10 Best Stove and Oven Cleaners


Fat and soot on the stove or in the oven — housewives have to deal with this problem quite often. Metal washcloths damage the surface, leading to a loss of appearance of equipment, so manufacturers of household chemicals have taken care of developing products that easily break down even old, burnt fat. The use of such products minimizes efforts when cleaning the stove, and helps to maintain the aesthetic appearance of household appliances for a long time. But not all remedies are equally effective. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best stove and oven cleaners.

Top best stove cleaners

10 Top House

The peculiarity of this tool is the release form in the form of a convenient aerosol bottle. When sprayed, a sufficiently resistant foam is formed, which holds well even on vertical surfaces, due to which more effective cleaning is achieved. Also, compared to most gels and sprays, the grease remover has a neutral smell, and you can work with it without gloves. The advantages of users include the fact that the aerosol not only easily removes stubborn dirt, but also gives surfaces a pleasant gloss. The tool is suitable for working with any materials — enamelled, glass-ceramic, stainless steel. The downside is that it doesn’t last long, so the cost is high.

9 Azelit Grass

The main disadvantage of most grease removers is the pungent odor, which can even cause watery eyes. But this spray smells neutral, so you can work with it with the windows closed. It is intended exclusively for the kitchen, but is suitable for any surfaces — enameled, chrome, ceramic, glass-ceramic, glass, as well as porcelain and stainless steel. They can quickly clean the hob, oven, smokehouse, microwave, grill, other kitchen appliances, pans and pots. In any case, an excellent result is achieved with minimal effort. Advantages of the product — not a sharp smell, spraying in the form of foam, quick cleansing.

8 Gold Unicum

This is a tool for special cases when the stove or oven is in a neglected state and cleaning them does not give the desired result. But it is enough to apply Gold Unicum, wait about 20 minutes and lightly rub the contaminated surface with a non-rough brush, and all the old grease will completely come off. Like other stove gels, this grease remover is based on alkali, but it is supplemented with special additives that greatly enhance its effect. Buyers confirm the effectiveness of the product with their own experience, assuring that it copes even with heavy soot. But there is a characteristic minus — a pungent smell and causticity, which causes irritation of the hands, so you can only work with it with gloves.

7 Premium Sion

At first glance, the tool may seem quite expensive, but the high cost is fully offset by a very economical consumption. To remove persistent dirt, soot, old fat, which other sprays and gels cannot cope with, it is enough to apply quite a bit of the drug. At the same time, the product can be used for any surfaces, even plastic, for cleaning pans, pots and baking sheets. The spray does not damage the surface, gives it a shine. Many users consider this tool the best in terms of price and quality. They have seen from their own experience how easily and quickly it copes with complex contaminants. But there are also disadvantages — a not very pleasant smell and a caustic composition that irritates the skin of the hands.

6 Universal Spray PROSEPT

Customers who once purchased this cleaning spray will not part with it anymore — it becomes an indispensable assistant in cleaning the whole house. This spray almost does not foam, does not require thorough rinsing, quickly removes all kinds of dirt from any surface, including grease from stoves and ovens. It is also suitable for washing any kitchen appliances, glass, mirrors, table surfaces and other furniture. It has a pronounced antistatic effect, so cleanliness lasts much longer. Users in the reviews write that this is really a universal tool that is suitable for any purpose. The only drawback is that the spray does not cope with soot and very complex dirt on the stoves.

5 Amway

Very high quality, powerful cleaner for heavily soiled stoves and ovens. A thick gel is applied using a special brush that comes with the kit, it is consumed very sparingly, since it needs to be applied in a thin layer. In just a couple of minutes, the product dissolves any contamination — no effort is needed to remove them. It is enough to apply the gel, wait a bit and wipe the surface with a sponge. A big plus is that it copes not only with fat, but also with burnt food. Users also note that, compared to other similar products, Amway does not have a pungent chemical odor. There is only one drawback — the gel is not sold everywhere, only in some stores and company representatives.

4 Mr Chister

As with most stove and oven cleaners, Mister Cleaner spray contains alkalis. But their action is complemented by natural ingredients — orange peel extract, which has the ability to break down fats. Therefore, the drug quickly dissolves carbon deposits and other persistent contaminants, while having a completely neutral odor and a more gentle effect on the skin. In addition to stoves and ovens, the spray is suitable for washing any kitchen surfaces, hoods, grills, microwaves, sinks, tiles. Many users confidently recommend it for purchase as the best, most versatile, effective tool. An additional plus is the antibacterial effect.

3 Frosch

This product can be used with equal efficiency for cleaning ovens, stoves with enameled, stainless, glass-ceramic surfaces, as well as for cleaning throughout the house. In the first case, it is recommended to use the product undiluted, in the second — literally add a cap to a bucket of water. The composition is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, so cleaning can be done without gloves — the skin will not dry and peel off. The main advantages of Frosch are versatility and safety. But there is also a drawback — the drug dissolves fresh fatty contaminants well, but it will not cope with soot and old contaminants on the stove.

2 Sanitol

Inexpensive, but effective means for removing fat and soot. Suitable for cleaning any surfaces of stoves — enameled, glass-ceramic, metal. Equally effective for cleaning stoves, ovens, grills, microwave ovens. Produced in a small convenient package in the form of a spray, it is consumed sparingly, so even a small bottle lasts a long time. But, like most anti-carbon and grease products, Sanitol has a rather aggressive composition, so it is advisable to work with it with gloves. But the smell is quite neutral, and some buyers even find it pleasant. According to the observations of users, Sanitol copes with complex contaminants even easier than many expensive products.

1 Shumanit Extra Bagi

When washing the stove turns into a real torture, old fat is not cleaned in any way, it is worth trying to use one of the best and most effective products — Shumanit Extra Bagi. Concentrated product in the form of foam is economically consumed, easily removes the most complex, old pollution. Due to the foamy consistency, it perfectly copes with the cleaning of vertical surfaces. The effectiveness of Shumanit is confirmed by numerous user reviews — many write that this is the best tool that can cope with any degree of pollution. But it is better to work with it with gloves and with open windows, as the smell is pungent, and the foam irritates the skin.

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