The 7 Best Satellite TV Sets


Satellite TV is always a huge number of channels, useful features and interactive features. How not to make a mistake with the choice of the operator? We have studied the reviews and compiled the TOP-7 of the best satellite TV sets covering almost all of Russia.

TOP 7 best satellite TV sets

7 Orion Express

Orion Express

100% coverage in Russia is provided by the satellite operator Orion. Approximately 3,000,000 people use the Orion Express TV set he offers. All broadcasts are conducted in Russian, each user can view all-Russian channels without restrictions. The general list is made up of the best music, sports, children’s, scientific and entertainment programs. There are separate channels for those who love series. The main image standards are SD and HD. Additionally, you can use the «Parental Control» option, which restricts access to channels with themes 18+.

The main advantages of the Orion Express satellite package are: excellent signal quality, round-the-clock hotline, with which you can get answers to all your questions, and a variety of content. The set includes a receiver with a built-in receiver, a smart card and a dish with a diameter of 80 cm. That is why even in bad weather conditions, excellent sound and image quality is maintained.

6 REMO TV Future Outdoor DVB-T2

REMO TV Future Outdoor DVB-T2

Adequate cost and ease of use are the main features of the REMO TV Future Outdoor DVB-T2 satellite TV set, judging by user reviews. With it, you can not only watch about 10 channels for free, but also connect a memory card, hard drive, smartphone, etc. The built-in electronic guide is updated in real time without the help of a specialist.

The REMO TV Future Outdoor DVB-T2 kit includes a satellite dish, a TV box with a USB port, a remote control and a bracket. Having paid for this set, you do not need to pay a separate subscription fee: the Multiplex package works throughout Russia for free. The number of channels depends on the region of your residence, this list is regularly updated. Pros: affordable cost, the ability to record television broadcasts, easy installation. Cons: limited number of channels, minimum thematic packages.

5 Continent TV

Continent TV

The key advantage of the Continent TV satellite television set is the ability to view about 40 free channels. If they get bored, you can purchase a subscription at an affordable price (for example, «1001 nights» for only 199 rubles per month). A standard package containing 168 channels will cost you 3,600 rubles. annually. This cost can be reduced by removing uninteresting channels for you. The length of the satellite dish included in the kit is 60 cm. However, if you live in the Urals or in the Southern Federal District, then the length of the dish will reach 80 cm. All this ensures more stable signal reception and playback of a high-quality picture without distortion.

The next advantage of the Continent TV set is the ability to choose a receiver. You are provided with several models that differ in feature set, number of connectors and supported protocols. If none of the receivers suits you, then you can refuse it and use the CAM module. However, make sure your TV supports it. Immediately after the purchase, 1,200 rubles are credited to the subscriber account, which you can use to pay for a standard or thematic package.



Television channels in Full HD resolution, interactive features and numerous opportunities are the main advantages of the MTS TV satellite television set. A powerful technical base and a wide coverage area make it possible to use it anywhere in Russia, with the exception of the polar regions. Paying for services and subscriptions is very simple, for this you can download a free mobile application.

The MTS TV set includes an antenna, a branded receiver and a user manual for the subscriber. It is convenient that you can refuse the receiver by using antennaless access to satellite television via the Internet (3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet port). Judging by the reviews, if you have paid subscriptions, you will be able to watch premiere films before they are released. Pros: Improved broadcast quality, large selection of thematic packages. A significant disadvantage is the imposed paid services, which can be unsubscribed only in certain cases.

3 NTV Plus HD


For fans of sports broadcasting, we recommend that you opt for the NTV-Plus HD set. It includes a subscription to live broadcasts from competitions and matches around the world: football, volleyball, hockey, tennis, etc. The system provides access to the main channels in high definition. An excellent choice for those who want to watch feature films and documentaries in HD. The key advantage of this kit is stability. Signal reception is carried out throughout Russia.

The NTV-Plus HD satellite television set includes a satellite dish, an Opentech OHS 1740V receiver with an impressive range of functions and a smart card. You can output image and sound to various devices: TVs, tablets, etc., thanks to a variety of connectors and support for the HDSP protocol. Another advantage of the kit is simplicity. The Russian-language menu is intuitive, even recording a TV broadcast can be started by pressing 2-3 buttons. Perhaps the only negative is the overpriced package of thematic channels.

2 Telecard HD

Telecard HD

The Telekarta HD satellite TV set is an opportunity to watch about 170 channels for only 3,600 rubles a year. For those who want to save money, we recommend that you exclude some of the broadcast programs from the list (for example, «Wildlife», «Children’s World», etc.). The best solution if you don’t want to overpay for the channels you don’t watch. Several times a year, the operator adds new TV channels, taking into account the interests of the Russian audience.

The best HD Telecard kit includes a digital satellite receiver, antenna, converter and cables, as well as an access card. It contains a code to activate a free subscription, the duration of which will be 2, 6 or 12 months. The kit includes detailed instructions for self-installation, so you can cope with the installation and configuration without the help of specialists. There is no additional function for recording broadcasts, but you can connect a memory card to the receiver and save the transmission. Among the advantages: adequate cost, 15 channels in HD resolution, a nice bonus in the form of a free subscription when buying a kit.

1 Tricolor Full HD 501/591

Tricolor Full HD 501/591

Tricolor is the largest satellite television operator, which has already been joined by more than 12,000,000 Russians. The Full HD 501/591 set presented by him provides free access to 223 channels of various genres, 41 of which are broadcast in HD resolution. Optionally, you can connect thematic packages, some of which are played in Ultra HD format. The best choice for any region of Russia.

The Full HD 501/591 set consists of a satellite dish and two receivers, allowing you to simultaneously broadcast TV channels on two TVs via an Ethernet port. Despite the small size of the antenna, the picture quality is maintained at a high level. The software is constantly being improved, additional functions appear: recording of television broadcasts, delayed viewing, remote control via a mobile phone, etc. Among the main advantages: there are free subscriptions, children’s and adult theme packages at affordable prices, the operator’s own library.

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