10 best vacuum cleaners for asthma and allergy sufferers


Medical statistics state that more than 30% of the population suffers to some extent from sensitivity to household dust. This means that in almost every family there are people for whom cleanliness and order in the house is not just one of the conditions for a comfortable existence, but also a way to significantly alleviate the manifestations of the disease. Due to the seriousness of the problem, choosing the right vacuum cleaner is of particular importance — for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, you should use models that can efficiently clean all types of surfaces from dust and dirt, prevent the re-entry of suspended particles into the atmosphere, and ideally, humidify and disinfect the air in the room .

TOP 10 best vacuum cleaners for asthmatics and allergies

10 Shivaki SVC 1748

Shivaki SVC 1748

We start our review with the most inexpensive, but very effective Shivaki SVC 1748 vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. Despite its affordable price, it has all the criteria necessary for high-quality cleaning. The model is equipped with a large tank for water filtration (3.8 l), an additional HEPA barrier and has a suction power that is simply excellent for products of such a low price category — 410 W. In addition, buyers noted the low noise level during operation (in the data sheet this figure does not exceed 68 dB), reliable assembly and high quality of the materials used (there is no specific smell of plastic, which many other budget devices “sin” with).

The “weak side” of the product, some users considered the need to wash the dust container and replace the water in the filter after each cleaning. However, this feature is inherent in all structures of this type, and cannot objectively be considered a disadvantage. Based on the combination of positive characteristics, we can confidently call Shivaki SVC 1748 the best vacuum cleaner in terms of price-quality ratio.

9 VITEK VT-1833


The Russian brand VITEK is considered one of the most popular in the domestic market of household appliances. And, although most of its products are manufactured in China, the democratic pricing policy and the diversity of the model range make vacuum cleaners of this brand very popular among buyers. VITEK VT-1833 with an aqua filter and a turbo brush in the kit scrupulously removes small debris from most types of surfaces, and a five-stage trapping system does not give dust and bacteria any chance to escape. The performance of this unit is also quite decent (especially for such a low price) — 400 W with a power consumption of 1800 W. Of the pleasant «bonuses», the product provides for automatic rewinding of the power cord, vertical parking and a mode control (on the case).

The vacuum cleaner does a good job of keeping the apartment clean. Feedback from the owners of the VITEK VT-1833 is mostly positive, although there are complaints about the quality of the plastic and the low strength of the structure. But, since the model helps to effectively eliminate most of the causative agents of allergic reactions in the apartment, we considered it right to include it in our TOP of the best.

8 ARNICA Bora 4000

ARNICA Bora 4000

Vacuum cleaner ARNICA Bora 4000 can also be classified as a device recommended for use by people prone to allergies. This traditional dry vacuum cleaner captures dust with a patented DWS filtration system that eliminates up to 99.9% of fine particles. The product is equipped with an aquafilter, and is also equipped with a fine filter of HEPA-13 class. Of the additional characteristics, a large number of nozzles (5 pcs.), A reliable reinforced hose with a guaranteed service life of up to 10 years, and the possibility of air aromatization deserve attention.

Buyers liked the ease of maintenance of the device — the design can be easily disassembled and washed, and the absence of costs for consumables increases the efficiency of the model. The commentators attributed only a loud hum during operation to the “cons”, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the cleaning process in any way. In general, the Turkish Bora 4000 fully copes with the task, effectively cleans the house of dust and dirt, and improves the hygiene of the room atmosphere.

7 Bissell 17132 Crosswave

Bissell 17132 Crosswave

Not every manufacturer of upright vacuum cleaners has models with an aquafilter in its assortment. Most often, such products belong to cyclone units, so they are rarely chosen for cleaning rooms where allergy sufferers or asthmatics are located. However, the developers of the Bissell 17132 Crosswave managed to successfully combine compact dimensions, maneuverability and a high degree of capture achieved with a small water filter (volume — 400 ml). As an additional barrier, a HEPA-13 washing filter with an efficiency of at least 99.95% is used. In addition, the vacuum cleaner pleases with its versatility, as it can perform not only dry cleaning, but also qualitatively washes dirt from all types of surfaces.

The main shortcomings of the users called the high price of the equipment (more than 20 thousand rubles), rather heavy weight with all the tanks filled and the lack of suction force adjustment. Otherwise, there were no complaints about the device — according to the owners, the Bissell 17132 Crosswave is perfect for both daily and general cleaning of the apartment.

6 KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean

KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean

The representative of the professional line of the famous German brand KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean was developed specifically for cleaning places with increased requirements for sanitary standards. The model is actively used for cleaning rooms in children’s institutions, hospitals, hotels, but, thanks to the ergonomic design, it is also convenient to use the equipment for home needs. As a dust collector, the product uses a 2-liter aquafilter, already traditional for anti-allergenic vacuum cleaners, which allows you to thoroughly process large areas in one cleaning cycle and traps up to 99.95% of suspended particles. Another characteristic feature of the device is its low power consumption — with a consistently high suction power, the power consumption is only 650 watts.

Judging by the reviews, buyers were satisfied with the result of using this device. All users, without exception, noted that after cleaning with the help of KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean, the air in the apartment became noticeably cleaner and fresher. Most of the owners named the high cost of consumables and some general bulkiness of the equipment as obvious «minuses».

5 Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure

Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure

According to the manufacturer, Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure is specially adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and, having studied the technical characteristics of the model, we have no reason to doubt this statement. The kit includes an AQUA-PURE-FILTEBOX water filter, a washable HEPA-13 filter, an anti-pollen filter that retains the smallest allergens, and a carbon barrier to absorb odors (optional). The absence of dust bags ensures consistently high performance regardless of how full the container is. A compact and attractive design, combined with an affordable price, make this vacuum cleaner one of the most popular products among buyers.

In their comments, buyers highlighted good suction power, maneuverability and functionality (the product is ideal for cleaning hard floors, carpets, mattresses and upholstered furniture). At the same time, some users complained about the rather fragile plastic of the aquafilter, which requires careful handling. Otherwise, no defects were found in the operation of Perfect Air Allergy Pure.

4 Dyson DC37 Allergy Musclehead

Dyson DC37 Allergy Musclehead

The Dyson DC37 Allergy Musclehead dry vacuum cleaner is presented by the manufacturer as equipment ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The proprietary Radial Root Cyclone system helps to reliably capture even the smallest particles with a diameter of no more than 0.5 microns. This allows you to purify the indoor air, making it free from pollen, mold microparticles and other harmful bacteria. Additional comfort of a design is given by the ergonomic design consisting in use of the exclusive Ball technology. Due to the shift in the center of gravity, the models of this series remain stable even with not too careful operation. They have increased maneuverability, move easily, do not get stuck on turns and overcome all obstacles on the way.

Users called the best qualities of the Dyson DC37 high suction power, compact size and no need to replace components. The loudest operation of the vacuum cleaner, as well as a rather short power cord, which made it necessary to use an extension cord when cleaning large rooms, caused the most criticism in the reviews.

3 Polti FAV30

Polti FAV30

The Italian Polti FAV30 vacuum cleaner is a unique example of household appliances that allows you to achieve the highest results in the fight for the cleanliness of floors and air. In addition to dry cleaning, the model provides the possibility of treating surfaces with a stream of hot air, which guarantees the neutralization of dust mites and other harmful microorganisms that cause asthma attacks or allergies. When connected to the design of a steam disinfector, you can effectively clean mattresses, upholstered furniture, children’s toys and other «favorite» habitats of antigen carriers at home. No less justified is the use of a vacuum cleaner for ordinary dry cleaning — a water filter with a capacity of 1.8 liters reliably retains all collected dirt, preventing them from entering the air.

Unfortunately, such good results are achieved only if a large amount of electricity is used. And, although the manufacturers claim that the installation of a new engine helped to improve this indicator, the power consumption of the steam generator is as much as 2450 W, which is much higher than that of all devices presented in the rating.

2 Miele SHJM0 Allergy

Miele SHJM0 Allergy

This vacuum cleaner belongs to the premium-class equipment, and this is evidenced not only by its high cost compared to similar products, but also by the excellent operational capabilities, thanks to which the Miele SHJM0 Allergy has taken such a high position in our TOP-10. The vertical device is best suited for cleaning in difficult conditions — its design provides the most extensive range of all the considered models (14 m), and a large number of different nozzles ensures particularly thorough treatment of any corner of the apartment.

Gorgeous design, excellent build quality, convenient power control and, of course, excellent performance make this equipment one of the best for home and office use. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a highly efficient HEPA-13 filter, has 9 filtration steps and is characterized by a reduced rumble during operation, thanks to the introduction of a special noise reduction system. At the same time, the power consumption is only 1500 W, which is quite a bit for such a functional device. The only «minus» is the high cost, which is why the Miele SHJM0 is not in proper demand among the population.

1 Thomas Allergy & Family

Thomas Allergy & Family

The Thomas Allergy & Family washing vacuum cleaner rightfully occupies the first line of our rating, since it was he who deserved the most laudatory reviews from experts and ordinary users. Thanks to the AQUA-BOX filtration system and innovative debris suppression technology, all allergens (pollen, mites, fine dust) that get inside the device are reliably bound by water, which completely eliminates the risk of their re-emission into the air. The suction power is 325 W and remains unchanged throughout the entire operation. The model is equipped with a large number of nozzles (there is a storage space on the body), which allows you to process any, even the most inaccessible places in the apartment. Also, with the help of this maneuverable equipment, you can effectively clean upholstered furniture, carpets and even wash such delicate surfaces as parquet and laminate.

Most buyers rated Thomas Allergy & Family as the best for families with small children, allergies or asthma. According to the statistics of the popular product search and selection service, this vacuum cleaner received the highest rating in such categories as cleaning quality, ease of maintenance and comfort of use.

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