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Each time the home is renovated, the wallpaper is updated. Today, many fashionable materials have appeared, each of them requires a special glue. Rarely, the owners of apartments and houses use starch, which was invented for paper wallpapers. On the shelves of stores there is a huge assortment of adhesives, so it is not surprising for an inexperienced consumer to be confused. Even if paper canvases are chosen, you need to make sure that the glue is suitable for this type of wallpaper. But several types of tapestries have become the most popular today, special compositions have been created for them. Some of them must be dissolved in water, while others are sold ready-made.

  • Vinyl wallpapers are distinguished by high density and large mass. To keep them on the wall, the adhesive must have good adhesion and excellent strength. In addition to vinyl-based tapestries, it is allowed to glue embossed and fabric varieties.
  • Non-woven wallpaper looks quite elegant in the living room. Appropriate glue is used for their fastening. He also performed well with paper tapestries.
  • A special composition is required for glass fiber. In addition to high strength, the adhesive must be resistant to moisture. With this mixture, you can mount heavy textile and fiberglass fabrics.

The best glue for vinyl wallpaper

4 ECO Vinyl

ECON Vinyl

Like many analogues, this tool is suitable for several types of wallpaper, including vinyl and paper. The degree of adhesion in each case is quite satisfactory. This is his first advantage. In addition, the composition contains ingredients that provide antifungal properties. You can be sure that after some time after gluing, gray or black spots will not appear on the wallpaper. Users note that the procedure for mixing the contents of the package with water is simple, but takes about 15 minutes. And this is the only negative of the product.

Among the positive aspects is the most economical consumption of glue. It is enough to take 0.15–0.16 kg / sq. meter to quickly update the interior of the room. The jelly-like mass dries far from instantly, so there is time left to carefully smooth out all the folds after laying the strip, to get rid of the “bubbles”. The presence of methylcellulose in the composition has a good effect on the wear resistance of the resulting wall covering.

3PUFAS Euro 3000

PUFAS Euro 3000

PUFAS Euro 3000 is suitable for gluing different types of vinyl wallpapers. When working, you should not be afraid of getting the solution on the wallpaper, since the layer of the solution is absolutely colorless. The composition includes synthetic resins and methylcellulose fraction. Due to the combination of these components, the product becomes viscous and moisture resistant. And the time of preparation of the solution by the manufacturer should be reduced to 5 minutes.

One pack of glue (250 grams) is enough to lay 5-7 tubes of vinyl wallpaper. The material is environmentally friendly, over time it does not change in composition or color. In a diluted state, the mass can retain working properties for 1 month.

In the reviews, builders note such advantages of PUFAS Euro 3000 glue as transparency, economical consumption, strength, and ease of preparation. Some dissatisfaction among consumers is caused by a specific smell and problematic application.

2 Quelyd Vinyl indicator

Quelyd Vinyl-indicator

The main advantage of this glue is its universal character. The consistency can be used for both vinyl and paper blanks. In just a couple of minutes, the contents of the package are diluted in water until ready, and the amount of the last component is added depending on the type of material. For a vinyl structure, 26 liters/kg is assumed. Such a solution is suitable for work within 7 days, it is recommended to use it at an ambient temperature of 5–25 degrees.

Of the benefits in the reviews, consumers highlight a small expense, which in our case is 0.16–0.2 kg / sq. meter. This is one of the best indicators in its category. Due to the presence of a color indicator, the process of preparing each strip of wallpaper, the uniformity of the application of the layer, is easily controlled. An additional undoubted plus of the product is the presence of an antifungal effect to increase the life of the vinyl or paper coating.

1 Kleo Smart Vinyl Wallpaper

Kleo Smart Vinyl Wallpaper

Kleo Smart Vinyl glue has a good reputation among venerable finishers and novice owners. The basis of the product is modified starch, a bactericidal substance has been added to it. Thanks to this formula, the adhesive holds the heaviest vinyl wallpaper during operation, and further prevents the appearance of fungus in wet rooms. One box weighing 150 grams is enough to cover an area of ​​45 square meters. meters, which is equal to 7-9 rolls of wallpaper. However, on bases without preliminary preparation (puttying, priming), the consumption of glue may be higher.

The manufacturer provides simple instructions that any average person can understand. The important advantages of the product include the possibility of correcting the glued sheet and transparency when dried. Master finishers speak favorably of the Kleo Smart vinyl wallpaper product. It is affordable, effective, easy to use and does not stain the canvas.

The best glue for non-woven wallpaper

3 Exclusive Non-Woven Pro

Exclusive Non-Woven Pro

Under the brand owned by the well-known company Imperial Starch, an adhesive is produced that is effective when applied to various non-woven materials. You do not need to worry and think whether this composition is suitable for prepared wallpaper rolls. It reliably adheres the strips to the wall, regardless of the structure, the degree of roughness of the latter. Even heavy tapestries are kept neatly, do not slip, do not peel off. What is important, already initially, before drying, no extraneous unpleasant odor is felt.

The composition of the contents of the package is quite predictable — starch and antiseptic additives. What is curious is the possibility of using the solution not only for wallpaper, but also for a primer. From the positive observations of users, according to reviews, the powder does not form lumps when stirred, and only 7 liters of water are required per package. When storing the solution, the film does not form, it does not dry out. A pack of powder is enough to cover 40 square meters. meters. If less consumption is required, the dry residue is hermetically stored in a branded foil bag.

2 QUELYD special interlining

QUELYD special interlining

Quelyd Spets-Flizelin proved to be excellent when gluing non-woven wallpaper for painting, non-woven fabrics, heavy models. The basis of the mixture was modified starch, which does not have good adhesion. Therefore, careful preparation of the walls is required to reduce the absorbency of the base. But the composition added antifungal and bactericidal components that prevent the formation of fungus and mold. Subject to the technology of preparation, preparation and application, the masters do not experience problems with non-woven wallpaper. During work, characteristic spots do not form at the joints, so it is possible to apply paint with minimal consumption.

Finishers speak flatteringly about such qualities of Quelyd Spets-Vlizelin glue as transparency, strength, and high sliding ability. The consumption is slightly higher than stated, which is important to consider when preparing for work.

1 Methylan Interlining Ultra Premium

Methylan Interlining Ultra Premium

Methylan Flizelin glue is designed for a wide range of surfaces. The wallpaper fits perfectly on concrete, cement-lime plaster, drywall and cork. This versatility has been achieved by adding polymeric components to methylcellulose. An important point for perfect gluing will be high-quality wall preparation. There should be no unevenness or cracks on the surface, since delamination and bubbles will appear in such places. You should also take care of the cleanliness of the base, the presence of debris and grease stains is not allowed. For good adhesion of the adhesive, the preparation of the working solution should be scrupulous.

Users highlight several advantages of Methylan Flizelin wallpaper glue. This is versatility, fast setting and high strength. Some consumers are dissatisfied with the lack of color indication, which is inherent in other products from Metylan.

The best glue for glass

3 TEX Universal for glass

TEX Universal for glass

In order to get the perfect wallpaper adhesive solution, you often need to spend some time preparing it. But not in our case! The manufacturer suggests that after opening the lid of the plastic bucket, immediately get to work. Moreover, compatibility not only with glass, but also with all the others, including vinyl, non-woven, for subsequent painting, is also guaranteed by him. In the reviews, the owners of such a product among the pluses call the structure of the solution convenient for application, its transparency, non-toxicity, consumption of 1 liter per 4-7 square meters. meters.

What is important, «Universal for cullet» is sold in different packaging: 3, 10, 18 liters. It remains only to correctly calculate the required amount, and the savings are obvious. But even if something remains in the container, it can be stored in an airtight form until the expiration date, and it is 1 year from the date of production. After gluing the strips, 10 minutes pass before the start of hardening. Therefore, adjustments must be made in a timely manner. An additional plus of the composition is that it is not flammable.

2 Exclusive Platinum Pro

Exclusive Platinum Pro

This tool has already been evaluated by many Russian consumers and included in their own short list of materials useful in the repair. It is well compatible not only with cullet, fiberglass, but also with all types of non-woven and textile coatings. Waterproof by its nature, the powder is environmentally friendly, therefore it is absolutely safe for human health.

The advantages of the wallpaper composition include its neutrality to low temperatures. That is, after finishing the room in which coolness and humidity reign, the appearance of the coating will not change, it will not begin to fall off. Special additives also exclude the appearance of fungus or mold on the wallpaper. Packing weighing 283 grams is enough to serve walls up to 45 square meters. meters. If you choose a package of 566 grams, then you can paste over up to 80 square meters. meters. The advantages of the product for amateurs and professionals include the possibility of storing a solution prepared on a water basis for up to 30 days. This is the most practical offer at an affordable cost.

1 Oscar 10 kg

Oscar 10 kg

The domestic manufacturer offers ready-made Oscar glue for wallpaper at an affordable price. A high-quality mixture allows you to stick fiberglass wallpaper, painting fiberglass, as well as interlining. With this tool, it is possible to lay wallpaper on substrates such as concrete, drywall, brick, as well as wood and composite boards. It contains antibacterial and antifungal additives. The material does not need to be dissolved in water, before work it is only necessary to mix the mass and immediately apply it to the base using a roller or brush. Within 15-20 minutes, the wallpaper can be moved and adjusted. The contents of a bucket (10 kg) are enough to finish a surface of 45-50 square meters. meters.

In the reviews of the masters, such positive properties of Oscar ready-made glue as functionality, frost resistance, and ease of use are most often mentioned.

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