5 best Omron blood pressure monitors


Omron is a 100-year-old Japanese company that offers automatic and semi-automatic blood pressure monitors. Their products are known for their simplicity, precision and convenience. Of particular note is the unique Omron Intellisense technology, which avoids re-injection of air and overcompression. Unlike blood pressure monitors from other companies, including Andes, Microlife and Nissey, Omron provides better cuff pressure. This allows you to achieve an accurate result as quickly as possible, excluding pain and squeezing.

We reviewed 5 of the best Omron models in different price categories. Each has a large display that shows the result. Thanks to modern technology, measurements can be taken both at home and on the road. Since blood pressure changes regularly, we took into account the ability of the device to remember past results and compare them with new ones.

Top 5 best blood pressure monitors Omron

5 M1 compact

M1 compact blood pressure monitor

The M1 Compact may not boast a large feature set or unique technologies, but it does its job well. Comfortable cuff stretches up to 32 cm, which will suit many users. Measurements do not cause discomfort, the fabric is of high quality and soft. Separately, you can buy a children’s cuff and an oversized model. Arrows and dots are drawn on them, helping to correctly position the device. The M1 compact remembers several previous measurements and displays them on the large display. The error in the readings is small, but it is recommended to take several measurements in a row and determine the average value.

The M1 compact has a large display with huge characters, which is suitable for people with poor eyesight. On the tonometer there is an on/off button, after 5 minutes it will turn itself off. In general, this blood pressure monitor is considered an excellent budget version. However, users in the reviews warn that it starts to act up after 5 years, just when the warranty ends. It is not designed for decades of work.

4 M10-IT

M10-IT blood pressure monitor

The M10-IT is considered to be Omron’s elite blood pressure monitor, which has a huge number of diagnostic functions, is equipped with the best technology and a comfortable cuff. It takes measurements faster than other models and provides high accuracy. M10-IT shows pressure, pulse and arrhythmia, calculating the results based on the last three measurements. A unique feature is the monitoring of hypertension in the morning. The model remembers 168 measurements, saves the results and adds the time and date. The device is connected to a computer, you can print information.

The M10-IT is equipped with a high pressure indicator that lights up if the readings are above the average readings on the tonometer. It can be used in a car, the user is allowed to move or talk, it does not affect the results. The M10-IT offers the most features and can do the work of multiple devices, which justifies the high price. However, not everyone needs such a sophisticated tonometer, many users do not use half of their abilities.

3 M6 comfort

M6 comfort blood pressure monitor

The M6 ​​comfort adds a patented IntelliSense function, thanks to which the user himself sets the limit of cuff inflation. The device automatically determines the upper level for a certain person and stops. In terms of comfort, the M6 ​​is the best in this price category, and one of the most famous from Omron, for which we added it to the rating. The device automatically pumps air, at the end, data on the pulse rate and pressure level are displayed on the screen. It turns off after 2 minutes.

The M6 ​​comfort has a unique feature — the accuracy control function. The device checks the parameters after the user presses «Start». It tests the features and continues if all goes well. If an error is detected, a warning appears on the display. If the user positioned the cuff incorrectly, M6 comfort will display instructions and tips for use. In general, the device has positive reviews, it does not cause any complaints. Of the minuses, an overpriced price is distinguished, it scares off buyers.

2 M3 experts

M3 expert

M3 Expert is able to capture the slightest fluctuations of the heart, measure pulse and pressure. This device is very sensitive and gives a result with an error of 3 mm Hg. Art., few people can work better. Omron warns about turning it off and on with a sound signal, and during the measurement it beeps to the beat of the pulse. If the signals are annoying, you can turn them off. Comes with a cuff size from 22 to 42 cm, which is suitable for most people.

M3 Expert has a solid memory capacity, it remembers the past 60 measurements. The display is large, the numbers are visible even to elderly people with poor eyesight. The tonometer comes with a handy bag for storing the device. Overall, this is a good option with a few extra features and high quality. It has few disadvantages: the price is somewhat overpriced, the device bleeds air for the same amount of time as cheaper models. The cuff is inflated strongly, people with full hands may not be very comfortable.

1 M2 basic

M2 basic

The leader of the rating was Omron M2 basic, which perfectly performs the standard functions of a tonometer, fully justifying its name. It is not surprising that it was he who became the most popular according to the requests of the Yandex search engine. This model is not crammed with modern technology, but measures pressure quickly and accurately. The cuff is easy and soft to put on the arm due to its asymmetrical shape. There is a black dot on it, which will not allow you to mistakenly place the device. The display is large, the numbers are large, even a visually impaired user will see the result. The M2 basic does not have a sound signal, but you quickly get used to it and start turning off the device in time.

This model is backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. In general, it is the best among budget options. The only thing to remember is that the accuracy of measurements depends on the location of the cuff and movement. If you sit up straight and do not talk, the tonometer will show the correct result. However, unlike other positions in the ranking, this one does not have a storage bag included. Judging by user reviews, the cuff and hose are confused, which causes inconvenience.

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