15 Best Gear Oils


A car today is quite an expensive pleasure. This is not only about the price of the car itself, but also about the constant increase in the cost of gasoline, taxes and expensive spare parts. Therefore, many motorists take good care of their vehicles, trying to extend its life so as not to invest a lot of money in it during repairs.

Some people are confused when it comes to gear oils and gearboxes. They ask themselves: why change something that should work for a lifetime? But this is not so, especially when you see dozens of killed checkpoints and questioning faces of motorists in car repair shops. Without delving into the technical details, it is obvious that the gearbox, whether automatic or manual, requires a careful attitude and high-quality oil.

Obviously, oil manufacturers have reached unprecedented heights: today on the market you can find dozens of types of gearbox fluids for any needs of motorists. Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the best and most optimal gear oils with a detailed description and identified distinctive features. When compiling the list, we relied on the following criteria:

  • Experienced opinions of technical experts
  • Real reviews of motorists
  • The ratio of price and quality characteristics

Best Synthetic Gear Oil

5 Shell Spirax S4G 75W-90

Shell Spirax S4G 75W-90

Shell Spirax S4 gear oil has been developed specifically for Volkswagen cars and trucks. It can successfully operate in the harsh Russian climate. Loss of fluidity occurs only when the temperature drops to -42°C. The product is intended for use in mechanical transmissions, it can be used in modern synchronized units, into which synthetics must be poured. The high performance properties of the synthetic material are confirmed by laboratory tests, the tested units have successfully completed 20 million kilometers of run.

Car owners have no particular complaints about Shell Spirax S4 gear oil. Some users felt the ease of shifting into gears, others claim that the shifting became more rigid. Unfortunately, the use of lubricant is limited to VW machines.

4 Castrol Syntrans Transaxle GL-4 75W-90

Castrol Syntrans Transaxle GL-4 75W-90

Castrol Syntrans Transaxle gear oil has a fully synthetic base. Distinctive features of the lubricant are enhanced extreme pressure properties. The product is intended for mechanical transmissions requiring an API GL-4 fluid. The oil provides protection for rubbing parts in gearboxes and drive axles during cold starts by maintaining fluidity.

Many car owners have experienced the benefits of German gear oil. A quality product can be bought at almost any auto shop. As soon as motorists began to fill in the transmission, the noise in the transmission decreased, the gear shifting became clearer. There are no problems with driving in severe frost. Users attribute the high price and a large number of fakes on the Russian market to the disadvantages of the product.

3 Liqui Moly Hochleistungs-Getriebeoil 75W-90

Liqui Moly Hochleistungs-Getriebeoil 75W-90

The third best synthetic gear oil is a Liqui Moly product with a strange German name. It meets all international requirements. It is used in manual transmissions and hypoid axle gearboxes. The API GL-4 standard allows the use of oil in passenger cars. The manufacturer claims that Hochleistungs-Getriebeoil is the best wear protection oil. This is confirmed by many years of practice of use.


  • High quality chemical components
  • wear resistance
  • Withstands extreme loads
  • Excellent protective properties


2 MOTUL GEAR 300 75W-90

MOTUL GEAR 300 75W-90

Expensive and elite MOTUL GEAR 300 oil stands out from the rest not only in price, but also in technical features. This product has the highest performance, quality and reliability. For which it is used in sports and racing cars. SAE classic — 75W-90, API standard — GL4. Viscosity under extreme loads does not affect the power of the car: horsepower «does not decrease». MOTUL is recognized as a leader in many properties, which is why it has such a price. In general, an ideal option if you have the means.


  • For high and shock loads
  • Maximum study of the composition of the oil
  • Under pressure, the film has increased resistance
  • Oil properties reduce wear and friction


1 ZIC GF TOP 75W-90


At the top of the ranking among synthetic oils is ZIC GF TOP. Ideal for regions with low temperatures due to its cold resistance, which allows the oil to be fluid and viscous in any frost. A separate feature is the low probability of forgery, because the manufacturer uses a special canister manufacturing technology. Motorists note that when using ZIC TOP, noise reduction occurs in the transmission. Another feature is that this oil is effective under extreme loads.


  • Thermal-oxidative stability
  • Anti-friction properties
  • Compatibility with materials inside the gearbox
  • Optimal price

There are no disadvantages.

The best semi-synthetic gear oil

5 Ravenol ATF MM SP-III Fluid

Ravenol ATF MM SP-III Fluid

The German transmission oil Ravenol ATF MM SP-III Fluid is designed for use in MITSUBISHI, KIA and HYUNDAI vehicles equipped with automatic transmission. The semi-synthetic base is obtained by hydrocracking, in order to give the material anti-corrosion and anti-friction properties, a set of additives based on polyalphaoleins is added to it. The product retains excellent lubricity at low temperatures. The pour point is -48°C. The oil behaves neutrally towards non-ferrous metals and transmission sealing parts.

Motorists are attracted by the affordable price of gear oil, a wide selection of packaging (1, 4, 10, 20, 60 liters), stable operation in various automatic transmissions. Of the shortcomings, there is a large number of fakes in the domestic market, so you should buy oil in trusted stores.



Domestic oil refiners managed to develop gear oil with unique properties. The LUKOIL ATF product is an all-weather semi-synthetic product designed for automatic transmissions. The lubricant not only retains its viscosity over a wide temperature range, it remains stable under high loads in transmission units. After production tests, the oil was approved for use on serious BelAZ mining dump trucks. The products meet the stringent requirements of Caterpillar, MB and GM. Over time, the oil does not break down, it behaves neutrally in relation to the sealing elements.

Users note the affordable price of the material, high quality, reliable protection against counterfeiting. The oil is popular in fleets where a lot of equipment with hydraulics works.

3 LIQUI MOLY Hypoid-Getriebeoil TDL 75W-90

LIQUI MOLY Hypoid-Getriebeoil TDL 75W-90

The German manufacturer produced a universal oil. It is used for all types of drives because it belongs to the Total Drive Line classification. Moreover, API GL-4/5, which indicates the presence of a double tolerance. This means that this oil is suitable for most transmissions. Such versatility is complemented by anti-friction properties, wear resistance and other pleasant features. In general, the best option, excellent value for money.


  • Application versatility
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • wear resistance
  • Price


  • Strict oil change intervals

2 Hyundai ATF SP III

Hyundai ATF SP-III

The Korean manufacturer did not stint on «stable» oil. Ideal for HYUNDAI and KIA owners. This oil allows the gearbox to operate over a wide temperature range. Friction properties are excellent, and an important feature is one of the best compatibility with many metal products, which protects the box from wear and cracks.


  • Wide temperature range
  • Metal Compatibility
  • wear resistance
  • Price


  • Narrow usage

1 Elf Tranself NFJ 75W80 GL4+

Elf Tranself NFJ 75W80 GL4+

The French manufacturer managed to create the most optimal option with the best extreme pressure characteristics. NFJ 75W80 has excellent temperature stability: when the temperature drops, it thickens slightly, and at high degrees it does not become extremely liquid. The properties of the oil make it easier to shift gears in cold weather, and also reduce noise with the help of a strong viscosity stability against shear. The gears don’t change by themselves. Mechanical components receive reliable protection due to the chemical properties of the oil.


  • Protective properties
  • wear resistance
  • Performance stability
  • Excellent friction properties
  • Enhances the anti-wear protection of gearboxes, especially its mechanical components

No deficiencies found.

Best Mineral Gear Oil

5 MOTUL Gearbox GL 4/5 80W-90

MOTUL Gearbox GL 4/5 80W-90

A well-known French manufacturer has succeeded in creating a mineral-based gear oil with outstanding lubricity. Due to this quality, the liquid can be poured into manual transmissions, drive axles, hypoid units that do not have auto-lock. The reduction of friction between the mating parts of the transmission was due to the addition of molybdenum disulfide to the composition. The connection makes the oil film impermeable, it is maintained even in harsh operating conditions. The lubricant withstands chemical and mechanical stress, does not foam during operation.

Users consider the product to be the best mineral transmission. It can be used both on domestic Niva and on imported SUVs. There is a low noise level in the transmission, which proves good lubricating properties. Of the minuses, the high price for mineral oil can be noted.



MOBIL ATF 320 gear oil can solve a wide range of tasks. The product is created on a mineral basis, it can be poured into automatic transmissions (and some manual transmissions), power steering, drive axles, etc. The lubricant is also suitable for use in agricultural machinery, construction machines, hydraulic systems of industrial equipment. Technical fluid complies with Dexron III, ZF TE-ML-04D/17C approvals. Numerous tests confirm the high quality of the oil, as well as a long service life.

Users are satisfied with the quality of the product, wide scope of application, efficient operation in a wide temperature range. Protection of transmission parts occurs from the first seconds after a cold start. The only deterrent to buying is the high price of mineral oil.

3 Lukoil 80W90 TM-4

Lukoil 80W90 TM-4

The Russian Lukoil is the leader among manufacturers in the Russian Federation. This oil differs in price, as well as the addition of an additive package. The scope of application is wide: cars, trucks, machinery and other mechanisms. Excellent wear resistance for 120 rubles, as well as antioxidant and anti-corrosion properties. You should not expect much from this oil, but this particular product is one of the leaders in this category. Despite relative versatility, the oil is suitable for GM-4 systems. In general, a fairly effective oil for an extremely pleasant price.


  • Price
  • Simple Composition
  • Good resistance to low temperatures
  • Good lubricating properties

No deficiencies found.

2 Total TRANSMISSION GEAR 8 75w-80


Total pleases with its attitude towards consumers: they managed to develop the most optimal gear oil. Price and quality are in direct proportion: the cost is adequate to the properties, and the duration of use is impressive. GEAR 8 has properties that allow you not to change the oil as often as it is common among mineral products. Many users note that, as such, it has no shortcomings. This is ideal for Russian cars and for any other with manual transmission. The film from this oil is quite resilient and elastic, which creates excellent protection for the mechanisms and gears of the box.


  • Price and quality
  • Optimum flow and viscosity properties
  • Withstands low temperatures

No deficiencies found.

1 LIQUI MOLY Getriebeoil 85W-90

LIQUI MOLY Getriebeoil 85W-90

Getriebeoil mineral oil is the highest quality of the components used and the use of a set of special additives, which ensures excellent properties and reliable operation. This oil is suitable for all-weather use, which means that in winter the oil will not thicken excessively. It is assumed that Getriebeoil can be filled for all types of spur gears, which indicates a wide range of applications. Chemical properties ensure compatibility with most types of seals. In general, this German oil offers high reliability, protection against rapid wear and pleasant operation of the gears in the gearbox.


  • wear resistance
  • Withstands low temperatures
  • Wide range of uses


  • High price for mineral oil

How to choose gear oil?

The choice of oil is a responsible decision, so you need to know a few simple rules. We have compiled a short list of tips to help you choose the best option.

  • The price of oil is not a determining selection criterion. High cost does not guarantee that the oil will work perfectly.
  • First of all, gear oil is chosen relative to the gearbox. A wide range of oils is used for manual transmissions, while a special low-viscosity fluid has been developed for the machine, which is labeled ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).
  • Particular attention must be paid to the specific loads inside the box mechanism and relative slip speed. Knowing them, you can choose the right oil.
  • The next criterion is the amount of EP additives, as they can contain elevated levels of sulfur compounds. This can lead to corrosion of non-ferrous metals, but such additives also provide increased protection for the main mechanisms of the unit.
  • Performance marking: GL-4 and GL-5. The first type of oil is great for front-wheel drive cars, the second — for everyone else. There is also a universal GL-4/5 that fits most types of transmissions.
  • The viscosity parameter is SAE. The classic «all season» — 75W-90, it holds a large temperature range. The letter W means that the oil is intended for low temperatures, the absence of a letter indicates that it belongs to the summer season.
  • You should consult a specialist in a store or service station if you have any doubts about the choice of gear oil.
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