Teething products: an overview of 5 safe products


Teething is a normal physiological process, but sometimes it gives the child a lot of uncomfortable sensations. Each baby tolerates the appearance of teeth differently, but most children experience itchy gums, increased salivation and pain, as a result, the baby becomes moody and irritable. In some cases, the temperature rises, there is a violation of appetite, indigestion and sleep patterns. To make it easier for the child to endure the meeting with the first teeth, you can turn to some means for teething, which we will talk about.

There are products based on natural ingredients that are safe for children, there are products based on anesthetics. The second group is less safe, since numbness of the oropharynx may occur, as a result of which the act of sucking is disturbed.

In addition, funds come in the form of gels and drops, each of them has its pros and cons.

Rating of the best teething products


Dentinale natura is a popular remedy for many moms. Teething gel contains only natural ingredients, so it is safe for babies. The main plus is the absence of lidocaine and other medical painkillers in the composition, which, if swallowed, can interfere with the baby’s swallowing due to numbness of the oral cavity.

In addition, the gel does not contain sugar and parabens.


  • chamomile (wound healing effect);
  • aloe vera juice (antiseptic action);
  • boswellia extract (suppresses pain).

It can be used 3-5 times a day, it has a fast action and is great for soothing the gums.


  • without chemicals and medications;
  • safe if swallowed;
  • pleasant taste;
  • double the volume, which will last a long time.


  • not always available in pharmacies.


This teething agent also does not contain anesthetics, which allows it to be used as needed. The gel provides a long lasting effect.

In addition to the fact that there is no lidocaine in the composition, the gel has no taste and smell, so the child will not even feel it on the gums. The gel is based on natural ingredients, allowed from the first days of life.


  • chamomile (calming effect);
  • echinacea (increased immunity, healing effect);
  • calendula (good sleep);
  • plantain (anti-inflammatory effect);
  • marshmallow root (elimination of irritation of the oral mucosa).


  • not addictive;
  • natural composition;
  • allowed from the first days of life.


  • not available in all pharmacies;
  • does not relieve pain.


The solution is a homeopathic remedy, does not contain medicinal components, which is a plus when used in babies. The teething agent has no age restrictions and does not cause side effects, it is easy to drop it into the child’s mouth, the recommended dosage is 2-3 times a day, one dosed solution.


  • chamomile (soothes and relieves irritation);
  • rhubarb (helps restore disturbed digestion);
  • Indian ivy (relieves pain and relieves inflammation of the gums).


  • natural composition;
  • allowed from 0 years old.


  • not everyone is comfortable with the liquid form of the product;
  • does not have a local effect on the gums.


This teething gel has a cooling and soothing effect, is approved for use from birth, does not contain sugar.

The recommended frequency of use is 2-3 times a day, preferably after meals or at bedtime.

However, before use, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since the composition contains a local anesthetic substance — polidocanol. This is a drug that, if the recommended dose is exceeded, can cause adverse reactions in the form of allergies, respiratory disorders and convulsions.


  • polidocanol (cools and soothes irritated gums);
  • chamomile extract (calms, heals mucous membranes).


  • without age restrictions.


  • polidocanol in the composition, which is a medicinal substance;
  • side reactions are possible.


This teething remedy is very popular among mothers. The tool really has a good effect and helps the baby cope with uncomfortable sensations, but there is lidocaine in the composition, so it should be used with caution.

The gel has a local anesthetic and antiseptic effect, is allowed for children from the age of five months, has contraindications and in individual cases can cause side effects.

Before use, a specialist consultation is necessary, allergic reactions are possible.


  • lidocaine;
  • cetylpyridinium chloride;
  • Excipients.


  • quick effect due to anesthetic;
  • available in almost all pharmacies.


  • contains an anesthetic;
  • age restrictions;
  • there are contraindications;
  • possible side effects.

Teething products can help your baby get through this time more easily without much pain. The choice of means should be approached responsibly, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the baby. The right product will provide your baby with peace and cheerfulness.

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