10 Best Black Hair Colors


A modern woman can radically change her own appearance almost daily thanks to cosmetics. One aspect of this change is often hair color. The paints that are sold today in specialized cosmetics stores and household chemical departments are absolutely harmless, and sometimes they can cure strands of any ailment — dryness, brittleness or split ends.

From a wide palette of possible colors, many girls choose black. He is known for his unpretentiousness, versatility. Before applying the composition of a dark shade, it is usually not necessary to prepare or bleach the hair, as, for example, to better show all the tones of the blond. In addition, black curls are now at the height of fashion. However, how to choose the right dye for an ultra popular shade? With the help of our rating of the best black paints, any woman will be able to decide on the necessary purchase. The top was compiled based on customer reviews.

TOP 10 best black hair dyes

10 Ollin Color

Ollin Color

An inexpensive domestic product has earned positive feedback from many customers. Active pigments in the composition help the mixture to quickly penetrate the hair structure, while lingering in it for a long time. A lasting result is achieved that pleases women for a long time. Uniform color and shaded gray hair are also guaranteed by the manufacturer. The composition contains a minimum amount of ammonia, so the sample is gentle on the hair, leaving them soft. Protein complex, panthenol and sunflower seeds will ensure the restoration of strands.

The paint helps to achieve rich color and a natural shade of black. Women confirm the positive qualities of the product. Despite the low cost, it stays on the hair for a surprisingly long time and nourishes it, protects it from negative effects.

9 Londa Professional Londacolor

Londa Professional Londacolor

Popular and widely known in Russia, German paint also has blue-black shades in its arsenal. Classic deep color goes under number 2.0. The formula has been changed for the better. Now the composition contains microspheres for reflecting light, which help to achieve the versatility of the shade in the sun, and also give a memorable healthy shine to the strands. In addition, the brightness is maintained even after frequent shampooing. Natural hair color will be refreshed with natural wax and keratin. The components will help with aligning the ends.

The reviews also note the pleasant smell of the product, which makes a salon procedure out of the usual one. Women notice that all shades look quite expressive and natural on the hair. Shading of gray hair and emphasizing the natural beauty of curls without harmful effects is observed.

8 Wella Wellaton

Wella Wellaton

A budget set of dyes, extremely popular among women who prefer experiments with their appearance. The product is ideal for girls who are just starting to try on different hair colors. The low cost and convenient kit kit allows you to change shades often, while taking care of the strands. The formula differs from other inexpensive products in the unique delivery of color to the hair cuticle. It is carried out by the proprietary component of the manufacturer. In the box, you can also find a cream-serum, which contains pigment microparticles. It will help refresh the color between stains.

Despite the low cost, the sample contains the quality of luxury and professional paints. Women note that the popular product keeps well and “wears” for a long time, is slowly washed off and paints over gray hair. No special caring properties were noticed, but Wellaton does not spoil the hair at all.

7 Estel Sense de Luxe

Estel Sense de Luxe

A popular domestic brand with its own line of salons and hairdressing schools. The company’s products can be found both on the shelves of ordinary hardware stores in the departments with household chemicals, and in professional cosmetics boutiques. With the help of shade number 1, any woman can try on the image of a fatal brunette. If she doesn’t like this style, you can always quickly repaint in any other pleasant color from the company’s catalog — this sample is permanent. Ammonia-free dye does not dry out hair. The special composition will have a beneficial effect on the softness of the curls.

The avocado and olive oils in the structure make this dye an almost perfect companion for home spa treatments. In the reviews, women appreciate the properties of the product. Many people love the coloring cream for the ease of application and the effect of moisturizing the hair. In addition, the fastest penetration of the pigment becomes a big plus for girls with natural dark hair color. It emphasizes and deepens the natural beauty.

6 L’Oreal Professionnel Inoa

L’Oreal Professionnel Inoa

Completely professional dye contains an innovative dyeing system. In a tube with the product, the healing properties of oils and the intensity of pigments are successfully combined. Microparticles deliver a bright color to the hair, which envelop the strands and, among other things, moisturize and help maintain color for up to a month without updating the coating. The manufacturer promises 100% coverage of gray hair. The oxidation of the composition occurs without ammonia, which means that the hair will not be exposed to the negative effects of a harmful chemical. The company also guarantees shine and richness, as after a mask.

Women speak positively not only about the caring properties of the product, but also about the breadth of the palette. Black color in the line is present in different collections. Depending on the desire, the customer can choose an ash undertone, metallic or red. The base tone is also available.

5 Cutrin SCC Reflection

Cutrin SCC Reflection

The wide palette of the product consists of as many as 95 shades, where everyone’s favorite black comes as the first number. The innovative sample formula contains exceptionally beneficial oils. With their help, the penetration of the dye and its fixation in the hair cuticle will occur quickly and efficiently. In addition, oils will ensure uniform distribution of the product along the entire length. Arctic cranberry seeds in the composition will help saturate the strands with moisture. The use of dye will be relevant in the hot season, because it contains a sunscreen that will save hair from harmful radiation.

In addition to the above properties, women in the reviews were surprised to note a pleasant floral aroma of consistency. For many, this fragrance was a discovery, since other paints usually have a very unpleasant pungent odor. Ladies of the age spoke positively about painting over gray hair. Many were very pleased with the durability of the coating.

4 Goldwell Topchic

Goldwell Topchic

German luxury paint promises not to spoil the hair and nourish it with the deepest color and shades. The dyes in the composition do not try to chemically change the structure of the hair, they simply saturate them with color and restore the areas damaged by ironing, hair dryer and other paints. This results in unsurpassed brilliance and color saturation. After application, a significant strengthening of the hair is observed. The company states that when using, the strands should not be prepped or bleached for better coverage. The composition and consistency are responsible for uniform distribution.

The girls noticed the healing effect. It blends perfectly with the brightness of the shades. Strands after application become soft and shiny. Even split ends are saturated with moisture. The sample has a pleasant floral aroma. The paint is easy to apply. Many consider Goldwell Topchic to be the best.

3 Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Colorsmetique

Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Colorsmetique

The innovative formula of the American product is to use a cream-gel on natural hair. It envelops each strand and not only saturates with color pigments, but also cares for it. After application, the manufacturer guarantees an increase in gloss and elasticity. One of the useful components responsible for nutrition and hydration are hyaluronic acid and soy proteins. They have a beneficial effect not only on the structure of the hair, but also on the scalp. As a result — smooth, evenly colored hair without gray hair and with a lasting effect until the next procedure.

Basic black tone 2.10 is advised to keep on natural hair for up to half an hour. After the composition should be washed off immediately, since the paint can adversely affect the structure of the strands. Reviews confirm the most positive qualities of the product. Women notice that their curls become strong and saturated with moisture.

2 Lebel Materia µ Layfer

Lebel Materia µ Layfer

The semi-permanent Japanese dye provides not only deep color, but also ease of application and rinsing. The sample is famous for its interesting properties, which literally bring dry, damaged hair back to life. Usually girls with such problems refuse to dye, but in the case of Lebel Materia, not only an ideal color change occurs, but also a complete restoration. The complex penetrates deeply into the structure of the strands and helps to nourish the hair. Moreover, when used, gray hair seems to be “retouched”, as on a computer screen. The formula contains a low amount of ammonia and nano-collagen.

A new word in the industry of tinting paints appealed to many customers. Women note a pleasant and soft effect on curls, rich color and a strong caring effect that lasts until the next coloring. The black shade remains on the hair for a long time and helps them to recover.

1 Matrix Socolor.beauty Dream.Age

Matrix Socolor.beauty Dream.Age

The patented technology in the production of the composition allows the American product to accurately hit the desired shade, regardless of the original base. This is due to the unique possibilities of adjusting the color to the condition of the hair. Professional dye retains shine for a long time and completely covers gray strands. Obtaining the desired result will occur even on problematic hair — dry, brittle or oily. The content of harmful ammonia in the composition is reduced, so the curls will not be injured from its effects.

Women are surprised to note the natural shine that strands are filled with after applying the product. The pigment-rich dye lasts for a long time and retains a rich color for up to two months. Customers are also pleased with the richest palette of shades and halftones. For example, black can have ash, red, and even green highlights.

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