Top 10 Water Ionizers


An ionizer is a small device designed to disinfect water from pathogenic bacteria, saturating it with ions and minerals. The device may look like a vessel with a rod and a filter inside, or like a nozzle on a regular faucet. The popularity of these devices is not surprising, because the water in most homes is not sterile or healthy. When it enters a special container, salts, metals and harmful particles remain on the filters. Users say that with regular use, well-being improves.

The ionizer market is filled with models of Russian, Chinese and Korean production worth up to hundreds of thousands of rubles. We figured out which devices are worthy of attention and identified the 10 best ones. Ease of use, positive reviews, high-quality filters and durability played in favor of the devices.

Top 10 Best Water Ionizers

10 Tech-380

Opens the rating of the best Tech-380 — the most affordable ionizer in the company’s line, which differs from the luxury options in the absence of a display. Comes with a multifunctional faucet attachment. It takes a few minutes to connect, the instruction with pictures will not let you make a mistake. The filter is designed for 6,000 liters of water. Harmful substances are attracted to the positive electrode, and useful microelements are supplied with liquid through a tap. The manufacturer additionally sells a smaller alternative nozzle for smaller kitchens.

If there is no desire to install something on the main crane, you can buy a switch for 1,200 rubles. It is suitable for those who already have filters. As a result, water will be discharged to a separate faucet. The flow rate varies between 2-3 liters per minute, one filter costs 2 thousand. However, users complain not about the cartridges, but about the quality of the faucet and nozzle. They are not protected from splashes, drops of water scatter around the kitchen. Acid liquids reach 6.5 pH, cheaper competitors have better results.

9 IVA-2 Silver

IVA-2 Silver is capable of producing several types of water in a couple of minutes. The ionizer has a digital timer that allows you to control the exposure time. The device must be turned off independently, it notifies you of the end of work with a sound signal and flashing. You can simultaneously prepare living and dead water, it is enough to separate the bowl with a membrane. The kit comes with 5 filters, then you need to buy them on the site. A nice bonus is a lifetime free replacement of components in the service center, and the standard warranty is valid for a year. The company talks about proprietary technology Aquatension System, which provides better absorption of the liquid.

Buyers warn that over time the bowl turns yellow. Maybe hard water from the tap is to blame. But there are positive reports of improved health, many recommend rinsing your teeth with dead water. However, not everyone needs several types of liquids at the same time, and partitions quickly burst. I am glad that the device has been serving for many years, since the rod is made of high-quality silver. The price is reasonable, especially when compared to competitors.


AkvaLIFE SPA AQUA is one of the most popular ionizers. It has over 300 modes that give different properties to the water. A bowl of 3.5 liters is enough even for a large family. Removable filters need to be changed every six months with regular use. The manufacturer claims that the resulting liquid gives energy, revitalizes the metabolism. Dead water can lower blood pressure and calm the nerves. Silver liquid destroys viruses and bacteria. The device has a very simple interface and a voice assistant. The manufacturer promises a service life of up to 12 years, gives a guarantee for 36 months.

Buyers in the reviews talk about normalized digestion, recommending this device for the home. However, many complain about filters that fail in a couple of months. They burst in the middle, as if they are drying out. This is most likely due to the hardness of the water. The company offers to take the device for a test for a month, then it can be returned. It is convenient that the ionizer turns off automatically and emits a sound signal. However, the cost is greatly inflated, and not everyone needs 3.5 liters. After 24 hours, the water loses its properties; you can’t stock it for the future. Employees of the firm react negatively to negative reviews, leaving annoyed comments.

7 Keosan Actimo KS-9610

Keosan Actimo KS-9610 has become one of the best due to the simultaneous saturation of water with oxygen and minerals. The manufacturer assures that the molecules take on a special shape and are quickly absorbed by the body. With regular use, metabolism accelerates, sleep becomes calmer. The device magnetizes water in a few minutes. The filter looks like a cube with grooves and holes through which fluid passes. The capacity of the ionizer is 1.5 liters, the company says about an unlimited service life. However, the filter will end in a year, and the replacement will cost 4,000 rubles. Judging by the site, the price is due to high-quality unique materials.

Users note that the resulting water cannot be called ionized or mineralized, it combines several qualities. Some say that the properties of the liquid are dozens of times greater than the usual one. The device looks like a spaceship with lights. During operation, it makes a lot of noise and vibrates, it can fall off the table. The display is not the most informative. Several test runs must be made before first use. Cartridges are not found in ordinary stores, only on the manufacturer’s website. From bad water, they deteriorate much faster.

6 RAWMID Dream flask

We considered RAWMID Dream flask one of the most worthy — a small ionizer that is convenient to take with you. According to the manufacturer, a jar of tourmaline enhances the positive effect of water on the body. The device weighs only 700 grams, the reservoir capacity is 400 ml. Buyers in the reviews note the high-quality stainless steel from which the case is made. It doesn’t scratch, it doesn’t rub off. There are 2 design options: simple and with eco-leather. The set includes a mineral filter consisting of calcite, shungite and other natural minerals. One cartridge should be enough for 12,000 liters. The lid closes easily and prevents spills. It is possible to purchase a special bag.

Users tested the effect of the ionizer, saying that the pH level rises to 8.5. Water becomes pleasant to the taste, but there are manufacturers with better performance. But in just 20 minutes, the liquid is ready for use. She can water flowers, cook food. Water retains properties throughout the day. However, filters deteriorate much faster than stated. You can’t find them for sale, only on the official website.

5 Fuji nano glass

In the middle of the rating is the Fuji nano-glass, which is convenient to take with you to work or study. It produces living low molecular weight water. The device is divided into several containers enriched with semi-precious minerals. Preparation takes less than 10 minutes, the output is 430 ml of liquid. The main material is stainless steel coated with titanium anhydride. The glass enriches the liquid with ions, which contribute to the absorption of nutrients. The undoubted advantage is the absence of cartridges; with proper use, the device will last up to 20 years. The manufacturer claims that water removes toxins, slows down the aging process. The glass has a one year warranty.

Beautiful packaging and appearance immediately catches the eye. Steel shines, looks expensive. The kit comes with instructions for use and options for using the liquid. The pH level reaches 9.8 in a few minutes — faster and higher than the competition. The lid is easy to screw on and fits tightly, the contents cannot be spilled. However, the reviews show that there are many fakes on the market. A month later, a drawing comes off such glasses, there is no need to talk about useful properties. There are only positive comments on the official website, groups in social networks are abandoned.

4 i-Water Home 1400

We considered the i-Water Home 1400 one of the best because of the ease of producing ionized alkaline water. The pH level reaches 8.5, the liquid acquires restorative properties. The basis of the device is a filter made of magnesium, activated carbon, tourmaline and elvan. According to the manufacturer, this combination is used only in i-Water. This in a special way changes the structure of water, it is better absorbed. The device does not need to be connected to the network, you can take it with you, put it in the refrigerator. Comes with a sealed lid to prevent leaks. The filter lasts for a year.

Buyers warn that cartridges cost several thousand rubles, they will have to be ordered from the official website. But water helps to relieve fatigue, prevents indigestion. Some recommend drinking it before and after workouts. The company talks about international quality certificates, but its website is very uninformative, research data cannot be found. There are practically no reviews. We felt the price was too high.

3 Aquapribor AP-1

Opens the top three of the most worthy Aquapribor AP-1 — a compact simple device for the home, which allows you to get several liters of living or dead water in 20 minutes. It is enough for the user to fill the bowl, plug in the plug and wait. The device has domestic quality certificates, consumes very little electricity (like a light bulb). Dead water is recommended for soaking seeds and watering plants. Living has a beneficial effect on the human body. However, it is necessary to ensure that the ionizer does not work for more than 40 minutes. This causes the power supply to overheat. With proper operation, the device will last 5 years. The first year the device is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Buyers in the reviews warn that the bowls are made of ceramic, they are easy to break. They say that it is convenient to turn on the ionizer for 30 minutes in the morning and drink water during the day. Some people rinse their hair with it, wipe their faces, claiming that the rashes pass faster. Parents are advised to drip nose and gargle with dead water. However, the liquid acquires a special flavor that not everyone likes. For this reason, more expensive devices have graphite electrodes. The activator must be cleaned regularly with vinegar.

2 Neos Redox

The second best was Neos Redox, which produces alkaline water with a pH value of 9 with strong antioxidant energy. Compact shapes and modern design are suitable for the home. The device is designed for regular use by several consumers, purifying hard and soft water. It simultaneously produces up to 15 liters of liquid, the filtration rate is up to 3 liters per hour. Water is purified from chemical contaminants, odors, impurities, dyes and metals. The manufacturer says that Neos Redox liquid has a beneficial effect on human health, preventing many diseases.

The standard equipment includes a micro-sponge filter, you can buy an improved ceramic version. Judging by the reviews, the latter works a little longer and copes with hard water more efficiently. Devices are serviced in official Neos stores, which are available only in large cities. One filter is enough for a maximum of six months. The manufacturer gives a guarantee of 6 months, and with proper operation, the ionizer will last up to 7 years. However, there are very few reviews, it is quite difficult to find filters in small towns.

1 Nevoton IS-112

We considered Nevoton IC-112 to be the most worthy, which effectively disinfects water with silver ions. They enter the liquid under the influence of direct current, killing harmful bacteria. The device is great for home, fit in any kitchen. The concentration of silver in the standard mode is 0.035 mg/liter. According to the manufacturer, it is this amount that allows you to use water for cooking, washing dishes and even drinking. The second mode brings the value up to 10mg/liter. This liquid is suitable for watering plants and washing. The user controls the process using touch buttons.

Buyers in the reviews write that there is no need to drink silver water regularly. It is noted that it helps in the cold period, brings down the temperature. With it, cough and runny nose pass faster. However, after a few years of use, the plates will become thinner, and you will not be able to buy new ones. It turns out that the device has a service life of about 3 years, then it can be thrown away.

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