9 Best Motor Oils for Nissan X-Trail


The choice of lubricant for a Nissan X-Trail car is limited by the manufacturer’s requirements for the quality and properties of this consumable. It is best, of course, to use the original oil, which is most suitable for the type of engine. This is not always possible due to various circumstances. In such situations, it is recommended to select the most suitable oil in terms of parameters. Otherwise, if you trust the opinions of others (sellers, friends, work colleagues, etc.), you can not guess, and cause harm to the engine instead of good, for which the owner will have to pay directly.

Below is an overview of the best motor oils that meet the requirements of engines installed on Nissan X Trail of different years of manufacture. The oils included in the rating have already been tested “in action” and have proven themselves on the positive side.

Best Synthetic Oil for Nissan X-Trail



The domestic brand has characteristics comparable to more expensive counterparts, and in some cases even surpasses imported products in its properties. At the same time, you can come across reviews with negative experience in the operation of the lubricant, which are in clear contradiction with the more numerous, positive ratings. Most often, in these cases, there is the usual falsification of a popular product, or the use of Nissan X Trail engines with other API or ACEA tolerance standards.

Modern additives, which are part of Genesis armortech, give the lubricant pronounced features of the following nature:

  • Environmental friendliness, minimum oil consumption;
  • Stops corrosion processes inside the motor, prevents oxidative reactions, does not age the entire period of operation;
  • Reduces fuel consumption;
  • Viscosity and fluidity do not change their parameters at sub-zero temperatures (hardens at -40°C);
  • Maintains cleanliness inside the motor, washes out sludge and disperses them until the next replacement, without thickening at all.



The oil of this brand has long been popular, and enjoys well-deserved respect among motorists. The main feature of the lubricant is its reliable operation at the molecular level. The main wear (about 75%) of the engine occurs at the time of starting the engine and bringing its temperature to the operating temperature. The high penetrating adhesion of engine oil allows once and for all (of course, with the constant use of an exclusively original product) to cover the rubbing surfaces of parts, and not drain entirely into the sump during downtime, as is usually the case.

Feedback from Nissan X-Trail owners about the features of this oil indirectly confirms the presence of properties that significantly increase the life of the internal combustion engine. In addition, there is no formation of deposits under different operating modes. If tarry growths formed earlier, before the owner began to pour this product into the Nissan X Trail engine, Magnatec will dissolve them, and then safely remove the resulting suspension from the engine at the next oil change.



This lubricant could not fail to get into our rating, especially since its API specification corresponds to the parameters of the oils used in the Nissan X Trail. Most of all, the lubricant is suitable for use in modern engines (but it can also be poured into old cars), as it retains all its characteristics under high operating and temperature loads.

Of particular note is the uniqueness of the set of Active Cleansing additives, which have no analogues. With their help, the internal cleanliness of the engine is maintained at the level of a new one, which significantly increases the predicted life of the motor. The oil perfectly resists oxidation, and aging in the operating interval does not threaten it under any operating conditions.

2 MOBIL 1 FS X1 5W-40

MOBIL 1 FS X1 5W-40

Of course, this is not the only popular brand engine oil suitable for the Nissan X-Trail engine, but it was this lubricant that got into the rating, the characteristics of which take into account engine wear. Already after the first 100,000 runs, internal combustion engine parts are damaged, the magnitude of which depends very much not only on the nature of the operation of the power plant, but also on consumables. Mobil 1 FS X1 has a stable viscosity that is independent of load and temperature conditions, and high antioxidant properties that inhibit corrosion processes.

This is especially true for engines with wear, because combustion products entering the crankcase increase destructive processes. Nissan X Trail owners rate this oil very well in their reviews. Despite wear, high kinematic viscosity prevents loss of lubricant and perfectly lubricates parts even in very severe frosts.

1 NISSAN 5W-40FS A3/B4


The oil is recommended by the Nissan X-Trail manufacturer and is the best option for gasoline and diesel models older than 2004. It can also be safely poured into fresher, but only gasoline engines, but for diesel units, with volumes of 2.0 and 3.0 liters, developed jointly with Renault, another lubricant is needed. Due to the optimal viscosity parameters, the oil has proven itself in frosty weather, creating a dense oil film and protecting parts from wear throughout the entire period of use. It does not age, and confidently resists oxidative processes.

Having begun to fill in this lubricant product, the owners in their reviews highly appreciated the good fluidity of the substance at sub-zero temperatures. In addition, shear stability under high and even extreme loads prevents engine overheating and premature wear. When choosing this oil, the car owner should remember that it is an absolute analogue of such brands as TOTAL and ELF (which are created at the same factory), and is interchangeable with any of them.

The best semi-synthetic oil for Nissan X-Trail

4 HI-GEAR 10W-40 SL/CF


In Nissan X Trail engines of different years of manufacture, to compensate for heavy wear or operation in the summer months (especially true for the southern regions of the country), many experienced owners recommend pouring this oil. It provides reliable lubrication and protection of parts, preventing overheating of the motor. The base oil is based on hydrocracking products and high quality mineral components.

A set of modern additives Infineum ensures the density of the oil film, low waste and stable viscosity parameters. The high molecular homogeneity of the resulting product successfully copes with increased gaps in friction pairs with significant engine wear. Operation during the winter months is limited to temperatures around -30°C. Owner reviews often point to two clear advantages of Hi-Gear — the absence of fakes and compatibility with any other brands of motor oils.



Inexpensive oil for year-round operation, creates optimal conditions for the operation of the Nissan X-Trail engine and has properties that increase the life of the engine. Carefully selected additive components prevent oxidation and soot formation. Under high temperature loads, inevitable in modern gasoline engines, engine oil retains its lubricating and detergent properties, as well as viscosity, unchanged.

Considering that this is a semi-synthetic, many owners make a replacement every 7–7.5 thousand mileage. In the reviews, they note that this interval is quite enough for the high-quality operation of the lubricating fluid while maintaining the declared parameters. There is also information about the low volatility of the liquid and the operational loss of lubrication, which allows the engine to work out until the next replacement without adding oil.



This is the best option ideal for Nissan X Trail engines, providing reliable protection against friction. Motor oil is produced by catalytic hydrocracking and is one of the purest. The base lubricant takes up only 75% of the volume of this product. The remaining quarter is distributed among effective additive packages that simulate the main characteristics of Strong Save X.

Thanks to friction modifiers, the oil has high anti-friction parameters that ensure engine efficiency. Those of the owners who began to flood Strong save X on an ongoing basis speak well of its properties. The reviews positively assess the ease of starting the motor at sub-zero temperatures, as well as reliable lubrication of parts (stabilizes the operation of the motor, reduces vibration and noise). Excellent washing functions allow the oil not only to dissolve accumulated deposits, but also to keep them in suspension (due to the presence of dispersants) for subsequent removal during the next lubrication change.



Many of those Nissan X Trail owners who are not used to saving on their car have chosen this particular lubricant for their engines, especially since the manufacturer himself recommends using it. The latest high-tech development of Molecular Friction Control has made it possible to integrate tungsten and molybdenum ions into engine oil, and provide a unique product performance in protecting parts from wear.

Drivers using Molygen New Generation note good oil viscosity in frosts down to -35 ° C, fast pumping in the system. Fuel savings can be as high as 5%, which is unattainable for lubricants from other brands. The oil has an extended service interval, good washing parameters and low consumption. All basic lubricant indicators are at the level of pure synthetics, but, nevertheless, this is a high-quality semi-synthetic product.

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