15 best remedies for colic


Infantile colic is a buildup of flatulence that causes painful spasms. Doctors call colic the stage of adaptation of the baby to life outside the womb, which takes up to three months. The causes of gas accumulation are incompletely formed gastrointestinal tract, mistakes in breastfeeding, malnutrition of the mother, allergic reactions, inappropriate formula, or crying, in which the child swallows a lot of air.

Colic is accompanied by prolonged crying, tucking up of the legs, bloating and rumbling of the abdomen. As a rule, spasms intensify in the evening. The traditional ways to alleviate the condition of the baby are laying on the tummy, massage, a warm diaper, or the use of dill water by the baby. Along with folk secrets, pharmacological preparations to combat intestinal colic in infants are becoming increasingly popular. It is recommended to consult a specialist before using these products.

The best colic remedies for newborns based on simethicone

3 Sub Simplex

Sub Simplex

Sub Simplex is a popular remedy for increased gas formation, which has a vanilla-raspberry aroma. The indication for use is the fight against flatulence, and preparation for diagnostic studies of the digestive tract. The suspension does not contain carbohydrates, therefore it is suitable for children with diabetes. In the reviews of some users, a short-term and insignificant effect is noted. Others, on the contrary, having tried similar drugs, opt for it, as the most effective.

The drug is recommended to be taken with meals or at the end of each feeding, if the pediatrician agrees. 15 drops are added to a bottle with liquid (water, baby food, breast milk). For accurate dosing, a dropper cap is great, but some lack a measuring cap, with which the process would take less time.


  • best price;
  • stopper-dropper.


  • short-term effect;
  • no measuring cap.

2 Bobotic


Bobotik is a carminative, produced in the form of drops. This drug is heard by most users. In comparison with other drugs in the segment, it is the best combination of price and quality. The emulsion is indicated for increased gas formation and in preparation for diagnostic procedures in the abdominal cavity. Reduces flatulence. Contraindicated for children under the age of 1 month. Also, the drug is prohibited in case of hypersensitivity to simethicone and other components of the composition. There is a risk of allergic reactions.

With infantile colic, the drug is taken orally at the end of feeding, after shaking the bottle. Dosage — 8 drops 4 times a day. You can mix the emulsion with cool boiled water or baby food.


  • the best combination of price and quality;
  • the most popular tool.


  • lack of measuring cap;
  • contraindicated during the first month of life.

1 Espumizan L

Espumizan L

Pediatricians and most parents prefer Espumizan, a drug aimed at collapsing gas bubbles in the intestinal lumen. The drug is excreted in the feces unchanged. The composition does not contain sugar and lactose, so the medicine is suitable for children with lactase deficiency and diabetes.

Espumizan L is a bottle with drops. Thanks to the measuring cup, you can quickly and accurately measure the dosage. At each feeding, it is recommended to give newborns 25 drops of the drug from a spoon, or adding to a bottle with liquid. Before you buy a remedy, coordinate its reception with a pediatrician.


  • safety;
  • better efficiency;
  • stopper-dropper and measuring cap.


  • fast consumption;
  • high price.

The best enterosorbents for colic for newborns

3 Polysorb


Due to the silicon dioxide, which is the basis of the drug, the intestines and stomach are cleansed of harmful substances that can adversely affect the work of the baby’s tummy. Polysorb is well tolerated by children up to a year, you just need to choose the right dosage. Since the drug is hypoallergenic, even allergic infants can be treated with it. It is advised to prepare a fresh suspension from the powder by mixing it with water. For the treatment of colic, the drug should be applied three times a day.

Since the indications for use include the prevention of dysbacteriosis, the remedy has a beneficial effect on the intestines of the child. Its long-term use will have an excellent effect on the stool, and will also cleanse the child’s body of possible intoxications. Moms respond well to the drug. It is loved for its breadth of application and efficiency.

2 Smecta


Smecta is a safe antidiarrheal powder. Indications for use are allergic and infectious diarrhea, as well as treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, including increased gas formation. Sold individually and in packs of several sachets.

For children under one year old, the suspension is prepared with the approval of the doctor as follows: the contents of the sachet are dissolved in 50 ml of breast milk, infant formula, puree, compote or porridge. The volume is distributed over several meals. Daily dosage for newborns — 1 sachet. Powder for oral suspension is sold with an orange or vanilla flavor. However, judging by the reviews, not everyone likes the sweetish aftertaste. It is also worth noting the likelihood of constipation after taking this sorbent.


  • low price;
  • harmless;
  • sold by the piece;
  • performance.


  • sickeningly sweet taste.

1 Enterosgel


Enterosgel is a paste for oral administration. It is used to quickly relieve symptoms of allergies of various etiologies. Contraindication is individual intolerance. In the reviews, users complain about the fast consumption. Some note a short-term effect, but mostly opinions about the high performance of the enterosorbent. But few people spoke about the side effects mentioned in the instructions. Many have noticed that the price of Enterosgel often changes.

The dosage for infants is 0.5 teaspoon of the drug, which is mixed in a ratio of 1: 3 with water, breast milk or infant formula. The multiplicity of reception — 6 times a day, that is, almost every day feeding. Before taking, a consultation with a pediatrician is required.


  • safety;
  • impact speed and effectiveness;
  • release form.


  • fast consumption;
  • high price.

Best colic probiotics for newborns

3 Acipol baby

Acipol baby

Domestic probiotic does not contain GMOs, preservatives and dyes. The formula of the remedy promises the elimination of colic, the normalization of digestion and the regularity of the stool. In addition, bifidobacteria will eliminate sleep problems and strengthen the immunity of the baby. Given that colic can become an early symptom of dysbacteriosis, then the restoration of microflora, which the medicine promises, is simply necessary.

According to the instructions, the medicine should be taken 5 drops 1 time per day. Therapy for complete relief from colic should last 2 weeks. Since it does not contain lactose, such a drug may be suitable for children with lactose intolerance. Moms note the high effectiveness of the product, many call it the best. In reviews, he is praised for his versatility and complex impact. A convenient dispenser was also noted by many users. The only negative may be the volume of the drug. One bottle is not enough for everyone for a two-week period of treatment.

2 Bifidumbacterin


Bifidumbacterin is a probiotic for the treatment and prevention of intestinal dysbacteriosis in adults and children. Release form — powder, capsules and tablets. Also, the tool is available in the form of rectal suppositories, but they are prohibited for children under the age of 3 years. Contraindication is hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. The probiotic is practically tasteless.

Bottles received negative reviews. The difficulty, according to users, lies in the opening of the ampoule and the nuances of diluting the composition. However, high performance covers the difficulties of opening the lid and the need to delve into the intricacies of storage — the composition must be kept exclusively in the refrigerator, otherwise live bacteria will cease to be. For infants, the drug is given shortly before feeding. The lyophilizate is prepared in accordance with the instructions. Consultation with a pediatrician is recommended.


  • low price;
  • mild taste;
  • effectiveness;
  • variety of release forms.


  • inconvenience when opening ampoules;
  • cold storage.

1 Linex


Linex is a probiotic preparation, the purpose of which is the regulation of microflora. Release form — capsules and powder. It is used for the treatment and prevention of dysbacteriosis, which is accompanied by flatulence, abdominal pain, allergic reactions. Users agree that this is a highly effective tool. Contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components and intolerance to dairy products. Storage outside the refrigerator is acceptable.

Especially for children, manufacturers have acquired a children’s variation of the drug — Lineks Malysh, which is a powder for preparing a suspension inside, but capsules can also be given. The dosage from birth to 2 years is 1 capsule three times a day or 1 sachet per day. A preliminary consultation with a pediatrician is mandatory. Place the contents of the opened capsule or sachet in a spoon, pour a small amount of water, baby food or breast milk. The liquid should be warm, but not hot.


  • high efficiency;
  • the possibility of storage without a refrigerator;
  • variety of release forms.


  • contraindication for milk intolerance.

The best herbal remedies for colic for newborns

3 Dill water

Dill water

The best folk remedy for treating babies for colic has long been on pharmacy shelves. The effectiveness of dill in getting rid of discomfort in the stomach has been proven more than once. However, in the composition of the medicine in the first place is not dill, but fennel. This plant is similar in action to spicy herb, but is more effective. It can also be used as a tea to treat bloating in adults. The syrup is suitable for the treatment of newborns.

For convenience, you can refuse to prepare a folk medicine and not worry about the expiration date. It is enough to buy a drug with the same name at the pharmacy. A formula enriched with vitamin B1 is hidden in a dark vial. The kit comes with a convenient dispenser that will help you follow the doctor’s prescription exactly. Usually the medicine is prescribed for babies who are rarely bothered by colic. Since it is just a dietary supplement, it cannot completely cure. However, according to reviews, parents are still using this old drug.

2 Bebinos


The drug perfectly relieves the still unformed digestive system of the baby from discomfort. Doctors usually prescribe therapy with 3 drops. This dose is enough to effectively soothe the intestinal pain of the newborn. Most medicines contain herbal ingredients. Chamomile extract has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Thanks to him, the baby’s body normalizes digestion. Fennel fights colic and bloating, while coriander helps relieve inflammation.

According to reviews, the tool has earned the love of many parents and has become the best for someone. Some notice that the drug formula contains alcohol, but pediatricians assure the safety of such a small dose. When it comes to the health of the baby, you need to pay attention to all factors. Therefore, the drug should not be taken if the child has an allergy to any medication. Herbal extracts can negatively affect the unformed organism.

1 Plantex


Plantex is a representative of herbal medicines that are safe for newborns. The tool is intended to stimulate the digestive system and reduce the formation of gases in the intestines in children from birth to 4 years. Release form — granules for the preparation of a solution for oral administration. Eliminates pain. Contraindicated in lactase deficiency, hypersensitivity to the components of the composition, glucose malabsorption syndrome.

According to network users, the remedy demonstrates the best effectiveness in children who are bottle-fed rather than breastfed. For newborns, the daily dosage is optimal — 1.5 sachets, which are divided into three doses. The drug is used between meals or at the end of a meal. For preparation, the contents of the sachet are poured with liquid in a volume of 100 milliliters. Stir until complete dissolution of the granules.


  • safety;
  • effectiveness;
  • ease of dilution.


  • contraindications;
  • high price.

The Best Enzyme-Based Colic Remedies for Newborns

3 Mezim


Enzyme preparation at a very favorable price. Do not be afraid to give to a newborn, because its formula consists only of components that are independently produced by the body. The fact is that the baby may not have enough of them, since its digestive system has not been fully formed. To solve problems with the intestines, the medicine can be taken both once and as a course. For a more accurate dosage, consultation with a pediatrician is necessary.

For ease of use, crush the required dose into powder, mix with water or juice. The action will not keep you waiting. Relief from colic will come almost immediately, they will completely stop after 2-3 hours. It is forbidden to give the drug to children with a diagnosis such as pancreatitis, as well as with allergies to medicines. Moms respond well to the drug. It is praised for its versatility, since the whole family can undergo treatment at once. They note its availability and low cost.

2 Creon


The active substance in the preparation is pancreatin. In addition to it, a large amount contains enzymes necessary for digestion and digestion of milk protein. The capsule shell provides almost instantaneous dissolution and activation in the body. The list of indications for use is very wide. Basically, it has a positive effect on the functioning of the intestines and stomach, relieves bloating and heaviness. Accordingly, it is suitable for the treatment of infants from colic.

The dosage should be set by the doctor, since the drug itself is produced with different concentrations of substances. In general, therapy can begin from the first days of life. Reviews speak of the high effectiveness of the drug and its availability. However, treating a baby with it can be difficult. To determine the dose, you need to be accurate, and with capsules this is not very convenient.

1 Lactazar


The formula of the drug tries to fight undigested protein. Lactase is a key component that is best responsible for getting rid of colic in the intestines. It helps to break down protein in the intestines and be better digested. Thus, the baby gets rid of discomfort after feeding. The medicine is considered a dietary supplement. According to manufacturers, it does not cause harm to the newborn, since it interacts only with mother’s milk.

The drug is recommended to be used before each feeding. The contents of the capsule are diluted in warm milk or water, then given to the child and continue feeding. Reception can be started from the first day of life. It is advised to abandon Lactazar if the child has an individual lactose intolerance. Reviews report that the remedy is very effective, inexpensive and effective, and can also be used for bloating in adults. However, it is not always convenient to use due to the capsules that must be opened and mixed.

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