10 best grain crushers


The fact that ground grain is better absorbed by domestic animals and birds was well known to our distant ancestors. They spent a lot of effort and money on grinding food. Today, this problem is easily solved with the help of an electric grain crusher. Many models have been created for domestic needs. There are specialized units among them (they grind only grain), and you can also find universal feed mills (process grains, legumes, oilseeds and root crops). Experts recommend when buying to build on the following parameters.

  • Grinding size is selected according to the type of pets. The bird likes larger fractions, and it is better for livestock to offer feed in the form of flour.
  • Not the most important parameter of a grain crusher for the home is performance. But the greater the number of pets (and the larger they are), the more powerful the model required.
  • On the other hand, compact and lightweight equipment is chosen for the home so that, if necessary, the device can be moved closer to forage supplies.

TOP 10 best grain crushers

10 Bizon 400

Bizon 400

If the household has cattle, then an efficient grain mill will be required to produce feed. An example of such equipment for the home is the Bizon 400 model. It has a rotary design, the knives are not afraid of solid particles. Thanks to the powerful (1.75 kW) and revving (16,000 rpm) power unit, it is possible to grind not only wheat and oats, but also oilseeds. High productivity (400 kg/h) is combined with an affordable price and compact size. The equipment weighs only 7.5 kg, so the owners will not have problems with moving and transporting.

During operation, users managed to find the best qualities of the grain crusher, some disadvantages were revealed. The price and performance suits almost all owners, but the mesh on the bottom is the weak link. Vibration results in regular loosening of the contacts on the switch.

9 Don KBE-180

Don KBE-180

The grain crusher Don KBE-180 will help to make nutritious feed at home for animals. For processing, you can send such types of feed as grain, beans, root crops. Grinding products of different density allows a sharp knife, which is driven by a powerful asynchronous motor (1.8 kW). The productivity of the unit is 180 kg of cereals and legumes per hour. The model is equipped with three replaceable sieves, which allows the farmer to choose the optimal grinding fraction. Experts note the high build quality, which is becoming the main factor in the long life of household equipment.

Many users attribute good painting, reliable electrical installation, and rigid construction to the advantages of the grain crusher. The model is characterized by unpretentiousness and lack of vibration. The disadvantages include the high price, large starting current due to the presence of a capacitor.

8 Farmer IZE-25M

Farmer IZE-25M

Grain crusher Farmer IZE-25M was created taking into account the requirements of Russian agricultural producers. The model is equipped with a powerful motor (1.3 kW), thanks to which it is possible to grind up to 400 kg of grain in an hour. Structurally, it is possible to adjust the size of the fraction. In the basic configuration, a sieve with a perforation of 5 mm is installed. It is allowed to use replaceable sieves with a hole diameter of 4 or 6 mm. This design allows the farmer to independently choose the size of the fraction.

Some users use a grain crusher in the household for 4-5 years. Like many other domestic developments, the model is not without flaws. This includes a high level of noise during operation, difficulties with installing the container, and a short-lived paintwork. But crushing occurs efficiently and quickly, even with regular use, serious breakdowns are rare.

7 Three Little Pigs 350

Three Little Pigs 350

The compact and productive corn crusher Three Pigs 350 allows you to always have freshly prepared feed. Despite the fact that up to 5 liters of grain can be poured into the receiving hopper, up to 350 kg of fodder can be processed per hour. Such a high performance device provides a powerful electric motor (1.9 kW). Do not be afraid of accidentally hitting a solid object in the crushing chamber. The manufacturer additionally completes the grain crusher with a spare knife and sieve. The equipment has a small weight (6.5 kg), so the hostess of the house will be able to cope with the movement if necessary.

Users have different attitudes towards the Three Little Pigs grain crusher. Some pet owners consider it the best model for daily fresh food preparation. Others are dissatisfied with the small bunker, because of which they often have to replenish it with grain. But there are no complaints about the quality of grinding, only the engine runs a little noisy.

6 Farmer IZE-05

Farmer IZE-05

The grain crusher Farmer IZE-05 has an original body shape. The loading hopper is made in the form of a funnel cut in half. This shape simplifies the loading of grain. Despite the small volume of the hopper (5 l) and low-power motor (750 W), the unit can grind up to 170 kg of grain per hour. Such performance is achieved due to blunt flanges on the knife in the form of a plate and high engine speeds (12,000 rpm). Specialists note high-quality manufacturing, reliable protection of the steel structure against corrosion. The grain feed flow can be adjusted.

Users in the reviews note the excellent combination of compactness and performance of the device. Thanks to the comfortable handle and light weight, the model is easy to carry. The only drawback that consumers often mention is the short electrical wire. But farmers have no complaints about the quality of crushing.

5 Cyclone-350


A compact electrical device is the domestic grain crusher Cyclone-350. It is designed for household use. The unit is capable of grinding up to 350 kg of grain per hour. This performance was achieved due to a capacious hopper (25 l) and a powerful motor (1.9 kW). The device is sold at the best price, which attracts the attention of zealous owners. The body of the grain crusher is made of durable sheet steel, the grain is loaded from above. Rotation of sharp knives occurs horizontally. The simplicity of the design was highly appreciated by both specialists and users.

The model is widely used in Russian farms. Of the strengths, consumers in the reviews note the reliability and maintainability of the unit. The grain crusher is not without minor flaws, for example, the damper closes on its own during operation. The locking mechanism is easy to modify on your own.

4 NIVA IZ-250


The NIVA IZ-250 grain crusher allows you to significantly save on the purchase of compound feed for poultry and livestock. The manufacturer took into account the peculiarities of the power grid in the province, equipping his product with a surge protection system. Therefore, the electric motor will regularly serve for many years. It is only important not to use the unit idle (with an empty hopper) for more than 5 seconds. Experts appreciated the high quality of the metal used for the manufacture of knives. If stones or bolts do not fall into the crushing zone, then it will not be necessary to sharpen the cutting edges for years.

Users in the reviews note the lightness (5.55 kg) of a household grain crusher. It can be used both outdoors and indoors with good ventilation. In an hour it is possible to process about 250 kg of wheat, rye or corn. Of the shortcomings, frequent clogging of the sieve is noted, which is why it breaks.

3 Zubr-2


The Russian enterprise «Gidroagregat» has created a universal household grain crusher Zubr-2. With its help, pet owners can not only crush grain, but also grind root crops, grind fresh grass. The model is distinguished by high power (1.8 kW) and a horizontal arrangement of the electric motor. This design allows you to reduce the load on the shaft, increase the reliability and durability of the device. As for productivity, 180 kg of dry grain or 650 kg of root crops can be turned into flour in an hour. The set comes with two sieves with perforations of 2.5 and 5 mm.

Users call Zubr-2 the best universal food grinder for the home. The device does an excellent job of crushing, it does not work too loudly. The owners also liked the double-sided sharpening of knives. As soon as one cutting edge becomes dull, the knife turns over and the grain crusher continues to work successfully.

2 Electromash 20

Electromash 20

The household grain crusher Elektromash 20 will become a reliable assistant in the household. The model is perfect for the home, it is not necessary to operate it in a heated room. The unit works great both in the heat and in the cold. Of course, it is better to store it indoors to prevent precipitation from entering the electrical components. The product can work continuously for 6 hours, this is also confirmed by amateur tests of farmers. Thanks to a powerful engine (1.9 kW), the grain crusher is able to grind up to 400 kg of dry fodder per hour. The device is attached to the edge of the table, and the hopper holds 20 liters of grain.

Users are satisfied with the quality of grinding, it is achieved due to the easy removal of the crushed fraction from the crushing chamber. The device consumes a lot of electricity, so experienced consumers immediately prepare grain and containers to minimize idle time.

1 Whirlwind ZD-350K

Whirlwind ZD-350K

Domestic pet owners are showing high interest in the Vikhr ZD-350K grain crusher. This Russian development is made in China. The model turned out to be light, comfortable, it has a pleasant appearance and a collapsible design. The 10 liter hopper can be quickly dismantled to make it easier to transport the product. In an hour, the unit is able to grind up to 350 kg of wheat, barley, rye or other fodder. Crushed fractions can be mixed with other feeds, allowing each animal to choose its own recipe. A powerful motor (1.35 kW) at high speed (12,000 rpm) rotates sharp knives, so when crushing, you can get a fraction in the form of flour.

Judging by the feedback from users, they have no particular complaints about the grain crusher. The unit does an excellent job of grinding grain, combining affordability and high performance.

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