10 best KARCHER vacuum cleaners


Modern housewives can no longer imagine their lives without functional household appliances. For example, a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable assistant in cleaning. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a wide range of different models. One of the most popular and noteworthy brands is KARCHER. This is a German company known for the high quality of its home appliances. Most users put it on a par with such popular manufacturers as Bosch, Dyson, Thomas. But even compared to these companies, KARCHER vacuum cleaners have advantageous advantages. They are very powerful and functional.

The company produces vacuum cleaners with a steam supply option that helps to remove even the most stubborn dirt on carpets. Models of the Puzzi series are equipped with a drying function. Also in the range there are cordless vacuum cleaners, but not manual, but of a classic design. All this distinguishes the brand’s products from the models of other manufacturers. In the ranking, we have collected the best vacuum cleaners for the home from Karcher, so that you can choose the best option in terms of functionality and cost.

Top 10 best KARCHER vacuum cleaners

10 KARCHER SE 6.100

Karcher SE 6.100

Powerful and functional model, designed primarily for wet cleaning. The device is made in an ergonomic design, equipped with large control buttons, comfortable rotary knobs. The design includes two containers — for clean and dirty water. Performs a wide range of household chores — dry and wet cleaning, collecting wet dirt and liquids, washing and drying carpets and floors. For each type of work, a separate nozzle is provided. During operation, you can switch between dry and wet cleaning without prior preparation.

Judging by user reviews, all the characteristics declared by the manufacturer are true and fully correspond to reality. Customers really like the ease of maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, especially when compared to similar models from other manufacturers. Minus — many people think that the suction power is rather weak for dry cleaning. Users are also dissatisfied with the lack of cord winding and a rather weak hose, which sometimes breaks after a couple of years of operation.

9 Karcher SE 4002

Karcher SE 4002

This vacuum cleaner equally effectively copes with dry and wet cleaning of the room. Sophisticated system with the extraction of detergent and water provides high-quality, deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery. The design of the vacuum cleaner provides two containers for water — clean and dirty. Due to the powerful traction, the maximum amount of moisture is removed from the cleaned carpet, and the drying time is significantly reduced. For dry cleaning, additional nozzles are used.

In the reviews, users note that the vacuum cleaner is very simple and easy to use, cleans carpets with high quality, returning them to their original attractive appearance. It is also easy to clean hard surfaces. Most buyers leave positive feedback about it, believing that at the moment there are no worthy competitors with the same characteristics on the home appliance market. There are no significant complaints about the operation of the vacuum cleaner, but some buyers pay attention to the lack of automatic cord winding, too large dimensions and noisy operation.

8 Karcher KB 5 (1.258-000)

Karcher KB 5 (1.258-000)

This is a very compact and easy-to-use electric broom vacuum cleaner from Karcher. Differs from other models in design, light weight, battery operation. Charger is included. Battery life on hard surfaces is about half an hour, cleaning carpets — 20 minutes. This is enough for a quick cleaning.

According to users, this vacuum cleaner model is great for quick everyday cleaning. A great option for families with young children who often have to clean up the garbage and need to constantly keep the house clean. It takes up very little space, does not require any preliminary preparation, after use the container is easily emptied. Disadvantages — compared to full-fledged models of vacuum cleaners, it has less power, a small container volume, so it cannot completely replace them.

7 KARCHER BV 5/1 BP Pack


The most versatile and not quite the usual model. The vacuum cleaner can work both from a network, and from accumulators. Stationary work is simplified by a very long power cord — 15 meters. This length is enough to clean the entire, even a very spacious apartment. If you need autonomous operation, the cord is disconnected, and the device runs on batteries. The original charger is included with the vacuum cleaner. The dust collection system is just as versatile. To remove small debris, you can use a filter bag made of non-woven material. If it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning, clean the room from the smallest particles of dust, turn on the aquafilter.

Buyers in this model are attracted by two features — versatility and the possibility of autonomous operation. Also, many note the excellent suction power and ease of use with the device. The disadvantages include a large weight (8.3 kg) and high cost.

6 KARCHER DS 6.000 Mediclean

KARCHER DS 6.000 Mediclean

One of the best wet filter vacuum cleaners from Karcher. A multi-stage filtration system (water filter, intermediate, HEPA 13) ensures the complete elimination of dust and air purification in the apartment. This model can be called the best option for allergy sufferers, since even the smallest dust particles are retained. Compared to older models, the manufacturer has reduced the power consumption, but this did not lead to a decrease in suction power. Ease of use is added by rich equipment — there are nozzles for cracks, carpets and floors, upholstered furniture, a turbo brush.

At the moment, the model is one of the most popular, users leave a lot of feedback about it. In them you can often see information about very high-quality cleaning of carpets and air, ease of use, the presence of a turbo brush in the kit, ease of use and a pleasant design. There are almost no negative reviews. Occasionally, some users express dissatisfaction with the relatively large dimensions of the device and the lack of a handle for carrying the vacuum cleaner turned off.

5 Karcher AD 4 Premium

Karcher AD 4 Premium

Not quite a typical vacuum cleaner model, which is suitable not only for collecting garbage, but also for ash from fireplaces and barbecues due to its special design and the use of fire-resistant materials. It features an increased capacity of the cyclone dust collector (17 liters) and a very convenient built-in filter cleaning system, which is activated with just one push of a button. Thanks to this, good suction power remains unchanged throughout the cleaning. The set comes with a floor nozzle, which makes the ash vacuum cleaner a universal device for the whole house, and not just cleaning fireplaces.

In the reviews, users note the optimal power of the vacuum cleaner, the compliance of all the functions declared by the manufacturer with reality. The option of a built-in filter cleaning system seems to be especially convenient for them. Among the shortcomings — an unstable design, the absence of a nozzle for cleaning carpets and a short power cord.

4 KARCHER Puzzi 10/1

KARCHER Puzzi 10/1

A very successful washing vacuum cleaner from the company Karcher. Compared to similar models from other manufacturers, it dries the cleaned carpet faster thanks to a very powerful suction turbine. By spraying the cleaning agent with the vacuum cleaner and immediately picking it up along with the dirt, even heavily soiled surfaces are effectively cleaned. With the same success, you can carry out dry cleaning. Aquafilter removes dust not only from surfaces, but also from the air, which contributes to the creation of a favorable microclimate in the room.

According to users, this is a very high-quality, efficient vacuum cleaner for the home. It quickly removes various dirt from carpets and upholstery of upholstered furniture, easily copes with dust in the apartment, makes the air cleaner and fresher. The only reason for the lack of popularity is the very high cost. Apart from this point, no significant shortcomings could be found.

3 Karcher VC 3 Premium

Karcher VC3 Premium

Despite its compact size, this model of vacuum cleaner for the home is quite powerful and efficient. A transparent cyclone dust collector and a HEPA 13 fine filter ensure high-quality cleaning of even the smallest dust particles. The kit comes with several different nozzles for cleaning floors, carpets, furniture, to remove dust from cracks and other hard-to-reach places. In operation, the vacuum cleaner is very convenient due to its compactness, maneuverability, storage space for nozzles and a foot switch.

All assurances of the manufacturer regarding the effectiveness of the model are fully confirmed by user reviews. The main advantages for most buyers are quiet operation combined with high power, as well as a compact size that eliminates the headache of finding storage space. There are no serious complaints about the operation of the device, but there are a number of minor flaws — when turning, the vacuum cleaner often turns over, the cord is short, and the dust container is not enough.

2 KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean

KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean

Compared to other vacuum cleaners of the same brand, the model has an expanded configuration. In addition to the regular floor nozzle, it is equipped with a turbo brush. It is indispensable for cleaning carpets and rugs. An effective HEPA 13 filter in combination with an aqua filter provides high-quality dust removal not only from carpets and floors, but also from indoor air. An additional advantage of the water filter is that it humidifies and cools the air, preventing the unpleasant smell of heated plastic and dust. Thanks to this, the air in the apartment always remains clean and fresh.

Reading the reviews, you can see that most users are completely satisfied with this vacuum cleaner model. They like high suction power, equipment (several different nozzles), a special place to store them. Also, many note the maneuverability, ease of operation and cleaning after use, high quality plastic and assembly. There are no significant drawbacks, only large dimensions and rather noisy operation can be attributed to them.


Karcher VC3

One of the most compact cyclonic dry vacuum cleaners from this brand. The absence of dust bags greatly simplifies operation — after cleaning, it is enough to rinse the filter under running water. The container is made of transparent plastic, so you can control the degree of its filling. The model is equipped with a HEPA filter to trap the smallest dust particles. The package includes an additional set of nozzles — for floors, carpets and cleaning upholstered furniture.

Judging by the reviews, this is one of the most popular models of the brand. Users like its compactness and the successful combination of low power consumption (700 W) with good suction power. Additional advantages — quiet operation, high-quality assembly, reliability, ease of use. The disadvantages include the lack of a turbo brush in the kit and instability when cornering.

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