10 best motorcycles for beginners


We’ve all been newbies at some point. Each of us passed on the rights and for the first time sat behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter what — a car or a motorcycle. And it should be understood that the status of a beginner in this case has nothing to do with age. Many people come to bikes at a fairly adult age, and there are special motorcycles specifically for them.

No, they are not specific bikes for beginners, but riding them without enough experience is much easier and easier. When choosing a bike for a beginner, you should pay attention to several parameters:

  • Engine power. It shouldn’t be too big.
  • Availability of additional electronics. Various auxiliary sensors greatly facilitate the learning process.
  • Easy maintenance and repair. Any technique sooner or later has to be repaired, and in the hands of a beginner this need arises more often, and it is desirable that the motorcycle be easily and cheaply restored in the event of a breakdown.

And of course, safety. This parameter reflects all the points listed above, and many bikes do not fit this definition initially. But we have selected for you the top 10 models that meet all the criteria. The rating includes both city motorcycles and bikes for travel and even sports, but first things first.

The best city bikes for beginners

4 Kawasaki KLR650

The division into urban and non-urban tales is a convention. In some cases, the motorcycle easily copes with trips through city traffic jams, and with overcoming off-road. Before us is just such a bike, the main feature of which is the maximum landing height and increased ground clearance. The motorcycle is perfect for people with large growth who will not feel uncomfortable. A high ground clearance allows you to overcome even the most serious obstacles.

Simply put, if you are looking for a bike without a specific destination, and you plan to dilute your trips around the city with travel, then this is the best model that you can find. In addition, a 23 liter gas tank is installed here, which allows you to carry out fairly long journeys without the need to refuel. Again, do not forget about belonging to the brand. It is famous for the quality of all manufactured equipment, and in this case, the price will also please.

3 Suzuki V-Strom 650

Many motorcycles, especially sports ones, force the rider to be in an uncomfortable position while riding. This is due to many factors and over time you get used to it. But beginners often have a hard time, and then this bike is especially for them. Here is a very comfortable fit, not forcing you to be in a reclining position. The height to the saddle is 83 centimeters, which is optimal for comfortable driving.

It should also be noted the presence of an injector and water cooling. If you plan to drive mainly in the city, then this aspect will become extremely important for you. Overheating of the engine under constant load and lack of high speed is becoming the norm, but the water-cooled engine easily copes even with long traffic jams. There is also ABS, which is simply vital in motorcycles for beginners. This system greatly facilitates driving and makes trips more comfortable.

2 Kawasaki Vulcan S

A popular brand from Japan is trying to reach as large an audience as possible. Including beginners. This technique is for them. At least, this is how users and testers characterize it. The bike is as obedient as possible. It pulls away even at the lowest revs, which will create additional comfort when traveling around the city.

But the main feature is the presence of a mass of electronic components. Yes, today you will not surprise anyone with an anti-slip system and rear-view cameras, but experienced bikers in most cases try to refuse these options. They replace them with their own experience. But it’s all here, and it works great. Experts also note a simple and inexpensive bike repair. There are a lot of official spare parts and consumables on the market, so you do not have to dig through the entire Internet in search of the right part. In addition, this is an inexpensive bike, at least by the standards of the Cruiser, namely, this model belongs to this class of equipment.

1 Harley-Davidson Street 750

At the mention of this brand, many have an association with the harsh American bikers plowing the deserts and prairies. And few people know that Harley, in addition to classic choppers, produces bikes for beginners, although they do not openly call them that.

We have just such a technique. Why is this a bike for beginners? First, there is increased ground clearance. Something for which the brand’s equipment is often scolded, since the slightest bump or obstacle becomes a problem for the equipment. Here you can not worry about the safety of the bottom of the motorcycle. Secondly, the weight has been significantly reduced. Harleys are famous for their love of bulky and heavy machines, which only a person with experience can drive. Here, no skills are needed. The steering wheel turns easily, and the equipment unquestioningly obeys the driver. And finally, the price. American bikes are always expensive, and in our country, Harley is an indicator of status. But before us is quite a budget and inexpensive option. Of course, by the standards of Harley-Davidson.

The best motocross bikes for beginners

3 Kayo T2 250

An engine capacity of 250 cubic meters is considered optimal for motocross. Yes, more powerful bikes participate in professional competitions, but for beginners this is quite enough. With this size and power of the engine, you can easily handle the controls and even be able to perform some tricks, such as jumps and sharp turns. At the same time, security is maintained, which is very important at the initial stage.

This brand comes from China, and is a vivid example of the fact that decent equipment is also produced in the Celestial Empire at the most attractive prices. This bike has been repeatedly tested and there are a lot of reports on its performance on the network. It is worth noting that the reviews are mostly positive. The motorcycle lacks stars from the sky, but it is quite worthy to become a sports equipment for a beginner. Simply put, this is the best bike for the money. Equipment with similar characteristics, but from famous brands is much more expensive.

2 Kawasaki KX85-I

Japanese manufacturers are famous primarily for the high quality and reliability of their equipment. Buying a bike of almost any Japanese brand, you can be sure that it will last for many years, and therefore its cost is completely leveled.

As for this model, the price here is the main, and probably the only drawback. But there are more advantages. Firstly, it is an ideal technique for beginners in motorsport. The motorcycle is light, and the engine power is such that even a person who has sat behind the wheel for the first time can handle it. Yes, it is not suitable for participation in professional competitions. There is simply not enough power, but with its help you can easily master all the basics of this sport, and you will be able to independently understand when the moment comes to change the technique to a more powerful and professional one. It should also be said about the availability of spare parts and consumables. They are relatively inexpensive and most importantly affordable, so the price of the bike no longer seems so high.


Often, a certain sport seems attractive to us only from the couch. And as soon as you decide to participate in it yourself, you find a lot of shortcomings. And it’s one thing when it comes to a sport that does not require significant funding, but motocross is not one of those. You should not buy an expensive sports bike if you are not completely confident in your abilities, in which case we present the best bike, at the most attractive price.

This is a popular and inexpensive Chinese brand, the main advantage of which is its low price. Yes, this is the best price on the modern market, and at the same time, you should not think that the equipment is of poor quality or does not work. The motorcycle performs well in field trials, and gives excellent results. Of course, in accordance with its class. A novice athlete will feel as comfortable as possible on it, and will be able to appreciate this complex, but spectacular and interesting sport. Later, when experience and understanding of what you need will appear, you can buy a more powerful option, but at the initial stage this bike will be enough.

The best touring bikes for beginners

3 BMW F800GT

If you are looking for an inexpensive bike for travel, then you may not even read this section. The German concern has never been loyal in its pricing policy, and in this case, as in most others, the price is the main, and perhaps the only drawback. Before us is by far the best bike for traveling and for driving around the city. It has everything you need, and most importantly — the presence of a huge amount of auxiliary electronics.

It is thanks to the presence of additional options that this motorcycle got into our rating, as it is ideal for beginners, even despite the heavy weight and powerful engine. Smart electronics independently regulate the speed and torque of the engine, and also works with the suspension and brakes. Behind the wheel of such a bike, both a beginner and a professional will feel comfortable. Unless, of course, they do not spare money for the purchase and further maintenance of this equipment.

2 CF-Moto 650 TK

Another brand from China, not particularly well-known outside of China. And it’s completely in vain, since we have one of the best touring motorcycles, and it’s also inexpensive. It is worth noting that this brand is engaged in providing motorcycles to the Chinese government, and also produces motorcycles for law enforcement agencies.

It is supplied to the foreign market in several lines, in particular in the tourist segment. This is a relatively small bike, with a minimum engine power, which in 2014 set a record, having traveled 34 thousand kilometers. Agree, a very good indicator, especially given the relatively low cost. The comfort conditions are also at their best here, which is not surprising, given the similarity with one of BMW’s touring motorcycles. Chinese engineers did not copy technology from Germany, but simply adopted all the most interesting from it, creating a truly best touring motorcycle with high technical and quality characteristics.

1 Honda NT700V Deauville

A touring motorcycle should have the most comfortable fit and a large capacity of luggage compartments. Honda took into account all these requirements, and released a relatively powerful bike designed for both travel and city driving. The main advantage here is the driveline. To many beginners this won’t mean anything, but experienced riders know that bikes with gimbals last much longer and require much less maintenance than their chainsaw counterparts.

As for the shortcomings, and they can be found even with the best and most popular brand, here it is quite a lot of weight. 255 kilograms is considered a very large indicator, and even powerful sports bikes weigh less. But he perfectly obeys the driver and even the greenest beginner will not have problems with control. And a relatively small landing height, only 80 centimeters, will allow you to lean your feet on the ground if necessary.

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