10 best vitamins for energy and vitality


Ruthless medical statistics claim that a feeling of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression and loss of vitality haunts literally every third inhabitant of a modern metropolis. Most often, these harmful processes are caused by the harmful effects of the environment, a huge stream of negative information pouring from the media, uncertainty about the future and lack of space for life. If adequate measures are not taken in time, such conditions can quickly lead to physical pathologies of the body and cause irreversible processes with very sad consequences.

To feel healthy and full of energy, you need to adhere to several well-known principles — eat right, exercise, give up bad habits and resist stress. An excellent additional way to get rid of poor health is to take vitamins aimed at stimulating internal energy and vigor. We have compiled a selection of the best multi-component complexes that will help reduce the symptoms of fatigue, restore good mood and lust for life. Despite the fact that all the drugs participating in the rating are not prescription drugs and are freely available, it is still better to consult your doctor before going to the pharmacy, since each of the dietary supplements has its own characteristics of use and a number of contraindications.

TOP 10 best vitamins for energy and vitality

10 Biorhythm


The well-known Russian company «Evalar» offers a new multivitamin complex «Biorhythm», aimed at maintaining the body in difficult conditions, improving well-being and quick adaptation to increased stress. This drug is available in two types of pills that should be taken at different times of the day. A daily tablet based on fruit extracts helps to energize and vigor for the whole day. And the evening, with an extract from vegetables, contributes to a good rest and restoration of the internal resources of the body.


  • contains iodine, necessary for mental and physical development;
  • stimulates a burst of energy in a natural way;
  • improves the process of hematopoiesis.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • in some cases, it can cause an attack of nausea;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

For the best result, it is recommended to take vitamins «Biortim» from «Evalar» 3-4 times a year, while the duration of one treatment course should be at least 30 days. The biological supplement is sold in packs of 64 pieces (32 tablets «morning» and 32 tablets «evening»). These are affordable vitamins from a trusted manufacturer, which, in combination with other recreational activities, can qualitatively improve a person’s well-being.

9 Complivit Super Energy with Guarana

Complivit Superenergy with Guarana

A distinctive feature that glorified guarana all over the world is the presence of a large amount of natural caffeine in the plant. Therefore, all products based on the extract of the fruits of this southern shrub have a powerful but delicate stimulating effect that does not cause heart palpitations and overexcitation of the central nervous system. Regular use of Complivit Superenergy with Guarana vitamins helps a person to overcome the state of physical and emotional fatigue, and also gives additional energy to solve important life tasks.


  • contains catechins (green tea extract);
  • significantly reduces the manifestations of drowsiness;
  • provides the daily requirement for vitamins C and group B.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • contains artificial dyes;
  • a small number of capsules per package (10 pcs.).

Complivit Superenergy should be taken in the morning with plenty of water. The best result is seen after a full course of treatment, which is 1 month. This is a fairly new drug that appeared on the shelves of domestic pharmacies only at the end of 2017. To maintain activity and internal strength, you can alternate the use of guarana capsules with Complivit Super Energy with Ginseng effervescent tablets, previously released by the same manufacturer.

8 Diet Perfetta Energy

Diet Perfetta Energy

Women who have ever tried to lose weight are well aware that a long-term diet can cause a significant decline in strength and mood. And indeed, where to get energy from if a strict ban is imposed on many products? In this case, vitamin complexes come to the rescue, which will help compensate for the lack of useful elements in the blood and reduce negative manifestations from the nervous system. Effervescent tablets «Diet Perfetta Energy» are an excellent example of an effective dietary supplement that can return the body to an active state.


  • normalizes the psycho-emotional state;
  • accelerates the process of losing weight;
  • has a pleasant taste.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • not recommended for persons under 18;
  • may cause an increase in blood pressure.

Unlike most active supplements, Diet Perfetta Energy is not taken as a course, but as needed. Judging by the reviews, many women felt a surge of strength within half an hour after the first intake of a fizzy drink. Although there were those whose body remained «indifferent» to the action of the drug. The product is sold in tubes of 20 tablets.

7 AlfaVit Energy

AlfaVit Energy

The inexpensive Russian vitamin complex AlfaVit Energy is perhaps the most unusual member of our rating. Like the rest of the brand’s products, this drug is designed in such a way that each tablet has its own targeted effect. So, for example, the yellow capsule «Energy of the Morning» will help you wake up faster and shake off drowsiness. To maintain a high level of energy and performance in the workplace, you should take an orange pill «Cheerfulness of the day» in the afternoon. And in order to have enough strength for a wonderful romantic evening after labor worries, we recommend the “Restoring” green vitamin, which is drunk in the second half of the day. In total, there are 60 tablets of different colors in the package.


  • stimulates mental and physical activity;
  • tones through the action of natural plant extracts of lemongrass seeds and eleutherococcus;
  • has an affordable price.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • complex scheme of application;
  • not suitable for everyone.

Vitamins «AlfaVit Energy» have a fairly bright effect, energizing for a very long time. However, some women in their reviews noticed that with prolonged use, the drug can cause negative side reactions in the form of headaches or insomnia. To avoid such situations, before using dietary supplements, you should consult with your therapist, who knows the characteristics of your body.

6 Solgar Multi I

Solgar Multi I

Vitamins «Solgar Multi-I» are a unique development for people with special needs. No artificial colors or preservatives are used in their production. The composition of this dietary supplement is also free from any elements of animal origin, does not contain gluten and yeast. This is one of the best vitamin complexes that can be advised to vegetarians, as well as people with intolerance to certain food ingredients. The product is not a drug. It has passed full certification according to the laws of the Russian Federation, and is approved for use by people who have reached the age of 18.


  • improves overall well-being;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • activates energy processes in the body.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • not very pleasant aroma, due to the complete absence of flavors;
  • rather high price in comparison with analogues.

In addition to the fact that «Multi-I» helps to elevate mood and strengthen the immune system, vitamins also contribute to external transformation. Women who have completed the full course of treatment with this remedy noted a noticeable improvement in the condition of their hair, nails and skin. Many have normalized weight due to a decrease in cravings for fatty and high-calorie foods, while others were satisfied with the absence of allergies to the components of the drug.

5 Macrovit


The macrovitamin multivitamin complex is designed to replenish useful elements that are lost by the body during prolonged physical exertion, due to an illness or other conditions. The drug also effectively «works» during epidemics of seasonal diseases — the ascorbic acid contained in its composition perfectly supports the immune system, helping to resist colds, and tocopherol retains the functional activity of cells, allowing a person to stay alert and healthy for as long as possible.


  • reduces emotional stress;
  • provides a burst of energy;
  • approved for use during pregnancy.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • when taken simultaneously with other dietary supplements, it can cause hypervitaminosis;
  • should not be used in congenital fructose intolerance.

Macrovita tablets do not need to be swallowed, they dissolve in the oral cavity under the action of saliva. Vitamins have a pleasant fruity flavor and a refreshing aroma. While taking the drug, many women noticed an improvement in mood, a sense of inner composure and self-confidence appeared. This nutritional supplement is one of the inexpensive, but very effective ways to overcome the consequences of the disease and survive the autumn blues.

4 Doppelhertz Energotonic

Doppelhertz Energotonic

Vitamin-mineral complex «Doppelherz Energotonic» is registered as a medicinal product, which explains its pronounced therapeutic effect. The German preparation contains the entire spectrum of B vitamins, which are responsible for the normal functioning of the human central nervous system and ensure the correct energy metabolism. In addition, the elixir contains a number of minerals, honey and a very large amount of plant extracts (mistletoe, St. John’s wort, yarrow, hawthorn, valerian, hops, sage, etc.), which makes it one of the most natural products in our rating.


  • rich composition;
  • pleasant taste and aroma;
  • persistent effect.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • contains a small amount of ethanol;
  • may cause allergies.

«Doppelgerz Energotonic» has another important quality — it not only perfectly tones, but also strengthens the cardiovascular system. However, due to the sugary-sweet taste due to the high content of sugar syrup, the liquid is not recommended for people with elevated blood glucose levels. The medicine is available in glass bottles of different volumes: 250, 500 and 1000 ml. Sold without a prescription.

3 Dynamizan


«Dynamizan» is an excellent Swiss remedy for a surge of strength, which can be purchased at any Russian pharmacy. The drug is recommended to be taken not only during mental overload, but also during active physical activities, for example, during sports competitions of the highest level. The complex, which includes vitamins, minerals and amino acids, maintains the necessary level of energy and strengthens the protective properties of the body, which helps a person become more resistant to stress.


  • improves performance;
  • normalizes energy metabolism;
  • restores vitality.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • contraindicated in hypertensive patients;
  • in case of an overdose, it can cause disturbances in the functioning of the digestive tract.

The drug is available in the form of 30 oblong capsules of beige color. One package is enough for exactly the full course (provided that you take one vitamin per day). In general, this tool does its job well and has a good reputation among pharmacists. However, like all other dietary supplements, «Dynamizan» is not a universal remedy, because of which it can cause various adverse processes in the body.

2 Gerimaks Energy

Gerimaks Energy

The basis of the biological supplement «Gerimaks Energy» is a unique combination of a dozen essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the full functioning of the body of an adult. Plant extracts of ginseng root and green tea leaves in the composition provide an effect of vigor, and in combination with other components help fight apathy, increase efficiency, strengthen immunity and prevent fatigue.


  • has a small tablet size;
  • does not exacerbate appetite;
  • has a long-term effect, which persists even after the end of the course.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • in case of overdose, it can cause sleep disturbances;
  • should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.

«Gerimaks Energy» is a fairly effective drug that gently acts on the body, compensates for the deficiency of vitamins, does not cause addiction and unwanted side effects. The complex is especially recommended for mental stress (for example, during hard work with numbers or reports at work) and energy «burnout». Available in packs of 30 and 60 tablets. According to reviews, an improvement in well-being occurs already on the 5-6th day of regular intake. The full course is 30-60 days, depending on the severity of the condition.

1 Supradin


«Supradin» from the world famous pharmaceutical corporation «Bayer» can be safely called one of the best pharmaceutical preparations, the action of which is aimed at maintaining cheerfulness, energy and good mood every day. Long-term clinical studies confirm that the regular use of this complex helped to improve well-being in more than 85% of the subjects. Such good performance is achieved due to the increased concentration of vitamins and minerals in one Supradina tablet compared to other popular products.


  • high efficiency and tangible results;
  • strengthens the immune system, helps fight fatigue;
  • suitable for both women and men.

Contraindications and disadvantages:

  • except for individual intolerance to the components — not found.

The medicine is available in two forms — these are dragees with microgranules that need to be washed down, and effervescent instant tablets that form a tasty and healthy drink when interacting with water. Thus, everyone can choose the reception option that is most convenient for him. To date, «Supradin» is one of the most popular general health supplements on the shelves of domestic pharmacies. And the degree of its positive effect on the body is confirmed not only by advertising slogans, but also by numerous positive reviews from real buyers.

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