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Water procedures in the pool are useful and pleasant only if the water meets sanitary standards. In mini-pools, the problem of cleanliness is solved by emptying the bowl and washing it by hand, while for the care of a pool with a volume of more than 8-10 cubic meters. m. it is already advisable to acquire a special hand-held vacuum cleaner. It is much more efficient than a brush and a net collects debris from the bottom and surface. At the next stage of «evolution» are semi-automatic cleaners, and the most advanced technique for cleaning a reservoir are underwater robots that can clean its bottom and walls without any human participation at all. There are a lot of offers, so owners should figure out how this or that equipment meets the tasks, and which models are considered the best in user reviews. We have included them in our rating.

Top 8 Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

8 Bestway 58212

Bestway 58212

Usually handheld devices are suitable for maintenance of small and shallow pools, but the model 58212 can clean all types of spas. Its universal application is due to the presence in the set of a 6-meter hose, a replaceable reusable coarse filter and 3 adapters for connecting to various pumping equipment. The vacuum boom also features a handy 4-section design: extending out to 2.24m in length, it provides a decent coverage area.

Once connected, the accessory sucks in silt, leaves and sand, passing them along with water through the filtration system. Two swivel nozzles, one of which is equipped with a brush, allow you to reach the most secluded corners. Thus, cleaning the reservoir resembles ordinary house cleaning, and its effectiveness depends entirely on the efforts of the operator and the regularity of the procedure. However, the Bestway set is so accessible and easy to use that it is a pleasure to work with it.

7 Intex 28620

Intex 28620

If you do not allow dirt to accumulate in large quantities, the small Intex 28620 cordless vacuum cleaner can easily cope with cleaning a pool or jacuzzi bath with a diameter of up to 0.5 m. , while the vacuum cleaner weighs about 3 kg, so it is very easy to manipulate. The device is equipped with a nickel-metal hydride battery, environmentally friendly and well tolerated storage.

It takes 50-60 minutes to charge via USB, and users indicate that a full charge lasts 40 minutes. work. According to their testimony, it takes no more than 6 minutes to clean a bowl with a diameter of 0.4 m. They call the main advantage of the device affordable cost, lack of connection to external power supply, indispensability in cleaning bottlenecks, corners and depressions. There are no cons as such, but some design features should be taken into account: the battery has a «memory effect» and a limited service life — about 300 cycles.

6 ECO-VAC 1400

ECO-VAC 1400

If there are several reservoirs on the plot, such as a pond, a fountain or a frame pool, you can get a universal device to care for them — a vacuum cleaner with a built-in suction turbine. Its power is 1400 W, which provides high vacuum and fast suction of silt, leaves and other waste from a depth of up to 1.5 m.

The pump is characterized by low noise output, and the vacuum cleaner itself operates in variable mode, alternating intake with discharge. When the 35L container is completely filled, the unit stops and goes into standby mode until the container is emptied. Discharge of dirty water is possible in the drainage system or on the beds for irrigation and simultaneous fertilization.

5 Watertech Pool Blaster Max

Watertech Pool Blaster Max

Another representative of manual cleaners pleases its owners with excellent performance indicators. Only an hour of his work, and the pool area is 200 square meters. m. shines with cleanliness. It is important to note that there are different modifications of the Pool Blaster model: CG, Max and HD, which differ in performance: 207, 165 and 162 sq. m / hour, respectively. All devices are built-in NiMH-batteries with an extended service life and a capacity for 1 hour of continuous operation.

Users characterize the device positively, among the advantages they indicate a solid appearance, lightness and maneuverability of the nozzle, the possibility of using it in pools with any coating material. In their practice, the vacuum cleaner manages to clean the entire pool, including the walls and the waterline, until it is completely discharged. Due to reliable water protection, it can dive to a depth of up to 3 m, but the telescopic rod is not included in the kit — it must be purchased separately.

4 Kokido Telsa 80

Kokido Telsa 80

The Telsa 80 vacuum cleaner is designed for stationary and prefabricated pools of medium dimensions — from 50 to 70 sq. m. The unit is completely autonomous, runs on battery power and does not depend on the filtration system or the mains. The battery with a capacity of 2000 Ah belongs to the lithium-ion type, which ensures minimal self-discharge, a normal operating period (up to 45 minutes), the possibility of regular recharging and a significant reserve of operating cycles. The dimensions of the main nozzle are 35×85 mm, so large debris can also be collected without a nozzle block.

The design of the main nozzle is very well thought out: thanks to the installation of 5 rollers, it easily slides along the bottom, the edges are rubberized to protect soft pools and waterproofing from damage, the level of filling the garbage compartment is clearly visible through the transparent case. The latter is a disk-shaped bowl with a stainless steel mesh with a capacity of 2.2 liters, which is enough to clean the entire pool without constantly emptying it.

3 Zodiac RT 2100 TornaX

Zodiac RT 2100 TornaX

One of the most inexpensive robots for cleaning the bottom of the pool is presented by the French company Zodiac, which has specialized in complex solutions for artificial reservoirs for about 120 years. Thanks to the user-programmed tracked movement system, the water assistant moves over the entire surface and does not require third-party control. The extra-wide nozzle and 3L filter guarantee high efficiency and constant suction power even for the smallest particles (100µm) throughout the entire 2-hour cycle.

The robot weighs 5.5 kg, so it is easy to retrieve and maintain. To release the filter, it is enough to remove it and rinse it with a jet of water — the design eliminates direct contact with the collected debris. The manufacturer also ensures the high safety of the device by connecting it to the mains through a step-down transformer, reliable isolation of electronic components (IP68) and a protection system when the device is out of water. In general, for owners of pools with an approximate size of up to 8×4 m, it is difficult to find a better and cheaper option.

2 Maytronics Dolphin S 300i

Maytronics Dolphin S 300i

If it takes too much effort to manually clean the pool, it’s time to bring in the Dolphin S 300i robot. It is quite expensive, but a fantastic result in the form of crystal water and impeccably clean walls and bottom is guaranteed. Designed for bodies of water up to 12 m long, the unit weighs only 7.5 kg, but it still comes with a transport trolley. Under the removable cover of the unit is a capacious cartridge with a double filter to capture large and small fractions.

The user is prompted to select the best mode and cycle duration depending on the degree of soiling of the bowl. So, it is possible to set a work program for a week, change the mode to accelerated or standard, activate a delayed start. You can control the device through the block, as well as through a tablet or smartphone after installing a special application. Embedded software allows the robot to navigate the structure’s terrain and optimize subsequent cleaning cycles.

1 Hayward Tigershark 2

Hayward Tigershark 2

The flagship of the Hayward range of robotic vacuum cleaners is the Tigershark 2, capable of cleaning a domestic or public pool up to 30 m in length. Unlike previous cleaners of the same brand, the unit cleans the bottom, walls, waterline, steps, eliminating even the smallest sediment — up to 5 microns. As a result, the load on the purification system of the reservoir is reduced, the consumption of chemicals for disinfection is reduced, and less often there is a need for a complete replacement of water.

The cycle time is not programmable, the full cleaning program lasts 7 hours. The choice of the buyer is offered to complete the robot with two options for cleaning tracks: foam — for hard pools, rubber — for soft ones. An important advantage of the model, the owners consider the ability to automatically calculate and memorize the movement pattern, the presence of a sensor for extracting from the aquatic environment, which prevents overheating of the electric motor. At the same time, they indicate the heavy weight of the machine (10 kg) and recommend the use of a special cart, which is available as an option, to facilitate transport.

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