Top 10 aquarium lamps


One of the most important points when equipping an aquarium is the lighting system. Proper light is vital for fish and aquatic vegetation. Standard incandescent lamps are long gone, as they had a huge drawback — they gave off a lot of heat and gave little light. They were replaced by more efficient fluorescent and LED lamps.

You need to select a lamp taking into account the volume of the aquarium, lighting requirements, plant species. Often in aquariums you can see fluorescent lamps that create a special decorative lighting. The main requirements for lamps are minimal water heating, low power consumption, natural lighting that imitates daylight. Properly selected lighting helps not only to create comfortable conditions for the life of the inhabitants of the aquarium, but also to increase its decorative effect.

Best LED Aquarium Lights

3 COLLAR AquaLighter 3

COLLAR Aqua Lighter 3

This professional level light is specially designed for aquariums with marine life and vegetation. Three controllable channels with different luminosity and wavelength allow you to create the most natural light, simulating sunlight on a reef. This not only creates favorable conditions for marine inhabitants, but also allows you to get a three-dimensional picture of perception, improving the appearance and spectacularity of the aquarium. Many may consider the high cost to be a disadvantage, but the lamp is made of very high quality, has high power, color temperature and luminous flux. So, if the aquarium is large, it is worth the money.

Pros and cons

  • Simulates natural light on a reef at different times of the day
  • Special lamp for marine aquariums
  • Professional level, excellent workmanship
  • Powerful even for large aquariums
  • Available in several lengths

2 Tetra, Tetronic LED ProLine 980

Tetra, Tetronic LED ProLine 980

An excellent choice for heavily planted aquariums. This LED lamp is popular due to the balanced spectrum of radiation required by underwater vegetation. An additional advantage is protection against moisture and dust. The lamp can be lowered for several minutes into water to a depth of a meter, and it will continue to work normally. That is, if the lamp accidentally falls into the water, nothing terrible will happen. Replacement lamps with T5 and T8 sockets are suitable.

It is convenient that there are several ways to install the lamp. It can be installed from above, on the two side edges of the glass, if its thickness does not exceed 10 mm. To install on one edge of the rear window, you need to purchase special fasteners. Some users fix the lamp directly to the lid of the aquarium using self-tapping screws.



Nano-aquariums are called small containers with a volume of no more than 40 liters. The lamp from Aquael has proven itself with excellent characteristics — it can be called the best in its price range. Users note the ease of installation — thanks to a well-thought-out design, it is easily fixed on the edge of the wall if the glass thickness does not exceed 6 mm.

The LEDs are quite powerful (6W), the color temperature is about 6500K. This is a good indicator for creating favorable conditions for the growth of ornamental aquatic plants. Natural lighting looks attractive. The lamp, in addition to conventional freshwater aquariums, is often installed in shrimp. According to the manufacturer, the lamp works without replacement up to 50,000 hours, that is, theoretically it can last up to 10 years.

The best fluorescent lamps for an aquarium

4 Jebo, 8W T5

Jebo, 8W T5

Despite the origin, the brand is popular among users primarily because of the affordable prices. The white fluorescent lamp does not have outstanding features, but provides sufficient lighting, promotes the full growth of fish and plants. The red version of the lamp gives a soft, unusual shade to the water.

Very good color reproduction for the budget category, quite a long service life, but less compared to more expensive counterparts. This option can be considered with a limited budget.

3 T5 Hailea Exstra Reef

T5 Hailea Exstra Reef

Fluorescent lamp with actinic radiation — the most pronounced blue and blue zone of the spectrum. It was developed to simulate the illumination of corals at sea depths. For marine aquariums, this is a very good option, favorably influencing the growth of corals. Adds aesthetics to the composition, visually enhancing the blue and red tones.

Among the advantages, users note low cost, very beautiful, deep lighting, stimulation of coral growth. The only drawback is that it is not easy to find this lamp on sale, you have to order it in online stores.

2 Dennerle Color Plus T5

Dennerle Color Plus T5

Fluorescent lamp from one of the most famous manufacturers. The main advantage is that in freshwater aquariums, the color of plants and fish is enhanced, the color is emphasized. Blue and red-orange tones look especially bright. Can be combined with Trocal T5 Amazon-Day lamp. Operates with negligible loss of light spectrum for over 10,000 hours.

The manufacturer provides a UV-stop protective film that prevents the growth of algae. But in reality, it does not give any effect — the algae continue to grow. But this solution also has a positive side — the film protects the lamp from mechanical damage, it will not crumble in the hands in case of impact.

1 JBL «Solar Ultra Natur»

JBL Solar Ultra Natur

Full spectrum fluorescent lamp designed for freshwater aquariums. Very bright but natural light. It has the best color rendering index — 1A, color temperature — 9000 kelvins.

According to the manufacturer, the lamp is designed for continuous operation for 10,000 hours, but in practice it has to be changed once a year. For more natural coloration of fish and healthy development of underwater plants, some aquarists additionally install a JBL Solar Ultra Tropic T5 lamp.

The best UV lamps for an aquarium

3 Jebo UV-H24

Jebo UV-H24

Universal device for all types of aquariums. But when purchasing a lamp, you need to take into account that for a marine aquarium it should be about twice as powerful as for a freshwater one.

Of the benefits, users note a quick action. According to reviews, with a slight turbidity, the water is cleared within a day after the start of use. Service life is long. Buying a replacement UV lamp will not be a problem — it costs about 800 rubles.



Performs the same function as other sterilizers. The device emits ultraviolet rays of high intensity. They easily destroy pathogens, free-floating algae, and accelerate the mineralization of organic compounds.

This model is appreciated by customers for the optimal ratio of quality and price, versatility — it can be used for all types of aquariums.

1 Aquael UV Lamp Mini UV

Aquael UV Lamp Mini UV

The well-known brand sterilizer is made in the form of a short sleeve, which is superimposed on the filter outlet nozzle. UV light is emitted by four LEDs. The lamp fits all internal filters of the same brand. Periodic use of the Aquael lamp prevents diseases in aquarium fish by destroying pathogenic bacteria.

Users like the ease of installation, no need for any special care. The lamp is very compact, its installation does not impair the appearance of the aquarium, does not violate the overall composition.

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