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To obtain a solid monolithic concrete base, it is necessary to remove air in a timely manner during the pouring of the mixture, compacting and leveling the building composition. A deep vibrator is able to cope with this complex work. The principle of operation of this device is quite simple. The motor drives a flexible shaft, which is enclosed in an elastic shell. At the end of the shaft there is a vibrating tip made of steel, it transmits vibrations from the shaft to the concrete. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an internal vibrator.

  • According to the type of drive, electric and gasoline models are distinguished. Electrical appliances look smaller, lighter and more affordable. Gasoline units are distinguished by autonomy and power. Battery models combine mobility, lightness and environmental friendliness.
  • The magnitude of the power of the vibrator depends on the tasks facing the device. Low-power devices (up to 2 kW) are suitable for private construction, they are light and inexpensive. In the professional field, units with an engine power of up to 4 kW are used. They are able to work with concrete for a long time.

Top 5 best internal vibrators

5 Makita DVR450Z

Makita DVR450Z

A convenient and mobile device is the Makita DVR450Z deep vibrator. A well-known Japanese manufacturer has equipped its product with a battery, which allows you to work away from the mains. A power source with a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 3 Ah provides the necessary duration of work when pouring screeds or ceilings. The model is equipped with a compact flexible shaft (1.2 m) with a vibrating tip with a diameter of 25 mm. Thanks to its low weight (3.7 kg), compaction of concrete with the device looks like an easy task. Due to the high level of vibration, it is possible to effectively remove air bubbles from the mixture.

Experts consider the Japanese vibrator to be the best cordless model. However, several nuances should be taken into account. First of all, the device is sold without battery and charger. The capacity of one battery is enough for several hours of work with concrete. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a spare battery with a full charge.

4 Storm! CV7120

Storm! CV7120

The Sturm deep vibrator has the best combination of affordable price and high quality workmanship! CV7120. This portable unit is made in China, the main purpose is the compaction of concrete mixtures in the construction of monolithic structures with and without reinforcement. The device is equipped with a flexible shaft 4 m long, and a vibrotip with a diameter of 38 mm will have to be purchased additionally. Spare carbon brushes are also included. The power of the power unit, which operates from a single-phase power supply, is 2 kW.

Among the builders’ comments, one can find the statement that the Chinese deep vibrator is the best option for private housing construction. It has enough power and the best price. When working on large objects, there is a rapid heating of the motor, which is why you have to take long breaks. In addition, it is difficult to find a spare flexible shaft with a vibrating tip.

3 Champion CVG424

Champion CVG424

A gasoline vibrator gives builders complete autonomy in work when pouring concrete. The Chinese model Champion CVG424 has an affordable price and good quality. The compact device weighing 23.6 kg is sold without a flexible shaft and a vibrating tip, which should be considered when choosing. Experts pay attention to the solid steel frame on which the gasoline engine is based. It protects the device from damage during transport and when working on a construction site. The power of the 4-stroke power unit reaches 5.5 liters. With. The deep unit adequately copes with the compaction of concrete. By varying the length of the flexible shaft (4 and 6 m) and the thickness of the tip (from 28 to 70 mm), it is possible to solve the most complex problems.

Users are satisfied with the performance of the internal vibrator, both with unreinforced and reinforced concrete. The petrol engine starts easily and runs quite quietly. The disadvantages include the incomplete configuration of the device.

2 Wacker Neuson M 2500

Wacker Neuson M 2500

The German manufacturer has focused on the safety and durability of the internal vibrator. The Wacker Neuson M 2500 is equipped with a double insulated motor. For the manufacture of the body of the electric motor, impact-resistant plastic is used. Therefore, all internal components and parts are reliably protected from moisture, concrete and mechanical damage. The use of a rubber composition made it possible to make a flexible cable not only elastic, but also durable. The device operates from a single-phase network, its power is 1.8 kW. The combination of a 5 meter power cable and a 9 meter flexible shaft greatly expands the machine’s capabilities on the construction site.

Professional builders in the reviews indicate not only the safety and durability of the vibrator, but also the lightness (5.9 kg). The only downside is the high price. In addition, many models are supplied to the distribution network without a flexible nozzle.

1 Red Lighthouse EPK-1300

Red Mayak EPK-1300

The Russian development Krasny Mayak EPK-1300 is very popular among domestic builders. The Yaroslavl plant has been producing reliable equipment for a long time, which has received the approval of professionals. A single-phase electrical network is required for the efficient operation of a deep-seated device; during high-frequency vibration, power consumption does not exceed 1.3 kW. The device for concrete is delivered disassembled, the user needs to connect the electrical part with the flexible shaft and the vibrating tip. The manufacturer draws attention to the left-hand thread on both sides of the flexible shaft. It is inconvenient to carry the vibrator in the assembled state, its weight is 26.9 kg.

Builders consider the domestic device to be the best in terms of simplicity and unpretentiousness. It has been successfully used for compacting reinforced concrete, as well as for compacting the mixture in the corners of the formwork.

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