating is the well-known composition, which was probably in everyone’s first aid kit. Heparin in the composition reduces all inflammatory processes at the site of application. The remedy is famous for its analgesic effect. The drug is recommended to combat various diseases of the skin and veins, including external hemorrhoids. It is worth refusing to use it in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the product. Budget ointment will help the patient forget about his illness after a few applications. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave an unpleasant film.

According to the reviews, this product appealed to many users. First of all, because of its price. One of the downsides can be the volume — the tube is quite small. However, the speed of treatment and the cost will help to forget about such a minor drawback. It can be applied with tampons soaked in the medicine.

8 Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky

Liniment balsamic according to Vishnevsky

The cheapest domestic product, which appeared in the early twentieth century, has been used for almost a hundred years to treat burns, deep skin wounds with suppuration and ulcers. It is also suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids. A simple composition of tar and castor oil will have a beneficial effect on inflammatory zones. The product remarkably tightens wounds and reduces inflammation. Xeroform in the formula has a drying and disinfecting effect. The drug relieves swelling and has an analgesic effect, which is so important for a patient with hemorrhoids.

In Russia, the treatment of an intimate ailment with the help of this product is common. Users speak positively about the best combination of low price and high quality in it. A significant disadvantage will be the strong smell of tar, probably familiar to everyone from childhood. Many patients jokingly remark that even all microbes die from it.

7 Hepatrombin G

Hepatrombin G

When buying a medicine, you need to pay attention to the letter «G» in the name. This means that the drug is suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids. In its absence, the use of an ointment can only harm the patient and in no way get rid of the disease, but only worsen the symptoms. Heparin is the main active component of the sample. In the most positive way, it affects the stimulation of blood circulation, is quickly absorbed and absorbed into the blood, and also tends to accumulate. This means that the treatment of a delicate problem will be quick and easy, almost from the first application.

A fairly high price makes buyers who leave reviews on the Internet turn to the budget analogue of an expensive remedy — heparin ointment. Nevertheless, in the composition of a particular remedy, among other things, there is also prednisolone, which helps to reduce pain.

6 Proctosedyl


Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effective French drug. Due to its composition, it perfectly thins the blood and helps its rapid circulation, which is important in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Hydrocortisone in the base helps to quickly heal wounds, relieve the patient of edema, stop pain and inflammation. In addition to it, heparin is present in the structure. In synthesis with esculoside, it helps in accelerating blood circulation and helps to eliminate possible thrombosis. The composition also includes an antibiotic — framecitin sulfate. Therefore, you need to be careful when using the ointment and try not to combine it with other medicines.

The tool has a fairly wide range of contraindications. Its use is prohibited for fungal diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for high sensitivity to the components. In these cases, the use of Proctosedil can only do harm. The rest of the patients, according to the reviews, the medicine was excellent.

5 Fleming’s Ointment

Fleming’s ointment

A popular domestic product with a wide range of activities. In addition to hemorrhoids, it will help get rid of rhinitis and dermatitis. Thanks to its formula, the homeopathic remedy helps to relieve pain in a delicate disease. Itching and bleeding are also incredibly quickly eliminated upon application. Inflammation after the course of using the sample decreases and gradually disappears. The ointment contributes to the normalization of the walls of blood vessels and blood circulation. The natural composition contains calendula, known for its anti-inflammatory effect, esculus, witch hazel, menthol and zinc oxide.

Patients respond positively to the action of this homeopathic ointment. Many are mainly attracted by the natural composition of the product. Convenient application from 1 to 3 times a day can be adjusted to your rhythm of life. Suitable for both women and men.

4 Aurobin


An ideal remedy for the treatment of advanced hemorrhoids. If the patient did not start treatment in the early stages of the development of the disease, then usually the doctor prescribes this very expensive drug for him. Ointment is considered by people with the third stage of the disease. However, it may come up when the first symptoms of the disease appear, however, it will not be as effective, but rather even unnecessary. The product is used to treat external hemorrhoids. Panthenol in the composition will contribute to the rapid healing of mucosal cracks, and lidocaine will relieve pain. For the exact dosage and number of daily applications, the manufacturer recommends consulting a proctologist.

Reviews after using the drug are mostly positive. If the patient did not fit the drug, then this is solely due to individual intolerance to the components. In some cases, it is expressed in the appearance of even more cracks. Therefore, you can not independently «prescribe» Aurobin ointment for yourself.

3 Relief Advance

Relief Advance

An ideal remedy for relieving the patient of disturbing sensations. In addition to analgesic properties, it also contains hemostatic components. First of all, it is a vasoconstrictor phenylephrine. There are two versions of this medicine. The first can only be used to treat external hemorrhoids. Advance is suitable for two types at once. Works as a decongestant, which eliminates other discomforts, including itching and possible dryness. Shark liver oil in the composition will help in the treatment of a delicate problem.

Users notice that the ointment saves even patients with chronic external hemorrhoids. A rather expensive remedy, however, quickly pays off, as it helps to deal with the disease in just 5 days. Allergic reactions to the drug are rare, but overdoses are quite real. Therefore, patients in the reviews are recommended to consult with a proctologist.

2 Posterisan Forte

Posterisan Forte

Rectal application of an expensive German medicine is prescribed by a doctor for patients with chronic hemorrhoids and severe itching. However, Posterisan can also help with “flashes” and have a beneficial effect on the affected area. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, and also helps to strengthen local immunity. Quickly heals wounds and cracks on the infected mucous membrane. Hydrocorizone in the composition helps to reduce the itching that bothers the patient and quickly cure the problem. The composition should be applied to the affected area twice a day.

The drug, according to reviews, is well tolerated, but it is difficult to find a dose of the drug that really works in this or that case on your own. That is why users are advised to seek help from a specialist. The drug is ideal for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women and men.

1 Proctosan


One of the most famous remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids also made it to the top. The consistency of the product is quite liquid, more like a cream. This means that Proctosan is quickly absorbed and begins to act from the first minutes of application. The drug can be used to treat both external and internal ailments. In the latter case, the manufacturer advises using a tampon soaked in medicine. The ointment quickly begins to act, so its independent use after 10 days of dressing is pointless and even dangerous. If the disease does not subside, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Reviews confirm the effectiveness of the best inexpensive remedy for hemorrhoids. The product is well tolerated even by allergy sufferers, despite the likelihood of hives and other skin diseases.

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