10 Best Ectomorph Gainers


In dreams of an ideal body, many are ready to train for hours in the gym, count portion sizes on the scales and run in the morning. However, even regular exercise and a strict diet are not always able to create the desired relief. Ectomorphs are the least fortunate in this regard: thin people simply cannot gain weight due to a fast metabolism. Fortunately, gainers are able to cope with this problem.

Sports nutrition solves the problem with a lack of calories, protein and carbohydrates. Gainers restore energy after training, increase the efficiency of training and help maintain muscle mass. However, the ratio of macronutrients for each manufacturer is different: the more protein, the less the product is suitable for an ectomorph. They need carbohydrate calorie mixtures that are quickly digested. We reviewed the best options, found out their composition and collected the top ten that deserve attention.

TOP 10 best gainers for ectomorph

10 Weider Mega Mass 4000

Weider Mega Mass 4000

Weider Mega Mass 4000 has been on the sports nutrition market for several decades, updated the composition many times and finally settled on the best formula for body recovery. There are approximately 820 calories per serving, of which 120 grams are carbohydrates and 49 grams are protein. There are practically no fats. Due to the high molecular weight starch in the composition, the powder is absorbed quickly and enters the muscles (if you exercise regularly). At the end of the list of ingredients there are vitamins and minerals to support the body, the manufacturer recommends taking the supplement twice, including during rest.

Weider Mega Mass 4000 already has its fans who have been drinking it for years and seeing results. However, we did not put it in a higher place due to the fact that beginners will have to work out a lot to build mass. Without a gym, carbohydrates will turn into fat, as there is a huge amount of sugar in the composition. There should be enough cardio loads so that the gainer has the desired effect.

9 Mutant Mass

Mutant Mass

Mutant Mass has a huge amount of carbohydrates that lean athletes lack. It is taken before training and gives a boost of energy, and then supports the result. The manufacturer added 10 types of protein to preserve muscle mass, casein, whey and milk proteins are in the first places. Athletes note that saturation is felt even 6 hours after application. Many talk about the variety of flavors and ease of use: add water, stir and you’re done.

Mutant Mass is best for those who work out frequently or lead an active lifestyle. Without this, the body can swim with fat, because in one serving there are more than 40 grams of sugar. Carbohydrates in the composition are fast, they are immediately deposited in the body, turning a not very active owner into a ball. Since this gainer is not suitable for everyone, we put it in 9th place. But the cost is quite low, it is difficult to find sports nutrition cheaper.

8 San mass effect revolution

san mass effect revolution

San mass effect revolution is the best combination of slow and fast carbohydrates for effective weight gain and muscle mass. It contains several quality proteins and casein for better digestibility. They give a feeling of fullness, there is energy for training. This weight gainer is considered a safe option for ectomorphs as it won’t add extra fat to the sides. There are about 1100 calories in a serving, for beginners one dose per day is enough.

The advantage of this gainer is the qualitative growth of muscle mass and relatively low energy value. Athletes note an improvement in their condition, perhaps this is due to the vitamins and minerals in the composition. However, the company uses sugar, the cheapest substance, as carbohydrates. And the cost of the gainer is average, which does not really correspond to the declared ingredients.

7 Mass tech performance series

Mass tech performance series

Mass tech performance series is recommended for skinny beginners who have never used gainers and do not know the needs of their body. Unlike the leaders of the rating, there is more protein here, it is very difficult to overdo it with a dose. There is a huge amount of creatine here, it is best suited for those who are afraid to turn into a ball after consuming sports nutrition. There are over 60 grams of protein per 1,000 calories per serving.

The advantages of the Mass tech performance series are Omega fatty acids, which effectively break down fat. Athletes talk about an increase in energy, noting that drowsiness disappears, endurance appears. However, this gainer is one of the most expensive, and the manufacturer is not considered luxury. For starters, it is recommended to take a cheaper option, try sports nutrition. If you like it, you can switch to an expensive gainer.

6 Muscle juice revolution 2600

Muscle juice revolution 2600

Muscle juice revolution 2600 is popular among athletes due to its excellent value for money. It contains about 25% complex protein, a huge amount of carbohydrates and amino acids. At the end of the ingredient list are calcium, iron, enzymes, and glutamine, which are often deficient in athletes. There are a little over a thousand calories in a serving, while only 80 kcal of fat. The mixture is quickly absorbed and gives results with regular training.

A distinctive feature of Muscle juice revolution 2600 is the almost complete absence of sugar, the manufacturer used high-quality ingredients for a set of carbohydrates. However, athletes say that using this gainer is not very pleasant: it is difficult to mix it in water or milk, the taste is rather sugary. Some people feel heaviness after an hour or two, beginners are advised to start with a small dose.

5 True-Mass BSNs

True-Mass BSN

True-Mass BSN made the list of the best due to its excellent composition: protein and carbohydrates are presented in approximately the same amount, vitamins and a little fat are at the end of the list for better digestibility. The manufacturer has added a mixed protein (egg, casein and soy) for maximum satiety and appetite suppression. Carbohydrates help to gain weight and muscle mass, there are not enough of them to go into fat. In a serving of about 620 calories, the gainer is allowed to be consumed before and after training.

This product is one of the few for thin people, which contains BCAA amino acids (build muscle structures) and dietary fiber. Slow carbohydrates help proteins to digest, nothing is deposited on the sides. However, the price of the supplement is very high, even taking into account the composition. For those who actively train, more high-calorie gainers are better suited.

4 Optimum nutrition serious mass

Optimum nutrition serious mass

Many put this gainer in the first place, which is not surprising: Optimum nutrition serious mass contains so many carbohydrates that it saturates instantly and easily replenishes a calorie deficit. It is one of the best for gaining mass for athletes who have been training hard for a long time. The manufacturer recommends taking the product before and after exercise. First, it builds muscles, then replenishes the energy reserves of the body. With over 1250 calories per serving, it can replace a full meal.

The undoubted advantages of this gainer are its energy value and saturation of the body. It is relatively inexpensive for a good composition with quality protein, vitamins and minerals. However, we put the gainer in 4th place, as it quickly adds fat, increasing weight. Beginners need to be very careful with it, it is easy to overdo it with the dosage.

3 Up your mass

up your mass

Up your mass opens the top three thanks to a balanced composition: there are slow carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins for health. Athletes say that the gainer fills with energy and restores strength. It contains minerals that aid absorption and promote muscle growth. Up your mass enhances anabolism, with about 500 calories per serving. Great for beginners, it’s hard to go overboard with the dosage.

The advantages of this gainer are slow carbohydrates that satisfy the appetite and give mass, not fat. Casein helps to restore muscle tissue after training, and the vitamin complex helps the body cope with stress. However, the manufacturer added the cheapest soy protein to keep the price down, it is not as effective as egg or complex protein. The taste of the gainer is not very pleasant, you have to be patient.

2 Universal nutrition real gains

Universal nutrition real gains

Universal nutrition real gains is able to cope with one of the main problems of thin athletes — slow anabolic processes. This gainer accelerates the body with the help of casein, inulin and trace elements, slowing down the metabolism and causing the mass to grow. In the first place here are carbohydrates for muscle gain, in one serving about 600 calories. Beginners are advised to take the supplement after training and go without it on rest days. More experienced athletes who know their body use a gainer daily.

The advantages of Universal nutrition real gains are useful amino acids and high-quality proteins in the composition. The gainer has several flavors, it can be diluted with plain water. However, the manufacturer added sugar to reduce the price, and it is immediately deposited in fat. If an athlete wants to gain quality weight, you will have to devote a lot of time to cardio. Not everyone will like them, so the second place.

1 Dymatize nutrition super mass gainer

Dymatize nutrition super mass gainer

The first place among the best was taken by Dymatize nutrition super mass gainer, which contains five times more carbohydrates than protein. It is perfect for thin people, as it will not only add weight, but also restore energy reserves after a workout. The composition contains vitamins, creatine and trace elements for better digestibility of the product, so the gainer is not cheap. Judging by the reviews of athletes, this supplement is a real salvation for ectomorphs. There are 1280 calories in one serving, so you need to be careful with the dosage.

The advantages of this gainer are increased anabolism (muscle growth) and suppression of catabolism (destruction of nutrients). There is very little protein, the main emphasis is on carbohydrates and mass. However, beginners are not recommended to start from this position: it is very easy to overdo it with a dose, then fat will appear instead of muscles. Frequent cardio workouts are needed to keep fit.

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