Top 10 Professional Hair Dryers


Choosing a good hair dryer is very difficult, especially when it comes to a professional device for a hairdresser. The requirements for the best beauty salon appliances tend to be much higher than those for conventional home appliances, which are used primarily for tasks such as drying and the most basic hair styling. With a serious professional use of a hair dryer, the real power of the device, that is, the intensity with which it blows the hair, becomes of particular and, perhaps, even the main importance. The high-performance device not only saves a lot of time with great results in no time, but it also doesn’t dry out the hair, making it much more manageable and easier to work with. It is also worth paying special attention to additional functions, the most important of which are ionization and cold blowing, as well as the coating of the hair dryer and nozzles, a factor that significantly affects the quality of hair and styling.

Although all these features are very important, a hair dryer cannot be called fully professional without some other features. Many world-famous hairdressers note the importance of the convenience of the design and the model as a whole and the optimal length of the power cord. It is recommended to give preference to hair dryers with a cable of at least 2.5 meters and a swivel mount to get freedom of action. At the same time, the device should be light enough, durable, have good thermal insulation and protection against overheating.

TOP 10 best professional hair dryers

10 Kapous Professional Tornado-2500

Most professional hair dryers are quite expensive, but there are happy exceptions, including this rating participant. The best development of a domestic company has become one of the most budgetary solutions for professional use and has a very good power for its cost, which is why it is in great demand among novice hairdressers, as well as economical craftsmen. The hair dryer of Italian assembly lies perfectly in the hand, both in the left and in the right. After all, the location of the buttons on the front side of the handle is optimal for any hand and makes it easy to change the temperature and intensity levels during operation, as well as turn on the instant cooling mode.

Also, the advantages of Kapous include high productivity, reaching up to 100 cubic meters per hour, which makes the model very efficient. However, do not forget that this is a budget device, which means that with very intensive professional use it will last less than expensive analogues.


Most people know this company as a manufacturer of smart multicookers and other popular home appliances, however, the range of Redmond devices is constantly growing and today the brand is widely represented in the category of beauty and health devices. A special place in this niche is occupied by hair dryers, the best of which many consider professional development number 505. The bright, stylish and modern design of this device attracts the eye, inspires confidence and fully meets the aesthetic requirements of most hairdressers and clients. The hair dryer is also very handy. The 3.15 meter long cord gives maximum coverage, allowing you to comfortably work on your hair, even at a fairly large distance from the outlet.

The presence of a ring for hanging allows you to store the hair dryer not only on the shelf, but also on the wall, saving space. In addition, many people praise the development of Redmond for good power, effective ionization, a well-executed cold air mode, high-quality plastic and a complete set of three nozzles, including a diffuser.

8 BaBylissPRO BAB6350 Luminoso

The BaBylissPRO Luminoso professional hair dryer is one of the most popular solutions in the middle price segment. According to reviews, it is valued primarily for its power, the presence of ionization, the complete set of eight multi-colored removable filters, reliable Italian assembly and recognizable appearance. However, the streamlined shape, slightly less elongated than most competitors, makes the model not only quite impressive from an aesthetic point of view, but also well balanced, making it very comfortable to use.

A special highlight of the professional hair dryer of a well-known French company was the whole control panel on the left side of the handle. It consists of four separate keys, each of which has only two positions. This feature will definitely appeal to anyone who does not like multi-level switches that are not always convenient to adjust during the drying or styling process. Each key of BaByliss creation has an intuitive icon, which greatly simplifies the settings.

7 Parlux Advance Light

Stylish and powerful, this professional hair dryer with a futuristic design is the choice of both skilled hairdressers and many advanced users who are experienced in the matter of do-it-yourself hair styling. The most noticeable difference of the model, which is immediately visible, is the extensive color range, which includes eight different shades from classic white and black to bright turquoise and luxurious bronze metallic. A variety of original color schemes made the hair dryer not just a working tool for a hairdresser, but a part of the image and decoration of the salon. At the same time, it is very easy to use, because it fits comfortably in the hand and weighs only 440 grams, which is a rarity for a powerful device with a capacity of 83 cubic meters per hour, six modes and a high-quality thermally insulated case.

In addition to design, power and lightness, the authors of reviews refer to the key advantages of Parlux and the optimal length of the network cable, compactness, and quiet operation. Many note the hair dryer as a universal model, suitable for both home and beauty salon.

6 Philips HPS910 DryCare Prestige Pro

Despite the rather average price, a professional model in an elegant black body with bright accents can seriously compete with many hair dryers, the cost of which is several times higher. The reliable AC motor not only speeds up hair drying by 45%, but also significantly extends wear resistance, which means that DryCare Prestige Pro will last an order of magnitude longer than most analogues. This is not just a publicity stunt, because the manufacturer is so confident in its device that it offers an extended warranty. The standard two-year warranty can be easily extended twice by simply filling out the form on the website.

The durability and reliability of the hair dryer is also confirmed by numerous reviews of professional hairdressers and ordinary users. Also, the best features of Philips include a ceramic heating element that provides the most gentle exposure to hair-friendly “soft” heat, noiselessness, excellent drying speed, cold blowing and ionization efficiency, but not the smallest weight.

5 Dyson Supersonic

Dyson’s innovative hair dryer is the most talked about and popular hair care product of the last few years, and even the exorbitant cost has not become an obstacle to this. After all, such an extraordinary and futuristic development will undoubtedly become the pride of any fashionista and proof of the prestige of an elite beauty salon. The most intelligent hair dryer is noticeably more compact than most other professional models due to the fact that the motor is located not in the top, but in the handle. This same feature prevents hair from being sucked in and made it possible to integrate the unique patented Air Multiplier™ technology, which triples the power of the hair dryer without too much energy.

At the same time, the device allows you to choose from three intensity options and four temperature levels. A special sensor measures the air temperature every 20 seconds, providing better control. Also in the reviews, the stylish design, silence, three convenient magnetic nozzles in the kit are especially noted.

4 Moser Ventus tourmaline ionic 2200w 4350-0050

A high-quality professional model of a well-known German company is highly appreciated by both advanced amateurs and first-class hairdressers. Equipped with an effective ionizer, two tourmaline crevice nozzles and a special Over Air System, this hair dryer is gentle on the hair and provides an anti-static effect for a healthy shine and smoothness. It does not harm them even with a fairly long use, which makes it great for both everyday use and for really complex multi-level styling. Good balance and a weight of only 510 grams also make the hair dryer suitable for intensive use.

Thanks to the high quality of the assembly and materials and the durable AC motor, the hair dryer is very reliable and will last for many years, which is confirmed by many reviews. At the same time, it fits comfortably in your hand, is powerful and has a long flexible cord, and is also equipped with a removable filter that makes it easy to clean the device, which also prolongs the service life.

3 Valera Swiss Nano 9200 SuperIonic T (SN 9200T)

Not overly expensive, but stylish, quite compact and very powerful, this ionic cool air dryer is rated by many experienced hairdressers as the perfect balance of price, quality and speed. The development of a well-known Swiss company specializing exclusively in the creation of professional hair care equipment weighs only 540 grams and guarantees the best drying speed in its price class, because the device passes 72 cubic meters of air per hour. A powerful air stream is blown out at a high pressure of up to 3500 Pascal, which significantly increases the efficiency of the hair dryer when working on styling. The device is equipped with two nozzles, one of which is made using the unique Touch Me technology and remains cold even after prolonged use.

SuperIonic is one of the very few representatives of the category that is recommended by all 100% of buyers. Separately, the reviews note functionality, power, gentle impact, protection against twisting of the cord and a narrow nozzle.

2 Parlux 385 PowerLight Ionic & Ceramic

Many hairdressers consider a wide choice of modes one of the most important parameters of a real professional hair dryer, since with a whole range of settings, a master of his craft will easily select the best option for a specific hair type and specific tasks. Temperature control is of particular importance, and here the PowerLight Ionic&Ceramic model simply has no equal, because it offers as many as four levels of warmth, as well as cold air blowing, ionization, and is distinguished by high safety and high-quality thermal insulation of the case. A variety of temperature regimes and ionization not only do not spoil the hair, but also make it smoother and more manageable. The ceramic heating element also provides excellent results, which, like ionization, prevents the accumulation of static electricity.

The professional device of the Italian company has won a lot of positive reviews. He is praised, first of all, for quite extensive and convenient settings, weight is only 490 grams, quality. The dryer is also very quiet.

1 Valera Swiss Power4ever (SP4 RC)

Designed with innovative patented technologies, our top-of-the-line product is so well crafted that it has been awarded the prestigious Plus X Award for design and superior quality. This super powerful pressure stabilized model not only boasts a high capacity of up to 85 cubic meters per hour, but also good pressure and very narrow concentrators, making the most of the powerful air flow. According to the reviews of many professional hairdressers, the Valera hair dryer dries hair about 50% faster than its counterparts.

Another important advantage of the elite device was the electronic brushless motor, due to which the service life of the hair dryer is more than 10,000 hours, that is, the Power4ever will work about five times longer than its competitors. The body of the device is no less durable. Solid build and a weight of only 495 grams make the hair dryer very handy. At the same time, the model is equipped not only with a removable filter and two concentrators, but also with a diffuser and a storage case.

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