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Various vitamin supplements help us resist viral infections, feel cheerful, and make up for the lack of specific substances. They are given to children for full growth and development, women drink vitamins to improve the condition of the skin and hair. Many complexes offered by pharmacies are of frankly poor quality and have no effect on the body, so in recent years, users have increasingly preferred perfectly balanced and effective Finnish drugs. Unfortunately, we have them in a meager assortment, but you can still find them in some online pharmacies or order directly from Finland. And now we present to your attention a rating of the best Finnish vitamins for children, women and men.

The best Finnish vitamins for adults

5 Vitatabs B12 1000 mcg

Now every second working person or student can complain of nervous exhaustion, constant feeling of fatigue, poor quality of sleep. From constant stress, lack of sleep, physical and mental overload, the nervous system weakens. To support it, Finnish vitamin manufacturers have developed a special dietary supplement, the main component of which is vitamin B12. With regular use, it has a complex effect on the body — it increases efficiency, reduces fatigue, stabilizes the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, and develops increased resistance to stress.

One tablet should be sucked or chewed per day. The drug is recommended to anyone who is constantly faced with increased stress, is on a diet or adheres to a vegetarian diet. Vitamin will benefit the elderly and active men.

4 Vitamins Bion 3 Adult

The original vitamin preparation, which includes a combination of probiotics, a complex of vitamins and essential minerals. Together, all these substances have a powerful effect on strengthening the immune system, replenish the deficiency of missing trace elements, improve overall health and normalize the intestinal microflora. To increase immunity and maintain the body in good shape, it is enough to take one tablet a day with plenty of water. Packing is enough for two months — 60 tablets.

The vitamin complex is designed for adults, adolescents over 14 years of age are allowed to take it. Pregnant and lactating women should consult with their doctor first. The drug is recommended for use as a prevention of colds and viral diseases, to prevent dysbacteriosis when taking antibiotics, with a general weakening of the body.

3 LYSI Omega-3 with Vitamin D

Two-in-one dietary supplement — valuable omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3. Together, these substances have a beneficial effect on the body. Due to the presence of fats, D3 is absorbed much better. Omega-3 helps lower cholesterol levels, prevents the formation of plaques, and has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. With regular use, vision, skin and hair condition improves. Vitamin D has a positive effect on bone tissue and increases the body’s defenses. These two substances perfectly complement each other, forming a unique medical complex.

The drug is available in plastic jars of 120 capsules. The recommended daily dose for an adult is 2 capsules — they are small, smooth, and very easy to swallow. The vitamin complex can be recommended to maintain immunity, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, as well as for existing problems with the heart, blood vessels, and excess weight.

2 Minisan Vitamin D3 chewable tablets 5 mcg

Vitamin D3 is synthesized by the body itself under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, people who spend all day at work often have its deficiency. It is impossible to replenish it with food — special dietary supplements are needed. Everyone needs D3 — children, men, women. Its function is quite wide — improving the condition of bone tissue, increasing immunity, reducing the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

The preparation «Minisan» contains the optimal dose of a valuable vitamin. It is produced in the form of chewable tablets, 100 pieces in one package. Since the recommended dose for an adult is 1 tablet per day, vitamin banks last for three months — the price is more than budget, and the benefits are huge. Pregnant, lactating women, the drug is contraindicated or can only be taken as prescribed by a doctor. Vitamin D drops are produced under the same name — it can be given to children for the proper formation of the bone skeleton.

1 Gerimax Monivitamiini & Ginseng

A complex remedy for improving immunity is equally well suited for men and women, contains a balanced composition of vitamins and mineral elements. The uniqueness of this preparation is given by the pomace of the ginseng root — it enhances the protective properties of the body, tones, gives strength, contains many useful substances. The plant component is supplemented with a complex of B and A vitamins. The iron contained in it prevents the development of anemia, and iodine prevents the dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Additionally, the drug contains zinc and manganese.

The cost may seem high to some users, but there are 60 tablets in the package. With the recommended method of administration (1 tablet per day), it lasts for two months. It is recommended to drink vitamins in courses, usually in the off-season, when the likelihood of infection with viral and infectious diseases is highest. The drug is contraindicated in children, during pregnancy and lactation.

The best Finnish vitamins for women

3 Vivania Collagen Beauty

A vitamin supplement based on collagen, which prolongs the youthfulness of the skin and reduces the number and severity of the first fine lines. Already after one course, the skin begins to look smoother, younger and fresher. Also, the drug has a positive effect on the condition of nails, hair and joint health. The minimum course duration is 4-6 weeks. If desired, the drug can be taken continuously.

It is recommended to take 5 tablets per day with a sufficient amount of water. If necessary, it is allowed to chew them and increase the dose to 10 tablets. Also on sale you can find the same drug in the form of liquid collagen. In this case, the recommended dose is 50 ml. The tool is designed for mature women, but can also be used at a younger age (after 30 years) with excessive dryness of the skin and signs of premature aging.

2 FEMIBION Schwangerschaft

During pregnancy, the female body spends most of the forces, nutrients and vitamins for the formation of the fetus. At the same time, the woman herself begins to experience their shortage. Taking the right, well-balanced vitamin supplements throughout pregnancy helps ensure a healthy baby is born and the body of the expectant mother is maintained.

The FEMIBION vitamin complex is divided into two stages — for early periods up to 12 weeks and for the rest of the childbearing period. Properly selected proportions of folic acid, D3 and a balanced complex of other essential vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on the course of pregnancy. The daily dose consists of two drugs at the same time — capsules and tablets. The drug is not cheap, but very good.

1 Ladyvita 50+

After the age of 50, the aging process accelerates in women. As a result, the bones become brittle, the skin loses its elasticity, the hair begins to grow more slowly. During this period, without additional support, the body is deficient in vitamins. Ladyvita 50+ is one of the most famous and popular Finnish-made vitamin preparations for women. It contains estrogen to slow down the aging process, vitamin D3 and calcium to maintain bone strength and prevent the development of osteoporosis.

Further, the composition is followed by a standard set of trace elements and vitamins in the dose required for the age group after 50 years. The drug can be taken on an ongoing basis, three capsules per day. The package contains 120 capsules. When buying a complex, it should be borne in mind that it is not suitable for young women. It is better for them to consider the drug of the same manufacturer called Ladyvita Care. And for pregnant and lactating women, the best option would be Ladyvita Mama.

The best Finnish vitamins for children

3 Moller Omega-3 Pikkukalat

There is no child who loves fish oil, but even the pickiest of toddlers will love this fruit-flavored jelly fish formula. Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin D, as well as other vitamins and substances that make up fish oil, will ensure the full development of the child. The preparation in the form of Moller fish is popular not only in Finland, but also in Russia.

Moller Omega-3 Pikkukalat is recommended for children from two years old, one capsule per day, for older children twice a day. A contraindication to taking is a violation of blood clotting and individual intolerance to the components of the drug. It is not recommended to exceed the dose of the drug without the advice of a doctor.

2 Bion 3 Junior

Flavored raspberry chewable tablets are liked by children with a pleasant taste, and by parents with a good composition. It is a balanced combination of three minerals, 12 vitamins and three types of probiotics. A balanced composition provides an increase and maintenance of immunity, the full development of the child, improves memory and learning abilities. The drug is recommended for children from 4 years old, one tablet per day.

The peculiarity of this complex is the content of probiotics. They contribute to the normalization of the intestinal microflora, prevent its violation while taking antibiotics. The general condition of the child’s immune system largely depends on the health of the intestinal tract. They take vitamins in a course, the duration of which is best discussed with the pediatrician.

1 Sana-Sol Vitanallet

The multi-vitamin preparation is made in the form of chewy candies in the form of bears, so even small children like it. Three different flavors are mixed in one jar — blueberry, orange and raspberry. In composition, they are exactly the same, they contain a full range of vitamins and microelements necessary for a growing organism. Some of the most important components are folic acid and D3. Vitamins are sold packed in jars of 60 and 120 pieces.

Vitamins can be given to children from 3 years. Until the age of ten, it is recommended to take one chewable candy per day. From the age of 11, the dose is doubled. According to the instructions, the drug can also be taken by adults in order to prevent beriberi. This is one of the most popular vitamin complexes in Finland for children of all ages.

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