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LED floodlights, being a modern lighting element, have practically replaced haogen lamps in the market. With the same parameters of the luminous flux, they demonstrate significant efficiency. At the same time, new generation light sources do not create excess thermal energy, which often led to the failure of not only the lamp housing, but also the wiring.

Our review presents the best spotlights for street lighting using LED elements as an emitter. The rating is based on the characteristics of the models and the practical experience of their use, both by private consumers and organizations.

TOP 5 best outdoor spotlights

5 Navigator NFL-M-50-4K-IP65-LED

Stylish design, high power, and more than attractive price make this spotlight popular among consumers. The range of its use is wide: lighting the facade of buildings and advertising banners, the adjacent territory of private housing construction, or production and storage facilities. The street light source Navigator NFL-M-50 has a high radiation power (3000 Lm) with low power consumption.

The LED spotlight is designed for continuous operation for 3.5 years. Even if it functions 12 hours a day, its safety margin will last almost 7 years — more than an excellent indicator, given the affordable cost of this device. The waterproof design allows it to operate down to -30 °C. For this reason, the following model of our rating is best suited for the northern regions of the country with severe winters.

4 GALAD VICTORY LED-100-SHB2/K50 1003786

LED spotlight GALAD VICTORY LED-100 is perfect for lighting adjoining areas, car parking areas, city (highway) roads and other areas. High indicators of moisture protection of the lamp reflector and the electric component of the spotlight indicate the reliability and durability of the device. This lamp does not cause any difficulties in the installation and adjustment of lighting. It also provides for the possibility of replacing components without dismantling.

Reliability and build quality allows the projector to be used at critically low temperatures — up to -60 °C. Own development of the manufacturer GALAD — surge protector IPSEM, equalizing drops. Installed in this device, it allows you to compensate for fluctuations in the network and ensure a minimum lamp life of up to 10 years. Instill confidence and warranty obligations of the manufacturer — their duration is 36 months.

3 Gauss Elementary 628511350

Stylish outdoor spotlight from the Elementary collection is guaranteed to last 35,000 hours as the main or additional lighting of any area. The compact case, made of metal and durable glass, acts as an insurmountable barrier between the LED lamp and external influences. All components of the spotlight are of high quality and reliability, ensuring a long service life. In addition, this device has the first class of protection against accidental electric shock.

Spotlight Elementary 628511350 generates a luminous flux comparable to a 500 W halogen lamp, but consumes much less energy (several times) and practically does not heat up. The built-in infrared motion sensor is used for ease of use and economical use of the resource of the device. In addition, autonomous lighting control further reduces energy consumption.

2 JazzWay PFL-SC 150W 6500K

JazzWay has long established itself in the domestic market as a manufacturer of safe and reliable lighting products. Among the large range of LED spotlights, PFL-SC 150W 6500K can be considered one of the best. It is optimally suited for street lighting of private households, retail space or industrial facilities. The power of its luminous flux is 13500 lm, which allows you to flood a fairly decent area with light (comparable to the radiation of a spotlight with a 1500 W halogen lamp). The body of the device is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight, better resistant to weather fluctuations and natural oxidative processes. In addition, the presence of a convenient mounting bracket allows you to install the spotlight in any suitable place with adjustable lighting direction.

Durable frosted glass protects the LED lamp from moisture, well diffuses the luminous flux, having a color rendering index of more than 80%. A special anti-corrosion coating of the body not only increases the service life, but also expands the temperature range of safe operation of the spotlight from -40 °C to 50 °C.

1 Nanolight NFL-SMD-50W/850/BL

The NFL-SMD-50W/850/BL Nanolight LED spotlight is part of the NFL-SMD collection, a Russian manufacturer of high-quality energy-saving products. Modern design allows it to be used for decorative lighting of any architectural object. In addition, the street spotlight has a power consumption of only 50 W, but the luminous flux is enough to illuminate the local area with an area of ​​up to 45 m². This result is not close to any halogen lamp with the same power.

The durable metal case has a convenient mount, with which the device can be installed on any surface. The high moisture protection index allows the Nanolight NFL-SMD-50W/ spotlight to provide illumination of the territory without interruption for the entire period of operation, regardless of weather conditions. The warranty period declared by the manufacturer is two years, which is evidence of high reliability for LED products.

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