5 best table tennis rackets


Manufacturers offer table tennis professionals to independently assemble rackets from individual elements, depending on the style of play and the tasks assigned. It is difficult for novice players and amateurs to immediately decide on the required characteristics of the blade and rubbers, and for them the best way out is to buy equipment that is already ready for training. But even in this case, you will have to face a huge assortment from various companies, so some trainers even earn extra money on the service of choice. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of rackets that have proven themselves in reviews from the best side, and decide for yourself which option is suitable specifically for your case.

TOP 5 best table tennis rackets

5 Atemi 300

The playing characteristics of this racket are the most average — on a 100-point scale, the speed and rotation indicators barely reach 50. However, this is quite enough to comprehend the basics, because amateurs are just not advised to choose a high-speed racket, which also costs several times more expensive. When starting to play table tennis, special attention should be paid to the controllability of the racket, and with this the 300th model is doing just fine — its control level reaches 100 points. This means that the player will be able to receive and give serves with sufficient quality and quickly develop the technique of movement.

Despite the affordable cost, the product compares favorably with its nameless counterparts in appearance and quality: the base is 5-layer plywood from Scandinavian wood species, the overlay is a sponge 1.3 mm thick, which is considered the best option for amateur players. The reviews note its simplicity, reliability and pleasant appearance. Of the shortcomings, someone mentions the sharp edges of the handle and advises to smooth them out with fine sandpaper. In general, for those who need an inexpensive and solid entry-level racket, Atemi will certainly suit.

4 Donic Waldner 700

Jan-Uwe Waldner, after whom the Donic series of rackets is named, is called the Mozart of the world of table tennis. Accordingly, older models (1000th, 3000th and above) are designed for professional wrestling in competitions of various levels. However, in the “Waldnerian” lineup there is something to respect and amateurs who have already grown to high-speed mode and attacking style. For them, the manufacturer created the 700 model, in which the 5-ply Tactic base is combined with 2 mm Vari Slick overlays. This combination provides a high rebound speed (90 points), but at the same time leaves the controllability of the movement at an optimal level (the degree of control is 70, and in the reviews they give all 80).

The main difference between the racket and analogues is the use of ABP technology, which allows you to control the balance yourself. It is implemented in the form of a cell with cavities and a small weight that extends from the handle. By shifting the weight into one of the cavities, you can achieve a shift in balance in one direction or another and adjust to the desired style of play — attack or defense. The players appreciated such a universal solution, and now the Donik Waldner 700 is considered almost the most popular racket among amateurs with an advanced level of skill.

3 Torneo Champion

At some point, any player who has mastered the technique and is more or less regularly involved in table tennis comes to the conclusion that it is time for him to participate in tournaments. When moving to a new round of a sports career, it may turn out that the old equipment does not match it, and it’s time to look for a new racket — faster and more powerful, allowing you to attack successfully and defend just as successfully. These include the Champion model of the well-known Russian company Torneo. In terms of speed, control and spin, it turned out to be better than many ready-made rackets at a similar price from other manufacturers — at least that’s what the reviews say.

The material for the base is African acacia, known for its strength and durability. Lightness and sensitivity to the ball are achieved by adding graphite fibers, as a result of which the impact power is significantly increased. The rubbers also have their own secret and are made using the Spin-speed technology, thanks to which the player can turn on various speed and rotation modes depending on the game strategy. In terms of weight, the “Champion” turned out to be not easy, but it fits well in the hand and does not require huge efforts to accelerate the ball. Take a look at it — it’s one of the best options!


Stiga has been producing professional table tennis equipment for more than half a century and during this time has created many unique technologies for obtaining ideal rackets. With her 5-star top Force model, the player gets the maximum needed for an unstoppable attack. The racket is assembled from 7-layer veneer, which in turn is made from precious abacha and balsa wood, using WRB technology (hollow in the handle). It is optimally balanced to deliver punching speed and pinpoint control.

The ultra-light 2mm thick S5 rubber, combined with the air capsule technology, gives an amazing spin, which, together with almost extreme speed, leaves no chance for the opponent to win the draw. And despite the fact that the characteristics of the overlays are evaluated on a 100-point scale, Force, thanks to new technologies, has not only reached the ceiling, but also crossed the line. Which is not surprising, because the racket was developed with the participation of the Chinese national team — the strongest in the world today.

1 Butterfly Viscaria FL + Tenergy 05

Visit any table tennis competition anywhere in the world and you will see at least one player with the same racket, and he will certainly belong to the cohort of the best. «Viscaria» is a legendary blade from the Japanese company «Butterfly», which brought world champion titles to more than 30 tennis players, including the famous Zhang Jike. The manufacturer has two own research centers, where the first Viscaria blades and the first Tenergy rubbers appeared almost 15 years ago.

They immediately became famous for their use of outer layers of Koto, Limba and Kiri woods, as well as an Arylate/Carbon synthetic interlayer. The multi-layer construction gave the racket properties that no player had ever dreamed of before: lack of vibration, flexibility, huge power, tenacity and durability. In reviews, «Viscaria» is called a «catapult» for unsurpassed rotation and a sense of unquestioning obedience to the ball. Until now, it is considered a reference instrument for both professional athletes and amateurs who still only dream of climbing to their height.

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