5 Best Aquarium Heaters


The functional feature of the aquarium heater is that it must not only bring the water temperature to favorable indicators for the life of the fauna, but also constantly maintain this mode. From a constructive point of view, the device is quite simple: it consists of a heating element and a control sensor. Additional equipment with useful features allows you to improve the care of heat-loving fish, to avoid their death.

Manufacturers offer waterproof fixtures that differ in power, type of installation in the aquarium (internal or external). Experts recommend purchasing modern electrical devices at the rate of 1 W per 1 liter of water. When choosing a device, in addition to the volume of the container, one should take into account the thermal conductivity of the material from which it is made, its configuration, the presence of a lid, the temperature in the room, etc. Our mini-rating contains the most popular models among users that received the highest marks for technical potential and operational reliability.

TOP 5 best aquarium heaters

5 TetraHT 150

TetraHT 150

The fully submersible model is characterized by practicality, universal design, good thermostat accuracy. The thick-walled flask of the device is made of borosilicate glass, which does not crack under temperature extremes or mechanical stress. When installed on the suction cups included in the package, it is placed in the largest of amateur aquariums (150–225 liters in volume). The provided power of 150 W is enough to keep the device working.

The heating element is built-in double ceramic, which is environmentally friendly and prolongs the service life of the device. The thermostat has a small step of 0.5 degrees, which increases the accuracy of the readings, in the range of 19-31 degrees. The upper limit can be attributed to the minuses of the development, since competitors offer analogues with a “ceiling” of 32–34 degrees. Therefore, such a device is not intended for the most heat-loving underwater fauna. Light indication and a 2-meter cable are among the positive features of the model.

4 Hydor External Aquarium Heater Eth 200-12

Hydor External Aquarium Heater Eth 200-12

One of the world’s most experienced brands of aquarium accessories, which has a worthy reputation, modern production facilities and technologies, has implemented the best concept of a heater with an external connection to a filtration system in this flow-through model. This design generates a power of 200 W and is attached to containers up to 200 liters.

The ergonomic plastic housing has a compact size of 29x8x7 cm and is connected to the filter using mini hoses with a diameter of 12 mm. The thermostat can operate both in manual and automatic mode, providing a constant temperature from 18 to 34 degrees. The use of PTC technology does not allow the device to overheat, and the LED indicator indicates the active state of the heating element. Of the utilities, users also highlight the optimal cord length (1.4 meters). The disadvantage of the model is its high cost compared to analogues.

3 Aquael comfort zone gold 100W

Aquael comfort zone gold 100W

Such a fully submersible model with a thermostat is of interest due to both functionality and technical solution. Here the manufacturer relies on the durability of the device. To do this, the contacts are covered with a layer of gold, which does not oxidize in water over time. With the help of a thermostat, they are closed / opened, which affects the operating cycle of the heating coil.

Importantly, an electronic relay is built into the design, which automatically maintains the temperature regime in the range from 18 to 32 degrees. The flask of the device, despite the apparent fragility, is quite impact-resistant, as it is made of an alloy of special plastic and glass. The model is designed for an aquarium with a capacity of 60-100 liters. Among its advantages, its owners include uniform heat distribution due to a ceramic radiator, build quality (each device undergoes mandatory computer testing at the factory), and a 2-year warranty period.

2 Xilong XL-999 500W

Xilong XL-999 500W

Such a device for maintaining an optimal temperature balance is ideal for large aquariums. It is capable of supporting 500 W of power, which is very comfortable for tropical fish and other representatives of the animal world. The case of the device made of stainless steel is as tight as possible, moreover, it additionally has a special protective shell.

Among one of the main positive aspects of the device, consumers note the good sensitivity of the thermostat and the convenience, smooth running of the handle. The accuracy of the readings is 1 degree. Working in the range from 16 to 32 degrees, the immersion type heating element provides the best temperature balance of the aquatic environment. The provided system of double control allows to qualitatively monitor heat loss. Of the advantages, the presence of an operating status indicator and a shutdown sensor also stands out. When draining, it de-energizes the device after 40 seconds!

1 Barbus Heater 009 50W

Barbus Heater 009 50W

The young Russian brand, which is rapidly gaining popularity, has created a whole line of efficient aquarium heaters in a wide power range of 25–300 W. One of the best-selling was the 50-watt design, which belongs to the development of a new generation. It can be used for installation in both fresh and marine water.

The main distinguishing advantage of the device is the double insulation of electrical elements. Thanks to this, you can be sure that neither you nor the underwater fauna will suffer during the maintenance of the aquarium and during the operation of the device. The product has a durable metal case, manufactured using innovative technology, and is additionally equipped with a high-precision thermostat with a dial. The model belongs to the fully submersible type and is mounted near the water flow without contact with the ground. As advantages, the owners name the possibility of installing the device in containers of the most popular volume of 40–80 liters, temperature control in the range of 20–32 degrees, the presence of a light indication, a cord 145 cm long.

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