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A dough mixer is a special type of equipment designed (as the name implies) for fast and efficient dough kneading. And if earlier this dimensional equipment was an indispensable attribute of bakeries, confectioneries, pizzerias and other catering establishments, today improved dough mixers can be increasingly found in home kitchens. Depending on the type of unit, it can be used to prepare liquid, yeast and tough dough. But the most popular are universal devices that can work with various types of mixtures.

For home use, culinary experts recommend choosing dough mixing machines with a load of up to 4-5 liters. For small cafes that want to pamper their visitors with delicious buns, croissants or pasties, it is enough to choose devices with a bowl of 10-15 liters. Dough mixers of larger capacity are usually referred to as industrial ones. They have high power and impressive dimensions, so they are not used for private needs.

Today on sale you can find many machines for kneading dough, differing in their functionality, volume, material of manufacture and country of origin. Traditionally, German and Italian designs are considered the best of the professional ones. Very worthy products for the home can be found from manufacturers from the USA. The most budget options are produced in China, but their consumer qualities are far from ideal, and the service life often does not exceed a period of 2-3 years. To find out how not to overpay for a “big” name and choose the best model in terms of price-quality ratio, read our rating of the best dough mixers in 2019.

TOP 10 best dough mixers

10 Gemlux GL-SM5.5

Our rating opens with the most budgetary example of dough mixers for the home, a Chinese stationary mixer with a planetary mixing method Gemlux GL-SM5.5. In addition to its affordable cost, the model pleases with a very good power (1000 W) for household appliances and a very attractive design. The 5 liter steel removable bowl is securely mounted on a durable plastic body with a folding head. The device is equipped with a speed control function. For more comfortable use, the bowl is tightly closed with a protective lid that prevents food from splashing, and a rather long power cord (1.2 m) allows you to place the equipment in any convenient part of the kitchen.

Inexpensive Gemlux GL-SM5.5 is one of the brightest in our rating. The product is produced in several coloristic designs, among which spectacular red and traditional black color of the body are in special demand. The combination of low price, good power and great design has made this home mixer very popular among similar models. Of the shortcomings, one can only note a loud rumble that the car emits at high speeds. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the work of this product of the Chinese industry.

9 Kitfort KT-1336

Stationary dough mixer KT-1336 with a planetary kneading method from the Russian company Kitfort is distinguished by high power, large bowl volume and almost silent operation, which is quite rare for this type of equipment. According to the reviews of the owners, the device perfectly copes with the preparation of dough of any density, perfectly beats airy protein mixtures and easily makes other food mixes. The cast metal case is securely located even on the slippery glossy surface of the desktop, and three convenient nozzles make it possible to work productively with types of confectionery masses of different consistency.

In addition to exemplary performance, Kitfort KT-1336 compares favorably with its competitors with its presentable design. The stylish combination of the gleaming metal of the steel bowl with the colored overlays on the body gives the product a very picturesque look, making this kneading machine a real decoration of any modern kitchen. Users were dissatisfied with only two points — too short a power cord (only 0.95 m) and a lack of space for storing accessories. And although this fact does not directly affect the efficiency of work, it significantly reduces the level of comfort from handling kitchen appliances.

8 Bomann KM 398 CB

The following dough kneader caught our attention due to its excellent combination of price and quality. Planetary kneading machine Bomann KM 398 CB is designed for home use. The volume of the bowl is 6 liters, which is quite enough to satisfy the culinary appetites of an average family of 3-4 people. The unit can easily cope with the kneading of various types of dough of liquid and semi-liquid consistency. Several options for rotation speeds allow you to choose from 6 modes exactly the one with which the result of work will be optimal. The mixer is easy to disassemble and wash. Three classic attachments are included with the appliance: a dough hook (cast aluminium), a mixing paddle and a stainless steel whisk.

Most buyers liked the high power of the motor (1200 W), thanks to which even large volumes can be mixed without difficulty. Stainless steel bowls and a protective cover with a hole for adding products allows intensive use of the mixer in any conditions. To prevent the body from slipping during operation, suction cups are provided on the legs, which firmly fix the equipment in one place. The Bomann KM 398 CB model is by far the best in its price segment.

7 Gastrorag QF-7B

The next planetary type dough machine from the famous Chinese brand Gastrorag QF-7B is positioned as a compact baking equipment for home and catering outlets with low traffic. The unit is designed to prepare dough of different consistency, including yeast, biscuit, custard, protein, and is also quite suitable for kneading homemade mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, sauces and other liquid and semi-liquid mixtures. The device is equipped with a durable metal case and a removable 7-liter bowl made of stainless steel. The kit includes 3 attachments (classic whisk, hook and stirrer) and a protective cover made of polycarbonate with a hole. The whisk rotation speed is 1000 rpm, the total weight of the structure is just over 14 kg. The mixer is available in classic black, so it will fit into any style of the kitchen without any problems.

The main advantage of the Gastrorag QF-7B is its excellent performance at a very affordable price (compared to other models with similar parameters). Users note a low noise level and a good result when mixing creams, soufflés and bizets. But with biscuit dough, judging by the reviews, the dough mixer does not cope with five plus, which should be borne in mind before making a purchase.


One of the most powerful household mixers in our review is the Austrian model FIRST AUSTRIA FA-5259. This incredibly stylish and powerful tool will help you make dough for any kind of bakery products — from delicate protein without flour to crumbly shortbread. It will also quickly knock down various confectionery masses (creams, soufflés, meringues), purees, sauces and other types of food mixtures. This model can «boast» the largest variability of modes among its competitors. If for most similar designs the choice is limited to 6-8 positions, then in FIRST AUSTRIA FA-5259 there is a choice of as many as 10 speeds with speed control. Moreover, the equipment has a soft start function, which helps prevent spilling of ingredients. The capacity of the steel mixing bowl is 6.5L. The device is equipped with three universal attachments: a hook and spatula with non-stick coating, and a stainless steel whisk.

Judging by the reviews, the car has practically no flaws. Buyers liked literally everything about it: high work efficiency, solid bowl volume, assembly reliability, attractive design and affordable price. Undoubtedly, FIRST AUSTRIA FA-5259 is the most popular home mixer model.

5 Starfood 1312016

Bladed horizontal dough mixer Starfood 1312016 is used for mixing mixtures with a high degree of viscosity. Using this unit, you can make high-quality dough from wheat or rye flour, which is used for sculpting dumplings, pasties and other products where a base with a steep consistency is required. The tank of the machine is made of stainless steel, and the body is made of metal, painted with a highly resistant paint. The capacity of the bowl is 18 liters, the mass of the finished product is at least 6 kg. This volume allows you to quickly make tough dough on a medium industrial scale (for the manufacture of semi-finished products and for sale). The device is equipped with an emergency stop button. The bowl is not removable, speed variability is not provided. Rotation speed — 18 rpm.

This equipment is in great demand among the owners of various catering establishments. Compact dimensions and high performance allow Starfood 1312016 to be used for a more rational distribution of labor in the enterprise, and an extremely simple operation algorithm makes using the device understandable even for the most inexperienced operator.

4 Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet QA50AD

An interesting model Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet QA50AD can be classified without hesitation as a universal food processor, as the manufacturer provided it with such a large set of functions. The kit includes a set of various cooking tools, the main of which, of course, is a hook for kneading dense dough, a whipping attachment and the brand’s know-how — an elongated FLEX WHISK stainless steel whisk with double wire. Produced with patented technology, this accessory guarantees high-quality whipping of even a small amount of products, so you can prepare exactly as much mixture as you need. The bowl of the machine is made of stainless steel, the body is made of plastic.

The owners of Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet speak well of their purchase. Users like the low weight of the device, its rich equipment and high efficiency of all attachments. Many housewives also positively assessed the ease of maintenance of the device — thanks to the prefabricated structure, there are no difficulties with washing and drying parts. The disadvantages of the product can only be attributed to loud noise, but this is the “weak” place of all dough mixers of this type.


The Italian dough mixing machine FIMAR 7/SN combines all the characteristics necessary for efficient operation. This spiral mixer belongs to the category of industrial equipment, although, due to its small size, it will be quite appropriate in the home kitchen. The device easily copes with all possible types of dough: for dumplings, with yeast, puff, yeast, custard, and even prepare a mixture according to your unique recipe. The non-removable rotating bowl with a volume of 10 liters is designed for 7 kg of the finished product. The productivity of the unit is 21 kg/h.

The lid has a safety microswitch to ensure the fastest response in the event of a malfunction or error in operation. All parts in contact with food ingredients (bowl, mesh lid, spiral and dough divider) are made of stainless steel. To maintain a neat appearance, the manufacturer covered the case with a special paint that is resistant to mechanical stress. The mixer is ideal for small canteens, cafes and bakeries, as well as useful in a family that loves to indulge in fresh baked goods.

2 Kenwood KVC5000T

Model home kneading machine KVC5000T from the well-known brand Kenwood is produced in two expressive colors — white and silver, which gives the structure a noble and stylish look. But this is not all the advantages that this “smart” kitchen gadget has. The intelligent control system installed in the device allows you to track the rotation speed so that the result is always perfect. The cast aluminum body is resistant to any kind of impact and stands firmly on any type of surface, and the voluminous steel bowl makes it possible to mix a fairly large amount of ingredients. This is perhaps the safest device in our rating. The manufacturer has provided the dough mixer with several levels of protection. The product not only has a soft start of the engine and provides for the termination of operation in case of overheating, but also has a shutdown function in case of accidental opening of the protective cover.

Special mention deserves the nozzles that come with the equipment. The professional ball whisk captures air as it rotates, allowing the dough to be oxygenated. The hook ensures quick preparation of thick dough, and the unique K-shaped nozzle makes the mixing process more productive.

1 KitchenAid 5KSM3311X

In the first place, we put the American KitchenAid 5KSM3311X planetary mixer, which is distinguished not only by its striking design, but also by quite decent technical characteristics. This is undoubtedly the most versatile mixer in our rating. It is perfect for mixing all types of dough, and the ability to connect more than 10 different attachments (sold separately) turns the model into a full-fledged food processor with the function of a meat grinder, juicer, grater and vegetable cutter. The 3L bowl is made of durable and safe stainless steel. The nylon-coated aluminum hook attachment provides a quality yeast dough suitable for making delicious homemade bread, pies or pizza.

The magnificent appearance of the device will perfectly fit into the interior of any modern kitchen, and a large selection of colors allows you to choose the product according to your aesthetic preferences. The dough mixer comes with a cookbook with the most interesting recipes that can be prepared using the KitchenAid 5KSM3311X. According to the general opinion of experts and ordinary users, this model is the best in the category of dough mixers for home, thanks to which it deservedly occupies the first line of our TOP.

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