TOP 5 best perennial flowers for summer cottages: description and care, which plant to choose


The word «cottage» is always associated with scatterings of flowers and greenery of trees and bushes. Have you ever wanted to do something like this? Then read about the best perennial flowers for summer cottages..

Finding suitable options for landing on the site can be quite difficult. Still, the market pampers us with varieties and colors. But we will help you decide on the best options. In the article I will tell you which plants are the most unpretentious and at the same time beautiful. I will also teach you how to select flowers in such a way that the front gardens will delight the eye with a riot of colors for the whole summer. And of course, I’ll go over the prices.

TOP 5 best perennial flowers to give



Many love these luxurious flowers. Lush beautiful buds on tall stems make you admire yourself. Particularly beautiful varieties with terry petals. The flower propagates by rhizome. The best time for this is mid-September. Peony seedlings are unpretentious, do not require special care.

Landing time Mid-autumn, at least 30 days before frost.
flowering time May June
shoot height 60-70cm
  • large flowers;
  • strongly pronounced pleasant aroma;
  • an abundance of colors.

I remember these flowers from my childhood. There were always a lot of peonies in our flower beds. I really liked it when small balls gradually stopped into bright crimson buds, and then into lush flowers. I like that they don’t need to be taken care of. In the summer I watered once every couple of weeks, and that’s enough.



A great option that is suitable for creating wonderful green arches. The plant is frost-resistant, practically does not require care. The height of the shoots reaches 15 meters. To prevent the stems from falling on the ground, vertical supports should be installed for them. They can be connected from above, forming an arch. Actinidia actively blooms and bears fruit. In the thick shade that it forms, you can set up a table and benches. The gazebo will be an excellent refuge from the summer heat.

Landing time Spring, autumn (three weeks before the onset of frost)
flowering time Mid June.
shoot height 5 to 15 meters
  • creates a thick shadow;
  • unpretentious;
  • gives juicy tasty fruits that are rich in vitamins.
  • in winter, when the leaves fall, it does not look very beautiful.

We all love our actinidia very much. In my opinion, even our cat is not indifferent to her. I planted, of course, for the sake of flowers, but then I was pleasantly delighted with the fruits. The plant took off quickly, faster than I thought. It’s been blooming for two years now.



This is a chic lush flower that claims to be the «center» in your front garden. Its inflorescences are large, consisting of smaller ones. Hydrangeas come in a wide variety of hues, from pale purple to deep reds and blues.

Bushes are spherical, tall. They begin to bloom in spring and do so until late autumn. Having rooted a hydrangea seedling in the country, you definitely will not lose. They will delight you with colors all season long.

Plant these flowers in sun-drenched areas. Partial shade is allowed. It is also important that the plant has enough air. You can buy hydrangea seedlings in the first half of May.

Landing time May
flowering time June-September
shoot height Up to 3 meters, more often 1-1.5 m
  • lush large flowers;
  • bright colors;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • the ability to bloom in partial shade.
  • Needs to be covered for the winter.

Bought without even thinking. I really wanted such a beauty in my area. Hortense did not disappoint. Blooms luxuriantly, beautifully, my front garden is visible from afar.



We could not ignore this perennial flower. Roses not only delight the eyes with beautiful buds, but also emit a sweet, pleasant aroma. Flowers are a real treat. It is advisable to plant roses in the sun, in a place with enough fresh air. Abundant watering can be organized on weekends.

Roses are climbing, with erect and inclined shoots, sprawling and miniature. Flowers come in a wide variety of sizes. There are species that begin to bloom in late spring and early summer and continue to do so until late autumn. Different varieties of roses can decorate the entire area.

Landing time Autumn, spring
flowering time Late spring-late autumn
shoot height 20-30 cm for miniature roses and up to 6 m for climbing ones
  • long flowering;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • variety of varieties.
  • requires annual pruning.

I consider the rose the queen of flowers. I can’t imagine a garden without this number. I love varieties with large buds. I planted myself such different colors. In summer the area looks great. I’m thinking about buying a few roses of miniature varieties. I think they will look great under the very windows.



This perennial flower is the epitome of grace. Every year the daylily grows more and more, it becomes more and more beautiful. At the same time, you do not need to create special conditions for the plant and invest a lot of effort in care. No wonder daylilies are also called «flowers for lazy owners.»

Landing time From spring (late April) to autumn almost any time.
flowering time May June
shoot height 30 to 100 cm
  • unpretentiousness;
  • resistance to adverse external conditions;
  • rapid growth.
  • require constant seating, as they capture more and more territory every year.

Daylilies hooked me with their beauty and unpretentiousness. Planted in a flower bed and forgot. No special rituals are needed. At the same time, the flower bed looks very beautiful. I collected flowers of different varieties for giving, arranged them to make it interesting. Very satisfied.

How to choose flowers to buy

Most perennial flowers are sold as seedlings. It is important to choose seedlings with skill in order to acquire really high-quality planting material. I give these recommendations:

  1. Pay attention to the leaves and tops of the seedlings. They should not be dry and crumbling. If you notice this, then refuse to buy. Plants are most likely infected, so they will not live long.
  2. The substrate in which the flowers are located should not be dry. This is important for the preservation of the root system.
  3. Carefully inspect the seedlings. They should not be pests, in particular, powdery mildew, aphids, scale insects and other insects. Sometimes they are so small that it is difficult to see them.

From experience I will say that it is best to buy seedlings in a peat container. It can be planted in the ground in this form without disturbing the roots. Thus, plants are more quickly accepted and grow. Peat that remains near the roots will serve as additional fertilizer.

I do not recommend buying seedlings from boxes. When transplanting plants, roots can be damaged. If you did not find the product in a peat container, it is better to buy it in a pot, a blister, in extreme cases in a plastic bag.

After purchase, the seedlings are placed in a bright, cool place. Keep plants out of direct sunlight. Gradually accustom the flowers to open light and outdoor air temperature. After that, you can plant seedlings in the ground.

Flowerbed of continuous flowering perennials

What could be better than a continuous flowering flower bed? To break this is the dream of many flower growers. It is a flower bed, where all plants are matched according to their height, shape, color of leaves, petals, growth rate and flowering duration. The result is a harmonious composition that begins to delight with the first buds in early spring and ends in late autumn. It is also possible to organize such a cottage. I will help you with this.

  1. To create a flower bed, you should approximately know the flowering time of different types of flowers. In many ways, it will depend on climatic features and lighting. The advantage of perennials is that their flowering time does not depend on the time of planting seeds or seedlings. If you didn’t guess right away with the deadlines and at some point in time the flower bed turned out to be empty, don’t worry. Just buy next year seedlings or flower seeds, which will delight with beauty just in these numbers. Over time, you will reach the perfect combination of varieties.
  2. Make sure that the flower bed is large enough, because it should fit many types of plants. The least capricious varieties should be placed here, because the conditions will be the same for everyone and not the most ideal.
  3. Should be planted in groups. Single planting should not be practiced, as mixed flowers will create excessive variegation. But slender rows or groups will look neat and beautiful.
  4. Try to pick varieties with different bud colors. Thus, during the season, the flower bed will change its color several times.
  5. It is not necessary to build flowers in height. So they look too formal. It is better to defuse undersized bushes with taller ones. So the composition will look more interesting. In the center, you can place one large noticeable plant. It can be, for example, a bush of roses or hydrangeas. Their flowering is long, so the composition will retain its original appearance for a long time.
  6. Landing is best done in the fall. Perennial plants will have time to take root by winter, and in the spring they will be able to bloom. During planting, calculate the space in such a way that each plant has enough space with a small margin. Flowers will grow over time, this should be taken into account.

Such a flower bed needs to be looked after, however, quite a bit. You will have to tie up the stretched stems from time to time and cut off the buds that have already faded. In autumn, it is important to plant rhizomes so that different flowers do not mix with each other, and the flower bed continues to look neat. There is nothing difficult in this, you will succeed!

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