10 Best Electric Boilers in 2022


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How to choose and buy the best electric boiler for your home. We have selected for you the 10 best electric boilers in 2022. The rating of the best electric boilers price — quality is based on the opinion of experts and user reviews.

10 best boilers for electric heating - Rating 2021

The popularity of electric heating equipment is growing rapidly, which is justified not only by improving the quality of the equipment, but also by safety, ease of connection and cost-effectiveness (depending on the user’s region of residence). We decided to analyze the relevant equipment market and evaluate the best electric boilers of 2022 from those offered in popular catalogs.

Perhaps, let’s start with the fact that there are products on sale with a connection to a 220 V and 380 V network, but only those boilers whose power does not exceed 1200 W are connected to both networks. The most powerful devices must be connected to a 380 V network, respectively.

The best wall-mounted electric heating boilers

Such models, as practice shows, are most popular in houses and cottages, which can be explained by the possibility of saving free space and installing appliances in the style of a kitchen set. True, you need to understand that the wall must be strong, because the equipment costs decently. Many well-known brands specially equip wall-mounted boilers with special fittings for connecting to good boilers, but all this implies additional costs — the more components and parts, the more expensive the equipment will be.

Electromash EVPM-6

10 best electric heating boilers - Rating 20211

The list of the best electric boilers is opened by the wall-mounted model Elektromash EVPM-6 for an open heating system with a pressure of not more than 0.15 MPa. This equipment is recommended for operation in a three-phase network with an indicator of up to 380 V or in a single-phase network with a parameter of 220 V. All products of this manufacturer are made strictly in accordance with GOST, this line especially complies with the 15150-69 standard. Thus, it is possible to operate the equipment indoors at an ambient temperature of +1 ° C to +35 ° C. That is, we are talking about equipment with a fairly wide range of applications. At the same time, the rated power of the equipment is 6000 W, three levels of power control are implemented. The weight of the boiler is about 10 kilograms.


  • good heating element;
  • volume;
  • famous brand;
  • affordable price;
  • easy installation.


  • ball safety.

ZOTA Balance 9

10 best electric heating boilers - Rating 20212

If you do not know which inexpensive electric boiler to choose for heating a small house, we suggest you pay attention to ZOTA Balance 9 with reliable heating elements that are used in top ZOTA solutions. In addition, the equipment specified by the manufacturer is always easy to install. Among the features of this line of boilers, I would like to highlight the excellent thermal insulation of the body, support for good maintenance, three power control modes and very quiet operation of the motor unit. The last advantage is related to the operation of special electromagnetic relays. Water heating temperature can be carried out in a wide range up to 90 degrees. Working pressure, according to the brand, is 6 atmospheres.


  • Maximum temperature;
  • good pressure;
  • reliable heating element;
  • elegant insulation.


  • not a perfect education.

EVAN Next 3

10 best electric heating boilers - Rating 20213

If you are looking for a quality electric boiler for 30 sq.m, you should probably evaluate the EVAN Next 3 line with reliable protection and power in the region of 3000 watts. For the production of these products, the company’s engineers use stainless steel heating elements, due to the long service life of the boilers. The smoothness of water adjustment in the range from 27 to 85 degrees is also pleasant, which is considered a good indicator. The manufacturer also paid attention to overheating protection, which includes a self-resetting alarm sensor. This technology can be used as an accessory for forced water circulation systems.


  • volume;
  • it is possible to connect a circulation pump;
  • low price;
  • Maximum temperature;
  • stainless resistors.


  • low power.

Teplodom iTRM-6 SILVER

TOP 10 electric heating boilers - Rating 20214

The former leader in our rating of wall heating electric boilers is Teplodom iTRM-6 SILVER with a capacity of 6000 W. The equipment of the proven brand complies with GOST 13268-88 and can be connected to 220 and 380 V networks. Among the advantages of the boiler, we note microprocessor control, excellent sound / LED indication, soft start and power modulation. Among other things, I liked the rotation of the heating element, good lighting and preheating of the product. There is an input for the thermostat, as well as automation, as it were, dependent on weather conditions. In addition, many users have chosen this solution because of the possibility of connecting solar panels. There is no doubt about the reliability of the invention thanks to the experience of the brand, which has been satisfying its target audience with responsibility and reliability for more than 30 years.


  • reliable manufacturer;
  • many inputs;
  • microprocessor control;
  • regular start.


Protherm Skat RAY 12 KE /14

TOP 10 electric heating boilers - Rating 20215

The best electric heating boiler of 2021 in terms of price and quality is a fairly powerful model from the Protherm Skat RAY 12 KE series with a capacity of 12000 watts. We are talking about the updated Scat series, which has an improved appearance and an extended control panel. The manufacturer took care of the presence of an integrated eBUS, thanks to which it became possible to use premium class thermostats: from Vaillant eRELAX to Protherm Exacontrol 7. The mid-range line (in terms of performance) is equipped with bright digital control and a wide range of applications for various types of rooms with a maximum area of ​​up to 96 square meters. Well-known brand engineers took care of protecting the boiler from overheating.


  • protection system;
  • digital control;
  • integrated eBUS;
  • good power;
  • build quality.


The best electric boilers for the home

These models are installed on a solid non-combustible base. Unlike wall-mounted solutions, expansion tanks are rarely used, as are additional equipment. For obvious reasons, the technique is more expensive, but requires additional space.

Galan OCHAG-3

TOP 10 electric heating boilers - Rating 20216

The evaluation of electric boilers is completed by the Galan CHAG-3 model with good efficiency for rooms up to 120 square meters. Another feature is a 30% savings against the background of similar similar heating elements. The secret is not so much in the brand’s technologies, but in the principle of heating due to the active movement of molecules. In this case, the load on the boiler is not completely carried out instantly, but increases. It is also important to note the level of reliability of the equipment and convenient automation of the equipment. The kit includes a passport and the device itself, which can explain the relatively low cost of the invention.


  • profitability;
  • linear efficiency;
  • good structure;
  • reliable brand.


  • equipment.

Alvin EVP-4.5

10 best electric heating boilers - Rating 20217

Another relatively inexpensive, but good electric boiler for the home, the linear pressure of which is 3 atm. The affordable price is due to the use of cheap polymer paint, but it does not cause any particular complaints. It provides relatively good corrosion resistance and resistance to minor mechanical damage. The good news is good protection of equipment from overheating. The kit includes a plug and socket for non-domestic use. Regarding the last nuance, it is better to first consult with the distributor of the product. Among the features of the boiler, I would like to highlight the support of a capillary thermostat, which very accurately controls the temperature thanks to a special remote sensor. The product is manufactured in accordance with GOST 15150.


  • good pressure;
  • accurate temperature control;
  • well-known manufacturer
  • affordable price.


  • economic coverage.


10 best electric heating boilers - Rating 20218

For a small one, a high-quality electric boiler from the EVAN EPO 6 series may be a suitable option, in the body of which the boiler and the control panel itself are not combined. This allows the manufacturer to offer the buying audience a more affordable price. It is worth noting the simple temperature control in the range up to 85 degrees thanks to a uniformly adjustable high-quality thermostat. An external thermostat can be used to remotely control the operation of the equipment. A good level of reliability is due to the fact that the thermostat turns off the equipment when the temperature reaches 92 degrees, which is rare given customer reviews. Heating elements are made of high-strength stainless steel.


  • overheat protection;
  • affordable price;
  • quality of heating elements;
  • gSM air conditioner.


  • budget planning.

Galan GEYSER 15

10 best electric heating boilers - Rating 20219

This is the current flagship, with enough power to serve small villas up to 203 square meters with ceiling heights up to 2.7 meters. At the same time, the powerful electric boiler of the Galan GEYSER 15 series has protection against electric shock and moisture according to the IPx3 standard (enough to withstand splashes). For a month (during the heating season) it is consumed in the region of 20,000 W, which indicates the purpose of the equipment. The control unit has a three-channel digital thermostat equipped with two sensors, as well as a separate channel for pump control. The kit includes a passport, tips on connecting and operating automation, which is a nice bonus.


  • high power;
  • a good education;
  • excellent management;
  • protection system.



10 best electric boilers - rating 202110

The best electric boiler for summer cottages in 2021, in our opinion, is the floor model EVAN EPO 18. This model is included in the Standard-Economy line, which means good value for money. The long service life of the equipment can be explained by the use of durable stainless steel heating elements. At the same time, the manufacturer offers actual savings of 20% against the background of the Standard class. This is due to the use of a simpler design while maintaining the technical parameters. The temperature is regulated by a durable thermostat that allows you to set it from 30 to 85 degrees. If necessary, you can install an external thermostat to control the air temperature in the house. Safety is guaranteed by automatic shutdown when the declared heating range is exceeded.


  • good protection;
  • simplified design;
  • Lower price;
  • good efficiency;
  • the price of money.


How to choose the right electric boiler for your home?

As you may have guessed, we have broken down our list of products by installation type. If you do not know how to choose an electric boiler for heating a summer house or a house, you should also pay attention to the heating method, types of performance adjustment and other technical characteristics:

  1. The heating method is induction, there are solutions of heating elements and electrodes, but the first and last types are extremely rare. When buying the latter, it is also necessary to pay due attention to communication with the manufacturer or consultant, since there are a number of restrictions under which the operation of such equipment is undesirable;
  2. Type of power control: can be smooth and gradual. In some devices, a separate heating element even works successfully. If you want to adjust the temperature according to your electricity consumption, step control is your choice. It also allows you to completely disable certain ranges. If you are interested in maximum accuracy and smoothness, then the adjustment should be appropriate;
  3. Power — boilers up to 20,000 W are used in houses, and for industrial complexes or large cottages it is worth moving towards 50-60 kW and above;
  4. Manufacturer: It so happened that our market was mainly focused on companies close to foreign using step regulators, and this allows many users to save a significant amount of money. American and Korean brands are more likely to use continuous control and more expensive components that rarely compete and are not in demand.
  5. A complete kit is the best option when you get all the necessary components out of the box to quickly set up your equipment. Please note that purchasing low cost equipment, which then involves purchasing additional units, may not be profitable in the long run.

Which electric boiler is better to buy in 2022?

Finally, I want to note that such equipment is in relatively low demand and you can find several items on sale, but each brand in our rating has many product lines. If you do not know which electric boiler to buy for heating a house or a summer residence, then you should pay due attention to the price / quality ratio. Taking into account the financial capabilities and interests of various customer groups, we have identified leaders in several price categories:

  1. An economical electric boiler for a small house — Electromash EVPM-6;
  2. Model of the middle class for different needs — Teplodom iTRM-6 SILVER;
  3. The best electric boiler for a summer residence is EVAN EPO 18;
  4. Reliable wall model — Protherm Skat RAY 12 KE.


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