5 narrowest refrigerators for the kitchen


Anyone who is looking for a narrow refrigerator for a small kitchen should rely not only on the appearance of the product, but also on technical specifications, as well as brand reputation. Fortunately, in modern household appliances stores there is a fairly large selection of devices that can satisfy the desire of any buyer.

The width of narrow refrigerators is usually less than the norm (60 cm) by 10-15 centimeters. It is impractical to produce even more compact devices; even an average saucepan will not fit in them. Before buying the model you like, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the presence of a freezer;
  • built-in functions;
  • material quality;
  • noise level;
  • product design;
  • the amount of energy consumed;
  • combination of cost and quality.

It is important to understand that narrow aggregates are characterized by greater depth. They may cost more than standard models due to lower consumer demand and costly production. The rating of the best narrow refrigerators, compiled on the basis of the above parameters and consumer reviews, will help you decide on the choice of equipment for a small kitchen.

TOP 5 narrowest refrigerators for the kitchen

5 NORD 403-012

NORD 403-012

You can not ignore the single-chamber refrigerator from the popular NORD brand. The optimal dimensions of the unit contribute to its placement in the smallest kitchen. Product height — 85 cm, width — 50 cm. Depth (52 cm) allows you to place all the necessary products without stocking up for a long time. The total volume of the device is 111 liters.

This is the best option for a summer residence or a country house. The operation of the refrigerator does not greatly affect the amount of electricity bills. Buyers note the correct and silent operation of the device, ease of transportation and low price of the goods. This is a lightweight technique that can be easily transferred to any place. Her weight is only 27 kg.

4 Biryusa 118

Biryusa 118

Despite the impressive capacity of 180 liters, the width of 48 centimeters allows you to place the Biryusa 118 refrigerator in a rather narrow space. The model is a two-chamber version with a bottom freezer. The household appliance is energy efficient and has an original design.

This is one of the best modern refrigerators at a low cost. Customers love its compact size. They note that the glass shelves and blue drawers look very stylish, and the unit itself works flawlessly and maintains the cold well. However, some owners are upset by the noisy operation of the device, which is especially audible in studio apartments.

3 Shivaki SHRF 170 DW

Shivaki SHRF 170 DW

One of the best refrigerators for a small kitchen is the two-chamber model SHRF 170 DW from the Japanese brand Shivaki. The total volume of working compartments is 160 liters. Good capacity allows you to store a large number of products and affects the dimensions of the unit. The height of the device is more than 1.5 m, the width is 45 cm, and the depth is 54 cm. The freezer provides a standard operating temperature of up to minus 18 degrees.

This is the best option for freezing and storing food. Judging by customer reviews, the refrigerator stands steadily on its legs and works almost silently. Buyers note that plastic handles must be handled with care, and the stylish design of the device is suitable for any kitchen interior.

2 Liebherr T 1410

Liebherr T 1410

The next rating model is a narrow refrigerator with one chamber, inside of which there is quite a lot of space. Buyers find this to be the best choice for those looking for an under counter or bar unit. The device does not clutter up the kitchen and cools food perfectly. The width of the product is a little more than 50 cm, depth — 62 cm, height — 85 cm.

The refrigerator is made of white plastic and goes well with any room design. Customers are attracted by the presence of a drip defrosting system, optimal volume (138 l), economical consumption of electricity and low noise level. They believe that this model ideally combines a reasonable price and high quality, and they advise purchasing a separate freezer from the same company.

1 BRAVO XR-100


A well-deserved place in the ranking of narrow refrigerators is occupied by a model from the Russian brand BRAVO. This is a relatively young brand that has earned the recognition of customers due to the optimal ratio of quality and price. The XR-100 single-chamber refrigerator is no exception. It is quite affordable and fits in the cramped kitchen. The width of the unit is only 45 centimeters. To get a narrow but roomy refrigerator, the manufacturer relied on height and depth. The freezer compartment holds 8 liters and the refrigerator compartment holds 82 liters.

This is the best option for those who do not store much food for the future. Judging by customer reviews, the model attracted them with the most economical type of energy consumption, quiet operation and a roomy door. The height of the unit is ideal for kitchen cabinets.

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