10 Best Samsung Refrigerators


If you need to choose a durable, high-quality refrigerator, many users turn to brands such as Samsung, Bosch, LG, Haier. The choice between them is not easy, all brands have excellent characteristics, are well-known, popular, and belong to approximately the same price category. All of them are not cheap, so it is impossible to decide on the price parameter. More often, the choice is based on personal preferences — on a comparison of two approximately identical models from different manufacturers. Knowing the high quality of all these brands that compete with each other, buyers are guided by the appearance of the refrigerator, the organization of the internal space.

Any brand has both excellent in terms of characteristics and quality, and not the most successful models, so comparing several brands of the same level will not be entirely correct. But judging by the popularity and reviews, Samsung refrigerators are highly trusted by buyers. Why are they better? The first thing that catches your eye when examining a Samsung refrigerator is a very high, one might even say exceptional build quality. Each part is perfectly matched to each other — this ensures a very long operation of the equipment. And this applies to both expensive and budget models. Some features are implemented better than competitors. For example, the owners of Samsung refrigerators praise the freshness zones very much.

If you decide to opt for the Samsung brand, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with the features and specifications of the most popular refrigerators. In our rating you will find ten models, selected based on feedback from real users.

Best Samsung Refrigerators with Side by Side Freezer


RSA1SHVB1 refrigerator Samsung

The most functional Side by Side model from Samsung. Assembled on the basis of one standard compressor, so the energy consumption is slightly higher (550 kWh / year, class A) compared to similar models of the same brand, the noise level is low — 41 dB. Automatic defrosting — No Frost, there is a quick cooling and super-freezing. Advanced functionality will definitely appeal to connoisseurs of modern technology. The refrigerator is equipped with child protection, an ice maker, a cold water supply system, an audible alarm for an open door, and a Vacation mode. All operating parameters are displayed on the touch screen.

Judging by the user reviews, the refrigerator shows itself well in operation — it quickly picks up the desired temperature, does not make noise, and keeps food fresh for a long time. If necessary, it is easily moved to another place, despite the weight of 110 kg. Minor flaws — the interior space is not well thought out, there is a discrepancy between the real characteristics and the instructions attached to the refrigerator.

2 RS-57 K4000WW

RS-57 K4000WW Samsung refrigerator

A successful model based on one inverter compressor. It is similar in characteristics to other models of the same brand, but differs from them in very quiet operation — only 38 dB. That is, such a refrigerator can be placed even in the room in which you sleep. Electronic control, intuitive, automatic defrosting (No Frost). For such a large refrigerator, energy consumption is quite economical — 399 kWh / year, class A +. There is a large freshness zone, super-freezing is provided as an additional option.

The owners of the Samsung RS-57 K4000WW refrigerator for the most part leave positive feedback. They like the thoughtful design, high-quality cooling, quiet operation of the compressor. They write that the No Frost function works as it should, frost does not form, and there is no need to defrost the refrigerator. The disadvantages of users include protruding handles that look rather flimsy — many are afraid to break them inadvertently.

1 RS-552 NRUA9M

RS-552NRUA9M Samsung refrigerator

An interesting model, made in a non-standard dark brown color. The refrigerator is based on a modern inverter compressor, due to which the noise level (41 dB) and energy consumption (431 kWh / year) are reduced. Management is very simple, setting and monitoring work parameters is carried out using a convenient display. For a refrigerator, Side by Side is quite compact, measuring just 91.2 cm wide, so it can easily fit even in a small kitchen. At the same time, due to the increased depth (70 cm), the volume is 538 liters. Defrosting is fully automatic using the No Frost option.

For the convenience of users, a lot of additional options are provided. For example, the kit includes an ice maker. Refrigerator Samsung RS-552 NRUA9M collects mostly positive reviews. Users are delighted with its appearance, glossy, almost mirror-like surface, and spaciousness. Among the pluses, intuitively simple controls and high build quality are also distinguished. Of the minuses, only the complexity of care is called, since fingerprints easily remain on the surface.

The best two-chamber Samsung refrigerators

4 RB-33J3301SS

RB-33J3301SS Samsung refrigerator

Functional, quite roomy (304 l) model. The main features are the presence of a dry and wet freshness zone for storing different products. The compartment with high humidity is used to store fruits, vegetables, herbs, the dry zone is used for chilled meat and fish. This is the quietest model among Samsung two-chamber refrigerators — the noise level is only 37 dB. The operation of the device is controlled by an electronic board — the refrigerator is as automated as possible, but free from unnecessary, often useless options.

Users write that there are no complaints about the operation of the refrigerator — it is quiet, powerful, and does an excellent job with its basic functions. Many people like the design, economical energy consumption, the presence of two freshness zones for separate storage of meat and vegetable products. Additional pluses are the convenient location of the shelves, pleasant lighting, and the absence of extraneous odors. The only small defect of the manufacturer is a very small egg tray (only 6 cells).


RT-25 HAR4DWW Samsung refrigerator

The best refrigerator for a small family. Differs in the compact sizes (volume of 255 l), low consumption of the electric power (253 kWh/year). Despite the classic design with a small upper freezer, it is produced on the basis of a modern inverter compressor and is equipped with electronic control. Full No Frost simplifies the maintenance of the refrigerator, allows you to forget about the existence of frost and frost. Of the additional options, there is only an ice generator — nothing more.

The owners of the refrigerator share their impressions — very high quality materials, elegant design, quiet operation, very comfortable shelves, voluminous pockets on the side door. Separately, the presence of an ice maker, low price, ease of operation, and rapid cooling are distinguished. The disadvantages of the model are the small volume of the freezer, the inability to get the shelves.

2 RB-37 K6221S4

RB-37 K6221S4 Samsung refrigerator

Quite expensive, but very successful model — one of the best in its price range, even compared to other competing manufacturers. Despite the set of options that is standard by modern standards, the refrigerator is harmonious and convenient. The interior space is very well thought out, a wide climate class (N, SN, ST, T) allows you to install the device even in poorly heated rooms. The refrigerator is quite roomy — 367 liters, based on a quiet and economical inverter compressor.

In developing this refrigerator, Samsung relied on the needs of customers and did not disappoint them. Consumers note the incomparable design, almost silent operation, ease of operation. Some people like such a feature as the illumination of the handles. The disadvantages of the model include only high cost.

1 RB-30J3200EF

RB-30J3200EF Samsung refrigerator

Electronic model, made in a pleasant beige color. It works very quietly due to the use of an inverter compressor in the design. It consumes electricity moderately (272 kWh / year), withstands operation in a wide temperature range (climatic class SN, ST). Of the features, one can single out the absence of the need for defrosting — the refrigerator belongs to the Full No Frost category. There is also an indication of the temperature regime, intensive freezing. In the event of a power outage, the cold will remain offline for up to 20 hours. All data about the current temperature and the set settings are displayed on the display.

During operation, the model shows itself from the best side. Users like the quietness of the refrigerator, its convenience, attractive appearance, build quality and capacity. They note the power of the freezer, the long-term storage of fruits and other perishable products, the easy and silent closing of the door. But it is not without drawbacks — there are also negative reviews in which users complain about the lack of freezer lighting, a small egg tray. Serious claims to the quality of work or the device itself could not be found.

The best Samsung multi-chamber refrigerators

3 RF50K5920S8

RF50K5920S8 Samsung refrigerator

Budget model of a multi-chamber refrigerator. The reduced cost affected the functionality of the device. It has most of the necessary options, but the super modern «bells and whistles» are not provided. The manufacturer tried to make the most reliable, convenient and relatively inexpensive model compared to other refrigerators in this category. The idea was completely successful — the build quality and materials are impeccable, the inverter compressor ensures quiet operation and moderate power consumption, both chambers are defrosted automatically by No Frost.

The owners of the refrigerator of this model note the good quality of cooling, optimal functionality without frills, concise but stylish design. Due to its relatively small dimensions (width 90 cm), it can fit even in a small kitchen. The standard minus of all refrigerators of this class is the high price, but it is much lower compared to other similar models.


RF-24 HSESBSR Samsung refrigerator

A three-chamber, rather unusual model in terms of the location of the compartments. The refrigerator looks unusual, but very stylish. The increased functionality of the model is especially pleasing — individual temperature settings for each of the three chambers, a filter and a water dispenser connected to the water supply, a siphon for carbonating water from SodaStream, a fully automatic ice maker. The touch screen is very convenient and sensitive. At night, you can turn on the LED backlight. For such a multifunctional refrigerator, it consumes very little electricity (426 kWh / year).

In addition to the above advantages, users like quiet operation, multifunctional shelves, a wide temperature range, convenient zoning and food storage. Of the minuses, users name only the high cost and complexity of acquiring filters and replaceable gas cylinders.

1 RF-61 K90407F

RF-61K90407F Samsung refrigerator

A three-chamber model that is not inferior in capacity to the largest Side by Side refrigerators (611 liters). Perfectly fit into a large kitchen, fully satisfy the needs of a family of four or more people. Thanks to the inverter compressor, it consumes a moderate amount of electricity (420 kWh/year) and runs quietly. The presence of four doors allows you to get the desired product without releasing the cold from the rest of the refrigerator space. An interesting feature is that one of the chambers can be used as a refrigerator or freezer, changing the settings according to your needs.

According to users, the refrigerator fully justifies the high cost with its convenience, quality of food storage, interesting design, and spaciousness. They note the convenient location of the shelves, quiet operation, the effect of a folding shelf.

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