15 best tool kits


It is very convenient and practical when all the tools are stored in an orderly and in one place. At the present stage, manufacturers offer consumers special tool kits, which include a number of socket heads, open-end wrenches, and much more, put together in a durable plastic case. Of course, the quantity and quality of the contents of the case is directly affected by the price, and you should be prepared for this. Shop windows are literally filled to capacity with sets of various sizes and different configuration options.

But when choosing a personal tool case for a car, one should take into account not only the scale of the kit, but also the reviews of customers who have tested the product in one way or another. The best option would be to get acquainted with our rating, which will objectively and unbiasedly put applicants in their places, as well as save you personal time. When compiling it, the number of positive and negative reviews from users, comparison of characteristics, as well as the authoritative opinion of qualified experts who know a lot about a good and high-quality tool, were taken into account.

The best inexpensive car tool kit



This set of tools contains quite standard 94 items: extension cords, ratchets and heads for them for 1/2 and 1/4 inches, hexagons, as well as a screwdriver with a set of bits for a special and uncommon 5/16 square. The problem is that the quality of items directly reflects the price. Under a load that a more reliable tool could easily withstand, bits and hexagons begin to bend and crack.

As a result, the tools in the suitcase can be useful for assembling and disassembling fasteners on new cars that have not had time to rust. Old fasteners that require a breakdown may not be able to do it.


  • good equipment, despite the lack of open-end wrenches;
  • price available to the consumer;
  • good appearance, corresponding to an expensive tool.


  • unsuitable for heavy work;
  • unprofessional kit.

2 STAYER 22055-H36

STAYER 22055-H36

Professional and semi-professional tool kits for cars with extended equipment are often quite expensive, even if we talk about the budget segment. However, in practice, not all of their content is useful. Fortunately, a well-known German brand has created a basic, but very practical set that successfully combines the most pleasant price with good quality and the best package for the money. Despite its compactness and moderate weight, the case is equipped with 37 devices. The main components of the set are screwdrivers, including an indicator screwdriver, bits, as well as universal wrenches: adjustable and adjustable.

As you might guess from the cost, Stayer is only suitable for basic car repairs. Therefore, it is recommended for moderate amateur use. Most regard it as a worthy option for a beginner who is just learning how to fix the simplest problems in his car.

1 STELS 14105

STELS 14105

Despite the fact that the STELS 14105 set includes only 84 items, it becomes the best in this category of the rating, for which there is a completely reasonable justification. Manufacturers decided to replace about nineteen sockets with nine combination wrenches from 8 to 22 millimeters. This is a useful replacement, since open-end wrenches are often so lacking in standard inexpensive sets. The bits, like those of the contenders, are adapted to the 5/16 square, but they inspire more confidence in terms of quality. The metal coating is matte, it does not show small cracks and scratches, as on a chrome-plated instrument. The set cannot be called professional, but it is ideal for an advanced car enthusiast.


  • nice and practical matte finish:
  • the presence of open-end wrenches in the kit;
  • the best quality in its price range.


  • not detected.

The best car tool kit: top of the range

3 Jonnesway S04H624101S

Jonnesway S04H624101S

Opens the top three Jonnesway S04H624101S tool kit. Based on numerous user reviews, this kit is a universal tool for fixing a personal car, regardless of the complexity and load intensity of the work being done. The set includes 101 items: screwdrivers, bits, pliers, a huge number of sockets, wrenches, ratchets, extensions, and combined wrenches. The only complaint to the manufacturers may be a problem with the case: if the bottom cover is opened by mistake, instead of the top one, the entire tool will simply fall out of its trays. But this is found in almost all sets.


  • quite a wide range of equipment;
  • professional set;
  • good quality tool;
  • lifetime warranty.


  • Due to the large weight, it is inconvenient to move.

2 Arsenal C1412P132

Arsenal C1412P132

The C1412P132 Arsenal set is a complete professional car repair kit, providing the user with a large selection of predominantly sockets. Indeed, in a set of 132 items, there are as many as 76 pieces. And in general, in terms of completing the necessary tools, this set, perhaps, has no equal. The quality of the material is also beyond doubt: the nickel-chromium coating reliably protects the instrument from corrosion and minor damage. The only drawback of the kit is the extended gap of the open-end wrenches, which can lead to the failure of the edges of the untwisted and screwed bolts.


  • extended set of socket heads;
  • set variety;
  • good quality tools.


  • non-standard open-end wrench connector.

1 Berger BG148-1214

Berger BG148-1214

Despite many worthy competitors, the BG148-1214 set from Berger is becoming the best professional tool kit for cars. Spacious case, equipped with four locks, contains 148 tools. The quality can be judged by the material of manufacture. It uses steel alloyed with chromium and vanadium, which have a positive effect on strength and hardness. The set includes 66 socket heads, made according to the Super Lock reference system, which help out even in the case of fasteners with torn edges. An excellent set, which is covered by the right of a lifetime warranty.


  • lifetime warranty;
  • rich equipment;
  • multi-stage production stage and, as a result, the highest quality of finished products.


  • heavy weight (15.2 kilograms).

The best all-round repair tool kit



In third place on the list is the OMBRA OMT101S universal tool kit. It includes 101 tools: 28 sockets from 4 to 32 millimeters for ½ and ¼ inches, ten combined wrenches from 8 to 19 millimeters, 31 bits for a standard ¼ inch square, six screwdrivers, three units of sponge tools and several additional elements. Despite the rather extensive range, OMBRA is not the most complete set. And the overall quality leaves much to be desired. Users have repeatedly complained about the fragility of small sockets and some defects in plumbing and measuring tools.


  • wire cutters, pliers and round nose pliers included;
  • miniature case;
  • Comfortable rubberized handles.


  • unfavorable combination of high price and quality.

2 Berger BG128-1214

Berger BG128-1214

Universal repair kit Berger BG128-1214 includes 128 items. It is characteristic that all the «running» types of instruments have found a place in it. But special attention should be paid to a rich set of cap heads — there are as many as 76 of them in a suitcase, from 4 to 32 millimeters under ½ and ¼ inches. The bits have a non-standard size — 5/16 inch, however, in this case, a special adapter is provided in the kit, suitable for a screwdriver with a ¼ square. This distinguishes the case from others of its kind. The tool is of high quality, ideal for both a beginner and a professional in the field of repair. The only drawback of the kit is its heavy weight, which becomes especially noticeable during long-term transportation by hand.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • the presence of a special adapter for bits;
  • great case design.


  • heavy (10.75 kilograms).



The not too affordable cost of Ombra does not prevent the set from being extremely popular. After all, it contains devices for literally any occasion. Equipped with 131 alloy steel tools, the set includes not only 31 bits, 50 sockets, including rare sockets with a 3/4 inch square drive, but also a hammer, screwdriver set, scissors, pliers. Wrenches, which are not only much more numerous than those of competitors, but also very diverse, have become a special pride of domestic development. In addition to 12 standard wrenches of various calibers, the set also received an adjustable wrench that can replace several ordinary wrenches.

In their reviews, the owners of the suitcase highly appreciate the quality of materials and workmanship. At the same time, they all consider the set to be more than sufficient for home repairs, troubleshooting in cars and even professional use in some areas.

The best set of metalwork and carpentry tools

3 Hitachi 705315M

Hitachi 705315M

Although the Hitachi set belongs to the locksmith-carpentry type, hardly anyone would call it understaffed. The solid case with individual fastenings for each tool contains 112 items, making it one of the most functional offers in the entire category. In addition to 50 bits with tips of various sizes and shapes, 18 sockets and 35 drills for wood, concrete and metal, the kit also includes all kinds of holders and a distinctive feature of the case — a flexible socket extension. Therefore, the Hitachi set is suitable not only for elementary actions, but also for working with really complex mechanisms, even with a car.

Numerous reviews confirm the convenience of the product. Buyers consider the development of the Japanese brand to be the best option for active home use, they separately note the practical plastic case, a variety of accessories and decent quality.

2 Kraftool 25556-H43

Kraftool 25556-H43

A set of metalwork and carpentry tools from Kraftool is on the second line of the rating. The main emphasis in it is on the number of bits for the size of ¼ inch — there are 30 of them in the kit. But with drills, there is a semblance of trouble here: the set includes only three drills for metal, and of very dubious quality. Its last elements are a reversible screwdriver with an ergonomic handle and a set of seven bits with a diameter of 5 to 12 millimeters. Users speak highly of the quality, but complain about the lack of a particularly important and running tool.


  • low price;
  • acceptable quality;
  • small, handy case.


  • catastrophically few drills with a large number of unnecessary bits;
  • in the car will be completely useless.

1 Bosch V-Line 41 (2.607.017.316)

Bosch V-Line 41 (2.607.017.316)

Traditionally, high places are occupied by Bosch products. This locksmith and carpentry set deserves the highest place, if only for the fact that the tools are evenly distributed in it, there is nothing superfluous, and the quality allows you to perform work of any level of complexity. In the suitcase, very compact and practical, which is important, there are 41 items. A set of 11 drills is divided into several cassettes: for concrete, for metal and feather. The most popular of them are duplicated so that the set does not lose its completeness if one of the elements breaks down. Also in the cassettes is a set of socket heads and 11 ¼ inch square bits.


  • miniature set (convenient to take in the car);
  • high quality tool.


  • not detected.

The best set of electrical installation tools

3 BISON 2201-H6

BISON 2201-H6

The most inexpensive set of tools is especially popular with beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with electrical work and the equipment they need. The low cost of a suitcase with tools and decent quality for its price make it a profitable purchase that will suit a beginner much better than any budget analogue. Unlike many competitors, the Zubr set is very basic, but still includes everything you need. First of all, the kit contains four screwdrivers with the most popular types of tips: flat and Phillips. Therefore, the owner with his help can easily unscrew almost any screw. Pliers and wire cutters are also included in the basic set.

The main advantage of the case, all buyers consider its availability. Also, reviews often note the ease of use of items and the absence of little-used things that can confuse an inexperienced amateur craftsman.

2 Ningbo TC-1122

Ningbo TC-1122

Being a prominent representative of the middle class of electrical tools, this rating participant nevertheless boasts not only decent quality at an affordable price, but also improved equipment. While most inexpensive kits include only the basic items needed for basic electrical work, the Ningbo suitcase contains 37 tools to complete a wide variety of tasks. Universal watch screwdriver with 5 bits allows you to repair watches efficiently. A variety of screwdrivers, a scalpel, tweezers, a soldering iron, solder and an extractor for microcircuits will help you work successfully even with fairly complex electronics. Ningbo also contains a cable stripping tool and other accessories.

Despite the rather simple design, the set is very popular due to the rich configuration. However, not all buyers like a non-hard instrument case.

1 Tesla Set 3 (348438)

Tesla Set 3 (348438)

The Tesla Set 3 professional tool kit is beautiful in every way — from the look to the level of performance. A strict black case with a spectacular transparent window, through which you can see neatly fixed objects ready for work, will speak about the professionalism of the master better than any words. Reliable fastening of the suitcase and the tools themselves will allow you to be confident in your equipment. In Tesla, the owner will find everything they need, including 6 miniature screwdrivers for precision work, basic dielectric devices for home and car, side cutters, pliers, round nose pliers, narrow nose pliers and other units for repairing compact electrical appliances, glasses, watches. All of them are made of chrome-vanadium steel, which means they are resistant to wear and corrosion.

The set holds the record for reviews, and all one hundred percent of buyers recommend it for purchase. Particularly noted are compactness, light weight, comfortable instruments with anatomical handles and excellent insulation, long service life.

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