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Despite the fact that the history of the existence of electric blankets goes back more than 100 years, it was only in the 2000s that they lost their bulky appearance due to the use of new generation heating elements and received reliable protection against accidental ignition in the form of electronic sensor systems. Their design includes a thermal block placed over the entire area of ​​the product, except for a few centimeters on each side, for uniform heating, as well as a breathable filler and a soft wear-resistant cover.

The twisted carbon wires inside have a minimum diameter and are equipped with a multi-layered silicone sheath that does not allow moisture to pass through. Setting and changing the temperature regime occurs with the help of a regulator, which, as a rule, supports at least 2 levels. Such a bedding accessory is connected to the network through a removable or molded cord. Depending on the model, the product may be additionally equipped with a timer, backlit LCD display and other useful elements.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the functionality. Especially popular, according to reviews, among the owners are the options for automatically turning off or switching to a less intense heating stage, turbo mode, zonal heat distribution, separate control in 2-bed blankets. In addition, bedding can be used as a sheet, according to some manufacturers. In turn, structurally similar, but thinner electric sheets can be used as blankets, because a single GOST is provided for both mandatory attributes of a bedroom. What models of the product group consumers prefer, you will learn from our rating.

The best single electric blankets

4 Blaknet EcoSapiens ES-78004

Blaknet EcoSapiens ES-78004

A stylish outwardly sleeping attribute can be used, according to the manufacturer, both as a blanket and as an electric sheet. It has an optimal thickness, a wear-resistant cover made of natural material and weighs only 2 kg with dimensions of 185×145 cm. Carbon fibers located almost over the entire surface quickly pump up thermal energy, and you will forget about the cold within 20 minutes after turning it on.

The built-in automatic timer will help maintain the optimum temperature and protect the electrical circuit from overheating. An additional advantage of having an auto-off sensor is the ability to save energy, ensure healthy sleep due to the ability of heat to relax muscles, relieve stress, and pain in those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. The temperature is set by a special 2-level switch and is in the range of 40-60 degrees. In the reviews, positive emotions are also caused by the use of natural material, which is not electrostatic, does not fade, does not shed during periodic washing, and irons well.

3 GEMR-9-60


The Brest enterprise has vast experience in the manufacture of such products, and this variety is made taking into account all modern requirements for quality, safety and aesthetics of the product. An electric blanket measuring 175×145 cm weighs no more than 1.5 kg and, when connected to a power source with a cord, reaches its working state within 10 minutes. The thermostat can be set in 2 heating positions — normal and accelerated. The maximum value in this case is 60 degrees. Disabling occurs when the slider is fixed opposite the number «0».

The heat-generating element is a popular carbon thread that is not felt at all in the product, protecting it from deformation. The fabric used for filling and cover is natural, pleasant to the body, does not cause allergic reactions. The calico cover is hygroscopic, does not require ironing and steaming, and is easy to clean. Among the advantages, the owners additionally highlight the durability of a useful thing, as well as a large selection of colors. Therefore, it will always be in the best way to harmonize with the surrounding interior.

2 FIRST 8120

FIRST 8120

The bedding has a running size of 150×80 cm and in its thickness, the texture of the decorative outer layer resembles an electric sheet, but is more functional. In the reviews, the owners point to its light weight, strength and durability of 100% synthetic materials, their almost non-wrinkling nature. In addition, such a thing can be washed not only by hand, but also in the machine by setting the delicate mode. The bed accessory is alkali and moth resistant. After drying in a fully unfolded state, it does not “sit down”.

As for the technical characteristics, the representative of the top FIRST 8120 supports a safe power of 60 W, is equipped with a removable controller with a network status indicator, is protected from overheating and short circuit. The slider control unit can be used to set one of 3 temperature levels. The presence of an LED indicator simplifies the control of work in the dark.

1 «Inkor» Elite 150×195 cm

«Inkor» Elite 150×195 cm

The product fully meets modern ideas about the ideal electric blanket. As a heating element, there is carbon fiber of non-metallic origin, which well withstands mechanical stress, deformation when folding bedding. In addition, this material has a high thermal conductivity, is not subject to corrosion. Elastic threads are in a filler made of wool blend batting, which effectively retains the released energy. The non-removable fleece cover is very soft and evokes an exceptionally pleasant feeling of comfort and tranquility.

A useful thing is equipped with a voltage regulator that supports a whole range of modes. You can set the power at one of five levels, as well as activate the quick warm-up function. There is an additional standby option and overheating protection, which help save energy and increase safety when using the accessory. Separate on/off control helps to manage the process more comfortably.

The best double electric blankets

4 «Ideal-Plus» 160×220 cm

«Ideal-Plus» 160×220 cm

The main advantage of this double model, in addition to cost, is the ability to independently regulate the temperature of each bed. There are two control units for this. Heating occurs evenly in one of the two set positions. This can be up to 35 degrees, if the room is not very cold, or up to 55 degrees.

Dry heat, according to the reviews of the owners of the bed accessory, is easily tolerated, improves blood circulation, and causes positive emotions. The carbon fiber used in the circuit does not stretch, is safe, and is environmentally friendly. It is located in a well-conducting thermal energy filler. Coarse calico cover is soft to the touch, practical, hypoallergenic, easy to dry. Cons — the lack of an auto-timer and a weight of 3.3 kg.

3 Beurer HD100

Beurer HD100

Such bedding is acquired for the plush tenderness of its outer layer, the practicality of colors and size range, and high-quality safety. Even if you fall asleep while watching TV, a special sensor will automatically turn off the heating system after 3 hours. In addition, the electric blanket can function in one of six temperature modes, so you can wrap it up both at home or in the country, and while on the go. The main thing is the availability of access to the mains.

The security principles in this version are thought out thoroughly. The use of Smart technology implies the operation of 3 independent electronic circuits at once. This means that accidental ignition of the blanket and overheating of the thermal block are excluded. The care of the product is quite convenient. It is machine washable. The disadvantages include the increased power declared by the manufacturer of 150 watts. Therefore, before using the blanket, the elderly, as well as those who are especially sensitive to electromagnetic fields, should consult a doctor.

2 Imetec 6901C

Imetec 6901C

In their reviews, the owners call the versatility of the model, the quality of the materials used, the invisibility of the seams, the convenience of controlling the technical unit as the main advantages that became decisive when choosing. The electric blanket supports 6 temperature modes, while for each side there is an independent push-button control for switching levels. The heat-generating elements reach their working state within 5 minutes after connecting the cord to the network. Most importantly, energy consumption is quite economical.

Another plus is the equipment with an automatic shutdown timer, the time is set in the range from 1 to 9 hours. Special Electroblock protection technology prevents overheating or short circuits. The cotton cover in combination with the polyester filler is durable, has high heat-insulating properties, and retains the elasticity of the fibers. The product with dimensions of 180×180 cm can be washed and dried in a machine at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees without subsequent ironing. It does not wrinkle, the intensity of staining does not change.

1 «Heat Factory» Original

«Heat Factory» Original

The top leader is quite popular among consumers and has already received the 1st degree Golden Sirin medal. Even with a significant size of 200×170 cm, it weighs only 1.75 kg! Therefore, it can be used as a blanket, electric sheets and even an electric mattress. To ensure the desired temperature condition, the manufacturer has developed a modern system, the operation of which is controlled and regulated by a 4-position mechanical unit. The backlight makes it convenient to use even at night. It provides a mode of normal heat supply and accelerated. In the first case, the power consumption is 50 W, in the second — 100 W. The maximum warming up is reached in 15-20 minutes.

The product is made in a moisture resistant version, which increases comfort during use. The cover made of smooth polycotton is not wrinkled, hygienic, well breathable, which prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors. The safety of the sleeping accessory is supported by integrated thermal fuses. The disadvantage of the product is usually considered a ban on washing in the machine. The manufacturer recommends only dry cleaning and partial washing by hand.

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