12 Best Car Shampoos


Neat and clean personal transport is not only the pride and visiting card of any car owner, but also a guarantee of the good condition of the body. Frequent driving in a metropolis provokes a large accumulation of dust and dirt on all elements of the car, which, in turn, leads to rapid wear of the paintwork, and in some cases can cause corrosion.

Most often, drivers wash their «iron horses» as needed, although experts advise carrying out this procedure at intervals of 7-10 days, regardless of the degree of car pollution. In order to bring the car into proper condition, two methods of washing are used — manual and contactless. They differ both in the way the body is processed, and in the means used for this:

  • Shampoos for hand washing require the use of brushes and sponges to apply the composition to the surface and rinse it off. Most often they are used for self-washing a car. Liquids should only be applied to the cooled metal. However, they must not be allowed to dry out.
  • Shampoos for touchless washing are designed to be used without the use of rags. They are single-component and two-component. The former are suitable for the warm season, and the latter for winter. To remove difficult stains in the form of tar, oil or gasoline, you need a superconcentrate. It is necessary to maintain the active foam on the surface for 3-5 minutes, after which it is washed off with a jet of water from a hose.

The best car shampoos for hand washing

4 Pingo for manual washing

Pingo for manual washing

Concentrated shampoo «Pingo for hand washing» perfectly copes with all the typical car pollution — the product quickly and easily removes dirt deposits and road dust from the surface of the body. Forming a rich foam, the car shampoo prevents the risk of scratching the car with hard particles of sand, and the alcohol included in the composition helps to wash off even difficult marks such as insect marks or tar droplets from trees. Most often in the reviews there is a mention of the excellent profitability of the product — the manufacturer recommends using a concentrate at the rate of 25 ml per 1 liter of water, although users note the ideal cleaning ability of the liquid diluted in smaller proportions. Thus, a liter bottle of shampoo will be consumed for a long time.


  • easily washes dirt of various origins;
  • foams well;
  • forms a protective film;
  • with polishing effect.


  • on a black car can leave stains.

3 GRASS Universal orange

GRASS Universal orange

This is one of the most versatile products that easily removes both simple and complex contaminants from the car surface — soot, oil stains, dirt. At the same time, reviews from motorists indicate the safety of using the Grass Universal Orange autoshampoo — the material is not scratched. After using it, the car looks like new. The bright effect is complemented by a pleasant smell and low price. One package is enough for several times.


  • easy to wash off;
  • slowly consumed;
  • removes a variety of contaminants;
  • inexpensive.


  • small bottle capacity
  • weak foaming.

2 Karcher Plug&Clean

Karcher Plug&Clean

The slightly alkaline car shampoo concentrate from Karcher is characterized by increased safety, since it is based on 100% biodegradable surfactants, and does not contain solvents. Plug & Clean is designed to be effective yet gentle on all vehicle and motorcycle surfaces, including paintwork, chrome and plastic parts. The product dries quickly without leaving streaks. It is compatible with high-pressure apparatuses of the same manufacturer, therefore it can be applied to the body both manually and with the help of special equipment.


  • the composition does not contain aggressive components that spoil the coating;
  • washes quickly;
  • requires little water
  • large volume in the package.


1 Golden Wax Superfoam

Golden Wax Superfoam

This driver-tested product lathers well, creates a thin polymer film and provides a long-lasting shine to the bodywork. This best car shampoo is very practical — drivers can safely wash rims, painted surfaces, glass, and plastic elements with it. Among the advantages of Golden Wax Superfoam and the ability to dilute the solution in both hot and cold water. With its help, stains from gasoline and oil, traces of vital activity of insects, ordinary dirt are eliminated. The soap solution is very concentrated, so for washing it must be diluted with water.


  • diluted in water of any temperature;
  • rinses off quickly
  • does not leave streaks and stains;
  • safe for the environment.


  • Doesn’t remove greasy stains well.

The best car shampoos for touchless washing

4 LAVR Tornado

LAVR Tornado

Specially designed for use in conditions of increased hardness of water, LAVR Tornado is characterized by increased foam and retains its cleaning properties even at minimum concentrations. Car shampoo is completely safe for rubber, plastic elements and non-ferrous metal alloys. Does not have an intense odor and does not cause allergic reactions. Contains a corrosion inhibitor that prevents damage to the body metal. According to car owners, the Russian Lavr foam completely copes with the task, quickly and without a trace removing all types of stains and dirt. Also, users were pleased with the low price of the drug compared to foreign analogues.


  • enhanced washing activity;
  • easy application and economical use;
  • diluted even in well water;
  • price availability.


  • does not work well with small traces of oil.

3 Grass Active Foam Eco

Grass Active Foam Eco

One-component active foam for a contactless car wash contains water, surfactants, alkaline components and active additives that help to safely remove even the most difficult types of dirt. The agent is applied with a foam sprayer, wets the body well and is perfectly washed off, leaving no traces and white deposits. Contains special components that protect the surface of the body and prevent corrosion. The consumption of Grass Active Foam Eco per car is on average no more than 150 ml of concentrate. Available in plastic canisters of 1, 5, 10 and 22 liters.


  • thick foam with economical consumption;
  • removes all types of contaminants;
  • does not corrode the skin in case of accidental contact with hands;
  • makes the car shine.


  • the price of eco shampoos is always a little higher.



ATAS DIMER is the most powerful non-contact car shampoo designed for professionals. As the reviews show, neither bitumen nor ingrained dirt is an obstacle for him. It is also convenient that it can be used at any temperature. The solution is easily diluted in water, foams well and is quickly washed off without leaving any residue. The risk of damage to the paint here is reduced to zero. The only disadvantage may be the need to change the ratio of the product and water, depending on the purpose of the application.


  • effective in cold water;
  • inexpensive, as for professional tools;
  • recommended by professionals.


  • should be left on for a while before rinsing.

1 Karcher RM 806

Karcher RM 806

Professional car shampoo Karcher RM 806 becomes the leader in this category due to its wide spectrum of action and effective results. This is one of the most popular contactless car wash products used in most specialized car services. Reviews show that RM 806 removes even the most difficult contaminants — wood resin, grease, oil. Among the shortcomings, users note that the composition dries quickly in the sun. The liquid is packaged in barrels of different volumes of 5, 20 and 200 liters. The price varies from 1,300 to 42,500 rubles.


  • European quality;
  • low price;
  • economical consumption.


  • used with foam nozzle;
  • a hot body needs to be cooled down first.

The best car shampoos with wax

4 LIQUI MOLY Auto-Wasch & Wachs

LIQUI MOLY Auto-Wasch & Wachs

The unique tenside and wax formula makes Liqui Moly Auto-Wasch one of the most effective shampoos on our list. This combination allows the product to effectively prevent the negative impact of environmental factors and provides the surface with an invisible, but durable protective layer. The reviews write that after using this type of auto cosmetics, the body shines beautifully and the car looks like it was fresh from a car dealership. A nice addition will be the ease of dissolving the liquid in water and its calm peach aroma.


  • safety for glass and other surfaces;
  • prepares the car for further polishing;
  • high level of protection of the varnish surface;
  • biodegradable composition.


  • not very convenient packaging;
  • must be stored at a certain temperature.

3 SONAX Wash & Wax

SONAX Wash&Wax

German car shampoo with a high concentration of natural carnauba wax is used for manual car treatment, and provides the car with perfect cleanliness and an attractive shine. After treatment with this tool, a protective film is formed on the body, which prevents dust from adhering and allows you to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of the car for as long as possible. Service center experts recommend using SONAX Wash & Wax not only for restoration, but also for conservation washing. The unique nano-technologies used in the production of the product make it one of the best, thanks to its high penetrating and washing qualities.


  • long-term preservation of the effect;
  • return to original brilliance;
  • convenient measuring cup for the correct calculation of concentration;
  • does not contain phosphates.


  • in the cold loses its properties.

2 Doctor Wax DW8133

Doctor Wax DW8133

This is the most effective composition, produced in the form of a safe concentrate. Of the advantages, it should be noted that the product is diluted in a small amount of water and dissolves quickly. Although it does not lather very well, the body is cleaned quickly and easily. Shampoo «Doctor Wax» is combined with any polishes and does not lead to metal corrosion. It contains natural wax. It is not very good here that one package is enough for no more than 3-4 times.


  • protects the paint from UV rays;
  • creates a reliable wax film;
  • It goes well with polishes of our own production or other companies.


  • it is necessary to remove the remaining moisture with a cloth;
  • small volume — only 600 ml.

1 Turtle Wax Hot Wax

Turtle Wax Hot Wax

Of all the Turtle Wax products, Hot Wax has the longest lasting effect, lasting up to 4 weeks. Since it is produced in the form of a concentrate, it requires dilution with water. No foam is to be expected here. According to reviews, the shampoo gently cleans the body from traces of birds, bitumen, tar. For a small price, you get both car shampoo and polish in one bottle. With giving the surface shine, he copes with 100%.


  • reliably protects against the effects of temperature extremes;
  • neutralizes the negative impact of aggressive reagents;
  • does not require exposure to the surface.


  • must be washed off with water;
  • the surface should be wiped with a rag;
  • composition is very rare.
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