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Sho-Me has been producing DVRs for more than 10 years and during this time has managed to gain popularity among buyers who like the quality and affordable cost of devices. The range is quite wide and can satisfy even the most demanding customer — a distinctive feature of all devices is high-quality optics and the ability to record with Full HD resolution.

The review allows you to get acquainted with the best models of this brand, including representatives of hybrid devices. The ranking position was determined based on the practical experience of the owners, as well as the confirmed characteristics of the registrars.

TOP 5 Best Sho-Me DVRs

5 SHO-ME Combo Slim Signature

The popularity of Chinese-made DVRs is partly due to the large presence of hybrid models in the assortment, against which the SHO-ME Combo Slim Signature stands out. Despite a fairly powerful processor and video recording in SUPER HD format (2304X1296), the frame rate is 30 per second (the Ambarella A12 chip can easily «pull» twice as much). This restriction was made deliberately, because the processor simultaneously provides the functioning of the radar detector.

Signature analysis reduces false positives to a minimum. Confidently detects Strelka, Avtodoria complexes, Multiradar, LISD and others radars. The hybrid also uses a constantly updated database of stationary installations to detect violations, warning the owner in advance when approaching control points. It should be especially noted that this model supports microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB, but if the chip speed class is below 10, then the owner will experience incorrectness (constant freezes and other glitches) in the device. By the way, this feature provoked the presence of negative reviews. If not for its price, which many owners consider quite high, this DVR could well take the best place in the ranking.

4 SHO-ME FHD-450

Miniature recorder SHO-ME FHD-450 perfectly copes with its functions, and, if necessary, will act as an assistant in clarifying contentious issues. The wide-angle lens allows you to conduct the most informative shooting across the entire width of the roadway with the capture of the right side of the road.

Despite the compactness of the device, the recording is carried out in traditionally high resolution. Files saved to the memory card when the shock sensor is triggered will be reliably protected from being overwritten by the lock function. DVR SHO-ME FHD-450 is easy to install, easy to use and settings. A miniature screen (1.5 inches) allows you not only to monitor the operation of the device, but also quickly view the footage.

3 SHO-ME Combo Drive Signature GPS/GLONASS

In addition to the DVR function, this device also acts as a radar detector. Provides early warning of approaching most existing speed measurement systems, Combo Drive Signature GPS/GLONASS keeps you out of trouble. Signature analysis of ambient emissions significantly reduces the number of false positives, thereby providing a more relaxed movement in the city. The database of location of stationary cameras, speedometers, traffic police posts is regularly updated automatically. Additionally, it is possible to independently add coordinates with comments.

In addition to these features, users have appreciated the other features of the SHO-ME Combo Drive Signature. For greater convenience, the following additional functions were provided:

  • Adjusting screen and sound settings;
  • Switching the scanning range city / highway;
  • Voice notification in case of detection of radiation or approaching the labels;
  • Possibility of manual selection of scanning ranges.

The shooting produced by this DVR will not disappoint its owners — it will always be of high quality thanks to a camera with Full HD resolution. The device monitor, although it has modest parameters (diagonal 2.5 inches), is distinguished by greater contrast, which ensures a comfortable perception of information by the owner, even with a weakened vision.

2 SHO-ME FHD-650

This model compares favorably with others by the presence of two recording channels and an additional portable camera for capturing what is happening behind the car or in the cabin. The most optimal place for its installation is the rear window. The package includes a cable, the length of which is enough for concealed wiring. The quality of the resulting picture is such that even the smallest details, if necessary, can be seen in the footage — the camera resolution is 1920×1080 pixels.

In their reviews, users note the high image quality, which does not depend on the time of day, the absence of interference and the reliable design of the device. You can view and process video on a computer monitor (a USB cable is available for connection), or directly on the screen of a video recorder, which has an optimal diagonal size of 4 inches. All information stored on this device is constantly overwritten. The only exceptions are those frames on which some kind of emergency situation is captured. Thanks to the G-sensor and software, important information is duplicated in a separate directory, where it is completely protected from destruction.

1 SHO-ME Combo #3 iCatch

Despite the fact that this DVR is a symbiosis with a radar detector, the quality of both functions allows us to classify the Sho-Me Combo No. 3 iCatch as a premium device. Recording is carried out in Full HD quality (resolution 1920×1080). A good viewing angle of 140 ° and night shooting, the clarity of which is amazing — these are the recorder’s strong points. A memory card for recording should be installed with a speed class of 10. This will ensure reliable fixation of the video and prevent freezes, as well as possible loss of data.

As for the second component of the device, the integrated radar is equipped with a GPS tracker, with the help of which the positions of stationary high-speed traps, cameras, traffic police posts, etc. are correctly reflected. The detector is able to detect such laser speedometers as Amata and LISD, Robot, Strelka and others. In the reviews of the owners, there is a minimum of false positives from the sensors of the surrounding cars (city mode). Based on these qualities, the Combo No. 3 iCatch DVR with a radar detector is considered the best among hybrids, which allowed the model to take the position of the leader of our rating.

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