16 best pools for summer cottages


In the hot heat, you really want to soak up the cool pool. The best option for giving would be a small inflatable or frame model. It can be easily assembled, installed and also quickly dismantled. Manufacturers offer various options from small in depth and diameter to roomy, suitable for entertainment by a large company.

The best inflatable pools

4 Intex Easy Set 28130/56420

Intex Easy Set 28130/56420

This model will be an excellent solution for giving. It is quite compact, but at the same time roomy. The diameter of the pool is 3.66 meters, which allows you to easily accommodate the whole family in it. Of course, you won’t be able to swim. But to cool off on a hot day easily. The maximum depth is 76 centimeters, the maximum volume is 5621 liters. The bottom is soft, inflatable.

The Intex Easy Set 28130/56420 pool has received a lot of feedback from satisfied users. According to them, there is simply no better solution for seasonal use in a summer cottage. It pleases with both volumes and a very reasonable price. At the same time, the owners note that the material from which the pool is made is quite durable and it is difficult to damage it, even with some effort. Of the minuses: the lack of a water pump and bedding. Some would like to complete the package with an awning and a sun canopy.

3 Intex Easy Set 28144/56930

Intex Easy Set 28144/56930

The penultimate place of our rating is the smallest (with the exception of children, of course) pool. But you should not discount this model from the Intex company, because thanks to its small dimensions it can be placed even in a fairly small area. In addition, it costs several times less than its giant competitors. Easy Set features include.

  • Round shape with a diameter of 366 cm. Depth is 90 cm.
  • Light weight — only 12.9 kg in the package (easy to transport).
  • The delivery set does not include an awning, a water pump and a flooring for the pool, so if necessary, you will have to buy everything separately.

2 Bestway Oval Fast Set 56153

Bestway Oval Fast Set 56153

The pool, which is located on the second position of our rating, did not reach its top just a little. And this is not just a beautiful verbal turnover, but a harsh, if I may say so, reality. Bestway Oval Fast Set is really only a couple of liters less, a few kilograms heavier and a little more expensive than a thousand rubles. What is special about it?

  • The volume of holding water is 16.6 cubic meters.
  • The presence of a cartridge filter for coarse water purification.
  • There is a padding under the pool, which allows you to install it even on a not quite flat surface.
  • The performance of the complete pump is 3028 l / h, which is almost 2 times less than that of the leader in the rating.

1 Intex Oval Frame 28194/54934/54432

Intex Oval Frame 28194/54934/54432

And here is the leader of our rating. Despite the apparent similarity with competitors, this model really deserves the first place. And the whole point is not only in size and quality materials, but also in the thoughtfulness of related accessories, thanks to which the model is easy to install and maintain. The features are worth mentioning.

  • The largest dimensions: 610×366 cm with a depth of 122 cm — even an adult can dive in this.
  • The presence of the most productive pump in the ranking (5678 l / h), thanks to which the filling of the pool takes quite a bit of time.
  • There is a ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of the pool.
  • Included is an awning that will protect the water from falling foliage and other debris.

The best children’s inflatable pools

4 Bestway Covered Hippo 52218

Bestway Covered Hippo 52218

If the tasks of the pool do not include the entertainment of a large number of kids, then be sure to pay attention to this model. It is not only safe in all respects, but also has an interesting design in the form of a cheerful hippo. The water bowl is only 112 cm in diameter and can hold up to 40 liters of water. In this case, the depth is not more than 15 centimeters. Everything you need for a fun and safe water adventure for your little one.

The design does not provide for a canopy or awning, but thanks to an interesting design, it is possible to protect the child from the scorching sun. It is enough to turn the pool to the desired side. The soft inflatable bottom will add comfort. Among the shortcomings: small capacity, no more than two kids can splash, relatively low mobility due to weight (13.8 kg). Otherwise, the Bestway Covered Hippo pool deserves a place among the best solutions for children.

3 Intex Aquarium 58480

Intex Aquarium 58480

The penultimate in the ranking, but far from the worst pool. Yes, there are no all kinds of slides and sprayers, but it costs less than two thousand rubles! The design also deserves attention — it’s not just multi-colored stripes of fabric, but a rather interesting pattern, which children will also spend a lot of time looking at. The features of Intex Aquarium should be attributed.

  • Fully inflatable body, including the bottom — such a pool will keep its shape better, and a soft bottom will reduce the risk of injury.
  • Sufficient depth for older children to dive.
  • The smallest weight in the package is only 3.37 kg.

2 Intex Mushroom Baby 57114

Intex Mushroom Baby 57114

One of the best solutions for the smallest lovers of water activities. He is truly perfect in every way. First, the minimum weight and ease of assembly. Together with the packaging, the pool weighs only 1.5 kg. It is convenient to transport and install. Moreover, parents can carry the model with them and change the location as many times as they like. Secondly, there is a canopy from the sun, the child will be protected from heat stroke, which is also important. Thirdly, the pool has a soft inflatable bottom, and its depth is only 13 cm. Even the smallest child can have fun and safely spend time.

Parents will also be pleased with the cost of Intex Mushroom Baby. It is the cheapest in our selection. The only drawback, if it can be considered as such, is that the model is suitable for children up to 3-4 years old. The rest will be small and cramped (model diameter 101 cm). And also the soft bottom requires a flat surface for installation.

1 Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center 57453

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center 57453

Finally, the first line of our rating is occupied by a rather interesting pool from the already well-known company Intex. This model is not as monstrous as we would like, but it still has a slide, albeit a small one, as well as several interesting game elements. In addition, due to the shallow depth, even 3-4-year-old children can play safely in such a pool. Finally, a price that will not become burdensome for parents. Other features worth mentioning are the following.

  • The hard bottom of the pool — allows you to install even on an uneven surface, and children just will not pierce.
  • There is a water sprinkler.
  • Very light packaged weight (only 7.4 kg) — easy to assemble and transport to a new location.

The best frame pools

4 Intex Metal Frame 28200/56997

Intex Metal Frame 28200/56997

Those who want to buy a solid capacious pool, but at the same time save money, can appreciate the Intex Metal Frame 28200/56997. It has a round shape and a diameter of 305 cm. Given the depth of 76 centimeters, the model will be a good solution for family use in the country. The biggest plus is the price of the pool, excellent water entertainment will go to the owner for only 5-6 thousand. The design is easy to assemble, if desired and due skill can be handled alone. Despite the budget option, the kit includes a pump with a filter.

The owners claim that the material from which the base is made is very durable. The only advice is to use a pool stand to strengthen the bottom. And immediately buy a cover or awning to avoid getting excess debris. Intex Metal Frame has a maximum of positive feedback and great popularity among users. He deserves a place in our ranking of the best.

3 Summer Escapes P20-1252

Summer Escapes P20-1252

If you want to install a spacious and deep diving pool on the site, then be sure to pay attention to this model. The diameter of the round design is 3.66 meters, while the depth is as much as 132 cm. This is the largest indicator among the products of the current category. The volume is 11900 l, which is very solid and will take a lot of time to fill. But on the other hand, a company of adults can comfortably accommodate in such a pool. In addition, users note the opportunity to buy a thicket without additional accessories, which will reduce costs.

Of the minuses, the owners distinguish a thin bottom. For durable use, a site should be prepared for the installation of the structure. Otherwise, the frame model deserves a place among the best, especially given the very affordable price. If necessary, the owners can adapt the accessories of previous pools for it.

2 Bestway Steel Pro Frame 56088

Bestway Steel Pro Frame 56088

Of course, Steel Pro Frame can be called compact only in relation to other frame pools from this rating. However, this model is suitable for those who have only a small area for installation. The depth, by the way, was not affected, so you can safely dive in this “baby”. What else is special about this pool?

  • The volume of water is smaller than that of competitors — a little less people will fit, but maintenance costs will also be lower.
  • The presence of an awning to protect the water from debris. Allows you to clean the water or replace it much less often.
  • Insufficiently productive pump that comes with the kit. When using it, it will take more than 5 hours to pump the pool.

1 Intex Metal Frame 28236/54946

Intex Metal Frame 28236/54946

And again, the first position, albeit with a minimal margin, is taken by a model from Intex. The main advantage of the model is quality. Yes, the price of the pool is a bit more expensive because of this, but it’s worth it. Other advantages include:

  • The high performance of the pump included in the kit (3785 l / h) — to fill a volume of almost 17 cubic meters, even he will have to work for about 4 hours.
  • The presence of a bedding under the pool, which protects the bottom from cutting through, for example, by sharp stones.
  • Included is a ladder with which it is more convenient to use the pool.

The best hard pools

4 Atlantic Pools Esprit-Big (7.3 × 1.32 m)

Atlantic Pools Esprit-Big (7.3 × 1.32 m)

The largest and most expensive pool in our ranking. It has an oval shape and a prefabricated structure. This pool is perfect for recreational swimming due to its dimensions: 7.3 meters long and 3.7 meters wide. The depth of the bowl is 135 centimeters, which will appeal to divers. Installation of the model requires about 50 square meters of free space, so it is not suitable for every suburban area.

The model has an excellent complete set: a ladder, a water pump, a skimmer, a sand filter. The pool calmly withstands temperatures down to -20 during the conservation period. Of the minuses, the cost should be highlighted. But at the same time, it should be taken into account that for this money the owner will receive a model in which two people can easily compete in swimming speed. As such, we have no hesitation in listing Atlantic Pools Esprit-Big as one of the best hard pools.

3 Bestway Steel Wall Hydrium Poseidon 56574/56285

Bestway Steel Wall Hydrium Poseidon 56574/56285

This model, in fact, stands out little from its competitors. More? No, except perhaps a little deeper with a similar diameter. Maybe it’s cheaper? And here a mistake — even a little more expensive. However, this model also has a right to exist.

  • The depth is almost 15 cm more when compared with models of the same diameter.
  • There is a ladder for more convenient use.

2 Azuro 400DL

Azuro 400DL

Most hard pools have one main drawback — they do not tolerate temperature extremes and certainly will not survive the harsh winter. The Azuro model is an exception. Thanks to the special body materials, this pool can be safely left unassembled in the winter. Here are some other benefits of the 400DL.

  • The possibility of digging into the ground is both more aesthetic than a prefabricated pool sticking out on the surface, and easier than digging and arranging a full-fledged reservoir.
  • The presence of a skimmer — a device that floats on the surface and collects debris.
  • The presence of a sand filter that produces high-quality water purification.

1 Bestway Hydrium Splasher 56386

Bestway Hydrium Splasher 56386

This model will please the user with an impressive volume, excellent equipment and affordable price. For 28-29 thousand rubles, the owner will receive a strong bowl with a diameter of 4.6 meters and a depth of 90 centimeters. In such a pool, a company of adults can easily accommodate. Included with the bowl is a ladder, bedding, repair kit and a water pump with good performance (2006 liters per hour). But keep in mind that it will take at least 6 hours to completely fill the pool.

The design is strong and stable, the walls are made of solid sheets of steel with a thickness of 0.4 mm. It is suitable for digging in, while it does not require concreting and additional preparation of the pit. Quickly assembled and disassembled if necessary. The drain valve allows you to attach a garden hose and drain the water to any convenient place. In our opinion, the Bestway Hydrium Splasher pool is without a doubt one of the best in its category in most respects.

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