10 best creams for cracked heels


Cracked heel skin is not so much an external problem as uncomfortable sensations while walking. Most have to deal with them regularly. Cracks appear due to improperly selected shoes, an active lifestyle, malnutrition, and certain diseases. However, while calluses and corns are not visible, we do not pay attention to the feet. Most often, care is required in the summer, before the holidays, when you need to look good in summer shoes. Especially for this, manufacturers produce creams and ointments that have a directional effect.

We have compiled a ranking of the top 10 drugs that have proven their effectiveness. They have collected positive user reviews, most have been on the market for more than one year. When compiling the TOP, the compositions, speed, price-quality ratio were taken into account. Options for emergency care and for dealing with serious problems are presented.

Top 10 best creams for cracked heels

10 Ambulance

Ambulance has found a place in the first aid kits of compatriots, having gained popularity due to the soft help of the heels. The drug has regenerative components in the composition, kills microbes and bacteria. The cream promotes the healing of wounded skin, relieves the problem of cracked feet. Acids remove the top layer, reduce the likelihood of calluses. Cream of white consistency is easy to apply and spread. It is very economically consumed even with daily use. Many are pleased with the unobtrusive smell. The reviews note the absence of a feeling of stickiness, fat content. However, the drug alone will not cope with a serious problem. Some ingredients users call allergenic.

9 Dr. Foot

Dr. Foot helps in advanced cases, when the problem of dryness, cracks and stiffness causes serious discomfort. The cream is saturated with active ingredients that prolong its positive effect. A complex of vitamins, shea butter and panthenol seal moisture, soften the epidermis. Small cracks fill up quickly, and serious problems disappear in a few weeks. Buyers advise acute pain relief ointment to restore walking comfort, relax muscles a little. The reviews write about protecting the heels from the reappearance of dryness. Just note the heavy texture. Oils are very slowly absorbed, leaving a sticky film. Many people apply the cream at night, washing off the remnants in the morning.

8 CIEL parfum

CIEL parfum was created to combat the dryness of aging skin from 35 years old. The manufacturer has patented the Stem Cell Edelweiss Complex with edelweiss cells, which should strengthen the structure of the epidermis. Buyers note a quick visible effect, the heels become much softer. The formula is supplemented with algae extracts that reduce the depth of cracks and remove the dead layer of cells. Oils stop moisture loss, moisturize and maintain the effect. The ointment has a very light consistency, which is quickly absorbed, does not leave a film. The reviews note a pleasant aroma and very economical consumption. They advise the drug for those who like to walk barefoot in the summer, talking about preventing the appearance of cracks.

7 Shark Oil

Shark oil, as the name suggests, is based on one unique ingredient. It is supplemented with a complex of vitamins and antibiotics. All together is an effective way to remove the tumor, support the immune system, remove inflammation. The drug is considered the best choice for fighting fungus and other bacteria. It heals cracks and wounds. Sea buckthorn oil and calendula extract soften and smooth damaged areas, stop the process of coarsening. With regular use, the heels remain supple and soft. The cream is suitable for relieving pain, helps the muscles of the sole. It is one of the most effective in the fight against heel spurs. However, it is difficult to apply, the formula is very oily.

6 PVK Garni

PVC Garni is natural birch tar supplemented with plant oils and Naftalan oil. The powerful composition cleanses and disinfects the skin, reduces the chance of cracking. Natural ingredients moisturize the heels, care for the epidermis. Ointment eliminates dryness, peeling. It is also used for cuticles to reduce discomfort during a pedicure. The composition strengthens the nails, fights the problem of brittleness. The reviews say that for maximum effect, it is necessary to apply the drug daily for several weeks. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a filmy feeling. However, there is no antiseptic effect; it cannot cope with fungi and bacteria.

5 Tm Folk Healer

Folk Healer is the most effective for stopping inflammatory processes. It removes rough skin, softens the feet, restoring elasticity to the epidermis. The heels are filled with moisture, which is held under an invisible film. This prevents the problem from reoccurring. The formula has regenerative components that restore the protective barrier. The composition is supplemented with extracts of chamomile, St. John’s wort and calendula, which reduce the risk of fungal diseases. The reviews talk about the quick return to the heels of a healthy look, getting rid of pain. They write about a thick consistency, after application a greasy film remains. The ointment has a specific strong smell of herbs, in some it causes rejection.

4 Active repair K+

Active repair K+ is the best for the most sensitive skin. Natural ingredients gradually repair cracked heels. The composition contains natural keratin, which accelerates healing. Although there will be no immediate relief, the formula is very mild. Antibacterial components prevent the development of the fungus. Lanolin retains moisture, prolongs the effect of the ointment. The reviews call the drug effective, talking about the first results in a few days. Cracks are reduced in size, cease to cause discomfort. Buyers warn of slow absorption, a film remains after application. But they note a well-thought-out tube with which it is convenient to travel. There are no fragrances included.

3 Before and After

Cream Before and After is an effective remedy for first aid and elimination of uncomfortable sensations. The inexpensive price does not affect the quality: deep cracks and abrasions soften, gradually overgrowing. The composition is enriched with allantonin, which effectively kills bacteria. The formula exfoliates the heels, moisturizes sensitive problem skin. With regular use, the ointment prevents irritation. The vitamin complex regenerates the skin, promotes healing. Extracts nourish and tone cracked heels. The reviews say that the formula is perfectly absorbed, does not leave a greasy film. They only note a strong obsessive aroma, which is inherent in therapeutic creams.

2 fly agaric

Cream-oil Amanita is the best in the fight against corns, quickly softening rough skin. The drug removes peeling and dryness, removes the dead layer of cells. The composition is enriched with camelina oil to soften discomfort. Aloe and psyllium are effective for deep fissures. The acids work as a peel. Willow and chaga kill bacteria, reduce odors. The cream has a very pleasant aroma, which quickly disappears. The formula has a white color, is well absorbed, does not stain clothes. One course of treatment takes several weeks. The corns gradually decrease in size until they completely disappear. The use of the drug resembles a spa treatment for the legs, which is loved by most buyers.

1 Gehwol

Gehwol comes in the form of ointment, gel and cream. It has the strongest healing properties, eliminating cracks, dryness, peeling. The formula prevents the formation of corns, softens the skin for a long time. The tool is recognized as effective for ambulance due to its cooling properties. The composition is enriched with rosemary and lavender extracts, supplemented with panthenol and bisabolol. Cracked heel skin becomes supple and soft after the first application. The unpleasant smell goes away, the risk of infection with a fungus is reduced. Buyers talk about visible improvements that come gradually. Only the corrosive medicinal smell of some is annoying, users have not found other minuses.

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