10 best home alarms


Leaving your home unattended, you can not particularly worry about the safety of property if a modern alarm system is installed. A smart defender can not only send a message to your phone and call the «competent» authorities. The very fact of having a security system scares away the majority of those who want to get rich at someone else’s expense.

Our article presents the best alarms for your home or garden. The rating positions of a particular model are based on its sensitivity characteristics, GSM alert capabilities and other factors, including value judgments of experts in this field and feedback from owners who already use these models to protect their property.

TOP 10 best home alarms

10 Bradex Intruder Alarm TD 0215 / YL-105 White

A miniature autonomous device is perfect for protecting an object with a small area. It can be a garage, cottage or a small storage room. The alarm is equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the slightest change in the protected area at a distance of no more than 6 m. When triggered, the siren is immediately activated, which will scare away the criminal or attract the attention of others.

Included with the device are two remote key fobs (up to 20 meters), with the help of which the control is carried out. Despite the simplicity and accessibility, the equipment, judging by the reviews of the owners, is highly reliable and confidently copes with the tasks.

9 Atis Kit-GSM11

An excellent security complex with an autonomous power system. The alarm system is equipped with a GSM communication module — the owner always receives notifications (SMS) about the removal or arming of the object. The wireless architecture implies simple installation with minimal time costs. When one of the sensors alarms, instant dialing is activated to pre-defined telephone numbers (6 in total). The owner connects to the public address system and can hear what is happening in the protected area (not only when triggered, but at any time, if desired).

Judging by the reviews, many owners like this option — it makes it easy to track the situation at the facility. Despite the affordable cost, this alarm is used not only to protect private houses, garages or cottages. Up to 50 sensors and the same number of control fobs can be connected to it simultaneously, which allows using the security system to control access to commercial and industrial premises.

8 Guardian Sensor GSM

This alarm system enjoys the confidence of domestic consumers, which has been earned by reliability and balanced cost. It is perfect for a country house or cottage. «Guardian Sensor GSM» is often used in the protection of apartments and office premises. Contactless keys can be used to set and remove the object control mode, while the owner will always know who exactly entered the protected premises.

One of the indisputable advantages of this device in the reviews of the owners indicates the impossibility of setting the object under protection with an open circuit (open window or door). In addition, wireless sensors can inform the owner through the head unit when the batteries are low. Only the owner or his authorized representative, who will be informed of the access password, can enter the equipment settings and configuration mode.

7 Mega SX-300R Radio

What security system does not require wiring for installation, and also has an outwardly rather uninformative base station? The Mega SX-300R Radio alarm corresponds to this description, but under the external simplicity there are much more possibilities than it might seem at first glance:

  • Control of electrical appliances — up to 5 connections;
  • Controls up to 10 security zones;
  • Works with wired and radio sensors;
  • Can track the temperature in the room (additional option);
  • Notifies the owner of a change in power supply (there is an emergency battery);
  • Allows for remote audio analysis of the object;
  • Makes a call via GSM-channel to the specified numbers and SMS-informing.

Having installed this alarm for home security, users in their reviews note several distinctive features at once. Without professional experience, it is quite simple to install and configure it yourself. It is very convenient to control the equipment by phone through the voice menu or by sending regular messages. In addition, the owner can independently connect the alarm to his PC and configure the device operation algorithm through a special web service (registration is required).

6 Sititek SHIELD TOUCH 2 GSM Wi-Fi

Made in the original design, this alarm system attracts not only with the best appearance, but also with a large number of functions, with the help of which the protected object will be reliably protected from any emergency situations. Sititek SHIELD TOUCH 2 GSM Wi-Fi supports up to 99 wireless sensors that can respond to smoke, power outages, windows and movement. When any of them is triggered, the siren immediately turns on and dials and alerts are sent to trusted phone numbers (supports up to 8 subscribers).

With the help of this alarm, you can remotely control household electrical appliances — just connect them through special «smart» sockets. This feature appealed to many owners who, in their reviews, positively evaluated this option. If necessary, the device allows you to listen to what is happening at the facility. A distinctive feature is the presence of a Wi-Fi channel through which you can control the alarm using a special Android-based application that does not require Internet access.

5 Rexant Watchman GSM

What security system can survive without electricity for more than 5 months? The answer is obvious — for the best stand-alone alarm Rexant «Watchman» GSM, the only necessary installation condition is the presence of a cellular connection. This miniature device powered by AA batteries, when an outsider appears in the protected area, will emit a 130 dB sound signal, while not reacting to random objects weighing less than 15 kg, which eliminates the possibility of false alarms on pets. Sensitive sensors detecting movement at a distance of up to 15 meters work offline at temperatures from -15 °C to 55 °C.

By setting the Rexant «Watchman» GSM, you can program three phone numbers, to which, in the event of an outside intrusion on the protected object, dialing or SMS will be sent. The notification will also come when the batteries are about to be discharged, which, on average, provide half a year of uninterrupted operation. This allows you to safely install an alarm in country houses, cottages, or other objects where electricity is cut off in the absence of the owner.


A modern multifunctional device, characterized by reliability and convenience, is ideal for the protection of a residential, house, cottage or commercial facility. Using any of the two options for connecting sensors, you can control up to 99 wireless zones, in case of unauthorized penetration into which the ALFA G50 GSM alarm system will instantly respond with a sound annunciator and dial to pre-programmed phone numbers.

It is very easy to manage the system (this is one of the characteristics most often mentioned in the reviews of the owners). You can use manual setting mode using backlit LCD display and touch keyboard, remote (remote control), and remote control of alarm parameters via mobile phone. The device will also notify the owner of a sudden power outage in a protected area, but the built-in battery (withstanding up to 10 hours) will not reduce the level of protection.

3 Ginzzu HS-K07W

What modern security system can allow you to visually assess the situation while away from home (even if you are in another country)? The answer is obvious — this is one of the most popular Ginzzu HS-K07W security systems on the domestic market. The alarm kit includes only two sensors (one is triggered by movement, the second by opening), a motorized HD camera integrated into the control panel and a remote control. This is more than enough to reliably ensure the protection of a small cottage or apartment, but there is no need to talk about the full protection of a country house — such a set is not enough. Therefore, the manufacturer has provided the ability to connect another 62 sensors and no more than 8 remotes.

This system does not use GSM communication. The owner will receive an alarm signal via the Internet (wireless connection to the router via Wi-Fi is possible). Moreover, the owner can independently view the live video from the camera and hear through the built-in microphone what is happening in his possessions. The reviews positively note the extremely easy setting of the parameters for triggering sensors and connecting the system — even an inexperienced user of gadgets such as a smartphone or tablet will figure it out. In addition, the video recording is additionally recorded on a memory card.

2 Xital GSM-4

A multifunctional security device can not only provide access control to the premises and inform the owner in a timely manner, but also control the operation of various devices. There are two GSM channels for notification. The first one sends an SMS to pre-set numbers, and in case of an unsuccessful attempt, dialing using another SIM card is activated.

The equipment supports four security zones and can use a maximum of 40 controllers. It is also possible to connect up to 5 thermal sensors, which turns the burglar alarm into a fire control system. In their reviews, the owners highly appreciate the functionality of the equipment — it can be used to additionally control three different devices (power supply management). And this can be lighting inside the house (you can create the illusion of the owner’s presence at the facility), and other appliances (even a boiler). What other alarm system will cope with such tasks better than Xital GSM-4? It is for this reason that the equipment is popular among consumers and occupies the top lines of our rating.

1 Rexant GS-115 GSM

Which alarm system can challenge the advantages of the leader of our rating in terms of its functionality? Perhaps there is such a system, but, nevertheless, Rexant GS-115 GSM really protects the house, and not only from external encroachments. Here is what this device can control:

  • Unauthorized entry from the outside;
  • Indoor temperature;
  • gas leak;
  • Smoke and open fire.

In addition, up to 97 control zones can be activated and selectively armed. With the help of wireless sensors, this allows you to provide protection for several, separate, objects. The owners who have made their choice in favor of this alarm consider their decision to be the right one, which they are happy to share in their reviews. Yes, this is not surprising — in addition to the functions and capabilities described above, the device makes dialing and SMS distribution when one of the circuits is triggered, informs about a power outage (there is an autonomous power source) and supports multi-zone programming of security modes and remote control using a regular phone.

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