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Action cameras from Sony differ in many ways from competitors: GoPro, Garmin and the like. Sony products are several times cheaper than similar models from the American brand — this is firstly. Also Sony action cameras stand out:

  • design and ergonomics. As users assure in reviews and reviews, the Sony form factor is more convenient than the faceless GoPro bricks. Sony sits well in the hand, looks more beautiful in the frame, pleases with its compactness;
  • the number of buttons. Sony action cameras are endowed, as a rule, with five buttons for control, and analogues are content with a couple of keys;
  • the presence of optical stabilization (in some models, stabilization is electronic). Competitors either do not have a stabilization system at all, or use electronic;
  • autonomy. Sony action cameras are endowed with more powerful batteries than their neighbors in the price range of other brands.

But not all Sony action cameras are created equal. We have compiled a ranking of the best action cameras from the legendary Japanese brand. The models from our review deserve your attention.

Top 5 Best Sony Action Cameras

5 Sony HDR-AS50

Sony HDR-AS50

The best camera for beginners. On sale there are modifications complete with a remote control. The remote control is attached with a hand strap and makes it easy to control the action camera and follow what is happening in the frame. This action camera from Sony is surprisingly light and compact – only 58 grams and 83 mm long.

There is an electronic stabilizer — it works fine, but the picture quality suffers during its operation. The footage comes out slightly blurry. The reviews say that if you turn off the stub, the video will come out sharp and clear. Included is an aquabox for shooting underwater. This «Sony» creates high-quality photos. In the reviews, the owners share that they have discovered another way to use an action camera — as a DVR. For this role, there is everything you need — a large capture angle, good recording quality and an overwrite function.

4 Sony FDR-X3000R

Sony FDR-X3000R

Model with 4K support, with aquabox and functional remote control included. The FDR-X3000R does not interrupt recording when a power bank is connected, has an input for an external microphone, is endowed with splash protection and boasts a good ISO — in low light conditions, the frames are not as noisy as in other models.

The camera itself does not have a display, but the external remote control does, which is conveniently attached to the hand with a strap. A small functional device allows you to remotely control the Sony action camera and observe what is happening in the frame. The main drawbacks named by users in the reviews are not the sharpest shots, an unreliable strap for the remote control and poor sound quality when recording voice with built-in microphones.

3 Sony HDR-AS300

Sony HDR-AS300

The camera shoots in Full HD resolution, has an optical stabilization system and has a battery life of 2.55 hours. In comparison, even more expensive models from GoPro and other competitors only last about two hours of filming without an outlet. What’s even nicer is that if you run out of battery life and you can’t stop filming, just plug in your portable battery and keep working — the video won’t stop. One caveat — the action camera in this case is powered directly from the connected power bank, but does not charge itself.

In the reviews, the owners do not get enough of the stabilization system — thanks to it, the model nominates for the title of the best camera in this price range. There is splash protection, a microphone jack, but there is no display.

2 Sony FDR-X1000VR

Sony FDR-X1000VR

4K camera from Sony with a wide-angle lens. A matrix with a resolution of 12.80 megapixels and a solid electronic stabilizer are the reasons for the pride of users of this model. And then there is wind noise reduction, a clearer background in the frame (compared to competitors), GPS (records the shooting route), moisture and dust resistance (could cope with splashes and dust in moderation), NFC (for easy pairing with smartphones).

In the reviews, people share their operating experience: initially, the action camera was bought only for vacation, but soon its versatility was discovered — it works as a baby monitor, video recorder, drone camera, and even a toy for children.

1 Sony FDR-X3000

Sony FDR-X3000

An action camera that owns 4K and boasts an optical stabilizer with the best performance. «Stub» does an excellent job of smoothing the picture, while maintaining the sharpness and clarity of objects. In the reviews, experienced users praise the video quality, the simplicity of the menu, the ability to shoot with a power bank connected to the camera. The set includes an aquabox — a waterproof case for shooting underwater.

In the reviews, tech bloggers scold the model for the lack of a display and for the meager delivery package — the manufacturer did not put a cap for the lens. 8.2 megapixel matrix, 3x digital zoom, f/2.8 aperture, external microphone jack, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC for quick pairing of the device with a smartphone — it’s all there.

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